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History of the 1948 Arab-Israel War

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Published: 16th Dec 2019

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The geographic land known as Palestine, now Israel, has been ruled by many various empires throughout the centuries mostly by Muslim rulers. Palestine was a region of the Ottoman Empire during World War I. In 1916, the British and also the French engaged in an exceptionally secret written agreement referred to as the “Sykes-Picot Agreement”, where they determined how they might distribute their spoils once defeating the Ottoman Empire in the war against allied nations. In this agreement, the Middle-East was primarily shared between the French and British and also the Russians, however once the Bolshevik Revolution, the Russians were left out of the agreement. With British being successful in attaining control of Palestine hence, British Palestine, similar to British Raj in Indian Subcontinent.
Now, from the onset of WWI, Britain was discussing a zone for a Jewish state, and the Jews were offered the British territory of Uganda to set up a state within the late nineteenth century, however it had been clearly denied as this land had zero historic or cultural importance to them. At an equivalent time, the British were additionally creating half-hearted guarantees to the Arabs. The Jews and Arabs each that have historic claims to the land going back a really time, each being promised, with variable degrees of legitimacy, a state in the near future. In 1917, the Balfour Declaration was conferred, that was basically a proclamation from the British Foreign Secretary, self-addressed to Baron Rothschild, a distinguished leader among Britain’s Jewish community, in favor of a Jewish state. This was the primary major influence of Jews in the Middle East to trigger diplomatic steps for a Jewish State in Israel. Basically, this was a very public promise, from a really high ranking official, that primarily confirmed the concept that Palestine region was to become a Jewish state. The matter was that this same promise had been pledged to the Arabs, simply not as in public.

Till 1930 about 120,000 Jews had moved to Palestine, primarily from Russia and Eastern Europe, where there were continued programs and racism. At this point, the land of Palestine began to bear the start of a population shift, and by 1940, there were currently about 500,000 Jews living in this land that they had been promised, straight from the horse’s mouth, when there have been once only about 50,000 a couple of decades earlier. This population shift resulted as an ignition for the start of a violent conflict within the Middle East. In 1929 Arabs rose against the Jews in massive types of riots. Tensions continued to rise because the British dragged their heels on each side after making guarantees to the Jews and the Arabs. Middle East ended up having tensions between the Jews and Arabs, and each side was becoming progressively annoyed with the British, when finally the Arabs revolted against British rule in 1936 to 1939. Post- 1939 revolt, all of the Palestinian leadership were exiled, which was another blow. This is in addition to the horrific war crimes perpetuated against the Palestinians by the British government to dismiss the revolt. The British tried to mediate by introducing the Peel Commission, that was to offer the Jews land within the Galilee, and the rest to the Arabs, however the Arabs fully rejected it as several Arabs would have to be displaced from the Galilee, and also the Jews weren’t vastly in support of it either. Once more British government under the influence of Jews offered them a state deal.

The British nevertheless tried to mollify each side, as they were clearly losing their grip on the region, by presenting the white paper, that was to provide joint leadership to Jews and Arabs in a kind of one-state resolution, however it got rejected by each side because it’d have restricted Jewish immigration, however at the same time, the Arabs would have to accept Jews in the government role. Then World War II bust out. The world wasn’t in its traditional state. The allies together with British government were gathering support for the war against Nazi Germany. During World War II, the British tried to induce the Arabs on board with fighting the Germans, who were advancing through Egypt; however they basically rejected the proposal, whereas the Jews tried to create a military to fight with Brits, however that was rejected by Brits military, despite support from Churchill, then Prime minister of Britain.

Tensions continuing to rise, and so eventually the war concluded. After 1945, additional Jews immigrated to Israel after the holocaust, and therefore the Jews became even more adamant regarding establishing an extended sought after state. In 1947, the British place forth the ultimatum try, the Partition plan. This was to divide up the territory, giving the Jews and Palestinians a state. The Jews with happiness accepted the partition plan; however the Arabs rejected it, as they felt they got an unfair deal, obtaining so much less land than their population deserved. Once the British withdrew from the region in 1948 while not either side was in agreement, a war bust out between both sides and the rest is history.

On a lighter note, we see that Jews in the Middle East were mostly engaged with the Arabs in their region. The Jews community influenced British government with their policies but on the other hand Arabs were not accepting Jews because they were poured into Middle East from the central Europe by the allies due to the tyrannies faced by the Jews community in Europe. Jews after gathering strength in numbers rose in revolts in the form of Zionist movement. They had little to no impact on the people of British India. Apart from breaking the religious sentiments of Muslim’s of British India and later on Pakistan. The Muslims in the Indian sub-continent argued about the injustice being done to the Palestinians by the Jews immigrants. They forcefully took away the homes of the native Arabs and when the Arabs retaliated, the Jews got an opportunity to blame all their unfairness on the retaliation of the Arabs. The Jews came out innocent in front of the international public. These opportunities led to the creation of the state of Israel.


  • How events unfolded from 1948 to 1967 and after 1967?
  • What are the reasons behind rapid growth and development of Israel?
  • Why Pakistan is ally of US and not Israel?
  • Why haven’t Pakistan seen any opposition on this matter from foreign countries?
  • What if we develop good relations with Israel: positive and negative impacts?

1948 Arab-Israel War

On 14 May 1948, executive head of world Zionist organization declared establishment of state of Israel after the British mandate expired over Palestine. Soon after declaration of Israel, war broke out between the Arab coalition and Israel in 1948. Many Muslim countries like Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Palestine fought war against Israel. Although the Arabs had more superior military hardware in the beginning of the war but reinforcement from Czechoslovakia balanced the scale. From May to June, the Israeli defense force increased its troops from 35000 to 65000. The Arab states also reinforced their soldiers, but they could not keep up with the rate of upturn. Thus, at each stage of the war, the IDF outnumbered all the Arab forces organized against it, and, after the first round of rebellion, it outgunned them too. The ultimate conclusion of the conflict was therefore not a miracle but a realistic reflection of the primary military balance in the Palestine theatre. In this conflict, as in most conflicts, the tougher side triumphed. Nevertheless, when the clashes had died down in 1949 and the ceasefire agreement had been contracted, some in the Israeli Foreign Ministry claimed it might be probable to open delegations in Karachi, then capital of Pakistan, or at least to conduct trade openly. Originally contact among the ambassador high commissioner of Pakistan in London and representatives of Israel and Jewish organizations were made in early 1950. The Pakistani government was requested to issue safe passage permits to India for a few hundred Jews who had been forced to leave Afghanistan and wanted to settle to Israel. The Pakistani government declined to allow them to pass through Pakistan and the Jews left through Iran.

