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Effect of Online Shopping on the Consumer

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Published: 11th Dec 2019

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The revolution in information technology (IT) and communications has changed the way people do the shopping today. In recent years, increasing online shopping have been using the Internet and other electronic media for their shopping and people are diverted from offline to online.

This research paper is based on the how does online shopping change consumer buying behaviour. Specially buying books through the internet. The main aim of this study was to examine if there are any particular factors that influence the online consumer buying behaviour. Primary information was collected from the London School of Commerce students’ survey because the students usually buy books from online or normal shop.

Price, Trust and Convenience were were recognized as significant factors. For the maximum students price is the main vital issue.

Moreover, three sectors were recognized, I) High Spenders, II) Price Easers, and III) Bargain Seekers. In the course of these sectors we found a variation of the different factors significance and recognized propositions for online book shops.

Keywords: Online Shopping, Consumer, Online Books, amd Buying Behaviour.


Being a part of the academic community is most special. As a master student at the London School of Commerce (LSC), University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC), the author has felt privileged and grateful. The author would like to therefore take this opportunity to express his gratitude to the many people (although it is impossible to list by name all) who have contributed to the completion of this dissertation.

Firstly the author is highly indebted to Tom Reeves (London School of Commerce, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff) and wish to express his heart felt gratitude for his encouragement and approval of the above topic as a researchable topic. His constructive criticisms, comments and guidance are perhaps the secret behind the standard of this paper. Millions of thanks go to Students of London School of Commerce who helped me to survey the offline questionnaires around the Institute of London School of Commerce.

Special appreciation goes to all the staff and tutors of the London School of Commerce, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff. Especially, Dr. Rajendra Kumar, Dr. Peter McGee, Michael Nieto, Prof. Geoffrey Lancaster, Mervyn Sookun, Ms. Ellie Semsar and Paul Reynolds for your encouragement, inspiration and innovative ideas impacted on me during and after the coursework the author says a big thank you.

Finally my father, mother and my family members receive my deepest love and gratitude for their dedication and support for these years.

However, the current author would like to make a declaration that this study is an addition to extant literature and was the main contributor of the overall paper. Whenever other peoples work is referred to, they are duly acknowledged. Therefore the author is solely responsible for any error and misrepresentation of facts.

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Chapter One: Introduction

1.1 Background of the Research

The development of online has formed a hypothesis transfer of the usual system persons buying. A customer is no longer bound for opening periods or particular places; he is able to turn into dynamic by online whichever moment plus every position as well as buy products or facilities. Online is a comparatively latest means for contact as well as data swap, which has turned into present within our daily existence.

Expansion into e-commerce potential is far-reaching through the international world as well as trade has completely been transformed exactly to these online improvements. Separately as of this viewpoint of its outcome, it as well spreads its effectiveness/ influence on other characteristic of human performance, which generate prospect intended for further improvement as well as regeneration. Khosrow – Pour (2006), describes that, e-commerce (EC) ground is a varied one, connecting a lot of performance, business components, plus technologies, as well as it includes a structure of lots of substance between which is customer facilities. Peter Rucker (2002) in (Turban et al., 2004 plus 2006) describes e-commerce like a global sharing means intended for commodities, facility as well as astonishingly intended for administrative plus specialized work. Is intensely varying money matters, he described, marketplaces plus manufacturing configuration, products plus facilities as well as their runs; customer segmentation, customer importances plus purchaser activities.

Moreover lots of reviewers described electronic commerce like the entire automatically intervened operation among an association plus any third party it transactions through (Chaffey, 2004, Pg. 7). Turban et al., (2006) within his more description, alleged e-commerce is able to be noticed as of the viewpoint of contact, facility, business education and so on. We are able to monitor that the entire the explanations heats along to the similar viewpoint of what electronic commerce is regarding. E-commerce the same as we require to identify is a broadly considered matter. It includes a lot of features which contain; Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Consumer to Business (C2B) etc., however present research is intended for focusing its highlighting happening Business to Consumer.

Business to Consumer (B2C) is the mainly increasing one where corporations execute trade by means of customers in the Internet. A main achievement issue of Business to Consumer is locating what customer’s wish within words of facility, superiority, as well as cost (Turban et al., 2008).

