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Commercial Aspects of Golf Clubs

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Published: 6th Dec 2019

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Private Members’ Golf Clubs: the Need to Compete in an Increasingly More Commercial Environment.

The world learns through experience, but living in an image-conscious world may prevent one from learning through his experiences. This is apparently a dilemma considering the fact that one lives in an age of post modernism; a stage during which signs mask reality, and one is often deceived through image-promoting strategies.

This is true to say because of the fact that signs, logos and big names are now common, and people are often lured into believing the authenticity of different products because of the promotions they have.

Consumer behaviour is considerably dependent on promotion of products; the manner in which products are promoted directly influences customer behaviour. Each medium used for promotion has its own impact, and the one that is believed to have a tremendous impact is the Internet.

It is believed to boost promotions and sales greatly, and it helps customers in their first step before actually checking a car out. It is through the advertisements on line that they may be attracted and then move towards checking a vehicle out physically at a show room. It is this behaviour that has helped boost the automotive industry significantly. In fact it must be asserted that prior to globalization, consumer behaviour was observed as having a major effect on the development of nations. This is because it helps boost the economy internally as well as having its impact externally.

Prior to the 1940s and 1950s, there was no such aim because of the fact that there were many problems that the country was faced with internally. Socially there were different levels on which the UK had to bring the people together. And perhaps during that time no one had come up with such an idea to divert the attention of the people, which occurred during the 1950s.

From this era began to the shift towards an improved way of life that would take the country into an entirely different era. This era today is called globalization, a phenomenon that brought many parts of the world together through faster communication systems.

Globalization has in fact resulted due to the fact that communication systems have been boosted in recent years. This is also the reason why the present age that people live in is called ‘the age of communication’.

The world in which one lives today is indeed a fast-paced one. This fast-paced environment has evolved because of various actions, each of them interacting and producing a variety of results, and creating effects that favour the current situations today. This may all sound complex, but in truth, it may be simply described as a vast number of actions causing a very situation that one witnesses today. This complex situation does not mean that there is total chaos because there is infect an organized system in place. This organized system is one that helps many countries stay in contact with each other.

However, the system is not one that favours friendship, but actually focuses on economic gains; countries are motivated in this system to work towards their own gain. They stay in touch with each other for the purpose of suiting their own needs. It is obvious that they would not do things one charitable basis for another country when they could actually invest time and money in bettering their own conditions. Due to the availability of the Internet, countries are able to remain in close touch and trade easily.

Online communications have facilitated countries well enough in order to raise their standards of living, and it is on the basis of this tat many people have turned their lives around.

Aside from the globalized environment within which one may operate with the help of the Internet, it must be asserted that there are also other means of keeping in touch with other countries. Transportation for one is an important means of remaining in touch and working with other people. In view of this, it must be asserted that the businesses and other operations can be enhanced this way. With speedy communication on their side, a business has better scope of advancing.

It must be realized that competition is facilitated well in the global system, and the globalized features aid countries in participating indifferent kinds of competition whether it is business, sports or admixture of the two. In view of sports and business in the form of admixture, it must be asserted that there is great focus on the business part of the mixture.

Without this greater emphasis, the sport will not survive at the international level. One may take any sport into consideration here. Soccer for example, as it has a great deal of finance involved in it. Players are highly paid these days, and their reputations are at high-stake because of these high fees they are paid. In addition to this there is the international attention drawn, which in a way causes more stress, but also helps the financial part of the (sports) business. Other sports also have similar features in their business environment. Cricket is another example, and this game is still believed to be in its infancy as far as the financial aspect is considered.

Having asserted that sports such as cricket and football are sports that have strong business sides to them, there are other sports that are believed to have similar scope. One example is golf; this is a prestigious and dignified game that has the potential of earning much more than others sports. In its current condition, it is doing well, and players at the professional level are paid well too. However, there is more scope, and considering expansion of this game, it must be asserted that more players can be encompassed globally; they may be paid well and therefore their talents may not go undiscovered or wasted. Considering this, it is important to consider the importance of including players from various levels.

Private clubs is a great place to begin. This is because there is so much undiscovered talent within these clubs. Often, there are players with immense experience who pass most of their lives without being given a chance to prove themselves at the professional level. It is thought that if these individuals are somehow exposed through better organizational arrangement, both golf from private clubs as well as the players, will benefit. The popularity of the game would increase and there would be more people participating in it. This in turn means that there would naturally be greater competition.


