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Newspaper Synopsis Architect System

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Published: 6th Dec 2019

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B. Brief description on project background.
(.i.e. problem context, rationale, description of problem area, nature of challenge)

    Newspaper plays a major role in shaping public opinion during any incident. Newspaper provides information on politics, economics, art, culture and entertainment and in the current panorama of the media every newspaper organization is representing all significant news with a Graphical Synopsis, as it increase the readership of the newspaper organization and for doing so every time newspaper organization has to contact the graphical designer and they take a huge amount of money for creating the synopsis which bounds the newspaper organization and ultimately it results in the waste of resources for the newspaper organization. Moreover, Newspaper design is well known as a key factor in readership. Every article in the newspaper must be properly expressed and placed to give reader the joy of logical comprehension. The current era bursting with superior newspaper organizations facing each other and also with the potential readers with broad mind and great thoughts giving challenge to those organizations through their hunger to gain knowledge with demanding good presentation of the information.
    The presentation of the newspaper is very artistic job as it can burn up the minds of the crowd. The job in the current scenario is very complicated and essential. The designing procedure of any news paper is very hectic and time consuming job. Right from deciding the content of each page to the printing there is a huge labor and man power involved.
      The persons involved in designing procedure need to be taken care as they have a lot load and decisions to make about many things before publishing the news. The problem context above requires an integrated tool which can help the newspaper organization in generatin

Graphical Scenes

    without including the graphical designers by utilizing resources inside the organization which will save there time and money. The tool will help in many ways and could turn out to be a revelation for the organizations and also for the employees.
    This is the core Information Technology task to transform the complicated work in to a simpler job and for pursuing this task I am proposing the newspaper designing tool – “Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System”. The tool is a complete package to assist newspaper designers in efficiently performing their job.


    Because of the existence of the identified problems, there is a serious need for creating such a tool. Basically”Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System” will be having two major modules.
      First one will be

“Synopsis Architect System”

      which has library that will contain already designed graphics/scenarios based upon the crime which can be edited by the designer person such as

a terrorist attack, a murder, a bank robbery, bomb blast, any type of serious accidents, etc. Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System

    will be used to create graphical scenarios for such incidents.
      Moreover, there will be


      available like

color picker, color fill, different shapes, adding text, adding picture, adding lines etc.

    that will help the person to edit and design the crime scenario/cartoons etc
      The second module of the system is

“Newspaper Architect System”

    which will assemble the news and articles and help the news paper designers to generate the prototype ready to publish. The software would generate the prototype of the news paper and any computer literate can use the software to just fill in the news by browsing the contents.
    The designer can fill in the details as per the appropriate sections available within the software such as the front page, editorial page, sports page etc. The designer would also have the option to set priority to the news i.e. what will be the main headlines, which news is not of much importance etc.
    All the sections of the prototype will be editable providing the designer with the option of changing the priority and position of a particular headline anytime he/she wants thus making the software very flexible to use. The prototype generated will also have the option to include various advertisements. The positioning of the advertisement would be done by the tool itself based on the size and the news associated with it. There will also be an option to edit the visibility of the advertisement i.e. which advertisement must be highly visible so as to be placed as a header etc.
    The most distinct feature of the tool would be the use of templates. There will be ready made templates available within the software for special occasions like Hariraya, Diwali, Christmas, and Chinese New Year etc. The user will just have to choose a template from a list, fill in the details and the paper would be generated.
    The benefits gained from this project are:

Tangible benefits:

  • Newspaper organization will be able to create scenarios for all kind of incidents without any extra efforts.
  • Role of the graphical designer becomes almost zero as anyone from the organization after a short training can use the tool and can create the scene very easily.
  • Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System Saves the resources of the organization in terms of time and money and effective use of the resources present in the organization
  • It is a packaged integrated tool which can do the task of many different tools.
  • The designer can also edit the previously saved scenarios and can save the scenario in various file formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.
  • This tool offers flexibility and extendibility- user build the scenario by selecting those templates that are relevant to their disciplines.
  • The newspaper organizations would have the opportunity to generate the user acceptable designs to represent the news without wasting much resources and efforts.
  • The placement of the news articles can be decided very easily as a simulated blank newspaper will be present for developing the design.
  • The tool going to be developed will be very flexible, it will allow users to make the changes in the final design; users can add some important news by deleting or shifting some non essential news etc.
  • The generated designs can be uploaded on the server to circulate among the organization’s different departments and also on the website to launch an E-paper which exactly simulates the original newspaper for the internet readers and ultimately increasing the number of readers.
  • The proposed system would be a tool to assist the design editors and subordinates to make their job simpler and effective and ultimately increasing the level of output for the organization.

