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Genotoxic Effects of Lead in PBLC
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: DISCUSSION Lead toxicity Genotoxic Effects of Lead in PBLC: The specific role of environmental and occupational exposure of heavy metal like lead in health-related consequences at cellular level was ...

Environmental, Social and Economic Impacts of Fracking
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Chapter two Literature Review 2.0 Introduction The aim of this chapter is to illustrate the fracking operation in oil exploration and identify its impact on environmental, social and economic standa...

Fossil Fuel Emissions From Shipping
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Fossil fuel emissions from shipping “The International Maritime Organization adopted in April 2018 an emission target for shipping, which seeks to achieve reductions by at least 50 percent from 200...

Argyll and the Islands Local Development Strategy
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Argyll and the Islands is a complex and diverse rural area reaching from the Hebridean island of Tiree in the Atlantic west to the suburbs of Helensburgh in the east and from Appin in the north to the...

Assessments of Mangroves in India
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Introduction Mangroves are a gathering of trees, palms, bushes, vines and plants that offer a typical capacity to live in waterlogged saline soil. These plants have created bizarre adjustments to the...

Obstacles on Application of Green Technology in Malaysia
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: THE IMPORTANCE OF IMPLEMENTING GREEN TECHNOLOGY IN MALAYSIA CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY Introduction It is widely accepted that the construction industry has harmful impacts on the environment, economy, an...

Technology and Social Changes for Sustainability
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: technology or social change, the right path towards sustainability Introduction The ubiquitous fallout of the over exploitation of natural resources, inadequate land use, deforestation, contamination...

EU ETS Impact on Electricity Market
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: To meet its obligations to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) concentration under the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union (EU) introduced the first cap-and-trade mechanism for carbon dioxide emissions in the ...

Dairy Processing Industry in Mauritius
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Nowadays, the dairy industry is categorized into two distinct production areas. The primary production of milk is principally on farms, whereby cows and other animals, such as goats, sheep, and among...

Refurbishment of Traditional Buildings: Energy Efficiency
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: 1.2 – Lay description: Provide a brief outline of the project, including what participants will be required to do. This description must be in everyday language which is free from jargon. Please ex...

Factors Contributing to CO2 Emissions in Transportation
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Factors that contribute to changes in CO2 emissions for the transport sector in France 1.0 Introduction Environmental problems, especially ‘‘climate change” are currently major issues of gl...

Air Pollution and Global Warming in China
6th Dec 2019
Introduction: Introduction Pollution is an overall issue and it is most likely going to affect the wellbeing of human population significantly. Pollution achieves its most genuine degrees in the densely settled...