In Cairo in March 1952, Zafarullah Khan, who had been appointed Pakistan’s foreign minister, said he believed Israel and Arab countries need to reach an agreement, although he stressed that his country supported the Arabs’ demands first. Consequently, a meeting was organized in New York between Zafarullah Khan and Abba Eban, then Israel’s ambassador to the United States, on 14 January 1953. concerning Israeli-Pakistani relations, Zafarullah Khan told Eban that his government wouldn’t be able to face the extremists’ opposition and that there was no likelihood for improved affairs between the two countries in the imminent future “despite the very fact that the Pakistani government doesn’t bear any hatred towards Israel and understands that it’s an element in the Middle East that has got to be taken into thought.” For the time being, he expressed his approval of mutual visits of specialists, students, and professors. He additionally expressed that once the Arabs exhibited willingness to meet with Israel to resolve issues, Pakistan would try to influence the Arabs toward reaching an agreement. In March and April 1954, Zafarullah Khan expressed on many occasions that his country failed to acknowledge Israel and had no intention of doing so. Israel was a foreign wedge in the Middle East and posed a danger not solely to surrounding Arab countries conversely to the whole Muslim world. Pakistan would aid the Arabs in protecting holy sites in Islam. The Pakistani prime minister told a visiting group of Palestinian clergy that the problem of Palestine wasn’t solely an Arab one conversely also a Muslim one. He promised them his country’s loyalty on problems concerning “Muslims in Palestine.” He kept this promise at a conference of Asian heads of state, held in Colombo in 1954 beforehand of the Bandung Conference, and during the Bandung Conference itself.

1967 Arab-Israel War and After the War

Israel, after acquiring more land in 1948 war than which was offered to them in the partition plan; Israel still lusted for more land area under their nose. Israel did a preemptive strike on Egypt and ignited six day war with the Arab coalition. Pakistan also insisted in the form of air force pilots which were provided to Egypt. Israel won the war against the Arab states and captured parts of Egypt.

In 1962, Pakistan formally declared to all or any Arab countries that the business, economic, and cultural boycott it had forced on Israel was total and also that Pakistan viewed Israel as a “thieving country.” It secured to act “alongside Arab countries for the aim of returning the Palestine to its lawful inhabitants.” On four July 1967, in the course of the Six Day War, the United Nations General Assembly accepted a Pakistani resolution relating to matters in Jerusalem that expressed concern over the steps taken by Israel to alter its status. On the problem of Israel, Pakistan was careful not to take any stand that might jeopardize its relations with Arab countries or provoke Islamic features among its borders. Pakistan’s aggressive statements toward Israel typically caused it to have friction with the United States. For instance, in March 1984, Pakistan warned the United States to not transfer its embassy to capital of Israel.

Bhutto additionally aforementioned on numerous occasions that Pakistan would acknowledge Israel on condition that the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, OIC, were to make a decision on this matter, and solely when peace was achieved between Israel and its neighbors. Pakistan and the Palestine Liberation Organization developed close ties. The PLO was initially recognized as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinians at an OIC summit in Lahore in February 1974. This was approved six months later at an Arab summit in capital of Morocco. PLO missions in Karachi and Islamabad (Pakistan’s capital since 1960) received full diplomatic recognition in 1975. Throughout the primary uprising that began in 1987, pro-PLO rallies were held in Pakistan and the government sent the organization food and medical supplies. Despite these statements, a small decrease of the Pakistani hostility was evident when, on six February 1996, eight Pakistani journalists arrived in Israel, the first such visit there by Pakistani media. Though the journalists didn’t come as an official delegation, behind the scenes there was a political actor that was terribly cautiously exhibiting interest in relations with Israel.

In 1974, India succeeded to make nuclear weapons. Pakistan straight away followed suit, ignoring the weak United States pressure to dissuade it from doing so. Pakistan received large amount of sums in money from Libya and Saudi Arabia to assist its efforts to produce nuclear weapons. Israel had grave issues regarding Pakistan’s “Islamic bomb” and monitored events closely. It had been additionally believed that Iraq had gained nuclear power from Pakistan, and Israel was troubled that Iran and maybe Saudi Arabia would acquire this power likewise. There was little question in Israel that Iraq meant to use its nuclear plant for military propaganda. Israel didn’t wage a public relations war against the “Pakistani threat.” Pakistan was referred in Israel as an answerable country and not one that sponsored terror, like Islamic Republic of Iran or Iraq. However, suspicions abounded in Pakistan about a joint Israeli-Indian attack on Pakistan’s nuclear facilities in Kahuta shortly from the border of Kashmir. Which is further explained as, In the 1980s, Israel is claimed to have planned, with or without Indian help, a potential attack on Pakistan’s bomb capability. After destroying an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, Israel allegedly planned an identical attack on Pakistan’s nuclear facilities in collusion with India in the 1980s. Using satellite footage and info, Israel reportedly designed an all-out model of Kahuta facility in the Negev Desert where pilots of F-16 and F-15 squadrons practiced mock attacks.  Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif aforementioned in an interview to the Pakistani newspaper Dawn on 29 July 1991 that he feared Israel would attack Pakistani nuclear sites.

After General Pervez Musharraf took power in Pakistan in an Oct 1999 military coup, he hastened to calm Israel on the nuclear issue however additionally proclaimed that there would be no progress toward relations. Pakistan was, however, troubled regarding the security ties between India and Israel and, as published in the press, even sent the message to Israel that it saw this as a threat to Pakistan. Israel replied that its ties with India weren’t aimed “against a 3rd country.” Israel refused Pakistan’s request to reveal the elements of the Israeli-Indian security ties and said that if Pakistan was disturbed, it may open diplomatic relations with Israel. Indeed, in June 2003, Musharraf said on many occasions before and after visits that month to the United States that Pakistan ought to seriously think about ties with Israel. This appeared, however, to be simply for publicity purposes. Musharraf continued to perform such gestures, and this benefited him in the United States.

On 1 Sept 2005, a public meeting was held in Istanbul between the then Israeli foreign minister Silvan Shalom and his Pakistani counterpart Khurshid Kasuri. Shalom was elated and said the meeting was a “source of nice encouragement and hope for the Israeli individuals and aids in strengthening the moderates on the Palestinian side.” The Israeli journalists present were additionally swept up in the exaggerated excitement and referred it a “historic meeting.” They said it absolutely was a Pakistani “gift” to Israel for evacuating its settlements in Gaza Strip that was going down at that point. Soon after, during a visit to the United States, Musharraf agreed to be the guest of honor at an American Jewish Congress dinner held in New York on 17 Sept. Representatives of several Jewish organizations attended. Musharraf’s speech addressed Islamic-Jewish relations throughout history. As for Israel, he repeated the familiar refrain that progress in relations relied on “progress in the peace process and therefore the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

The biggest question that arises is that how did Israel get success so rapidly. What made them grow so quickly that they became so strong? Founded in 1948, comprised of a few millions of population which stands firm in the Arab area and being so defensively strong makes it hard to believe about the level of their strength. But the truth be told, Israel have become a developed country. In this part we will discuss all the reasons behind this fact.