Competition is considered to be a great way of promoting a sport or anything that demands the participation of more than one person. Competition is believed to be the best means of earning in the financial world. Aside from the financial part of the arrangement, there is also the reputation of an activity that comes into play. It must be asserted that there is immense scope for both popularity and financial gain through competitive environments, and the same thing applies to golf at the private golf club level. In a competitive environment regarding sports today, it must be asserted that there is marketing and promotional strategies are important. Proper management is another important aspect that comes into play, and it is known that sports at the international level cannot survive without it.

There are various aspects that come into the managerial tactics as well, and these all have their levels of success depending on the conditions and the market targeted. Also, in view of marketing, promotion and management of sports at the International or professional level it must be asserted that the strategies are similar to handling other kinds of business. Making use of these strategies in sports promotion is believed to be beneficial for the game as well as players and the countries they come from. Therefore, competing in a more commercial environment is important for sports like golf too, and their private clubs may compete in such environments in order to popularize the game, pay the players well and earn greater revenue especially where the game is hosted.


In order to achieve as much information about sports and managing sports in a competitive environment, detailed research has to be conducted and analysed. In addition to researching information on sports and managing sports, there is need to understand the chances of succeeding in a commercial environment. When it comes to promoting sport that is not as popular as cricket or football, there is a great deal that needs to be reviewed and understood. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration including risks and chances of success. It is through reviewing pertinent literature and applying it to golf and its current position that would help to give one an idea of what future it could possibly have.

Also, studying typical managerial plans and theories reveal the extent to which sports promotion is influenced by them. Some of these theories and strategies could easily apply to promoting golf in a more commercial environment. Aside from these internal methods of studying the promotion of golf in a more commercial environment, there are also external ones.
In addition to reviewing pertinent literature, there is also a need to consider and understand the environmental factors. This refers to the external conditions that may influence the success or failure of promoting golf in a more commercial environment.

Analysing both the external and internal influences would help one to observe the chances of success along with the need to go ahead and dose. It is important to promote golf in a more commercial environment because of the fact that there is plenty of scope to do so. Like other international and popular sports golf may be promoted in a more commercial environment through proper management strategies. In asserting this, it must be emphasized that there is a great deal to gain from its promotion, as the sport, the participants and those that host the events gain tremendously.

Literature Review


The manner in which a sport or any other kind of activity is promoted directly affects it. Hence there is a need for management to be aware of what it has in its plans for promotion. This strongly refers to the environments created as well as the tactics used. To begin with, leadership in this regard is most important, as it can determine the success or failure of promotion to a great extent.

The world has reached a stage at which everything is close-knit. There are several bodies and structures that interact with each other that appear to be systematic. Globalization for instance is something has many countries, organizations and institutions operating together. Each of the components in the globalization process exists for its self and is self-driven, yet the system functions. In this regard, one might assert that markets of different types and sizes function in a similar manner. The motive industry is an example with its visible effects. Consumers are actively participating in the industry activity, making it an increasingly viable one for people to invest in. The services and products are known to be quite reliable with an immense amount interesting them. In recent years this has been the case and in time to come it’s expected that there is going to be even more interest in particular industries.

Systems of control are ones that need to be in place so that processes remain in view and are understand completely. This is a necessary step in any commercial line because it helps management know what exactly is going on in a particular organization. Indeed, the management needs to know what is going on in order to manage their businesses more effectively. In simple terms, the more knowledge that one has of his other company, the more likely s/he is to take appropriate measures for future betterment. As opposed to this, when the management does not know what exactly is going on it becomes difficult for them to take decisions.

This is because they do not know whether the decisions they take will have adverse effects on their organization. In view of this, it is considered most important that the management knows and understands processes thoroughly. In order to make sure that they know what is going on they have to have some kind of system in place that would cater to their needs. When it comes to managing a company more effectively, it must be asserted that there is need to recognize particular activity. Developing such a system would be of immense use, and if implemented successfully, a company would be able to trace out organizational activity in every respect and measure the economic impact that each of these actions has. In view of this, management models may be implemented to determine cost values for particular activity within a company. There are several methods that might be employed to do this, and each has its own level of credibility.

