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Importance of Operational Risk in Banks
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: 2.1 Introduction The purpose of this chapter is to survey the recent literature on operational risk in banks. The starting point is to define financial risk and risk management in order to have an ov...

Risk Management in the Indian Banking Industry
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: In past couple of year’s world has witnessed a major economic downturn which has shocked few of the most powerful economies and the main reason for that was the subprime crisis which led to fail...

Problems Obtaining Credit for SMEs
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: This chapter reviews the loan availability, procedure and condition and several problem faced by small and medium enterprises in obtaining credit facility from commercial banks. Firstly, the chapter f...

Effects of Capital Structure in Pakistani Banks
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Abstract This study has been conducted to see the relationship between Capital Structure and Profitability of Pakistani Banks. All these banks are regulated by statutory body of State Bank of Pakistan...

Key Factors on Mortgage Loans
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Mortgage loan is a loan secured use to finance by real property. It is usually used with specified payment periods and interest rates according to the agreement of the mortgage loan made between the t...

Main Risks in the Banking System
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: There are some risks in banking system which is really effecting all the banking services. This part of paper will explain to you that what are the risk main risks in banking system? We need to analys...

Literature Review on the Prohibition of Riba
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: CHAPTER 2: 2.1 INTRODUCTION – PROHIBITION OF RIBA 2.1.1 Riba In Holy Qur’an Since the ages of legacy by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W., he has encourage and forbid public to never take riba (inte...

Principles of the Islamic Banking System
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Literature review Introduction: At the branch level, there is no delineation over Islamic and conventional transactions. Each branch officer is expected to deal with both systems. Islamic and conventi...

Deregulation and the Impact on RBS
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Deregulation of Economic Policies and their Impact on the Royal Bank of Scotland Introduction It is a known fact that the world is going through one of the most toughest times ever faced in the form ...

The Islamic Banking System
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Islamic Banking presupposes from another banking system which is not Islamic. The one which is not Islamic has been in use for the last several centuries, in almost all the world, including the Muslim...

Capital Adequacy of Commercial Banks
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Commercial banks are major players in the banking system. They are the largest and most important suppliers of funds in the banking system. Commercial banks initially placed under supervision of the B...