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Contamination Parameters in Whole Blood Samples
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: 1.0   General Introduction This thesis focuses on the development of contamination parameters for the new Beckman Coulter Ireland Inc (BCII) HbA1c Advanced Reagent. The HbA1c Advanced Reagent is us...

Machine Learning Methods for Protein Folding
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Abstract A protein’s structure is a key to understanding its function, which in turn is essential for any related biological applications. Protein folding is one of the most basic self-assembly pro...

Growth Promoters and Their Mechanism of Action
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: CHAPTER-II REVIEW OF LITERATURE Growth Promoter – Growth promoters are agents added to animal feeds in order to enhance the feed conversion efficiency in terms of increased formation of muscles,...

Critical Review on How L. pneumophila Invades Host Cells
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Legionella Critical Review Abstract Legionella pneumophila (L. pneumophila) is of increasing concern due to its ability to cause Legionnaires’ disease, a severe pneumonia, and the difficulty in rem...

Case Study: Industrial Production of Riboflavin
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Case Study: Industrial Production of Riboflavin   Introduction Riboflavin, also known as Vitamin B, is a water-soluble compound that is mainly produced through engineered strains of Ashbya gossypii ...

Expression of Gene and Proteins for Hemoglobin
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Abstract Hemoglobin has been very well studied for its role in erythrocytes in the blood. One of its more important functions is to transport oxygen. However, recent research has found that hemoglobi...

Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination (TSD) in Reptiles
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Temperature-dependent Sex Determination(TSD) in Reptiles Sex determination involves the formation of testes in males or ovaries in females through gonadal differentiation during early embryonic devel...

Campylobacter Jejuni Ability to Invade Plant Systems
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: INTRODUCTION Among the most common food-borne pathogens affecting the U.S., U.K., and other Western countries, Campylobacter jejuni leads in number of human gastrointestinal illnesses most commonly r...

Biology Dissertation Topics
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: We have provided a selection of example biology dissertation topics below to help and inspire you. Animal and Insect Biology In your are interested in the animal kingdom then this is the subject for y...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Biological Control
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Summary Following numerous discussions of the risks associated with biological control, (see Howarth, 1991; Simberloff & Stiling 1996; Thomas & Willis 1998) literature was reviewed in order ...

Toxicity and Autoactivation of Baits Experiment
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Abstract Alternate splicing in exon 47 of the Purkinje cell calcium channel generates a splice variant with a five base pair insert (ggcag) before the stop codon in rat. This five base pair change the...