Provide templates that incorporate effective instructional strategies.

Intangible benefits:

  • The newspaper organizations using the tool obviously on better edge as compare to their competitors still doing the manual labor.
  • The designs can be made one day advance and organizations can check out the feedback prior to publishing.

Description of Problem Area:

The major problems Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System is going to address are:

  • Newspaper provide information on politics, economics, art, culture and entertainment with a pictorial representation but in some cases it is not possible for them to arrange original photographs for some incidents which occurs at very remote places or the incident such as a terrorist attack, a murder, a bank robbery, bomb blast, any type of serious accidents, etc.
  • Generally newspaper organization hires graphic designers for creating the graphical scenario which is the only choice for the newspaper persons for making the graphical scenario.
  • The graphic designers take huge amount for creating the graphical scenario and also consume much time for creating a single scenario as they use different multimedia tools.
  • For creating a single scene different tools are required such as for making the graphics CorelDraw is used then for giving effects in that graphics and producing backgrounds Photoshop is used.
  • Previously created scenario cannot be reused as it cannot be edited.
  • The “Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System” will be the tool for making the newspapers; thus it needs to be full with all possible article designs (article templates).
  • The “Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System” will need to be complete in itself thus it need a very thorough understanding of the procedure of the news paper publication and also a good technical knowledge.
  • To maintain the flexibility of the system it needs a proper guidance as news publication job and paper designing job is not much known to a non media person.
  • The need is to create a suitable structure comprising of the appropriate components for making a good system. The framework is crucial as it could be used for different publications and brands as per the respective environments.
  • The establishment of the framework will require in-depth understanding of some of the theories or concepts manifested in some technologies. For example theories of providing template require technologies such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and its associated algorithms are essential to ensure highly reliable software.

The current process of creating the scenarios is not so flexible.

Target Audiences

User is one of the main concerns on how and why a system is been developed, for this current system, the target users have been categorized into two types:

  • The software is mainly focusing on the organization engaged in printing and publishing the news paper. It can also be used by organizations publishing monthly or yearly newsletters. Moreover it is introduced for the newspaper media persons for creating graphical synopsis for different types of incidents and also for creating cartoons required in there newspaper or magazines. On the other hand, the tool could also be used by general computer user for creating the scenario of any type of incident.

Nature of challenge

    • Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System has challenges in all sorts of categories. The primary challenge is to propose an integrated system for creating Graphical scenarios for various incidents. Since the tool is the very first of its type, so making it very user friendly, interactive and attractive is also one of the challenges.
    • The next developmental challenge is creating a major generalized library that will contain many types of graphics that will be suitable for creating graphical scenarios for any kind of incident. Giving various editable options to the graphics and representing the graphics in such a way that it will give the realistic view of the incident is another challenge.
    • The challenge is to prove Individual templates for different type of typical scenario and for generating prototype, allowing the user to easily incorporate a variety of multimedia elements such as graphics, interactive questions, etc.
    • The next challenge in building this system is to replace the conventional designing procedure which will employ better technologies to improve on the features of existing system of news paper designing.
    • Providing a better system for complete prototyping before publishing, thorough research is needed. The challenge is to make an efficient algorithm for better utilization of the space available.
  • Since the domain of the project is very new to me as all the procedures inside the newspaper organization is considered confidential and I need to learn about it before starting or even thinking about the technical aspects.


C. Brief description of project objectives.
(i.e. scope of proposal and deliverables)

    “Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System” is a newspaper designing and content management tool and it is ought to wrap the trouble areas that I have opened in the preceding section. The system is being shaped to offer the newspaper producers with the glowing layout and integrated information so as to permit them to obtain proper output. Moreover the system can help in increasing the qualities of the product for the graphical designer, newspaper manufacturers and ultimately get the organization benefited.