Education is the most important thing behind the success and development of any country. This also is one of the main reasons of the rapid growth of Israel’s economy. Education is given a high importance by the Jewish community. With a small proportion of 0.2% of the world population Jews still make up about 22% of world’s noble intellectual persons most of them being from Israel. The literacy rate of Israel is 97.8% which is one of the highest in the world. Not only this but the people is Israel take their studies up to higher levels. Among every 5 persons there is 1 PhD degree holder. The interesting fact is that the PhD degree is only handed over when the student gives some new creative ideas that help the community to build new useful inventions. Furthermore, Israel has the most number of democratic schools in the world. Israel ranks number 2 for its people who go universities for higher education. Most Israeli student join military to join Israel defense forces (IDF) before going for higher education at an age of 18-19. IDF is one of the most prominent institutions in Israel which helps them in betterment of different fields in the country and most of the youth joining it makes a huge difference for the development of the country. Most of their youth also knows how to use weapons and are trained for it. Another major factor in their success of making the literacy rate higher is that most of their schools are free so everyone can study and with all the passion the Jews have for studying, they get the best benefits from it. Another important thing in Israel’s educational system is how they shape the mind of their students from a young age. Their youth joins different movements that can be political, cultural or religious from a young age that allows them to interact with different people and helps them gain maturity and creativity while they are still young. This allows the pupils to have leadership qualities in themselves that later help them serve their country. Apart from all this, Israel also offers and apprenticeship law which allows its youth to not attend the school and instead study for trade at a vocational school. This allows the youth to go choose the field of their interest. This helps the country produce creative minds in different fields of work which helps them in the betterment of their economy. Their education and grooming had made them a creative place in the world that has made companies like Intel, Apple and Microsoft to open their research centers in Israel. Even though there a small state, yet they have the highest number of scientists per capita.

All these facts about their education system tell us how Israel gets the best of their population. Through their education system they shape their youth into mature leaders and creative inventors. Having different revolutionary ideas are the primary source behind the success of any great thing and the Israeli education system helps their youth to think about all those ideas. This fact can be seen from how strong their military has become. The different inventions that they have made have made them so strong in their military and defense. Despite of being a small nation, they have created things that have made them the first country in the world to use the invention. This shows how education has helped them grow and develop as a country so fast. Without any doubt education is the main reason behind the rapid growth and development of Israel.

Military and Defense

The independence of Israel was controversial and soon after it indulged in war with the neighboring countries. They were supported by the superpowers of the world at that time which helped Israel survive as a state but they still have issues so they give high preference to make their defense and military strong. Israel is in a small area but still a large percentage of its GDP is spent on research and development of which a large percentage is invested on their military and defense. Another factor for the development of their military assets is the compulsory military education that the people of Israel get at a young age in which they are trained and are made more skillful. While battling a war every decade makes it necessary for the people of Israel to be ready for any kind of attack at any time for which they are obliged to be creative and come up with creative discoveries and weapons. Their military education makes this possible and they do come up with the creativity required that makes their defense strong and help their technology to be advance. Some of the advance technology that Israel has come up with is discussed below.

Robotic border patrols known as the unmanned ground vehicles. Israel is the first ever to use this technology. These robots are used at works like border patrols instead of soldiers that is a big advantage to Israel These robots can be controlled by soldiers from miles away and that minimizes the risk of the damage to the lives of the soldiers. Not only this but also other military robots have been used by Israel like the robot snakes which are used to catch any underground activity by any enemy. Other robots are also used to protect the ports and to protect the coastline. This tells us why Israel is developing so fast. The technology that they have built saves a large amount of human lives to work for other things instead of the military soldiers. On these issues the robotic inventions help them in a perfect way. This gives their military power an edge and a big help. Another military weapon they own is the arrow anti-missile program. Israel is again the first country in the world to have an anti-missile weapon that could destroy an enemy attack rocket in mid-air. The threat to the small state of Israel in minimized due to these anti-missile weapons called the arrow. In the present time the arrow can also put down the long range ballistic missiles. Israel has used this in times of war and is the only country to do so. Other countries have tried to form this technology but no one has been successful to build one. Israel has also been successful in their Satellite program. When Israel first launched its satellite, there were doubts about their technology but in the present day, Israel has become a satellite superpower. They have now developed mini spy satellites which helps them protect their states from their rivals like Iran. Their satellite technology can recognize small objects from a greater distance which is very helpful to them. Their satellites have been purchased by the French, Italy, Singapore and India in huge sums of money. Another interesting fact is that when the countries like UK and others refused to sell tanks to Israel, they decided to start creating their own and made Merkava tank which is believed to be the most dangerous tank in the world. The most important fact about Israel’s defense is that it has its own nuclear weapons. Israel from the very start of its formation was working on the nuclear weapons for its safety and defense. In 1968 it was reported that Israel has successfully started forming the nuclear bomb. At that time, becoming a nuclear state made Israel stronger. It ultimately made their defense much stronger and any country attacking them had to think twice before taking an action. In the recent times it is believed that Israel has over 200 nuclear weapons as in a personal email, Collin Powell, a former U.S secretary of state referred to Israel having 200 nukes.

All of these extraordinary achievements in the military field by Israel has made their state’s defense such strong that they are allowed to focus on other aspects of the country such as their economy and other affairs. The dominance in the military sector of Israel is real. Such dominance and creative inventions are one of the main reasons for the rapid growth and development of Israel.


In the last few decades, Israel’s economy has grown and Israel has become a wealthy country. The people of Israel have become much easier with their lifestyle which shows how the country has evolved in recent times. The case was not similar in the start of Israel but now they have achieved all of this success because of their economy. Their banking system is one of the best banking systems in the world.  Their economy is said to be “technologically advanced by global standards”. Israel is the number 1 country in the Middle-East in the ranking of UN’s human development index. Israel’s economic sectors include highly advanced technology. Their diamond industry is one of the best in the world for cutting and polishing. The lack in natural resources like petroleum and gas, but the recent discoveries of large amount on natural gas along its coast have also eased on their imports and helped in their development. Their quality education and high motivation towards the study goals is a big reason for a boost in Israel’s economic development. A lot of high-tech companies have been built due to the expertise of the Israeli people, who form quality products which is mainly the reason of numerous countries acquiring their help which greatly benefits their economy which is growing so rapidly because of this reason. An interesting fact is that companies like Apple and Microsoft had made their first research center outside U.S in Israel which gave a big edge to their economy. Apart from this people like Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, along with many other business leaders have praised Israel’s economy and have invested in their industries.

