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Assessment and Optimization of a Micro-grid Hybrid Wind-Diesel-Battery Clean Energy System

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Published: 18th May 2020

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Assessment and Optimization of a Micro-grid Hybrid Wind-Diesel-Battery Clean Energy System and Production Applicable for Offshore Islands


A complete design of a hybrid micro-grid wind-diesel alternative energy system has been demonstrated in order to get the results to fulfil the load demand of 78 kWh/d and a peak load of 7.1 kW for a small community of that particular area. By proper utilization of the HOMER renewable energy software and Matlab Simulink, the whole optimization process has been conducted with the consideration of climatological data and the technical part of each every module. From the simulation results it can be identified as the projected coordination is cautiously and biologically viable, and that the Net Present Cost (NPC) as well as CO2 emission is reduced by about 79% and 87% respectively per year compared to conventional power plants. Moreover, the voltage and power responses also checked and compared with the practical results and ensured the stability of the whole energy system. The optimization results reported that the least cost of energy (COE) is about USD 0.154/kWh and Net Present Cost (NPC) is USD 82,405. The comparison between the analysed hybrid energy system and conventional energy systems has been reported properly to justify the importance of renewable energy resources all over the world. This optimized combination of hybrid alternative energy system will be applicable for all other locations in the world with similar meteorological and environmental conditions.

Keywords: Wind Energy, Hybrid Energy System, Renewable Energy Technology, Eco-tourism , Sustainable Energy Technology and Voltage Stability.


A     Swept Area (m²)

E     Electrical energy (kWh)

P      Power from Wind turbine (kW)

Cp     Power Co-efficient

ρ      Air Density

V    Wind speed (m/s)



RES          Renewable Energy System

Gen-1      Generator 1

WECS      Wind Energy Conversion System

NREL       National Renewable Energy Laboratory

HOMER  Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric      Renewable

HRES      Hybrid Renewable Energy System


1. Introduction:

The researchers have been searching for alternative energy resources; especially the renewable energy technologies since 1970s when the oil emergency alongside expense and interfered with supply has emerged. Along with solar, biomass and tidal energy; wind energy are getting popularity day by day (Baky et al., 2017).

Unreservedly availability, boundless and naturally amicable are the principle attributes of the breeze vitality for which the created just as many creating nations have found a way to convey the measures for gathering the breeze vitality where the normal breeze velocities are around 5 to 10ms-1(Tobin et al., 2015). Especially in hilly areas or in Islands, where wind speeds are well enough to rotate the wind turbines, are the most suitable places to implement it alongside some traditional diesel generators to limit the use of petroleum products (Vidal-Amaro et al., 2015). Statistics shows that, in the year of 2012, the total wind energy harvesting capacity was 38000 MW of the word.

The cost of vitality age cost is one of the primary elements for which the produces and clients are limitlessness pulled in to this innovation. The price of wind machines has fallen dramatically during last decades and now the per unit energy generation cost shows 4-5 cents. Amid most recent couple of years, the innovation for wind vitality change framework (WECS) has incomprehensibly been refreshed and now-a-days, 3.2 MW WECS is financially accessible on the planet advertise (Esen et al., 2015; Shezan, S. et al., 2015).

It is a typical wonder in traveller segment that the independent diesel generators are generally used to supply the power as opposed to matrix associations. For example, about 6% of total electrical energy generated from diesel is consumed by the tourist sector in Australia. As a result, it causes the sound pollution along with huge greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in corresponding area (Pan et al., 2015). Because of those non-linear force utilization qualities on a day, there will be an enormous distinction over load examples and also force utilization the middle of the visitor destinations also streamlined alternately household parts (Khare et al., 2016).

Therefore, the Energy utilization wonder about visitor parts can’t be spoken to toward those investigations about energy proficiency for streamlined also provincial parts (Katircioglu, 2014). Those written works indicates not many body of evidence investigations for those possibility about res clinched alongside visitor settlement. To example, An PV built res might have been accounted by Bakos with supply the electrical energy effectively wills a little visitor cabin containing 10 berths clinched alongside Greece. He closed that the set-up might have been monetarily suitableness for the little scale motivation (Bakos and Parsa, 2013).

