Can I send through information once my order has been started?

Type: Support Article. Published: 1st Apr 2024

We strongly recommend that you send all the information about your order before we assign your order to a writer and they start working on it. Once your order has been started, you may send through additional information, but we cannot guarantee the writer will be able to take this into account. They will use any information given after the order has been started at their own discretion.

This is because your writer may have already started – or even completed – your order, and the additional information may affect the order as a whole. For this reason, we try to make sure that your order details are fixed before we assign you a writer. However, many writers are more than happy to accept extra information once your order has started.

It greatly depends on if the additional information is adding to what we already have (for example, it’s something that will help the writer) or if it is changing the question or task (for example, the writer will have to do something different or change something). We’ll always send your additional information on to your writer to see what they think. It may be a case that to take the extra information into account, the writer will need some additional time. Likewise, if you require something additional, this may incur an additional payment.

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