Their venture capital sector has also developed since the 90s. It has a great role in the development of Israel’s high-tech center. The companies made by the Israel’s venture funds went from 100 to 800 in a very less time. Apart from this many leading investment banks and insurance companies are active in Israel’s while helps them financially for their high-tech center.

Other reasons

Many of the country didn’t recognize Israel after its birth but what mattered was the two superpowers at that time supported them which made their struggle easier and were allowed to fight for their state. United States is one of the largest supporters of Israel and large sums of aid are provided by US to Israel since the birth of their nation, this has helped Israel in many ways. Not only has this but US also helped Israel apart from helping financially. Political help from US has been a great help in solving matters with other countries. Another factor is that Jews from all over the world migrate to Israel. As Israel is a small state with less population, the growth in their population is a vital help to the country. Productive immigrants help to better their economy.

These are all the reasons for the rapid growth of Israel. In our opinion these main reason behind this success story is their passion towards education. All the outcomes that they have been able to achieve are because of one thing that is education. Take military for example, they have been able to make it strong due to all these useful inventions that they have made behind which were innovative and creative ideas that could only be done by well-trained intellectuals. That has been possible because of their high quality education. In military the inventions that help it to be strong are also because of the well gained education. If we see their growth in economy, which depend largely on their high-tech products and their research centers that is also because of their brilliant standard of education. Israel is aware of its geography and around the hostile Arab nations; they have no choice except being strong. They have to be strong to survive and that is the reason that makes them work hard. They have the perfect awareness about how important is the education is if they have to survive and grow so they have to work hard which they doo and that has become a reason for their development.

Pakistan’s tilt towards US

Pakistan’s ties with United States gathered the center of attention when Pakistan allied itself with the US during the cold war era with Soviet Union. Also the close friendship of Pakistan with China is a relation which US might have a lot of concerns. Pakistan has played a very crucial part in the SEATO and CENTO organizations. Being an ally of the super power hasn’t been that much easier for Pakistan as it seems like. The relations with US are sometimes fruitful, but sometimes made us Pakistan to suffer. ‘No pain, no gain’. US being soul super power of the country have many reasons which please other countries to become its ally. A country having many allies is definitely going to have a better support system, which results in more powers to that county. Pakistan as an ally of US has received a lot of aid and help from the US. Are US the only option available for Pakistan? Israel is a country which has shown a tremendous growth in economy, it has almost an undefeatable literacy rate. Moreover, Israel being a partially recognized country has shown stability in economy. Israel has also came into existence with the similar ideological concept as Pakistan, but with the help and support from the US it has established itself a lot more nearer to a well stable state. It is recognized by many countries; almost 75% of the world has recognized this state. Also it has now a major part in the relations of US with the other countries. Pakistan can become an ally of Israel, after recognizing it, it might be helpful for Pakistan in terms of stability in economy, but Pakistan has a major role in the Islamic block, which might be a huge trouble in knotting ties with Israel.

Pakistan situation; between the devil and deep blue sea

If war of its first kind breaks between US and Israel and no other country were to get involved, the world power will wipe them all without wasting a single drop of sweat. But, US has always been the center of lights whenever a clever politics is being played, US is wise enough and had supported Israel, from recognizing Israel to providing rights to the Jews. Also from 1953 to 1961 US has provided economic aid to Israel in form of small loans and basic food stuff, US is one of the countries whose support has let Israel survive against the Muslim World. Israel must be very thankful to US for it has provided support to Israel at such crucial times. Israel was also supported by the US during the Lebanon war, in which US provided Israel with bunk buster bombs. For Pakistan, being an ally of US has provided it a support from the super power in many crucial times. Musharraf’s U turn in politics took Pakistan from junior to front ally of the super power. Pakistan has also played an integral role in the CENTO and SEATO organizations. For Pakistan, being an ally of US is beneficial for Pakistan because at the end of the day it has to face India, which is one of the biggest concerns of India. On the other hand, relations of US with Pakistan are more fruitful then the US relations with India because USSR has been using India against Pakistan whenever it wanted to weaken US during the first proxy war. This makes US concerned about Pakistan, and Pakistan to be an ally of US so that might be helpful sometimes in catering India. Israel on the other hand is also an ally of US, for Pakistan it is not suitable to be an ally of Israel, besides Israel has wealth, literacy rate and recognitions from almost more than half of the world but still Israel is in a state of instability.  Israel’s occupancy over Palestine is unacceptable for the Islamic world and t makes Israel an enemy of Islam and Muslims. Being an ally of Israel might put the relations of Pakistan with Saudi Arabia and rest of the countries which do not recognize Israel in trouble, Saudi Arabia has been there for Pakistan when there was nobody to support Pakistan. This makes Pakistan’s to decide, weather to join Israel or the Islamic block, latter is more important. Also Pakistan has always been in the favor of Palestine during its war with Israel for Palestine has deep roots in the History of sacred Arab. Also, bitter ties with Israel are concern of India, as India has never left a stone unturned to oppose Pakistan, thus Pakistan opposition to Israel makes Israel a best option to opt out for a companion, for India. It is evident and a proven fact that India has always shown red carpets to those by whom India can weaken Pakistan. Thus this generates another excuse for not being an ally of Israel, as US support for a country like Pakistan, who at any time can get involved in an ugly war with India, is much more essential than the support from the state which is still on a way to prove his identity. Also Pakistan with rest of the Muslim world has always supported the creation of a free Palestine state thus this stance of Pakistan has given rise to the bilateral relations of Pakistan with Israel. Thanks to Musharraf for he has supported Palestine and has clearly stated the Pakistan will recognize Israel after the Palestine state gets internationally recognized. For Pakistan and any other Muslim state the rights of the human beings in Palestine are a major concern than the relations with Israel.

Pakistan’s stance on Israel is also important for both of the countries have almost same ideological declarations to some extent i.e. the famous two nation theory and the theory for the homeland of Jewish people. But due to violating many rights of Muslims in Palestine makes Israel unacceptable for Pakistan and the whole Islamic world. Thus this partially recognized state faces a lot of troubles from the Muslim Block. There is a lot of difference between US and other countries with stable economies as US is the sole superpower which don’t needs to get recognized rather states are interested to get recognized by US. US have established itself as one of the most promising state in terms of the economy, politics or whatever. Whereas the states which are unstable with respect to any aspect; need hundreds of years to establish themselves like the US. Israel has no doubt a good literacy rate and a better economic condition, but it is not yet strong enough to get compared to the US. Pakistan being an ally of US might be a feather in Pakistan’s hat. But in case, Pakistan being an ally of Israel might not be an appreciated step if taken by Pakistan. Israel very wisely has developed good relations with US to get itself supported US has provided a lot of support to Israel which has proven beneficial for partially-recognized state to stabilize itself. These relations with US make Israel a competitor to the countries which are also an ally of US. Also from religious perspective, Jews have also been considered a race which has been in the most talks of racism around the globe, the racism didn’t got vanished with the death of the Martin Luther King, but it is still present in the world, even if a state is an ally of Israel, it is possible to have conflicts of racism between Pakistan and Israel, in case Pakistan is an ally of Israel, as at the end of the day it is not the religion which discriminates but color also creates such sense of discrimination. Also Pakistan’s bond with US will never weaken Pakistan due to conflicts within the country, which arise due to religious discrimination or racism, but Israel if bonds with Pakistan, will take Pakistan to face new troubles. First it will never be acceptable for Saudi Arab and majority of the Muslim block. Secondly it might not be a digestible thing for the sect based organizations as it is sensitive regarding the religion of the Muslims.

