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Black Turtle Group Business Analysis

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Published: 12th Dec 2019

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Chapter 1


BLACK TURTLE GROUP is the pioneer of organized recruitment service provider in all over India. We have established ourselves as the best recognized recruitment brand nationally. In Black Turtle Group, recruiter are dedicated in searching best fit for the clients, We prefer renowned and trusted and clients for Indian professionals in Maharashtra as well as India. BLACK TURTLE roots in management consultancy enable us to bring a unique approach to recruitment.

Our focus has always middle and senior management talent needs. We recruit across various Industry Segments for multinational corporations as well as leading Indian business houses. We have helped shape the careers of over thousands professionals and have partnered with more than 50 multinational companies to set up and staff their operations in India.


The firm was incorporated on Sep 2001, as Black Turtle. Black Turtle is a leading provider of recruitment services in India. Our business is managed primarily through Job portals (naukri.com, monster.com, times job.com, shine.com)

Black turtle is an unusual name firm for a search firm but a ‘Black Turtle’ has strong linkage to the industry we represent, ‘A Black Turtle’ if kept in your workplace enhances career and brings in new opportunities as per Fengi shui.

Black Turtle started with 2 consultant and 4 clients, now it has over 20 consultants, Expanded in Mumbai as well as Jaipur. It has 30 blue chip clients from various industries, have closed over 400 position. HR people have Strong domain knowledge in IT, Retail, Manufacturing, Media and financial services.

Black Turtle is driven by entrepreneurs we move seamlessly into our client’s shoes and we constantly strive to provide best of the best talent available to our clients.

Any description of ‘Who we are’ starts with our clients. Their confidence in and partnership with us inspires us to do better. We are grateful for their loyalty and we would continue our Endeavour to find the leaders that ensure their success.

Our recruiters are dedicated to provide service beyond the traditional search and evaluation process. Since the most sought after professionals are often not looking externally for opportunities, we adopt a sensitive but disciplined and systematic research to identify these hard to find and hard to reach candidates, Inspired to provide our clients with superior ‘value added’ result.

Black Turtle is developing their network in all metro cities throughout India. It is a common platform where corporate recruiters and Job-seekers come under one roof. It is a one stop information clearing house about jobs and careers for Indians.

Chapter 2

Business Development and Branding

Overview of the Topic

Business development is a broad term applied to the process of strengthening ties with existing clients as well as cultivating customers in other sectors of the consumer market. In order to accomplish this goal, business development normally crosses the traditional barriers between sales, marketing, customer care, operations and management in order to promote this process of expansion on more than one level. This means the business development specialist must exhibit a degree of competence in many different areas in order to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities.

One of the foundational aspects of business development is to assess the current assets of the company as they relate to the maintenance and expansion of the business. To this end, the business development specialist will work closely with sales and marketing professionals to identify the degree of penetration already enjoyed by the company in various sectors of the consumer base.

Business development can be done by understanding several job descriptions, identifying prospective business, establishing strategic partnership and alliances, generating business from the existing accounts and achieving profitability and increased sales, growth. Exploring potential business avenues to penetrate new accounts and expand existing clients.

“Why Business Development and its impact”

Business development involves evaluating a business and then realizing its full potential, using such tools as:

  • marketing
  • Information management (sometimes conflated with knowledge management)
  • customer service

A sound organization aiming to withstand competitors never stops business development says Luis G. Batista, President of LMT Corporation, but engages in it as an ongoing process. However, business development is often related to growth although sometimes the optimal marketing strategy and objectives could be about downsizing the activity in an existing market or decreasing the sales volume of a selected line of products or services. Business-development roles may have one of two modes:

  1. sales-oriented (client-facing); or
  2. An operational function to support sales.

In a sales role, business development could concentrate on developing strategic-channel relationships or on general sales. This emerges from analysis of the varied job descriptions found in job-search engines. In the US, the term “capture management” appears as an alternative job or role title, typically used when describing business development as an operational function to support the selling function of a company. The Association of Proposal Management Professionals has produced the “Capture Management Lifecycle” that describes the process in three broad stages:

  1. pre-bid phase
  2. bid phase
  3. post-bid phase

Small to medium-sized companies often do not establish procedures for business development, instead relying on their existing contacts. Or people in such companies may assume that because they know people in high places that this will solve any business-development problems and that somehow new financial transactions will come to them. Such thinking can have significant ramifications if one cannot exploit those relationships, which very often remain personal or weak. Such a situation may result in no new sales in the pipeline.

