If I did hand the work in as my own, would my tutor find out?

Type: Support Article. Published: 1st Apr 2024

As the work is free from matched content, your university would not be able to tell through Turnitin or Write Check alone that you had not completed your own work. The work we produce is 100% original, created only for you, and never re-sold or shared with anyone else. It is not submitted to plagiarism checkers like Turnitin.

However, if the work is of a much higher standard than they are used to receiving from you, the writing style is different or if it has no relation to what has been covered on the course this will probably cause concern. You may be asked how you found particular sources or to provide your draft or plan as evidence that you completed the work yourself. Your tutor may question you about the content of the work. Therefore, if you have not used the work correctly, you will most likely be caught.

UKDiss does not recommend handing in work as your own - this is academic dishonesty and is committing plagiarism.

Using the piece we provide to you correctly to write your own piece of work is the best way to gain skills and knowledge. You can find out more information about using the work we produce correctly in our Fair Use Policy.

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