Newer methods of handling anything are introduced in order to produce intended effects that are better than previous ones. People would not persist with newer systems if they believed that they were not effective and profitable. Older systems that are overshadowed cannot be brought back if newer systems are more effective. In this regard, if answer system takes time for people to adjust to, plans are developed in order to make sure that they are ameliorated in order to make use of them to their maximum potential. Indeed, there are several newer systems being employed in various fields. These fields need to overview and understand what these systems are in order to appreciate their benefits. In understanding thee benefits, the basic principles on which they function need to be assessed. To begin with, the environment(internal as well as external) is an important point to discuss.

A cordial environment is usually seen as the most appropriate one to ensure an organization maximum gain. In this way, participants(individuals who play as well as those that manage the game of golf in private clubs) learn to perform better without any feeling of being compelled. In this way, they learn to be committed when they see that the leaders of the organization are not pressurizing them. This is infect a learning process that takes time. According to Singe, human beings are born learners, and the environment that each human being is brought up in defines the formation of a personality. The process of socialization is the key to changing the natural generative learning abilities into adaptive learning skills. Applying this to golf promotion means that individuals also learn the value of socializing through golf and understand the processes involved.

The human being is portrayed as being one that is programmable, and then carries out duties as expected by the management. This is true as far as picking up the basics is concerned. If an individual has to learn the basics at the age of twenty it is indeed a momentous task. However, what Singe is talking about isn’t about basics, but refers tithe adaptation of an educated individual into an environment that enables him to grasp more. Hence promoting golf in a more commercial environment means that individuals learn to accept things here as their basics. As they rise to a higher professional level they would be used to all the processes and have less pressure. In view of this, Senge’s theory is one that may be consciously or subconsciously employed.

In places where changes are necessary and participants find it difficult to conform, it’s often seen that when there is a need for human beings to accept a new surrounding to work in, one way or another they manage to do so. This may be because of hegemonies attitude by the managers. However, Singe essentially refers to the conscious setting by managers who wish to obtain the maximum benefit in accordance with Senge’s theory.

Being aware of the way that human beings can learn more and be more productive as a result, managers try to set an environment that is cordial so that it may accommodate all its participants (Larsen, 1996).

The environment so created is one that gets the participants to do what the managers want, but with the feeling that the employees themselves are free to behave or work according to their own likes. By this, it does not mean that they can come and go as they please and do whatever they want. There are certainly corporate rules that they must follow, but at the same time they assume that they are well supported and well dealt with by their superiors. Part of the learning organization’s jobs to include team members into the various phases of the promotion or production process.

By including team members in the various processes of a production process, they are more enlightened about the way that their role affects the outcome of production, and this is why they are termed fully awakened (Larsen, 1996).

This state of being fully awakened has been likened to the way that children are adaptive. Children, at a learning age are able to adapt themselves to different environments easily. It has been argued that the same adaptive nature persists virtually throughout ones whole life, even if they are uncomfortable with an environment at first. On being psychologically at ease with an environment, individuals learn to accept the situation. But this is only the first phase in moving toward learning organizations according to Singe (Singe, 1990).

Singe emphasizes that adapting isn’t the centre-most issue of attaining learning environment, the impulse to learn are more important and deeper. The impulse to learn is something that needs to be stimulated, and this is done through a provocative environment. Singe says that the impulse to learn is far more than desires to respond and adapt appropriately to change in environment. It is important first of all then to stimulate interest if effective adaptation is desired of the employees. This is the reason why it is first of all important that an organization attracts its employees with its changes so that they may automatically take interest, thereby making the process of adaptation easier.

In the same way, this process of employees taking more interesting their work has resulted in a more focus on generative learning, which is about creating, Creativity is perhaps one of the desired end results of an environmental change, along with adapting to changes in the environment. The concept is actually simple. What managers are actually doing by creating a stimulating environment is that they are diverting the attention of their employees away from the problems they may be undergoing.

When managers for instance try to show their employees their friendly side it does not necessarily mean that they are being nice to them personally, but are doing so in order to make them feel comfortable. By making them feel more comfortable the organization stands a far better chance of being able to gain more. This is because of the fact that when an employee feels comfortable s/he can be far more creative in contrast to when s/he is under pressure.