Online shopping is the method customers attempt in the course of while they choose shopping taking place online. As a result, online has improved to a very reasonable marketplace, where the rivalry more than the customer is violent. With the purpose of include an effect taking place as well as maintain customers, within a reasonable marketplace, Constantinides (2004) declared that the initial movement is recognizing particular affecting characteristics while buying in the Internet, these are able to be considered as issues.

The objective of this research is to build up plus operate a form describing as well as guess implementation of the Internet customer look for plus buying performances depend taking place a combination of effectiveness maximization hypothesis plus customer acceptance assumption that deliberates inspirations (distinguished improvement) developed from the Internet search / buy as well as prices connected by the Internet search / buy.

1.2 Rationale of the Research

The purpose of the research is mainly recognizing with acquire close by into what key issues the Internet customer gets into consideration while buying books in the Internet, since books are the most usually purchased product in online (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online-Forschung e.V. [AGOF e.V.], 2007). Moreover, in this research will examine if any divisions are able to be recognized with recognizing the customers and how these divisions communicate to the recognized issues. The findings of the present study will be summarized as suggestions for the Internet book sellers with the purpose of improve their customer information as well as build up their Internet marketing strategy efficiency.

1.3 Significance of the Research

The business-to-consumer is the largely noticeable trade kind of e-commerce. Internet shopping permits corporations giving product data as well as straight transactions to their customers. With the intention of successfully make customers believing electronic commerce plus Internet dealings, readily available an vital require recognizing the issues which effect customer behaviour on the way to carry on consume of Internet dealings. The benefits of Internet shopping dealings are renowned. The largest part general motivations designed for customers shopping in the Internet are convenience, wider choices, reasonable costing, as well as bigger entrance to data. Conversely, Internet transactions quantity even now stays on comparatively small evaluated to alternative transaction types. Many earlier studies have illustrated that apparent causes contain protection plus confidentiality matters, be short of awareness by the medium, as well as the appropriateness of products to be retailed. In reality within the B2C e-commerce, a customer has the twice function of the product buyer plus information technology (website) client. To the shopper within electronic commerce, the website technique is a complete demonstration of the shopping. Such as, a number of well-known Internet purchasing websites (eBay, Amazon etc.) greatly based on information technology (IT) within their trade approaches.

Within the majority usual corporations, were brick and mortor trades are performed customers accomplish operations through face-to-face, telephone, report administrators, persons etc. On the contrary, nowadays trade everywhere the planet is at present worldwide, the purchaser boundary within electronic surroundings is display-to-face communication method which insists a machine denotes of Personal Computer depend screens, ATM devices, personal Laptops and many more electronic tools to talk about some. As a result, online is the only communication systems among the company and the clients, therefore it situates huge liability taking place the company to acquire as well as characterize the consumers knowledge, for the reason that there is frequently no opportunity intended for straight individual involvement for the period of meeting. Thus it provides a path in support of a enquiry, which is; Does this line provide like a certain path to disclose costs which be able to also influence customers as well as finish buy with no trouble? Furthermore, how do these corporations which are ease within cost (modified/make specially, perform auctions, trades advertising) Internet vary from corporations which provide steady/permanent pricing systems?

1.4 Aims & Objectives

  • To identify the suitable cause that drive consumer to purchase books online;
  • To give a organized and complete evaluation of online consumer buying behaviour;
  • To analysis the exact reasons and charges have on books search and purchase decisions between Internet shoppers global;
  • To suggest an integrated outline that improves our understanding of the fundamental motivating issues of online book consumer behaviour;
  • To give directions used for future investigate in online consumer buying behaviour area.

1.5 Purpose and Research Questions

The purpose of this research is to describe how online shopping manipulates consumer buying behaviour for buying books online. There are lots of matters related to this srudy question; however we will simply focus on buying books online. The study problems we plan to answer are:

  • What key issues influence the Internet consumer while considering and creation for buying through the Internet?
  • How do these issues manipulate the consumer when buyinging books in the Internet?
  • What type of parts can be found in the recognized consumers when buying books in the Internet?
  • What is the link by means of the recognized issues and consumer division groups?