A wind/hydrogen joined together system suitableness for those energy supplies to a little scale lodging in Greece might have been recommended by Shezan et al. Besides, the opposite situation investigations don’t concern those possibility Investigation yet the utilitarian SPS res operations just (Shezan, S.A. et al., 2015; Sinha and Chandel, 2015). To example, there may be An investigation with respect to An wind/diesel mixture system introduced in Cocos Islands on supply those control On An little scale visitor operation, the PV/wind/diesel HRES on Australia (Shezan et al., 2017) and also Sarawak (Das et al., 2017).

 Jibran Khan et al. made a point by point examine on half and half sustainable power source framework for remain solitary power age purposes and planned a PV-wind-battery mixture framework reasonable for off-network rustic jolt in Malaysia (Das et al., 2017). They presumed that the proposed framework is especially financially savvy for off-lattice power supply in Malaysian towns. Throughout the previous couple of years, the quantity of national and global guests has been expanding quickly in Malaysia. Then again, the interest for the family unit exercises has been expanded drastically (Child and Breyer, 2016).

The above abridges the points of interest and drawbacks of many breeze control forecast approaches. Be that as it may, most current breeze control expectation methodologies center around anticipating future power utilizing accessible individual breeze ranch information. This kind of expectation strategy has a place with an individual breeze ranch control forecast. This methodology disregards the profound mining of information accessible from numerous breeze ranches, including the absence of information as well as the accessible information between various breeze ranches. There might be a potential association between the accessible information and the expectation precision between these breeze ranches. Sadly, most current breeze control forecast approaches regularly disregard the spatiotemporal data accessible between wind ranches, which cause the expectation exactness to have certain confinements (Feng and Shen, 2015).

Albeit about 6.8% of windage was abridged in 2014, the breeze reduction issue was surprisingly more dreadful in the year 2015 and 2016, with 13.8% and 14.5% of windage being surrendered, individually. The breeze shortening rates are very extreme in Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Xinjiang, Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang. The majority of them are the driving locales as far as introduced limit and are additionally territories with rich breeze asset. In this manner, the breeze control reduction is very identified with the breeze turbine introduced to limit any predominantly happens in North China Grid, Northeast China lattice and Northwest China network where most of the breeze, homesteads are found, while the power request is moderately low, and the transmission ability to higher power request locales is fairly lacking (Park and Law, 2015).

Little study has been carried out for off-grid household loads as most existing works literature dealt with huge buildings and entire villages. It should be noted that a typical single house tends to consume a relatively smaller amount of electricity, and the idea of having a HRES might seem farfetched when considering only the system’s cost (Zhao et al., 2015). No study has been found on the potential of a single typical house to mitigate CO2 emissions. Moreover, many works have used estimated loads rather than actual measured ones, as the latter is rarely available.  Furthermore, very little reliable information is available about HES multi-objective optimization studies in the European climate, particularly in France. It should be noted that in trying to reduce CO2 emissions, cost should not be the only factor in the optimization process (Ramli et al., 2016).

Compared to other HES optimization software, iHOGA PRO+ has unique functionalities such as pre-sizing, PV slope optimisation, probability analysis, battery ageing modelling and multi-objective optimisation, but very few reliable studies have employed it so far (Choi et al., 2016). In addition, the author is not aware of any research employing iHOGA, for a detailed sensitivity analysis. The aim of this work was therefore to contribute in addressing the above knowledge gap by employing the latest iHOGA PRO+ version to investigate several HES optimization scenarios for a typical house in Paris (Merabet et al., 2016).

The expanding force utilization and energy era costs, awful climate furthermore atmosphere states have expanded that enthusiasm toward the renewable energy system. The low carbon emanations need aid a standout amongst those real purposes behind expanding request for renewable energy system (da Silva et al., 2016). In this manner, an off framework half breed framework comprising of diesel generator alongside sustainable power source innovation like breeze turbine has been proposed in this investigation.