Pakistan has also faced some circumstances in series, where it was about to break into huge conflicts with Israel. Israel claiming to threat the national security of Iraq, on the southeast of Baghdad blasted the Iraqi Nuclear reactor which at that time was under the phase of construction. Israel has also planned similar attack on Pakistan in the mid on 1980’s, which is supposed to be completed with the involvement of India. For this attack Israel has made a full scale mock up for Kahuta facility in Negev desert. The Pakistan Air Force also choked down the Israeli planes during the Six day war and Yom Kippur war, where Syria and Jordan were involved with Pakistan. According to Time, Daniel Perl who is reported to be an American Israeli was assassinated for linking up Al-Qaeda and ISI. BBC reports at that time suggested that Daniel Pearl was actually an Israeli agent under the cover of American Journalist. Thus there is a long hatred between the two countries; this also makes US preferable for Pakistan then Israel. Israel is not only considered as an enemy of Islam but also its ties with India is another excuse for bitter relations between Israel and Pakistan. Even to soothe the relations, Pakistan needs lot of strategies which might be very dreadful for a country like Pakistan. Israel also has a hate for world Pakistan as its Prime Minister Netanyahu didn’t came for a dinner in New York reason being Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was also present there to dine.  Israel is successful because of the support it has taken from the US; it might not be easier for Israel to survive in wars like the Six day war without any support for Israel. Pakistan also tried to send military assistance to Palestine, it was rumored that Pakistan might provide Pakistani battalion to Palestine; also Pakistan provided almost here aircrafts to Egypt against Israel. Also the Gaza war in 2008-2009 which killed over 1500 people in Gaza, at that time Pakistan’s support for Palestine aroused brotherhood of Pakistan with Israel and even more hatred for Israel. Pakistani nation has several times protested for the rights of people of Palestine. Support to Palestine will surely provide Pakistan a wide acceptance over the whole Muslim world but on the other hand a little tilt towards Pakistan might become a source of unrest for Pakistan. Relations of Pakistan with Israel have always talked in the lights of extremism. Moreover Israel is shown like a black worse dragon in the media of Pakistan also there is no reason for Pakistan to be an ally of a state which is a center of violation of human rights in the whole world. Thus on the other hand, Pakistan’s relations with the rest of the Islamic countries are very much important, which Pakistan should never destroy by cutting her own feet by her own axe, i.e. by recognizing Israel and promoting better ties with it.

Israel has also been termed as an enemy of Islam the reason behind this is the importance for the state of Palestine for the Muslims. On the other hand US are never going to be a threat for Muslims. Treaty of Tripoli is clear evidence that US has nothing to do with any religion or race. US presidents have also shown their intentions, that they are not against Islam but they are against terrorism. However, for Americans there may be a little hatred sometimes there for Muslims. But this hatred is far less than the hatred Muslims have for Israel. US have never shown any extremism against any religion. In addition, US has never been a cause of any severe clashes between the Americans and Muslims therefore US is far better acceptable choice for the Muslim Block countries than. US has never shown such a bitter or harsh attitude towards Islam, US is a state which has nothing to do with the religion, US is just a clever politics player and neither an enemy of Islam nor Muslims. US are just interested to tackle terrorism which it has actually faced due to Afghan jihad. This makes many people think that US is a Murderer of Muslims. Also Israel is a state which has almost 75% population of Jews, thus there is a lot of hatred between Jews and Muslims which will never let Pakistan to knot ties and become ally of that state. A Muslim can tolerate anything but when it comes to Islam majority of Muslims are never going to sacrifice. In Pakistan, recognizing Israel might become a reason for unrest because of the religious parties like Jamait-e-Islami and Lashkar-e-tayaba because these parties strongly oppose any support to Israel. Thus, for Pakistan it is never going to be a favorable step to be an ally of the state like Israel. Pakistan as an ally of US has also suffered after Afghan Jihad, which lead to the killings of many Al-Qaeda Members also the amount which Pakistan received from US was majorly spent on neutralizing the effects, thus being an ally of the super power made us to suffer to some extent, so generally speaking, if Pakistan becomes an ally of country like Israel which if far away in economic grounds from US at the present time might be a burden for the economy of Pakistan. Also being an ally of US has helped Pakistan groom at international level, also due to the geo strategic location of Pakistan it has become the center of attention in world politics. Its geostrategic location has much to do with the relations of US and USSR. This makes Pakistan’s relations with US directly proportional. Israel can never overcame the rifts which it has with the Muslim countries, these rifts are never going to end even the relation of Israel with these Muslim brothers are going to higher level of bitterness thus it is really difficult for Pakistan to recognize Israel.

Religious sentiments: a major hurdle in way of recognizing Israel

For Pakistan to knot ties with country like Israel is one the most controversial issue, not only political or social issues are associated with it but also there are many religious sentiments related with this issue. In views of almost all Muslims Including Pakistani’s Israel id like a conspirator against Islam as it has occupied Palestine. The history of Israel is filled up with the oppression, brutality, hatred and torture against the people of Gaza and many of the surrounding areas. It is true that the war of Israel with Palestine is not just a war for freedom but is much like the war which has shed a lot of blood of the Muslims of Palestine. Choosing between the two i.e. Israel and US a common man from Pakistan will be choosing US over Israel as the hatred with Israel is never going to end soon. Even if Pakistan accepts Israel there is a list of countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq etc., might go against Pakistan. In the eyes of Muslim, the Israel conflict with Palestine is an issue which is associated with many of their historic events. Thus it is far difficult for Pakistan to become an ally of Israel. Also the involvement of Israel with India in Baluchistan is a huge hurdle in the good relations between Pakistan and Israel. Pakistan is fearful of the freedom movement of Baluchistan, also after India Israel will be a country to support this freedom movement of Baluchistan. Good relations of Israel with India, who is the largest buyer of military equipment from Israel, will never let the temperament between Israel and Pakistan to cool down. The relations of Israel with India might at any time turn the tables and can cause a burden on Pakistan. Also the powers which US have as a feather in hat, Israel is far behind to possess those powers. Thus there are many other reasons for Pakistan to be an ally of US and not Israel.

