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6.7 PhD Thesis Writing Tips

Although the writing of your thesis has been covered in some detail here, this one page guide may prove useful for quick reference:

  • Plan carefully and thoroughly at every stage.
  • Have a working title for each chapter.
  • Write your thesis in the order that seems best to you.
  • Use your introduction to establish your methodology and adhere to it throughout the course of your thesis.
  • Ensure that you stay close to your central thesis despite veering off on different aspects in the different chapters of your thesis.
  • Use your evidence wisely and imaginatively, always supporting points made and providing counter arguments.
  • Write critically but be aware of your own position as central.
  • Ensure that you make use of both established and recent publications.
  • Keep checking that your research has not been pre-empted.
  • Analyse your evidence to help supplement your future research as well as that in progress.
  • Make certain that your grammar, spelling and punctuation are impeccable.
  • Make your thesis a cohesive whole, it must not appear disjointed.
  • Remember that you are building an argument throughout your thesis.
  • Construct your conclusion as a summary, synthesis and indication of future possible research.
  • Add to your bibliography as you write and continue to research – do not leave it until the last minute (see section of this guide on constructing your bibliography).
  • Reference correctly (see section of this guide on referencing).
  • Use appendices for supplementary material (see section of guide on using appendices).
  • Ensure that every aspect of your thesis is constructed precisely according to the style required by your college or university.

"Writing your thesis correctly showcases your research, so ensure it is done correctly!"

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