Impact on Global Economy

Business Development professionals frequently have had earlier experience in financial services, investment banking or management consulting; although many find their route to this area by climbing the corporate ladder in functions such as operations management or sales. Skill sets and experience for business-development specialists usually consist of a mixture of the following (depending on the business requirements):

  • marketing
  • legal
  • strategy
  • finance
  • proposal management or capture management
  • sales experience

The “pipeline” refers to flow of potential clients developing. Business-development staff assign to each potential client in the pipeline a percent chance of success, with projected sales-volumes attached. Planners can use the weighted average of all the potential clients in the pipeline to project staffing to manage the new activity when finalized. reasons for wins/losses

  • progress of opportunities in relation to the sales process
  • top performing sales people/sales channels
  • sales of services/products

For larger and well-established companies, especially in technology-related industries, the term “business development” often refers to setting up and managing strategic relationships and alliances with other, third-party companies. In these instances the companies may leverage each others’ expertise, technologies or other intellectual property to expand their capacities for identifying, researching, analyzing and bringing to market new businesses and new products, business-development focuses on implementation of the strategic business plan through equity financing, acquisition/divestiture of technologies, products, and companies, plus the establishment of strategic partnerships where appropriate.

“Brand says it all”

A brand is the identity of a specific product, service, or business which helps in creating awareness


Brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or company (name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or combination of them) and how it relates to key constituencies: customers, staff, partners, investors etc.

Some people distinguish the psychological aspect, brand associations like thoughts, feelings, perceptions, images, experiences, beliefs, attitudes, and so on that become linked to the brand, of a brand from the experiential aspect.

The experiential aspect consists of the sum of all points of contact with the brand and is known as the brand experience. The psychological aspect, sometimes referred to as the brand image, is a symbolic construct created within the minds of people, consisting of all the information and expectations associated with a product, service or the company(is) providing them.

People engaged in branding seek to develop or align the expectations behind the brand experience, creating the impression that a brand associated with a product or service has certain qualities or characteristics that make it special or unique. A brand is therefore one of the most valuable elements in an advertising theme, as it demonstrates what the brand owner is able to offer in the marketplace. The art of creating and maintaining a brand is called brand management. Orientation of the whole organization towards its brand is called brand orientation.

Careful brand management seeks to make the product or services relevant to the target audience. Brands should be seen as more than the difference between the actual cost of a product and its selling price – they represent the sum of all valuable qualities of a product to the consumer.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness refers to customers’ ability to recall and recognize the brand under different conditions and link to the brand name, logo, and jingles and so on to certain associations in memory. It helps the customers to understand to which product or service category the particular brand belongs and what products and services are sold under the brand name.

Brand promise

The marketer and owner of the brand have a vision of what the brand must be and do for the consumers.

Brand promise is what a particular brand stands for (and has stood for in the past). It has its roots from the identity that it gains over a period of time. Usually, brand promise is an attribute common to ‘Parent’ brands. Herein, the brand may broadly stand for Quality, Performance, Trust, or False promises.

Brand variables

The following elements may differ from country to country:

  • Corporate slogan
  • Products and services
  • Positioning
  • Marketing mixes (including pricing, distribution, media and

Chapter 3


  1. This project calls for taking data of various companies through internet and then taking an appointment with the HR head through mails or by calling him/her. This information is gathered by websites like JUSTDIAL.COM and GOOGLE.
  2. Then Empanelment request is sent through email
  3. Then next comes meeting them and explaining different services of our company and convincing them to tie up with our consultancy for recruitment.
  4. We also Brand the products through distribution of brochures and we are in process to buy the subscription of Indiamart.com so that we can increase our brand awareness in 180 countries in the world
  5. To attain the job-fair which will be held in May in Pune and Nagpur for which we are running from pillar to post to make it a great success.

Steps taken in Business Development are

  1. Collecting in necessary information about the perspective clients
  2. Contacting the HR Personnel of the firm and taking appointment with him/her.
  3. Convincing him/her about the offer which Black Turtle will make with him/her.
  4. Closing the sale by assuring the recruiter that Black Turtle has the exact match with the recruiter’s need
  5. Market survey of 5 days (26th April to 30th April) was done as first step of Business development is your own SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis and analysis of competitors.

Steps Taken for Branding

  1. Generation of Innovative ideas.
  2. Designing of Logo and Framing punch line.
  3. Designing poster and giving individual identity to employees.
  4. Market survey was done to know the competitor strategies used for branding.