At the end of the project the deliverables are:

    • Soft cover documentation of the system
    • Hard cover documentation of the system
  • A prototype of the system application on CD

“The Core” – Main Functionality of the system

    • The main objective is to make full use of the resources and tools available, in order to come up with All-in-one scenario creator tool that meets the user or client’s requirements and which is user friendly, interactive and attractive and gives graphical representations of information or Knowledge.
    • To develop graphing software which represents the information in the form of lines, boxes, arrows, and various symbols and representing a concept, objects, activity, place or event by illustration.
    • Tool that allows the user to create graphical synopsis which are used anywhere where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly, such as signs, maps, journalism and education and also used to show graphical scenario of the weather, as well as maps and site plans for newsworthy events, and graphs for statistical data.
    • Individual templates need to be designed for different type of typical scenario and the template that allow the user to easily incorporate a variety of multimedia elements such as graphics, interactive questions, etc. the user would select the templates that apply to their discipline or particular case, and use them as building blocks to create an entire scenario.
    • Instructional guidelines on how to develop the scenarios using the input tool and templates.
    • The core idea is to build completely utilization of the assets and tools accessible, in order to approach a complete newspaper designing tool that assembles the user or client’s necessities and also supplies a user friendly, interactive and attractive representation of information or Knowledge.
    • To develop designing software that characterizes the information in the form which readers actually require.
    • To make a software gadget that permits the newspaper designers to generate newspaper prototype ready to publish and also increasing the quality of journalism and education.
    • Individual templates need to be designed for different type of news articles and the template that allow the client to effortlessly incorporate a variety of elements such as providing coloring, interactive data representation feature, etc. the designers just need to pick the templates that pertain to their discipline or choice, and use them as building blocks to create an entire prototype for the newspaper.
  • To guide the designers on how to develop the newspaper prototype using the input tool, templates with applying the experts knowledge.

Core functionalities included in the Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System:

  • Synopsis Architect System:
    1. Templates: – This part of the system includes various types of Individual templates with different categories for creating different type of typical scenario and also include sample scenario of each category.
  1. Template Categories:-
    • Crime Scenarios
  • Terrorist attack
  • Murders
  • Bank robbery
  • Bomb blast
  • Hijack
  • Accidents
    • Entertainment
      • Comics
    • General Scenarios
    3. Inbuilt library:- This part of the system includes a library that contains collection of stencils and different stencils include various graphics related to the incidents that generally occur in our day to day life.
    4. Search Shapes: – Search option provides powerful search capabilities to locate the right shape, located in the library.
    5. Graphic Editing: – User can edit the graphics as per his or her requirements with the editing options such as rotation handles for rotating the graphics, Selection handles for resizing graphics(can be resize to any extent), etc.
    6. Add text to graphics: – Although some drawings make a point all by themselves, it’s often helpful and sometimes necessary to add text to the shapes. Text can be added and related to the shapes easily.

Newspaper Architect System:

    7. Article Templates: – This part of the system comprises a range of category in arranging articles of the news with particular template providing sample of each type.

Example Article Template Categories:-

  • Single column news
      • with space for graphics
      • space for picture
  • Multiple column news
      • with space for graphics
      • space for picture
      • space at left
      • space at centre etc
  • News with special watermarks
    8. Toolbox: – It will Includes various design generation tools like tables, color picker, different geometrical shapes, etc. that makes easy to design the newspaper that fulfills the user presentation and documents.
    9. Image Generation: – the prototype of the newspaper that will be designed by the designers will be saved as image format.

FAQ and Help – A long list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the tool will be available for the both major module. A help file system is also included in case the user has problems using the system.