Now, one may ask that why hasn’t Pakistan faced any opposition on this matter from foreign countries. Answering this question majorly from a hypothetical perspective view and from perspective of a foreign country, as to why they should try to bring Pakistan and Israel closer or in another way try to bring both these parties on a single table. The role of foreign countries i am talking about is the role that Pakistan has played constructively by bringing United States of America and China to table talks. Such role didn’t play a decisive role but offered both parties to say their mind. In my opinion sometimes it requires a very small reason to open up, against one’s old wit.

Firstly, Pakistan has been a direct consumer of the goods (wealth) provided by the Banking of United States, goods in the form of direct or indirect loans. Taking you back to the Pakistan’s being under constant debts to IMF. Now assuming that such corporations are directly controlled by Jew bankers, so a dollar invested by a Jew banker reaches Pakistan through a third party. What it means is that Pakistan is in turn deb-ted to Jew, just the form is changed. So the question of Pakistan as a Muslim state not conducting any business with the Jew is answered here. As Jews are conducting their successful businesses as international corporations independently, not as Israel’s’ assets

Secondly, a major point is the distance between Pakistan and Israel. There is a distance of about 3283 kilometers; these two countries are in no way going up against each other in the near future. It would require a special consideration by foreign countries to waste their energy in this matter, as both these countries can live isolated from each other. The only point at time that can make Pakistan think of dealing with Israel is that of their illegal occupation in Palestine’s land, and killing of their people. But as history tell us the last these two countries tried to come closer, the concern from Pakistan’s side wasn’t that of Palestine. Also another thing to mention is the working of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI that worked with intelligence agency of Israel MOSSAD during the war against soviet. It is noted that both these agencies worked closely during that period. During General Pervez Musharraf’s tenure, Pakistan did come up with dealing with Israel, but one may ask that Gen Pervez was a dictator, and his actions may not be carried further by the elected parties. Due to the aforementioned fact, and personal differences between the two (Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto’s differences with Musharraf).


Discussing the role of foreign countries, it is also worth noting that Pakistan being a country that has always suffered through foreign involvement in its personal affairs is exempted in the matter of Israel. There are a number of reasons.

i) The first is that Israel is conducting its business (banking etc.) through US of A or international firms (IMF) so no need of direct approach.

ii) Secondly, Pakistan is stuck since the Soviet-US war in very bitter conditions due to its own and foreign countries’ decisions. In future when Israel plans to spread its wings in the Middle East, Pakistan may have no choice but to recognize it, due to the foreign pressure, and incentives Pakistan is going to receive in return, incentives that are always needed for a poor country.

iii) My third point in this matter is that Israel is criticized a lot in Palestine’s matter. Foreign countries would think twice before bringing these two on tables due to the fear of the objection raised by Pakistan about the illegal occupation, which would not be acceptable by Israel.

Discussing the first point that i mentioned above, Israel is considered the best in world banking. A perfect system is followed that knows how to multiply worth exponentially. Also, Israeli top wealth holders have invested a lot in banking. The banking system developed by them is followed throughout the world. People are also of the view that United States of America’s major economy is supported by Israel’s banking. But what proof we have is that of Jew bankers running top firms regarding banking. Top multinational corporations that give loans to those countries in need are run by Jew. Pakistan till recent month was a direct consumer of IMF; one has to note that IMF is influenced by top Jew bankers. Pakistan for years was suffering in the endless loop of taking debts from IMF. It is also noteworthy that IMF’s way of conducting business wasn’t any special with Pakistan, as we have example of Ukraine, who is in the same loop that once Pakistan once( maybe even now) was in. From the said example, we can conclude that it’s just how Jews conduct their business, by giving loans and taking profits on top of that amount. Pakistan was just a normal customer. Also saying that IMF plans to keep countries in their debt chain is exaggerated, because if IMF is a firm, then why wouldn’t they work for their own benefits. The loans are given by investors, investors that seek back for benefits. The world we are living in, getting loan at time of need is more than enough for woken people to realize how one shouldn’t be in such dire situation in the first place. Now i can’t think of Israel at any disadvantage, as their people are carrying successful businesses even with the country that claims to be its “enemy”. In my opinion Pakistan has a corner in heart for Israel’s wealth, but only Israel’s name isn’t brought on lips.

Furthermore, towards my second point, Pakistan is still stuck in the imposed Soviet-US war. Pakistan since her independence out of 70 years, 35 years has been sacrificed in the said war; In terms of human life, wealth, progress, and brilliant minds are lost by this country. A war that wasn’t ours in the first place, a war that our top managers lied to us about, a war that used the beautiful and peaceful religion of Islam for vile and heinous acts of those in charge of us. What Pakistan is doing is already more than enough despite the order of “Do-More” by United States of America; Pakistan has shown that it has had enough of the terror. Also during that time Israel prospered magnificently due to their self-serving true policies. For the time being asking Pakistan to recognize Israel would be abusing her will of helping. As the state is on the verged of being a declared the failed state because of the Democratic interlude and then the coup d’état by Gen Pervez Musharraf. No solid democratic government was witnessed. Assuming Pakistan moved forward in prosperous way. And in the same fashion Israel also does, and tries to spread it’s already wings in the Middle East. World will be waiting for Pakistan’s response on the matter. Not just because of Pakistan’s importance, but because if Pakistan accepts and recognizes Israel, then other weaker Islamic states will also have no choice but to accept it too.

For the final point that I raised above, I will start by mentioning that I can only talk about the things that I believe exists. If I don’t believe in a bird, then how can I accuse one of sitting in my windows and disturbing me in my sleep? If I don’t believe in the wolf then how can I accuse one of eating my sheep? The same analogy goes with Pakistan and Israel’s case. Israel is accused to be aggressively against the legal norms spreading its occupation in Palestine’s land. Since the 1948 pact of land, Israel has been witnessed to be aggressively marching forward for its thirst of more land. Now

Pakistan is in no position, to object in the international courts about this matter of Israel’s illegal occupation. If foreign countries argue with Pakistan to recognize their ally Israel, then Pakistan will be able to take to matter into United Nations, whether such action will be favorable or not is another thing to ponder upon. But it will stain Israel’s morals even more in world affairs. To avoid this distraction no foreign country will try to urge Pakistan to recognize Israel. And no foreign country will want to be the reason for bringing even more shame to Israel by Pakistan. Despite that during Gen Pervez Musharraf’s period Pakistan started talking about the possibility of her recognizing Israel in public, though no real outcome could be made with Israel. But it did show us that Pakistan now has little oppression from religious parties. Maybe Gen Musharraf had taken into confidence the religious parties. Even that, if shows that Pakistan is gearing towards thinking of such possibility. A possibility is that is not going to be an outcome leniency but a serious matter of two way good will. Pakistan at first was very aggressively bold in its stance of not accepting Israel. Such strong aggression towards Israel was evident from the very first day, when M.A Jinnah condemned United Nations recognition of Israel, calling the action “ outrageous “ and said that “ United Nations had no moral justification to recognize Israel, and it was unjust “. Israel wouldn’t want to be distracted at time when the only priority for her would be to strive forward at ever increasing pace towards prosperity and more strength for her. My last point is that, whatever Israel is having today is more than what they could have dreamed of before its inception. Asking for more and that from the strongest Muslim country would be unwise and without a solid reason though they do believe that their relations with Pakistan would pave a way for Israel-Muslim world relations.