Chapter 4

Business Development and Branding of Black Turtle

Black Turtle is a small recruitment firm which is expanding gradually. It has two branches in Mumbai and one in Jaipur. This all has been possible only through Buzz Marketing by the loyal and satisfied client of Black Turtle.

There is no separate marketing unit for Business development of Black Turtle and there is no marketing executive appointed for this purpose then also result is remarkable, this has been possible because of the dedicated team of employees and quality of services provided to the clients.

Services of the companies to their clients

HRO Services

  1. Requirement Outsourcing:

This plan allows the organizations to outsource their requirements. Our dedicated team of HR works on their respective requirements and fixes the appointment for the candidates. A Job description is mailed to the candidate who directly reports to the company according to his suitable time and date. Once the candidate gets selected we charge 8.33% of the CTC (Cost to company) from the organization.

  1. Payroll Outsourcing:

Other Services:

  1. Team of highly qualified consultant (a team of 6 for IT recruitment)
  2. Direct placement of professionals across all levels (many of these head hunted)
  3. Extensive database built over last 6 years.
  4. Extensive use of latest recruiting program
  5. Pre-screening, resume preparation, interviewing and reference checking.
  6. Timely and speedy delivery of candidates that meets client’s needs and specification.

All these services are provided to the existing clients and they are satisfied with the kind of services provided by black turtle and give reference to other companies.

Numbers of existing Clients of Black Turtle are as follows:

  1. Deutsche Bank
    1. Black turtle has closed number of senior positions for company both in Jaipur and Mumbai, mainly AVP and VP.
    2. On 4th of March, 2011 Black Turtle closed 26 analysts position in DB
    3. Walk in interview was conducted in Jaipur; black turtle shared half expenses for advertisements and conducting interviews.
  1. WNS
    1. WNS has provided Black Turtle as “TOP RECRUITER” awards for consecutive 2 years.

Some of the premium clients are as follows

  1. Nomura
  2. Canon
  3. TCS
  4. Prudential
  5. Fidelity
  6. Deloitte
  7. Infosys
  8. Genpact
  9. Logica
  10. Willis

In these 3 months resumes had been screened for several positions and processes for different companies from Analyst to AVP post. While working on several positions, Job description of several processes such as legal, GL/AP/AR, FP&A, FX and many more had been cleared. It is helpful in understanding several roles and responsibilities of different designation so whenever any company is contacted for tie up with consultancy for recruitment it become easier to understand their requirements. JD of Relationship management (VP/AVP) is enclosed herewith:

Relationship Management (VP/AVP)

EmployerDBOI Global Services Pvt Ltd (DBOI GS), part of the Deutsche Bank Group

DepartmentBusiness Management Service Centre (BMSC)

It provides a range of world class business management and administrative support activities to Deutsche Bank globally in an integrated, efficient and cost effective manner

Reporting toVice President or above

Primary responsibilities include:-

Relationship Management role for a particular IB product area.

  • Understand client requirements and drive self and team to meet the requirements
  • Support team in delivery of financial and non financial tasks. Leverage the BMSC capability in delivering these tasks
  • Build effective relationship with DBOI senior management, senior management staff of the IB Product Area onshore and the BMSC staff to develop processes that improve on ‘as is’ activities and create value
  • Be part of the Global Management team of the IB product area
  • Prepare management updates on key projects, controls, ongoing operational initiatives, financials and related business management activities.
  • Assist in Financial and other strategic analysis for senior management
  • Supporting cost allocation enquiries from business units, supervising production of monthly cost allocations.
  • Respond to ad hoc / one off information requests / fire drills in a timely manner
  • Support Risk and Control initiatives and facilitate ongoing monitoring
  • Keep all operational guidelines updated and ensure adherence to standards, procedures and also identify plan to mitigate risks where-ever there is a control issue
  • Develop relationship and credibility with all internal stakeholders
  • Work closely with onshore business managers on upcoming projects, assignments and initiatives

Required Experience/Skills

  • 10 years of relevant work experience
  • Excellent academic background and strong knowledge of IB Products and IB Operations
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications i.e. Excel, Word, Power-point.
  • Excellent Communication & Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work under time constraints and handle pressure
  • Ability to work independently, as well as in a team environment
  • Strong analytical skills, detail orientation & service commitment
  • Ability to effectively maintain, coordinates, prioritizes multiple tasks and projects and meets strict deadlines & handles pressure.
  • Demonstrated commitment to continuous process improvement
  • Ability to undertake initiatives
  • Ability to interface/ partner with the onshore
  • Provide effective decision making capability and leadership qualities

Success in Business Development

Numbers of companies were approached in last 3 months for empanelment and two companies finally became our new clients.