“Enhanced functions”- Additional Features

  • Synopsis Architect System:
  • Making own library: – User has the option to create their own library and can save the graphics created by them in the library and can also import images from outside into their library and can use the images while creating the scenario.
  • File formats: – Allows saving the scenario in different file formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.
  • Grid size and ruler measurements: – Scale measurement is provided for scenario the scenario creation.
  • Privacy: – The system will provide a privacy option where the user can secure the scenario created by him/her, so that no other person can edit the scenario without the permission of the scenario creator owner.
  • Sample Scenarios: – Provides sample scenarios that are integrated with data to get ideas for creating your own scenarios, to realize how data provides more context for many diagram types, and to determine which template the user want to use.
  • Sample video clips: – User will be provided with sample video clips of how to design a scenario so that it becomes simpler for first time user for creating a scenario.

Newspaper Architect System:

  • The Tool would be a completely generalized one where all the functionalities will be according to the needs and environment of the organizations.
  • Inbuilt library of Prototypes: – This part of the system includes a library that contains collection of different generalized prototypes for the newspaper includes a variety of sample news articles placed at appropriate place.

“Special Features”-Advanced Features:

  • Synopsis Architect System:
  1. Toolbox Module: – Includes various drawing tools like pencil, color picker, color fill, different shapes, etc. that makes easy to design new graphics that match the user presentation and documents.
  2. Email: – Provides the facility of emailing the scenario directly.
  3. Customizability – The system will enable a certain level of customizability, for example, while writing the text in the scenario, user can choose English (Malay alphabets included), Chinese, Tamil and Hindi as per requirement.

Newspaper Architect System:

  • The “Newspaper Architect System” would offer for the backup of the server data so that the collated data can be used in future and also this would help in building tenable software.
  • The companies can amalgamate their own prototype of the newspaper from the available options and can save it for regular use.
  • The designers would be able to upload the common pages of the generated prototype of the newspaper on the web server so as it can be distributed to the different branches of the news publications easily.
  • It will be very flexible system as it provides the option to edit the generated prototypes and customize as per the need.

“Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System” is thought to be a generalized software tool and to permit maximum customization of the features according to the needs of the newspaper organizations need is the main objective of the system.

Limitations of the scope:

For this Synopsis Architect System tool, parameters are set to limit the scope of the project only for the solutions and functions mentioned above, in other words, functions which are not listed above will not be implemented or included in the system, it is to be reminded that these possible features or functions will also not be included in the system as well:

  1. System is not platform independent, as I am choosing .Net as the programming language for my system so it can be run only on the system with windows as the operating system.
  2. “Newspaper Architect System” is a newspaper designing tool and the libraries of templates I will create not necessarily considered to be complete as the articles of the newspaper are very much dynamic in nature.
  3. “Newspaper Architect System” is just a designing assistance tool and it won’t be able to create the prototypes dynamically; it needs someone to use it and integrate his human knowledge with its theory based principles of designing.
  4. “Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System” is thought to be a software system of its own and when the tool would be used by the organizations there would be no means to assimilate the system with any other system being utilized by the organization. Though, the newspapers organizations can have their own software or system to use the composed designs for other applications. “Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System” won’t supply for this requirement.

Other learning objectives:

Synopsis Architect System is the very first of its type, so by doing this project I will have to research for various other graphic designing related domains and doing this would be a benefit for me in the future.

Till now I was just using the various designing tools but now my task is to develop a tool that should be user friendly, interactive and attractive and that will be a great opportunity and a good learning experience for me.

“Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System” encompasses a distinctive sphere i.e. News Presentation and Publication; by doing this project I will have to explore for this sphere and this would supply me a prospect to discover and investigate the Publication Media’s news representation policies and this would be an advantage for me in the future.

Developing library based systems is not new to me but bearing in mind the generalization need of the system, I will have an occasion to discover the issues permitting me to explore the potential of this area.

The tool being projected is to have a bunch of features of a variety of classes such as templates and various color schemes, default prototypes and so on. To incorporate these features together into a system is going to be a good learning experience.

I believe that this project could be built with the .net framework and to learn and tap the vast prospective of this expertise would compose me more rationalized and resourceful professional.

D. Brief description of the resources needed by the proposal.
(i.e. hardware, software, access to information / expertise, user involvement etc.)