The fore mentioned reasons justly clarify why foreign countries aren’t involving their selves in putting pressure on Pakistan to recognize Israel.

So the next question that arises is that should Pakistan develop good relations with Israel? This is a very controversial decision to make. This question’s decision not only deals with our nation’s political or social feelings, being a Muslim nation it also involves our religious feelings. In this section we will discuss all the positive help it can provide to Pakistan if she recognizes Israel.

If we have a look on Pakistan’s success in the technology field, it lags far behind than all the western nations. While, Israel is one of the best in creating new and modern technologies, the world recognizes its high-tech center. So if Pakistan recognizes Israel, it may help Pakistan trade with them and have access to better modern western technology. Pakistan can get hands on their modern military technology which will take Pakistan’s military sector to new levels. Strong military sector will give Pakistan a huge boost as it is a necessity for Pakistan to have a strong military sector because of the rival neighbor country, India. We could see the example of turkey, who by recognizing Israel, had access to Israel’s modern military technology which automatically made their military stronger and better. Hence, Pakistan could do the same and enjoy the better equipment.

Pakistan does believe that Israel-India relations are a fear to Pakistan’s national security. It is a fact that Israel and India have relations like of a brother and sister. Any anti-Pakistan activities led by the two countries can be swept away if Pakistan makes their relations better with Israel. This will not only lessen the threats from India but also Israel. This can also help to resolve the Kashmir issue. At the moment both countries are hostile towards each other, making better relations will automatically relieve some of the pressure and threat that it feels from Israel. On another note as Israel’s a great partner of USA, recognizing Israel will make our good relations with USA even better. USA and Pakistan will automatically become better allies after Pakistan recognizes Israel and Pakistan can get a whole new set of benefits after better relations with USA. Furthermore, it will also help to make Pakistan’s image better as a friendly Islamic nation.

Recognizing Israel can also help Pakistan to boost its economy. Israel also possesses a great agricultural technology; Pakistan can import it and benefit from the huge market that Israel has developed. Other economic development could also be achieved by Pakistan by recognizing Israel. Another advantage can be that Israel’s situated in the area where there are many historical holy places and improving relations will allow Pakistani’s to go visit them. Israel is also known as one of the most creative country in the world and its education is said to be one of the best. Recognizing Israel will open new opportunities for Pakistani students to go there for higher education. This could help us having better working elite who could do wonders for our own country.

The biggest problem of Pakistan in the recent times has been the terrorist activities in its areas like Balochistan and other western regions. It is believed that Israeli and Indian Intelligence agencies , Mosad and RAW , are engaged in some of the activities that are going on here , that is one of the most serious issues in the history of Pakistan and in the recent times.  These operations are being carried out and are affecting Pakistan badly. A recent example of this involvement of their intelligence agencies can be seen by the event of the capturing of Indian Raw Agent in Balochistan. It is also believed that he was involved in the movements of separating Balochistan from Pakistan, by supporting Balochistan Liberation Army and also had connections with MQM in working in anti-Pakistan movements. That has made it clear and obvious that there is their involvement in our country and that has to be solved as soon as possible or otherwise it is going to be a threat to our national security and is going to create many other problems. These problems faced by Pakistan are one of the biggest and are questions to the integrity of Pakistan. At the moment the best action to solve this problem can be recognizing Israel for the better interests of our own country. Recognizing Israel will minimize the anti-Pakistan activities happening by the involvement of their agencies in our areas. This can also break open the knots tied between India-Israel’s Mosad and RAW against Pakistan. The biggest benefit to us from this will be that the threat of these anti-Pak activities from our neighbor rivals will be lessened and apart from that these activities themselves would lessen.

Now a day there is not any uproar against Israel and many of the people have supported the act of recognizing it. When Zia-Ul-Haq, who is remembered for the term “Political Islam”, implemented Islamization in Pakistan caused a lot of clashes between the different religious schools of thoughts in Pakistan. The Islamization implemented back in Zia’s regime had affected the society of Pakistan till to date. It has caused formation of sect based organizations and had moved the society to the extremism. The Religion Islam has many sects based on different school of thoughts history of Islam is full of such examples that a little disturbances in the sects of religions have been a cause of major serious problems which had made many Muslims to suffer. Thinking about what happens if Pakistan develops good relations with Israel urges one Muslim to think more of negative impacts on society than positive impacts of it. It is a proven fact that the society of Muslims is full of such people who can kill enemy of their religion without taking into account that they will be killed if they do so. Thus recognizing Israel might give a start to long and non-terminating series of events of killings and bribery. It is difficult for Israel to get recognized by Pakistan with the tag of “enemy of Islam”, even if this happens will surely result into a lot of bloodshed. Recognizing Israel is not only the type of matter to be sorted between Pakistan and Israel only but it is the matter of the entire Islamic world against Israel. Thus if Israel gets recognized by Pakistan then it would surely effect the relations of Pakistan with other Muslim countries especially Saudi Arabia, these Muslim countries have a lot of support to the economy of Pakistan so recognizing Israel might be one of the step which could dissolve all the support from these countries and will result into an unstable economy of Pakistan.

Pakistan has also supported Palestine, it has provided weapon and battalions to support Palestine, thus there is not only hatred of Israel from Pakistani side only but hatred is also present from the Israel side, for Pakistan. Israel is a country with the majority of Jewish people; history itself is a proven fact that relations between Muslims and Jews have shown a lot of conflicts in the past. It is never tolerable for a Muslim when the matter comes to the protection of his faith. Israel by occupying Palestine with an act of bloodshed has violated many of the human rights; it has also occupied a place which has a lot of worth in the historic events of Muslims. Pakistan historically has never met with such bug clashes with Israel but in public it is a clear hatred towards Israel. Pakistan needs a technique so that it might recognize Israel without disturbing the Muslim Community, but this will happen only if the matter is sorted down between Palestine and Israel so that Pakistan might get able to recognize it, without worrying about the rest of Muslim brothers. If we recognize Israel then Pakistan will succeed in getting the unfailing support from many of the other countries, but Pakistan will in return face a lot of opposition from many of the Muslim countries, but despite Saudi Arab no other major country supports Pakistan. There is no doubt that recognizing Israel will be a start of new era of establishment for Pakistan, also the established relations of Pakistan with the Jews will present the image of Pakistan as an friendly state. But on the other hand Pakistan might face a lot of violence due to the different school of thoughts, which in result will create unrest in the country.