Steps for Final empanelment

1. Through emails; black turtle terms and conditions were sent to the prospective clients, which is as follows:


Dear Sir

Thank you for the keen interest you have shown in our organization. It will be our endeavour to ensure that the candidate has the requisite skills, knowledge, expertise and capability to perform the specialized functions as per your requirements.

As per our discussion, we are pleased to put forward our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions for Placement Services

Professional Fees:

  • 10% for all junior positions, 12% for middle level positions and 15% for senior and top management positions.
  • The cost to company will include all taxable and non-taxable heads of salary, statutory and non-statutory benefits, allowances, perquisites, commission, incentives and benefits, which constitute the individual’s gross compensation.
  • All government levies (service tax 10.3%) will be charged on total billing.
  • We would provide free replacement if a candidate sourced through us leaves within 3 months of joining.
  • Out of Pocket expenses such as advertisement costs and outstation expenses for travel/communication/courier, would be billed at actual and only in cases where prior approval and consent has been sought.
  • Professional fees are payable within one month of joining. All papers relating to candidates recommended but not selected are confidential and the property of Black Turtle. All rejected papers need to be returned.
  • For sourcing candidates outside India we would charge a retainer ship fees depending on the number of resources required and the urgency of the assignment.

2. After wards when a company response to the terms and condition of Black turtle if it is acceptable to them, Client send a “Pilot Project” which includes requirement of the company along with JD.

TORRENT PHARMA (New client) was approached through email (including terms and conditions of BT), they responded with their terms and condition and requirements.

Terms and condition of Torrent

  1. Rs 3500 per MR closure
  2. 8.50% of CTC on closure of Managerial position
  3. For empanelment 2 to 3 positions of MR should be closed
  4. If a candidate leaves the organization before 3 months, replacement should be given for free.
  5. Billing will be done after 3 months only

Requirement of TORRENT

JD of MR (Medical Representative)

  1. Currently should be in Pharma field
  2. Any graduate/B. Pharma/ Diploma
  3. Segment: Neuron physiatrist
  4. At least 1 year experience in pharma
  5. salaries 1.5 lpa to 2.2 lpa (based on experience)
  6. Rs 150 daily allowances
  7. Incentive will be paid on basis for performance
  8. Location: Mumbai, Pune, central Delhi and Patiala

Till now 50 CVs has been shared for this “PILOT PROJECT”

Eisai India (pharma)(New client)

Terms and condition of Eisai

Please note our terms and conditions for recruitment process which we have with our current Recruiters/Placement agents.

  1. For any position we will pay service charges @ 8.33% of salary excluding P.F., Gratuity, Med claim Hosp.premium i.e. on net annual salary and not gross.
  2. You will give us free replacement if the candidate leaves within 180 days from the date of joining.
  3. Payment will be released after 90 days of invoice date.

If the above clauses are acceptable to you, please send us a confirmatory mail. You can get in touch with me on my below contact details.

With Warm Regards,

For Eisai Pharmaceuticals India Private Limited.

Ms. Pradnya Bobade

Executive – Human Resources

Requirement of Eisai

Job Description

Designation: Product Manager

Definition of a Brand Manager: – Brand manager is the person who develops and adheres to the marketing techniques which he develops for a specific product, product line, or brand. He ensures to increase the product’s perceived value to the customer and thereby increase brand equity. The value of the brand is determined by the amount of profit it generates and the worth of brand manager is determined by the amount of creativity and value he puts in the brand by adhering to the Marketing Strategy which finally increase brand worth.

Responsibilities: –

  • Self Management and Surrounding Management
  • Design Marketing Strategy and Plans: – Continuous follow up and adherence
  • Designing different campaigns: – By creative thinking and knowledge of the subject
  • Yearly Budget Planning: – Planning the budget genuinely by forecasting the brand sales
  • Adhering to the Planning’s
  • Gathering the market information and gathering customers data
  • Supporting field force and motivating them timely
  • Be an helping hand to all the colleagues
  • Loyal, committed, dedicated and determined towards the job
  • Be an initiator and a contributor person for the organization growth other than his own responsibilities
  • Cost minimization and profit maximization
  • Organizing CME’s, meetings and medical camps
  • Thinking and planning to give good well acceptable inputs to the customers
  • Developing product promotion guidelines for MR’s
  • Brand reminders to the customers via direct mail or letters once in 3 months
  • Motivation of the field staff regularly by mails or through circulars
  • Converting medical information with the help of marketing knowledge in to the best lucrative output
  • Communication
  • Brand positioning
  • Strategy implementation and feedback
  • Testing campaigns Pre & Post.
  • Training of field force
  • Communication to field force.

