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Study into Racism in College Campuses
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: INTRODUCTION Many Universities aim to create an inclusive and conflict-free environment on college campuses. As you settle into a campus or online program routine, you will most likely be tasked ...

Gender Inequality in the Education Sector of Pakistan
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: LITERATURE REVIEW Education is considered to be the most valuable possession for every human being today. Gender inequality is more pronounced in Pakistan. Women are disadvantaged with respect to the...

Communication Problems between Students and Lecturers
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Literature Review on Communication Problems between Students and Lecturers Communication problem among students and lecturer has become a cause for considerable concern in the higher educational leve...

University Contributions to Research and Development
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: 2.0 Introduction In this chapter we will discuss the general contribution of the university to R&D, especially in a developing country such as Malaysia. A brief historical background of universit...

Job Satisfaction in the Education Industry
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.0 Introduction In Chapter 2, it is consists of literature review, relevant theoretical models, conceptual framework and hypotheses development. Literature review also con...

Analysis of HE Organisations in Pakistan
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Analysis of higher Education Organisations in Pakistan Higher Education (HE) organizations of Pakistan are normally considered as a learning organization. The objective of this paper is to analyze ...

Relationship Between EI and OP Amongst Librarians
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 INTRODUCTION This chapter is seeks to verify the limited studies into the relationship between EI and OP amongst librarians. There appears to be very little research,...

Investigation of Tunisian Geography Teachers
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Introduction The purpose of this study was to investigate some Tunisian geography teachers’/researchers’ reading of research articles (RA) in English in their field, in particular their us...

Competency Based Assessments in Education
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Chapter 4 Literature Review on Competence-based Assessment 4.1 Introduction In this chapter, the researcher discusses the literature on competence-based assessment. The first part examines the purpose...

Dyscalculia: Causes, Effects and Interventions
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: ABSTRACT This project suggests briefly about the “Dyscalculia” and the possible biological bases of dyscalculia and about the people who is suffering from the dyscalculia and also mentione...

Techniques to Increase Student Enrolment
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: International Student Recruitment at University of Wales (Positioning, Target Market, Services and Advantages) ABSTRACT: The higher education market globally is becoming increasingly dynamic and comp...

Effect of Remittances on Household Consumption Patterns
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Do remittances affect the consumption pattern of the Filipino households? Objectives The objective of this paper is to formulate structural models to illustrate the change in consumption pattern of th...