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Psychology Dissertation Titles

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Published: 16th Aug 2021 in Dissertation Title

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We have provided the selection of example psychology dissertation titles below to help and inspire you:

MSc rational emotive and cognitive beahviour therapy (Recbt).

A thematic analysis on the phenomenology of fundamental error; on the judgement of life.

Altruism and Emotional Intelligence in Volunteers/Voluntary Carers and Non-Volunteers.


Do participants feel that meditation is helpful to them as counsellors and if so, in what ways?

How does the quality of Leader Member Exchange (LMX) affect motivation?

Mapping the criminal mind: Profiling and its limitation.

Relationship between attachment and sexual attitudes.

Tendency to forgive in dating couples.

The Influence of Happiness in Individual Achievement Focusing on Professional development.

What causes people to go shopping? Why do they get satisfaction after having shopped?

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Psychology is the study of human behaviour and the mind, taking into account external factors, experiences, social influences and other factors. Psychologists set out to understand the mind of humans, exploring how different factors can contribute to behaviour, thoughts, and feelings.

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