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Professionalism in Health, Medicine & Surgery
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Contents 1. Professionalism as a general concept 2. Professionalism in the context of health, medicine & surgery 3. Personal observation of a (potential) professional lapse 4. Key issues rela...

Patient Barriers to Insulin therapy
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: LITERATURE REVIEW With the raise of T2DM, many countries have performed studies and research on the perception of insulin therapy among T2DM patients. DAWN STUDY – Diabetes Attitudes Wishes and...

Genotoxic Effects of Lead in PBLC
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: DISCUSSION Lead toxicity Genotoxic Effects of Lead in PBLC: The specific role of environmental and occupational exposure of heavy metal like lead in health-related consequences at cellular level was ...

Tracking Dermal Drug Delivery
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: 6.  Tracking Dermal Drug Delivery Stimulated Raman scattering microscopy was used to gauge the permeation of topically applied pharmaceuticals and formulation solvents into pig dermis. This chemical...

Critical Review on How L. pneumophila Invades Host Cells
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Legionella Critical Review Abstract Legionella pneumophila (L. pneumophila) is of increasing concern due to its ability to cause Legionnaires’ disease, a severe pneumonia, and the difficulty in rem...

Expression of Gene and Proteins for Hemoglobin
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Abstract Hemoglobin has been very well studied for its role in erythrocytes in the blood. One of its more important functions is to transport oxygen. However, recent research has found that hemoglobi...

Biological Cyanide Treatment Processes
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Cyanide (CN–) is a carbon-nitrogen toxic radical with a strong affinity for metals, which makes it favourable as a lixiviant for metal leaching and as an agent for metal finishing. Therefore, i...

Unstable Angina Diagnosis and Management
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Coronary artery disease is a major cause of death in the United States. Coronary artery disease is defined as an established pattern of angina pectoris, a history of myocardial infarction or the pres...

Electrocardiograms (ECG) During the Prescreening Process
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Research Literature, Design, Sampling, and Implementation Research Literature Support The PICOT for this EBP proposal is as follows: P: Patients from age 12 to age 18 seeking physical exam for spor...

Alzheimer’s Disease Etiology, Biology and Treatments
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Introduction   Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a type of dementia characterized by the progressive loss in cognitive function due to neurodegeneration that results in gradual memory loss and event...

Recreational Skiing Head Injury Literature Review
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: Purpose: The purpose of this paper will be to review the literature on recreational skiing head injury. I would like to assess the incidence and, if possible, the severity of head injury. I also want...

Living Donor Renal Transplant Guidelines
9th Dec 2019
Introduction: LIVING DONOR RENAL TRANSPLANT- WHAT DO THE GUIDELINES SAY? Renal transplant (RT) is the treatment of choice for patients with end stage renal disease. The use of grafts from living donors (LD) has bee...