1.6 Signposting of the Study

Chapter One: Introduction

In this chapter the background, rationale and significance of the research will be explained. There are also aims & objectives, purpose & research questions will be presented.

Chapter Two: Related Literature

This chapter provides relevant existing theories and models of online shopping and consumer buying behaviour as well as a model modified by the author. The working model builds upon the presented theories and is used as a foundation for the following analysis.

Chapter Three: Research Methodology & Strategy

In this chapter, the research methodology & strategy is presented. The research approach that has been adopted in order to answer the research questions and to meet the purpose is described and motivated. The research methods used in this work are as well described and discussed.

Chapter Four: Data Analysis & Result

In this chapter the results of both the qualitative and quantitative research are presented. The results will follow the outline of the working model. Brief companies’ overviews are also presented.

Chapter Five: Conclusion

This chapter includes the conclusions of the research as well as reflections for recommendations, a discussion of the limitations and suggestions for further studies.

Chapter Two: Related Literature

Brief Narrative of E-Commerce

While online developed into commercialised plus clients were gathering to take part within the World Wide Web (WWW) during the near beginning 1990s the word e- commerce was invented. E-commerce functions earliest expanded during the 1970s through modernization for example electronic finance shift. Afterwards the electronic data interchange (EDI) occured. The EDI expanded the band of taking part corporations since economic organization to producers, sellers, facilities, as well as other kind of trade (Turban et al., 2008). The cause to why it was executed was for the reason that it was an easy means to automatise buyings. Separately since with the intention of, it was a useful means to permit shops to connect their dealers to their collection record. This needs a costly confidential network link among the two business associates (Percival – Straunik, 2001).

Instructively, the development of e-commerce contains three cohorts. The initial cohort linked computers linked as well as records can be transmitted from one computer to a different computer. For the duration of the next cohort, the latest equipment as well as online prepared it achievable used for together corporations as well as customers buying taking place through the online. For the period of final cohort dissimilar value chains were associated to one another. Then business societies developed as well as reserves where mutual similar to the computer designed for preparation manufacture record (Fredholm, 2002).

E- Commerce is a structure of the Internet trade connections which preserve be present during the entire means of purchasing plus retailing. The opportunity of electronic purchasing as well as retailing turned into a feasible alternative designed for more or less every company moreover e-commerce developed into general within commerce terms. Expected to this attractiveness lots of corporations started on the bandwagon with obviously presenting their facilities in the Internet; nearly all of the website to all intents and purposes gives information on the products they retailed (N. Bandyo – Panhyay, 2002)

Because the continuation of E-commerce developed big, its improvement ended to stay in the borders of purchasing as well as retailing of customer commodities. It has pushed leading administrators to rethink the means of a trade utilizes technology intended for improved achievement. Therefore, the www has problemed the denotation as well as importance of information plus technology which guided to an assessment of the connection among the two. Such as trade can discover it benefits to deal information like within the case of priceline.com (N. Bandyo – Panhyay, 2002).

The beginning of e-commerce as well engages the exploit of inter technologies. This technology is applied to improve an infrastructure, whose outcome permits a corporation dividing its information sources by trade associates as well as customers together on a home as well as worldwide stage. Through these technologies corporations moreover present better facilities plus issue them getting reasonable benefit. To this outcome, the majority corporations at present as well as days observe the want reconsidering their objectives, re-originate trade system, and also set up latest methodologies in respect to prospects plus confronts within other to take part into e-commerce. Hoque (2000) inside (N. Bandyo – Panhyay 2002) explained a corporation’s alteration during the online era like a developmentary means of four stages, which are brochureware, e-commerce, e-business, with ultimately e-enterprise.

As said by Bandyo – Panhyay, the brochureware period taking place during the midpoint of the 1990s while plenty of corporations bring in website which was no further than an electronic list. Since the past, a number of corporations have shifted up the range at the same time as a number of others continued fixed on the primary stage, simply like the organization of a functioning infrastructural makes the structure used for a corporation’s tour during this stage. He preceded more to describe e-commerce age like the commencement of the dotcom time with the B2C trade forms. This phase was noticeabled through the propagation of activate for example ebay.com and amazon.com which penetrated the Internet trade global retailing product plus facilities straight to customers, as well as a number of other corporations pursued match. On the other hand, it was a challenge to make a web existence plus formulate stipulation intended for value added facilities with the purpose of support, trade on the Internet, as well as continue a strong consumer base.

