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Nursing Dissertation Titles

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We have provided the selection of example nursing dissertation titles below to help and inspire you:

Understanding the management of ashtma in children.

What are Nurses perceptions of their knowledge levels and educational needs in regard to wound assessment and management?

A nurses role in combating pre-diabetes in the a clinical setting.

A systematic literature review on means of reducing risk of falls in elderly patients in hospitals.

Does an increased Early Warning Score change care/management of patients?

Does the critical care nurse have adequate knowledge when caring for a patient who requires a Pulmonary artery catheter?

Fatigue in lung cancer.

How does the midwife facilitate positive breastfeeding outcomes in postnatal women?

How effective is the care and management of patients with asthma attending Accident and Emergency?

Management of acute illnesses in children using homoeopathy.

Mind and body management of specific coping strategies for chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis.

Quality of life while living with leg ulcers due to pain, isolation, depression, exudate, odour and immobility.

Spirituality and Mental Health.

The challenges that healthcare professionals have in meeting the spiritual needs of terminally ill patients.

The clinical management of bleeding problems with women who use the contraceptive implant.

The transition process from National Health Service (NHS) to private practice for nurses working in aesthetic medicine, and the experience of mentorship.

Use of aseptic non touch techniques as an infection control strategy.

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Nursing involves providing care for people and families, whether that be during bad physical or mental health, illness or injury. Nurses are compassionate and empathetic, supporting people during their time of need.

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