This paper exhibits a useful answer for the voltage vacillation issue, actuated by the streamlined wind turbines parts (viz. airstream choppiness, yaw blunder, airstream shears, and fortification shadow), of little wind-diesel frameworks. That uses few system hypothesis ideas to build up a control unit for remote and decentralized stand-alone grid to regulate the voltage and frequency according to the range (Shezan et al., 2018). According to the program of proposed system voltage control technique for diesel oriented engine is appropriately picked to keep up the framework voltage varieties inside an adequate breaking point. For this reason, a strengthening control sign is connected to the programmed voltage controller (AVR) of DGs (Badwawi et al., 2015). The utilization of renewables like the breeze can cause variances in power lattices. Our capacity network works at a recurrence of 50 hertz as a rule produced by turbines, for instance in hydro or coal power plants, which pivot at a speed of 50 cycles for every second (Palash et al., 2016).

At the point when a customer utilizes increasingly electrical vitality from the power framework, the lattice recurrence drops somewhat before an expanded vitality feed-in restores the first recurrence,” clarifies Benjamin Schaefer from the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization (MPIDS) in Goettingen and lead creator of the investigation. “Deviations from the ostensible estimation of 50 hertz must be kept to a base, as generally touchy electrical gadgets could be harmed (Shezan and Das, 2017).

In Germany, the way that breeze control (WP) plants are dominatingly situated in the north (for the most part seaward in the North Sea) implies that the electric vitality must be transmitted over a long separation (about 800km) bringing about unsatisfactorily enormous recurrence and voltage bothers, which lead to security issues because of huge transmission-line impedances and exchanging activities (Shezan et al., 2016).

Today recurrence and voltage control generally happens at the AC transmission level. In conveyed frameworks with some extra circuits these control capacities happen both at the transmission and circulation levels. As the interest builds the utilization of intensity regarding wanted burden vacillates with the goal that the weight on prime mover of the generator wavers. Now and again the weight causes the recurrence deviation as for its zero stacking line (Shezan and Ping, 2017).

In this dissection an complete practical wind-diesel-battery mixture system need been presented will minimize also take care of the remote jolt issue and in addition natural issues with CO2 emanations recognizing those separate loads clinched alongside different condition to the Mersing town from claiming Malaysia (Izadyar et al., 2016; Kardooni et al., 2016). To this analysis, HOMER need been utilized to recreation and in estimation for different yield parameters by giving a percentage enter parameters to a particular territory for example, those southern locale from claiming Malaysia.  The present investigation for the most part centres around the accompanying targets underneath:

  1. To lessen the CO2 outflow in examination with other traditional and non-regular power plant (Diab et al., 2016).
  2. To guarantee an upgraded hazard free vitality change framework with relevant power request in a network; particularly for the eco-the travel industry the executives.
  3. To regulate those greater part monetarily attainable innovation organization for HRES and other different innovations. The reduction of NPC and COE for different HRES for HOMER platform.
  4. To check and ensure the voltage and power stability with all the electrical equipment to ensure the technical feasibility of the system (Arefin, 2016).

2. Methodology:

2.1 Environmental investigation through wind energy:

Those normal month to month furthermore yearly average wind speed information need been gathered to consistently of the quite a while 2015 from the Malaysian meteorological section to the Malaysian town named Mersing town. Beside this, the division of work also guideline, Netherland a system need demonstrated, to normal airstream pace yield will be tried to particular separation about territory also from those Malaysian meteorological division the viewed as information need been gathered to Mersing town for Malaysia (Bong et al., 2017).

DLR system utilized those information gathered from those satellite to different variables for example, rainfall, water vapour also vaporizer optical depth, cloud cover, water vapour on ascertain GHI (Chai et al., 2017). The determined wind resources information, Malaysian meteorological division need estimated wind pace to the a long time 2012 by keeping up those stature from guaranteeing 30 m upwards starting from the earliest stage level. Sustainable power source examination along with biogas required which is not suitable for bigger community yet, due to the deficiency of electrical vitality dated (Hand and Cashman, 2018).

Tidal investigation stations were set up in the end from the Malaysian meteorological area and Malaysian sustainable power source committee for the practicability examination with respect to tidal vitality (Khojasteh et al., 2018). The after effect might have been described as the wind and solar oriented HRES which has been viewed as should uncover those a large portion effective hybrid renewable energy system (Bonar et al., 2018).

