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Computer science is the study of computer systems, computing technologies, data, data structures and algorithms. Computer science provides essential skills and knowledge for a wide range of computing and computer-related professions.

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Object Oriented Programming and Event Driven Programming Paradigms
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Introduction: Contents P1 – Describe the application and limits of procedural, object oriented Programming and event driven programming paradigms Scenario Introduction Event driven programming paradigms Even... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Processes of Data-Intensive Machine-Learning
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Introduction: ABSTRACT Machine learning addresses the vital question of how to construct computers that improve by itself through experience and self-learning. It is one of today’s most rapidly and fast growing ... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Computer Personal Assistant Software Design
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Introduction:                                            CHAPTER 1                                        INTRODUCTION  1.1 Introdu... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Role of Cloud Computing in Cyber Resilience
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Introduction: Table of Contents Introduction Review of literature Research Problem and Discussion Introduction Cloud computing is being acclaimed as the penultimate answer for the issues of indeterminate traffic ... Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Design
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Introduction: Introduction Objective The goal of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is to achieve reusable assets in an agile manner that is aligned with the business needs of the organization. The SOA Reference... Last modified: 6th Dec 2019

Intelligent Software Agent
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Introduction: Chapter 1 Intelligent Software Agent 1.1 Intelligent Agent An Agent can be defined as follows: “An Agent is a software thing that knows how to do things that you could probably do yourself if you ha... Last modified: 6th Dec 2019

Design of 4 Line Private Exchange Box
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Introduction: INTRODUCTION 1.0 INTRODUCTION Private branch exchange system (PBXs) operates as a connection within private organizations usually a business. Because they incorporate telephones, the general term R... Last modified: 6th Dec 2019

Visual Information Encryption by D-H Key Agreement
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Introduction: Visual Information Encryption by D-H Key Agreement and Visual Cryptography Abstract Visual cryptography provides secured digital transmission which is used only for one time. In order to make visual c... Last modified: 6th Dec 2019

Characteristics of Java Language
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Introduction: Chapter 2 Literature review About Java:- Initially java language is named as “Oak” in 1991, which is designed for the consumer electronic appliances. Later in 1995 the name was changed to ... Last modified: 6th Dec 2019

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
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Introduction: INTRODUCTION 1.1. Optical Character Recognition: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the mechanical or electronic interpretation, reading of images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text (usua... Last modified: 6th Dec 2019

Concepts of Object Oriented Techniques with OO Issues
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Introduction: Abstract Object-oriented frameworks offer reuse at a high design level promising several benefits to the development of complex systems. This paper sought to 1) define the concepts of object oriented... Last modified: 6th Dec 2019

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks MANET
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Introduction: Abstract Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a wireless network capable of autonomous operation. MANET routing has no fixed base station and hence nodes in the network are mobile and self configuring. A ... Last modified: 6th Dec 2019

Proactive and Reactive MANET Protocols Analysis
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Introduction: Ad hoc network Abstract A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is consisting of wireless mobile nodes. The communication of these mobile nodes is carried out without any centralized control. Routing is a cr... Last modified: 6th Dec 2019