Why do I need to enter a passcode to make payment?

Type: Support Article. Published: 1st Apr 2024

Sometimes, when you make your payment, you might be asked to confirm the transaction using a special one-time passcode sent to you by your bank. This may be sent via SMS, email, phone or app depending on your provider and their options.

This is called Strong Customer Authentication. Payment providers have adopted this to make sure your payment is being made by you, and not by anyone else. We like to make your experience with us as easy and secure as possible, so we have implemented this check.

To receive these one-time passcodes, it’s important your data is kept up to date with your bank or card provider. If they have the wrong information you may not receive these passcodes and may find it difficult to complete transactions with the new security in place.  If you have any questions about your passcode contact your bank.

So - please make sure your details are up to date and relax knowing your card payments are more secure!

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