Business Network, the manufacturing syndicate of corporations which apply, support plus construct e-commerce results in the online described e-commerce that the apply of online to change trade connections which walks off distant ahead of purchasing as well as retailing in the Internet. Within this meaning, information is capable of moreover be divided inside and transversely companies restrictions, latest connections are improved among trades plus over and above among trade plus consumers. Plenty of companies started to observe the prospective of the online used for B2B functions also this was what began the e-business age by means of a force in the direction of technological apply to make stronger central part trade systems. Now like lots of companies started to observe information like a most important trade source as well as regarded as its administration like one of the majority significant purposes.

Moreover corporations realized to concentrate on information as well as awareness administration like a necessary factor of over the entire goals of their trades. Within expected route, improvement information with communications technology reserved rapidity during an endeavour to maintain this latest period. For the period of this phase, lots of corporations started to use the viewpoint of e-business constructing a trade form essential to maintain together B2B as well as B2C functions. Business Network named this phase the enterprise stage; where the online technologies are applied to carry out B2B trade performance essential to maintain their main proficiencies with giving the Internet consumer facilities which is characteristically of B2C e-commerce. Through the closing stages of twentieth century, lots of big corporations for example banks went into this age. Afterwards by means of improve during development of technology as well as trade form, swift changes within trade situation occured. For this reason, B2B corporations will more and more acclimatize their organization communications within the bricks and mortal system to accept a B2C form taking place one hand moreover B2C corporations will broadened their beliefs of customer – focused form including B2B performance in contrast (N. Bandyo – Panhyay 2002).

Several Trade Forms of E-Commerce

Since described before, e-commerce taking place the foundation of online is put to develop into a important means of performing trade, but latest array of electronic commerce nowadays are being guided into a lot of divisions of the business used for B2B, B2C as well as Business to Public Administration (B2P) (Paul Timmers 1998). Also, he described that a trade form is a structural design used for commodities, facilities plus information flows, together with an explanation of the different areas, prospective advantages of different trade areas plus income resources. Since the watchings of online trades, information with technology facilitates a broad series of trade forms, technology gives no direction intended for choosing latest forms other than its improvement be capable of guide to characterization of latest forms, as a result the ability of circumstances of the skill technology rise like a decisive factor to form choice. Enlisted plus described under, are several trade forms expressed via Paul Timmers (1998).

E – Shops

E – Shops are observed like a web advertising surroundings used for corporation by the use of online. Within the majority situations, this is prepared to support the corporation, its commodities plus facilities provided through the corporation. Further to corporations’ performance, there is prospect to entrance manufactured goods, costs, command plus disburse. Within this logic, there will be growth necessitates, a small – price way to worldwide existence, furthermore price discount during promotions with auctions. As a result, customers preserve advantage decrease /different costs evaluate to usual deal. Because of this reality, there will be broader preference, cluster of information plus ease of choosing /optimizing cost.

Also, purchasing as well as shipping together with 24/7 facilities is prepared obtainable. Within the majority situations retailer’s income are from cut down price of manufactured goods, enhance deals plus marketing, consequently for this reason there is require intended for costs to be flexible so transactions be able to be boosted. Cases of corporations which manage e-shops are; ebay, Amazon etc.

Third Party Market

This mould is appropriate while corporations desire to put down the network advertising to a 3rd party market. Within this situation, they recommend a customer interface to the providers manufactured goods list where they include attributes similar to; brand name, cost, payment, logistics, instructing as well as especially the complete range of protected business deal. Every customer who desires to buy manufactured goods at a third party market will have right of entry to complete information starting the primary retailer. A case of third market supplier is Fedex who delivers desirable quality orders plus lots of things.

Virtual Society

Virtual Society corporations usually offer surroundings where associates who are customers include their data after making buys. This data provides like the final importance of virtual socities corporations. Instructively, these corporations are able to be attached to another marketing operator with the purpose of construct consumer reliability, reactions as well as criticism (Hagel et al., 1997). Amazon is a case of a virtual corporation who transactions going on books as well as other goods throughout the online. Latest facilities plus opportunities of other trade forms such as electronic malls, partnership stage and so on are consequences of further roles of virtual corporations.