In recent years, the approach to promoting productivity has been one that makes use of a cordial environment. This is the reason for the numerous successes that organizations have had. In these organizations it has been seen that the reason for success is the greater involvement of employees in all kinds of routine work. In this way the employees do not get saturated. They avoid saturation due to being allowed to follow the processes that are carried out right up till a product is completed. Along with being involved in all the steps and are kept busying these, they also keep on learning more and more about the production of goods and the organization they work in. This stimulates creativity as they begin to devise more effective ways to ameliorate production. Two-way management welcomes these ideas, which further enhance the cordial environment thereby promoting more creativity (Learning Organization and Knowledge, 2002).

The task of promoting creativity is one that is acted upon and not carried out by an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is the status that one earns through being able to see through tasks through conditions that’s/he recognizes as favourable. The job of such a person is indeed one of the highest responsibilities in the corporate world. An entrepreneur is one that has to weigh all the pros and cons of strategy so that the most appropriate decisions are taken. An entrepreneur is an individual that is supposed to carry out the same kind of duties but the essential difference is that s/he is associated with internet-related business. This means that these are the individuals that create business offers on the Internet. They have to make sure that the overall working of their business is smooth. This is because they are the direct winners or losers of their own actions, which are in turn a result of the strategies they adopt.

These strategies that are adopted by entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs are ones that are a result of thoughtful consideration. This is only possible for them when they go through various troubles and means to get where they wants to, along with ensuring that they do not make mistake along the way.

The characteristic that is so important to be an entrepreneur is to be cautious and painstaking. Without this kind of approach to business one can never be successful. There are several factors at the beginning of quest for an entrepreneur that s/he must consider carefully. The first one of these factors is the market situation.

An Entrepreneur must ask him or herself whether or not market conditions are favourable or not for investment in any business. If one plunges into a business blindly without thinking about what the market situations is then his or her efforts may result in total disaster. An entrepreneur may spend a lot of money trying to set up some kind of online e-mail business but yet it may not prove fruitful if there is no market for it. An important point that must be realized is that there can be no business if there is no market for it, and this is because of the fact that people make up the market. If there are no people willing to buy an entrepreneur’s product there can be no business. Here, it must be emphasized that there is certainly a market for golf, and it is because of this that it can be easily promoted in a more commercial environment.

There can be several factors affecting this kind of situation, which may range from the climatic to political conditions, and even to geographical location. Products that do well in one of the world may not always be in demand in other parts of the world, as market situations may differ significantly. Besides scanning the market situation in terms of whether a product will be successful there are other considerations too.

While checking the market situation an entrepreneur needs to be aware of what kind of competition is present and what his or her chances might be against them. It is vital to be able to calculate effectively what one’s chances are in a market where other established businesses running and selling the same product. If one fails to do this effectively and blindly invests a large amount in his or her product, assuming s/he is far ahead of the other products there could be a huge loss for the company. This also reinforces the need to be cautious when one is taking crucial decisions possibly involving a large amount of finance. By taking decisions cautiously, one may be helped with foresightedness, which is yet another important part of doing business.

Foresightedness is affected by various factors. Knowledge of economic history may also play a pivotal role in the future of one’s business. This is coupled by the individual experiences of other entrepreneurs too, whose consultancy is a must. Novices must gather as much of information as possible from the experienced individuals s/he comes into contact with. This lessens the chances of a business failing to great extent and serves as the greatest precautions for a new business.

In addition to all these precautions with the aid of market analysis there are other things that have to be watched over carefully by an entrepreneur, such as strategies market analysis, mission statement, long term goals, specific objectives, description of the product, product development plan, marketing strategies, operations plan and financial plan. Of course, it must also be realized that all these cannot be done on one’s own and it need a whole lot of employees to carry them out. In order to have employees one must be able to invest, which highlights the need for capital. But this capital must be handled sensibly too, and the most efficient way to do so is to hire people who are able to analyse the market situation first. Once this is done, and if the situation appears to be fruitful s/he may proceed with further investments.

Investing in a business (such as golf that has an immense market to target) is a gradual process which should not be done overnight. By investing slowly, there will be stability provided to the controlling body. This is the first thing that participants need to be aware of (Do You Want to be an Entrepreneur, 1999).

Leaders are in charge of ensuring the smooth running of an organization, and so, for this they have to do their utmost to ensure it. Though most people might have the impression that being in the position of a manager might mean that it is a kind of position that demands dictatorship. This is because this position demands a person tube in charge of situation, but professionally speaking there is a way of obtaining maximum output while avoiding a dictatorial atmosphere. People also sometimes feel that managers are the people who should be feared in an organization. But this is not true because it comes nowhere near the borderline of sensibly running an organization.