Figure 1 demonstrates the schematic outline of a run of the mill wind-diesel cross breed vitality transformation framework with a pertinent model.


Figure 1: Technical block illustration of a wind-battery-diesel hybrid vitality adaptation system.


2.2 System outlines of proposed hybrid alternative energy system:

2.2.1 Wind Module:

A propeller joining from asserting dual or extra cutting edges precisely joined should an electrical generator may deliver wind’s dynamic vitality could an opportunity to be gotten toward those breeze turbines (Thakur et al., 2016). For the estimation of wind control from the breeze turbines the condition referenced beneath has been used in HOMER to get the advancement results (Halabi and Mekhilef, 2018).


P= Power from the wind turbines.

Cp= Power co-efficient.

A=Swept area.

V=Wind speed.

ρ= Air density.

Here, the typical diurnal constant worth has been considered as 0.5 (Bhattacharjee and Roy, 2016).

Table 1: Yearly wind control thickness and wind energy thickness.



























Table 1 indicates the atmospheric information for Mersing town in the quite a while 2014 furthermore and for 2015 also characterized those Weibull qualities for energy thickness and energy thickness (Laslett et al., 2016). From those month to month averages information the hourly information might make induced unnaturally on hourly information could not be gathered. There may be a minor distinction the middle of the worldwide radiation information furthermore normal simulated wind speed information generator from claiming homer (Lan et al., 2016). That estimation of the airstream hustle allotment for a period of half yearly which is known as Weibull worth that might make tended to toward k. The worth for k need been taken 2 to this Investigation.

That estimation of the mediation of the breeze should be been composed by the auto-association parameter. Starting with the impression of the higher estimations of the breeze speed in 1-hour slopes it is cleared that that breeze speed slants around 1 hour determinedly depends upon the windy pace of the riddle word hour. The shakiness of the breeze speed slants for a much increasingly discretionary lifestyle starting with time to chance should be been showed up toward those continuously level characteristics (Gómez-Ortega et al., 2019).

Those rates from guaranteeing auto-association parameter need to be made as 0. 85. How unequivocally those breeze pace trusts on the time may make seen by those diurnal course of action superiority. The value for nocturnal model superiority has already made nearly 0.26 to this examination. The standard each one through the quite a while camwood a chance to be tended to eventually from those haul hour about crest wind pace. The worth of the hour about crest wind pace need been made concerning illustration 15 for this examination (Ozoemena et al., 2018). AXLS nonexclusive 10 kW breeze turbine need been seen with respect to this off-lattice alternative energy resource. Table 2 characterizes the economic and procedural elements aimed at desired wind oriented mills. Figure 2 shows ordinary wind velocity for every month in the year of 2015 for Mersing town of Malaysia. Figure 3 shows the cost estimated curve of wind turbines. The cost estimation represented based on the cost vs. size optimal values (Li and Yu, 2016).


Figure 2: Average monthly wind speed for a specific year.


Figure 3: Cost curve Vs. Size of wind turbine.

Table 2: Technical Constraints and cost assumptions on behalf of wind turbines:



Minimum Wind Velocity

Preliminary Wind Velocity

Cut-off Wind Velocity

Esteemed Power

Remaining Cost

Auxiliary Cost


Preservation and Manoeuvre Cost

2.690 m/s

3.310 m/s

15 m/s

10 KW

80 $/kW

60 $/kW

15 Years

1 $/kW

2.2.2 Diesel Generator Segment:

Those fuel utilized within homer will be modelled with the straight crook described through the diagonal also block attempt without any load. Table 3 indicates the suppositions from claiming outlay to a DG along with an additional element associated through control epoch once along with the extends from claiming edge (Das and Akella, 2018).

Table 3: Practical factors and Price guesswork on behalf of Diesel Generators.



Mesh Price

Replacement Price

Preservation and Procedure expense


Least Load quotient

Fuel Curve Slope

Fuel Curve Intercept

Fuel Cost

70 $/kW

60 $/kW

0.025 (4 kW) $/kW

900000 Minutes (15,000 Hours)

30 %

0.25/h/kW output

0.08/h/kW rated

0.6 $/litter

Figure 4 demonstrates the cost bend created by the diesel costs regarding cost investigation. 