    “Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System” is being anticipated as a Library based system and in addition its domain is practically distinctive and dissimilar for a computer science student and thus I would require a lot of study and understand the domain.
    For the development of this tool I will need to meet people from a variety of backgrounds and fields. The planned system is paying attention on the implementation of IT to reduce the job complexity of the printing media and thus I require to have a comprehensible perceptive of both the fields.
    In order to understand the graphical designing, printing policies and principles of the media, I am planning to interrogate the news editors and designers. These interviews would be paying attention at discovering how IT can be used to assist the experienced design editor’s talent and moreover how can I reduce the complexity with enumerating the job efficiency with accuracy and precision.
    To recognize the potential and the expectations of the educational institute from the proposed system, I am planning to interview some of the students and lecturers involved in publication of the college news letter. I would like to discover suitable information via the data gathering techniques such as questionnaire and Interview.

Hardware Requirements:

    • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack (SP) 2 or later or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (or higher) required
    • 500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher
    • 512 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher
    • CD-ROM: 52X CD-Rewritable drive
    • DVD-ROM: 8X DVD drive
    • Minimum 800×600; 1024×768 monitor resolution or higher recommended
  • Keyboard and Mouse

Software Requirements:

In order to carry out the development of this project, many software are needed, these include Microsoft Windows XP, which shall be the operating system for the project to be developed; authoring tools such as Adobe Photoshop, visual studio.net 2005 and Macromedia Flash will also be needed in order to come up with the interactive user interface and objects. List of software required for the project:

  1. Net framework
  2. visual studio.net 2005
  3. crystal reports(built in with visual studio.net 2005)
  4. CSS(Cascading Style Sheet)
  5. OS-Microsoft Windows XP professional.
  6. Microsoft Expression studio.
  7. Adobe Photoshop 7.0
  8. Macromedia Flash 8.0
  9. Corel Draw 11

Access to Information and Expertise

Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System is the very first of its type, so for developing it I need to do a lot of research. In order to gather the sufficient and necessary information prior to the project, some resources will be needed, these resources may be people from different backgrounds, or reference books. In terms of gathering information from people and expertise of that particular area, face to face interviews and questionnaires are both sufficient methods. Because of that, certain people to be interviewed are:

  • Lecturers – Lecturers obtain deeper understanding towards specific technical areas in terms of computing or design, interviewing specific lecturers who specialize in specific areas can be beneficial to the project.
  • Media persons: Since the project is mainly developed for the newspaper persons, so a face to face interview with the newspaper persons who are concern with the graphic designing and printing publication in the organization would also provide me a better insight of the of the requirements for this tool and also gather more detailed information.

User Involvement

User involvement is the key concept in the development of useful and usable systems and has positive effects on system success and user satisfaction. To reduce the software project failure user involvement is must. The users involved are also the one that test the system, and gives evaluations. Following are the users involved:

  • Supervisor
  • Media persons
  • Graphic designers
  • Printing & Publication persons
  • Lecturers
  • Friends or Course mates

The other information or the data sets required:

  1. The industry principles are to be identified in advance to build up the application according to the standards for the designing of the newspaper. But I am not up to snuff to do so the application would fail in various environments which are definitely disagreeable.
  2. The different cyber regulations and commitments are to be recognized as the system has to deal with the newspaper presentation for the crowd so a dignity should be maintained.
  3. For the organizations whose staff I would interrogate, I would oblige their current designing techniques and formula and I may and may not use them for my project.

E. Academic research being carried out and other information, techniques being learnt.
(i.e. what are the names of books you are going to read / data sets you are going to use)

        In concerning about “Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System”, research is much important for the system and thorough the research is, more are the probability of development of a practical and satisfactory application.
        The project has diversity of supplies and I would need support on various topics and from all kinds of the resources. I have to comprehend and discover the newspaper designing policies for enhanced understanding of the project. I necessitate gaining knowledge of the project management and software engineering techniques for supervision and construction the project in a accurate and corrective manner. I too have to discover the concepts and principles of the engineering.
        After having established what I need to know by defining the scope of what I need to find out and my research plan by determining how I can get the information, I must conduct my research now.

Academic Research:

The project requires a good understanding of the graphics designing and generating prototyping as the system contains an inbuilt library which will be th

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