3. After completion of pilot project (initial requirement of the companies as given by torrent and eisai), personal appointment with new client is fixed.

Torrent pharma and Eisai Indiabecame our clients which will provide 8.50% fees per candidate selected to Black Turtle.

Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait accepted our terms and condition, presentation regarding BT was given, final appointment is fixed for coming week(meeting on 21st may for final empanelment).

Strategies Implemented for Business Development

As per the discussion with Director of Black Turtle (Mrs. Shradha Kapoor), she showed great interest in Business Development of Black Turtle. She was very keen to penetrate into pharmacy, telecom and manufacturing.

    1. Approaching New clients
      1. Pharma: 2 new clients Torrent Pharma and Eisai India
      2. Telecom: Power point presentation had been prepared on penetration into telecom sector it includes information such as: why telecom needs to be tapped, several jobs available in telecom industry and JD were also attached to it.

Tata communication (Leena john, HR head) is in process for empanelment, request had been sent.

Power point presentation has been attached to this file.

      1. Manufacturing: Revon cables had been approached.
    1. Database had been created for the companies at Hiranandani, Powai which can been approached in future for Business Development
      1. L&T InfoTech
      2. Wipro in IT
      3. Tata AIG
      4. ICICI prudential
      5. Transocean(engineering)
      6. Ratio pharmacy
      7. Godrej
    2. Name of the companies which were approached as a marketing executive for empanelment, database has been created with the name of company, HR heads names and contact details are as follows










Torrent India


Shoppers stop(cross -world)



L&T InfoTech

eisai India










Out of these 28 companies approached, 2 companies Torrent Pharma and Eisai became clients and will provide with fees of 8.50% per candidates selected.

    1. From 26th April to 30th April several companies were visited for empanelment request, presentation were given about Black Turtle and its Terms and conditions.
    2. 1000 companies database has been created (attached to this file on request)


Black Turtle website www.black-turtle.com is one of the major sources for Branding and creating awareness about the company, clients and contact details.

Branding is done to increase the awareness as well as to enhance the identity of company.

There is no separate Marketing unit in BT, so in terms of branding website was the only way to promote company to their clients.

Strategies for Branding in last 3 months

Brand message is critical to keep both internal and external imaging and communication on the same page, and to eliminate any gray in communicating what you believe your brand to be and what the consumer or your customers perceive it to be.

There are 2 types of Branding

  1. External Branding
  2. Internal Branding

External Branding:

In an increasingly crowded marketplace as well as to survive with immense competition, communicating brand essenceto customers and consumers is a challenge. By evaluating the messages and desired results for our clients, we create events, experiences and sponsorships that speak directly to customers/consumers, interact with them and allow them to experience brands firsthand. From road shows, press and retail events to trade shows and industry events, it helps brands reach customers and consumers and engage them in emotional and experiential interactions.

Activities done for External Branding of BT

1. Print Advertisements: Print media offers a stark contrast to broadcast media. Because readers consume them at their own pace, magazines and newspapers can provide detailed product information and effectively communicate user and usage imagery. At the same time, static nature of the visual images in print media makes dynamic presentations difficult and print media can be fairly passive.

Format elements such as ad size, color and illustration also affect a print ad’s impact. Larger ads gain more attention, though not necessarily by as much as their difference in cost.

Print ads for Black Turtle in Danik Bhaskar News paper

i) Ajmer Drive

On 16th April, 2011 a drive was conducted in Ajmer for hiring candidates in large number for our prestigious clients Deutsche Bank, Genpact and Tele performance. For attracting candidates as well for increasing brand identity first time ever Print ad was design for Black Turtle.

Drive was successful as number of candidates turned up for the walk in interview. Ajmer drive print ad was on second page on Danik Bhaskar, Ajmer edition on 15th April.

This advertisement was mainly designed to attract candidates as well as for Branding Black Turtle in Rajasthan as we have a branch in Jaipur.

This ad was printed in Danik Bhaskar, Ajmer edition on 16th April, 2011.

Cost for this advertisement was solely done by Black Turtle, it was 800 per

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