Saudi Arab has supported Pakistan at any times even it has supported Pakistan when there was no body to support it. Relations of Pakistan with Saudi Arabia are important because of the presence of many sacred holy Places of Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Pakistan is helped by oil and many other Petroleum products from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has also supported Pakistan at many international issues, thus establishing ties with Israel might directly hurt our ties with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is one of those countries who have helped Palestine against Israel. Saudi Arab being a center country for Muslims has a bitter end towards Israel also it will never support an idea of recognition of Israel thus it will definitely move toward the cold ties with Pakistan if Pakistan supports Israel. For Pakistan, recognizing Israel is not a matter to be resolved within the office talks. Whereas from the other Muslim countries Pakistan does not get such major support so recognizing Israel might not affect their relations with Pakistan.

Israel has established long and planned relations with India, Israel is the largest defense supplier to India, and both countries enjoy very good ties with each other. Also India has supported Israel from recognizing it to helping it prove its identity. As Pakistan’s geostrategic location is blamed for the unrest within the country which is due to the formation of many deadly triangles. Similarly recognizing Israel will possibly lead to the formation of a deadly triangle between Pakistan India and Israel also the friendly relations between US and Israel, on the other hand will also form a deadly triangle between US, Israel and Pakistan. Also India and Israel have involvement in Baluchistan, thus this deadly triangle will internally affect Pakistan.


It is evident that Pakistan is stronger than before, and any such stance about Israel wouldn’t mean total uproar from the opposition parties specifically religious parties. Still, one can only assume the case. Because history tells us that a single event that targeted Islam united the whole nation against that aggression against our religion. Pakistan will have to preserve its ideology on which she was made. If Pakistan recognizes Israel in weak time, then it will only mean failure for her. But if Pakistan grows stronger, and accepts Israel then there will be a ground needed for Pakistan to clarify to the Muslim Ummah, about her stance. If that happens accordingly, then the relations between Israel and Pakistan is a need of time. Because Pakistan’s long standing opposition, India, have enough benefits because of the rivalry between Pakistan and Israel. India is being getting help from Israel in technology. It will mark an end to that.

On the other hand Pakistan can work with Israel. Both countries can hold each other responsible for their actions. It will only mean good for us as Pakistan at time isn’t going to act against Israel by covert operations as the other party is doing. Also, looking at the positive prospect, Pakistan will be able to seek Israel’s expertise in economic sector. Pakistan can work on Islamic Banking studying how Israel on their part managed their banking system. On the other hand such relations will pave a way for Israel and Muslim world relations. If such, then Israel and other countries will be held accounted for according to international laws, Pakistan doesn’t have a history of violent role against Israel’s interests, in a way no blame has been put by Israel. But there are enough evidences and accusations that go against Israel’s interests particularly against Israel’s sovereignty that will surely benefit the victims of Palestine. Such relations can also settle down Israel’s aggression in Palestine for the sake of maintaining relations with Pakistan and other prospect countries. Pakistan will be able to ask for justification from Israel regarding any move that goes against the country. Also Israel will be thinking twice before making any strong deal with India, as it will directly affect Pakistan. As we mentioned in the last part of this paper that If Israel plans to spread its wings, then Pakistan’s acceptance will be necessary in order to avoid disputes.

Pakistan and Israel’s relations will do well to both countries. The main concern will be that of other Muslim countries, if they are taken into confidence by Pakistan. Then there is no real harm in recognizing Israel. But easier said than done, the biggest challenge for Pakistan would be to be strong enough to talk face to face to Israel and talk about interests of Muslims world, knowing the consequences it will have to face, but only if Pakistan is strong internally, then such can be dreamed of. Another major point I have to mention is that some parties say that Israel tried to attack on Pakistan’s nuclear assets, but such can be always said about India who is in constant struggle to harm Pakistan evident by their role in Balochistan, Raw agent Jhadav. If someone have intentions to harm us then it doesn’t mean that we defy their very existence, instead we would make it hard for them to even think of such vile act.

After all, time changes, and one has to accept that he is weak; if he does then he can strive to grow strong. On the contrary, a country that falsely believes that she is strong enough for strong decision will only make mockery of her once her decision turns back on her. Israel and Pakistan despite the distances of land and thinking can work together to make this world a peaceful place to live in, for that someone has to step forward and lead. Such leading role can better suit Pakistan, if she is capable enough.


Pakistan should take into account the real problem before thinking about herself, the problem of Palestine. Palestine has bled enough for decades, 7 since Pakistan’s inception, many more before that. Now as a young and promising leader of the Muslim Ummah, given that Pakistan resolves its internal disputes, should try to resolve Palestine’s issues. Such problem can’t be resolved by Pakistan only, but Pakistan’s recognition of Israel can fire that little ember that will light hopes in hearts of Palestinians. Pakistan can lead and other Muslim countries can follow the course set by Pakistan. The main objective of this settlement of issues by Israel should be for a peaceful region.

Secondly, Pakistan’s aim of recognition will raise questions among allies of the country. Majorly by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan should also bring forth the peace points brought by Saudi Arabia that mentions the retreat of Israel off the Palestinian’s lands. The main problems that will concern the Muslim world should be the Jerusalem, the re division of the occupied Palestinian land. Also a retreat in emotions as well that has built over time against Israel. Along with that at the time there are about 21 member of the Arab league that is also UN members, who do not recognize Israel. Pakistan’s step towards the recognition will need a solid reason and not just sugarcoated misleading facts, to convince the said countries. If the countries are convinced then such step should be taken. For that the unity of Muslim states would be needed at first. In my opinion this is what the purpose of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), but many of the leaders that were a part of it, have departed from this world. Maybe a constant struggle is required, by the whole Muslim Ummah. The leading role should be taken by a few strong countries to give a message, that despite all that has happened to the Muslim world in the recent times, there is and there will be a strong force that will count for everyone’s deeds against the Muslim world.

Lastly, Pakistan is entering CPEC, which is a corridor of economies majorly with China. Israel has a strong influence over United States of America. China is considered emerging super power, with its strong economy; Pakistan will be benefiting a lot. If Pakistan also on the other hand trade with Israel, then Pakistan will be in its golden days, as Israel has a strong business system. The suggestions above and this can lead a smoother way, but if the prerequisite is met as a necessary condition.

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