However, the most prevalent though minor problem in managers or management is their dictatorial attitude towards subordinates.

Dictatorial management is actually a sign of unhealthy leadership because it is extremely discouraging to the employees, and eventually could affect the overall working of the organization, due to the constant pressure built up over a period of time. Though managers may even be aware this practice continues in many organizations, resulting in a pressured working environment. This pressure is unlike other forms of pressure that bursts open. Although few employees may decide to leave on the spot when pressurized, most of them will wait for other favourable opportunities to come their way so that there isn’t a break in their income. Gradually, with a pressured and dissatisfying environment employee turnover can result in an organization self-destructing. While employees keep on passing in and out of organization, the organization will lose its credibility and profits too, and in the end, it is the managers and not the employees who will suffer.

Management in this sense has to learn how to cope with increasing problems as globalization has taken place. The expansion that has been witnessed today in organizational structure is an effect of globalization too because they are spreading almost all over the world. As Organizations expand it is understood that they tend to face problems in efficiency. These problems need to be handled carefully in logical manner so that smooth running of the organization can be restored to the way it was when it was located in its originating country. For this to be handled effectively, communication also needs to be of the highest level.

Problems in efficiency may emerge due to the lack of communication or the lack of skills with newer personnel employed in the firm. This is because they are not aware of exactly what the cultural atmosphere was at the original location of the firm. Since they have been newly employed they are bound to face problems such as these.

Communication in managing any type of organization sis important, and when it comes to promoting sports people are normally not aware of the intense amount of communication that has to be included. This is because of the fact that many people think that sports are not something that is all that serious. However, the fact is that sports may not be a serious thing on its own, but when it comes to managing team or more than one team, and if there financial matters involved, the situation is quite different.

Financial matters make things more serious than they already are, and this is because of the fact that there are risk factors involved automatically. There tends to be a lot more pressure than there usually is and as a result the pressure finally comes down on the shoulders of the players who represent a particular club. The soccer and cricket players experience this to a great extent so much so that there is now need to cope with the psychological strains of the game. Sports in recent times, because of the competition and money involved, has been the result of great stress on players. Some end up under-forming well while others crumble under pressure.

However, strategies of dealing with these pressures are implemented successfully as well. It must be emphasized that dealing with stress is in fact a major part of the leadership process. If the leadership is not good enough it can be said that there will automatically be more stress. Much of the process of coping with stress comes from the leadership. If the leadership is weak then there would be more stress, and if the leadership is string and presents itself properly as a force to sub-ordinates stress will be handles more easily. Hence, it is important to lead a company properly. In handling one’s sub-ordinates well there will be better productivity. With the passage of time, a company can grow confident, and since it is the private golf clubs that are of central importance, it must be said that the confidence level of the players as well as the management would improve.

Strengthening the leadership of an organization automatically means that operations will be handled well, which in turn means that there will be financial gain at the end. In addition to this there won’t be a shortage of executives if organizations indulge in setting up proper training plans for their apt employees. These plans should be implemented both, at home and abroad too so that uniformity is maintained throughout the organization.

It is also essential that trainers do not get polarized in any one location geographically speaking. They should be allowed to exercise their skills and implement them wherever possible. This means that they will also gain maximum teaching experience which they can share with whoever the work with and teach. Three leadership techniques that have been found to increase the performance of an organization:

1) An efficient and lean organization;

2) A talent management plan that focuses on attracting and retaining high-performing individuals; and
3) A performance management program that “rewards employees who meet set goals” (Dorgan, & Dowdy, 2002)

From the above points one can see that the major problem that lies in organizations spreading into other cultures is the internal conflict, but aside from the internal conflicts the trend of marketing American products abroad is one that is patronized by the people of those cultures.

It is the people that make this possible, as human beings are almost always ready for a change especially if it isn’t going to harm them. Accepting new trends that are already in vogue in other neighboring countries is something that further motivates people into welcoming UK products. However, this is not only the case with receiving UK products in Asian countries.

Extending considerations for financial gain with regard to the golf profession there are many angles to take. Aside from simplistic theories that expose the need to enhance golf at private clubs in more commercial environments, there are p

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