Figure 4: Expense graph of diesel oriented generator.

2.2.3 Specification of Battery Segment

To establish an off-matrix blend sustainable power source framework, the Surrette 6CS25P 2 limit battery storages have already been taken into account. Another six requisites for example, efficiency, period, rectifier efficiency, rectifier capacity; replacement and net expenditure bring been indicated on table 4 (Bhandari et al., 2015). Figure 5 indicates the release current of a battery done understanding for those transformation rates.

Table 4: Technical Factors and Price Conventions for Battery.






Rectifier capacity

Rectifier efficiency

Primary Price

Replacement Price

Round Trip Efficiency

Minimum State of Charge

1 decade

95 %

90 %

89 %

60 $/kW

50 $/kW



Figure 6 demonstrates the price bend showed the charge examination aimed at the battery storage system module.

Figure 5: Discharge Current of a Battery.

Figure 6: Cost Curve of Battery Module.

2.2.4 Reckonings intended designed for Cost of Energy:

To determine the optimum Cost of Energy (COE) aimed at a crossbreed energy organization in HOMER following mathematical equations have been utilized (Blechinger et al., 2016):



Cann, tot = Overall annualized price.

Eprim = Total volumes of principal freight.

Edef= Entire quantities of deferrable capacity.

Egrid, sales= Quantity of energy vended to the lattice apiece year.      

2.2.5 Reckonings intended for Net Present Cost:

With figure the downright net exhibit cosset the accompanying mathematical statement need been utilized (Zebarjadi and Askarzadeh, 2016):



Cann, tot = Total annualized cost.

i= Annual real interest rate.

Rproj = Project lifetime.

CRF (.) = Capital recovery factor.

2.2.6 Equations for Calculating the CO2 Emissions:


On figure those CO2 emanations starting with that mixture energy system those accompanying supporting equations need been introduced (Javaid et al., 2017):



=Amount of CO2 emanations.

= Petroleum amount (Liter)

= Petroleum boiler price (MJ/L)

= Carbon production aspect (ton carbon/TJ)

= Corroded carbon portion.

An alternate element must make taken under record that for 3. 667g from claiming CO2 holds 1g for carbon.

3. A Modelled Micro-grid HRES:

The modelling and simulation procedure of an alternative energy system contributed by the wind vitality (wind turbine), converter system module, battery storage module and a diesel oriented generator combined with the control unit and power electronics modules. The electrical grade capacity petition, alternative energy assets for example, airstream assets furthermore different instruments similarly as battery storage, wind turbines also converters constitute an off-grid mixture renewable energy system. The modelling of a complete micro-grid hybrid energy system depends on the energy unit as well as the electrical equipment such as converter modules, charge controller and voltage regulator. Mersing town is one of the biggest tourist regions of Malaysia. The load demand of this particular area is snowballing progressively at an upsetting proportion (Anoune et al., 2018).

A group keeping of 78 private families at Mersing town need been acknowledged to understanding for normal load interest of that territory in this dissection. Every condo comprises from claiming from 2 to 3 spacious rooms. 4 energy funds bulbs (Philips tornado sub terrain room bulb, 20 w each), 1 fan (Star standard roof fan, 50 W), 1 TV (Sony Bravia, 50 W) also a table light (Emen 69076, 5 W) also 1 AC (Ideal Air, 180W) for each loft bring been ascertained and more viewed as to those load request Investigation for a group from claiming off-shore families toward Mersing town’s eco-tourism territory (Ahmad et al., 2018).

Figure 7 indicates the Normal load request for every month of a quite a while. Those load interest could a chance to be shifted as far as ground heat, humidity, and sleet which evolving for microclimate. Those load request camwood make ordered by two gatherings for example, such that pick hour furthermore in turn person may be off-pick hour. The utilization about force could make shifted loft on flat furthermore individuals to individuals in distinctive condition. Consignment entreaty material required been incorporated concluded the detail of substantial every day freight demand silhouette evidence also subsequently that exactly constraints need been encompassed for example, such that every day 11 % intervention and also dependably 16 % commotion. Result periodically capacity interest contour evidence might not figure out. Yearly top load up will 8.7 kW furthermore essential load request up to 85 kWh/d need been adjusted by those intervention also clamour (Khosravi et al., 2018).


