Why are you so expensive? Why are you more expensive than other companies? I have found a less expensive company

Type: Support Article. Published: 1st Apr 2024

Our prices reflect our quality. At UKDiss we pride ourselves on providing the very best service we can. We don't cut corners or skimp on quality. We treat every piece of work with the same care and attention to detail, to make sure every customer leaves happy.

There are three main reasons for our higher pricing:

1) Writers

Ultimately, our writers are the best in the industry and they are paid accordingly for this. We recruit only qualified writers from reputable universities, who are thoroughly tested to make sure they're brilliant at what they do. Every writer must do test work, and every piece they do is checked in detail, with feedback provided to help them improve and maintain their performance.

If another company has cheaper pricing, ask yourself: are they paying their writers fairly? If you were a writer, would you produce great work for less money?

2) Guarantees

We have a number of industry leading guarantees that reflect our confidence in the service we provide and most importantly, the quality of the work we provide. Full details of our guarantees can be found by clicking here.

When looking at other companies, review their guarantees. Do they offer the same level of coverage we do? Can they guarantee and offer piece of mind that your work will be delivered on time, containing the information you need?

3) Quality Control

Unlike most other companies, we provide a full quality check on every piece of work, to make sure it's exactly what you have ordered and need. This includes a free plagiarism scan using Viper, our plagiarism checker. While others will simply send the work to you, filled with mistakes or proofreading errors, we go the extra mile to make sure we're happy. We would never release a piece of work that we would not be happy to receive ourselves.

If another company offers a cheaper price, it could be they don't perform quality checks or plagiarism scans. Are you willing to risk the work needing to be amended, or that it could contain copy/pasted information?

When choosing a company to order with, always consider the above points. A cheap price does not mean good work is guaranteed! For more information, read our essay buying guide! Don't risk being disappointed with another company - place your order with UKDiss today!

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