Figure 7: Load Demand Profile data throughout the year.


4. Voltage and Power Stability of Wind-Diesel-Battery Hybrid Energy System

The voltage and frequency fluctuations can also be minimized by controlling the reactive power (Q) and active power (P) more properly. This is because P, Q, voltage and frequency are combined as seen in equations (5) and (6) respectively.









are inverter-based distributed energy resources (DER) output voltage and common AC bus voltage respectively,


is the transmission line resistance, and

is the power angle (Beena et al., 2018). 

The unfavourable impact of the lopsided power stream in lines can be overwhelmed by high-recurrence signal infusion. The proposed technique is unaffected by framework parameter varieties and line impedance confuses by infusing a high-recurrence control signal into the power conveyance organize. The recurrence of this control sign is constrained by the amount to be shared, for example, genuine, responsive and contortion control (Papari et al., 2017). Figure 8 represents the Simulink block diagram of a hybrid wind energy system with the active and reactive power output.

Figure 8: Simulink block diagram of wind-diesel-battery hybrid energy system.

Figure 9 shows the single line diagram of a wind energy conversion system. The power conversion from wind turbine module directs with the converter coupled with the transformer. The transformer enhances the power quality of the system for distributing network towards the AC bus (Liang, 2016).


 Figure 9: Single line diagram of a wind energy conversion system.


5. Outcomes and Conversation:

For the appraisal of the exhibitions from claiming diverse mixture renewable energy systems in this research, HOMER re-enactment components need been used to perpendicularly ideal systems execution investigation. Those optimized results for a particular one assembly about affectability parameters associated with standard airstream swiftness, worldwide level sun oriented radiation, most noteworthy annual ability shortage, diesel price, also renewable portion need aid quell vehemently in that streamlining product.

A perfect blend sustainable power source framework may be arranged by HOMER sustainable power source item through tremendous number from guaranteeing hourly propagation impacts interminably. Different qualities to wind speed, diesel cosset also any rate renewable portion bring been examined will direct simulations with these qualities guaranteeing a great part a greater amount suppleness in the examination. Table 5 demonstrates optimization consequences in considering a micro-grid hybrid wind-diesel-battery alternative energy system. Figure 10 indicates the electrical energy produced for those practicability starting with an off-grid mixture wind-diesel-battery system with the subtle elements calculation, entertainment impacts moreover cost accounting with framework engineering, NPC, COE, working cost, electrical vitality changed toward wind turbine, diesel generator framework, neglected burden, bounty power, capacity insufficiency besides sustainable part of by far most financially practicable blend vitality framework critical to the favoured locale already, both essential case likewise best collection of proof.

Moreover, on figure 10 those thought of distinctive parameters for example, such that particular wind speed furthermore diesel cosset brings been spoken to for the streamlining effects with maximum NPC of USD 82,405 along with the least COE from claiming USD 0. 154/kWh, an off-grid mixture wind turbine-diesel generator-battery mixture system may be effectively more practical also this is watched toward that affectability examination. An mixture energy system might a chance to be viewed as concerning illustration an The greater part attainable renewable energy system established of 11 nonexclusive wind turbines (10 kw dc each), 4 diesel generators for a divisional energy of 4 kw and 2 battery storages over optimized  to 1 kw inverters and 1 kw rectifiers.

Table 5: Simulation and optimization outcomes of a hybrid wind-diesel-battery energy system for different number of power sources.

No. of Wind Turbines

No. of Diesel Generators

No. of Battery Modules

Initial Capital ($)

Operating Cost ($/yr)

Total NPC ($)

COE ($/kWh)









































































Figure 10: Power Production from the wind turbine and the diesel generator combinedly as a hybrid alternavite energy system.






Table 6: Comparison of CO2 emission and NPC between the RES and Conventional Power Plant.


Wind-Diesel Generator Hybrid Energy System

Conventional Power Station

CO2 Emission/Year (Kt)

NPC/Year ($)





As stated by those investigation the recreation comes about bring been indicated on table 6 could a chance to be said that the CO2 emanations rate for every year need been found 168451.658 Kilotons which will be 29785.315 Kilotons short of what the traditional power plants for every year recognizing the quite a while about 2015 to Malaysian viewpoint.

The net introduce cosset might make differed toward fuel cost, gear cost, term time, operation also upkeep expense. From those correlation the middle of the analysed mixture energy system and the traditional energy system it could a chance to be plainly distinguished that those net present cost (NPC) for those recommended mixture vitality framwork need been decreased in examination for the net present cost (NPC) for those customary energy station for Malaysian point of view. The net display cosset (NPC) for those planned mixture energy system may be 72. 25 % less the net display expense to those routine control plant for every year acknowledging those quite a while for 2015 to Malaysian atmosphere.

The results of using the PID control with automatic tuning are shown in the next few figures. In particular, Figure 11 shows the voltage of the islanded wind-diesel-battery Microgrid system. It can be seen that the voltage is held in between 450 to 500 V. Figure 12 shows the tuned and controlled voltage in-between 360 to 380 V. Figure 13 shows the reactive power flow for 0 to 1.4 seconds and well-tuned. Figure 14 shows the reactive power flow for 0 to 4 seconds and without tuned. Figure 15 shows the active power flow with tuned by PID control technique for 0 to 1.6 seconds. Figure 16 shows the active power flow without tuned for 0 to 2.3 seconds.

Figure 11: Power Production from the wind turbine and the diesel generator combinedly as a hybrid alternavite energy system. Figure 12: Power Production from the wind turbine and the diesel generator combinedly as a hybrid alternavite energy system. Figure 13: Power Production from the wind turbine and the diesel generator combinedly as a hybrid alternavite energy system. Figure 14: Power Production from the wind turbine and the diesel generator combinedly as a hybrid alternavite energy system. Figure 15: Power Production from the wind turbine and the diesel generator combinedly as a hybrid alternavite energy system. Figure 16: Power Production from the wind turbine and the diesel generator combinedly as a hybrid alternavite energy system.

6. Conclusion and Future Work:

In this analysis, a micro-grid hybrid wind-diesel-battery alternative energy system has already been designed and optimized for inaccessible areas which are detached from grid connection and wherever transference of fuel is difficult. Meanwhile, the investigation concentrated on a dispersed region in Malaysia by the name of Mersing town, the outcome is appropriate to all other remote districts on the planet with comparative climatological circumstances and burden requests.

Wind operated turbines have been deliberated as a result of their ideal attributes, for example, simplicity of upkeep and positive impression of people in general. Battery is required to enhance the breeze control in the event of changes fashionable airstream swiftness besides burden request. Ultimately, diesel oriented generators have also been picked as the back-up wellspring of intensity because of the ease of diesel in Malaysia.

By investigating with a streamlining stage, certain info parameters, for example, normal breeze speed and the variety in burden request in Mersing Town, alongside the expense of every segment of the half breed wind-diesel-battery framework, the product at that point yields the ideal blend of the parts (for example the quantity of every part) so as to accomplish the most minimal net present cost (NPC) and the lowest cost of energy (COE).

The outcome expresses that the ideal cross breed framework ought to involve of 11 Wind turbines (10 kW), 4 Diesel Generator (4 kW) and 2 Battery (Surrette 6CS25P), that identified minimized NPC of $82,405 and COE of $0.154/kWh. The CO2 emanation correspondingly condensed expressively at the point after contrasted with utilizing regular power plant to deliver a similar measure of vitality.

Moreover, the voltage and power stability of the proposed hybrid wind-diesel-battery energy system has been checked by Matlab Simulink model and represented properly with necessary graphs to show the technical feasibility of the system. PID controller has been implemented to stabilize the voltage and power of the system.

      Future work incorporates structuring propelled control calculations and legitimate equipment to lessen the variances of electrical power if there should be an occurrence of fluctuating breeze speed and burden request.


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