Value – Chain Facility Supplier

This form focuses on particular roles used for the value chain for example electronic payments. Banks, such as include put themselves within this form quiet previously. Moreover, latest approaches are rising within manufacture / reserve organization where by, intermediaries suggests concentrated plus fin – tuned manufacture to corporations. A model of value chain facility supplier is UPS (www.ups.com)

E – Auctions

Electronic auction is not only observed like a form other than is furthermore observed like a costing system within active costing method. It presents an execution of bidding system. E – Auctions are capable of came with through multimedia appearance of manufactured goods plus costs. Mainly frequently, they are confidential to this particular conclusiveness which as well contains combination of the bidding system through dealing payment plus shippment. Thus it provides enormous advantage to equally dealer plus purchasers with reduction time as well as price perhaps, intended for shipping in anticipation of the transaction has been well-known. Customer observe it like way formulating buy, for the reason that separately from the period it accumulates it them provides a chance to set out used for the manufactured goods by the cost they be capable of manage to pay for.

Business to Consumer (B2C) E-commerce

Business to consumer e-commerce (B2C) among other types of e-commerce is the majority growing one all over the place companies implement business through consumer with the assist of online. However a little feature of business to business (B2B) is demotes to altercation among business plus customers. Cases of corporations which manage their trade through this type of Business to Consumer (B2C) e-commerce are; eBay, Amazon etc.

Within this characteristic of e-commerce, the entire transactions performances, customer hunt, frequently ask questions (FAQ) are normally pursued in the Internet (Jeffrey et al., 2001). Lots of corporations have been capable making bigger their trades within an effective means in online, although several in point of fact have vanished keen on economic failure. Within another expression, B2C EC can furthermore be described like the idea of selling plus e-tailing, which involves transactions of commodities with facilities to particular customers in the Internet. Online, corporations attempt policies to flexible costing system which may possibly be applied within arriveing at customers, huge amounts to be accurate. As a result, one of these systems is index transactions which since the past are one of the matured ways exercised via corporations to perform transactions. Index transactions modified to customer recommend customers assistance since the confine of room plus period, as well it at no cost sellers, beginning the require of material shops by which they be capable of allocate goods.

Selling carried out through online is entitled electronic retailing (e-tailing) which be able to be performed by way of auctions. It formulates it simpler in support of producers to trade straight to customers’ elimination intermediary. For instance corporations suppose Amazon, ebay, Abebooks, wal-mart etc. are keen on straight to customer online trade (Turban el at. 2008).

These online corporations apply various systems to tell information of goods to customers plus these systems improves how adaptable they are within costs between other items. Furthermore, the central part information of these corporations communicates particularly to trade deals, such as information connected to combine of manufactured goods plus costs wished via customers. Therefore, this integrative information provides like a connection among sellers and customers. The information of goods that are retailed to customer does not merely improve buyings it as well provide corporations a concept of customer purchasing tendency. Through the concept corporations will aim for additional/improved business moreover consequently develop rising the goods plus costs are executed.

Within other to profit from taking place the prospective of the online, active bricks plus mortal moreover index letters command corporations require to change their integrative information by their execution of costs on manufactured goods plus the whole corporation administration altogether. Past history used for B2C achievement investigated through earlier period researches highlight biased customers at every movement of their communication by way of EC. Suitable entrance to information within the method of buying is recommended within the sharp stage of Simon’s choice formulating form (Butler and Peppard 1998). While customers discover Internet shopping to be suitable, period well-organized plus cost discount consumers will be pleased by means of the common usefulness plus good organization of online buying means.

Now when consumers will discover buying knowledge flattering if Internet sellers are reactive to costs separation, assessment, anxious plus dependable for the period of shopping system plus consequent relations among consumers (Paul et al., 2000).

Pricing Matters

Pricing matters during buyings is a reason, which has not to be taken too lightly; a number of studies put down additional importance happening another issue, which improves buyings with provide small or no concentration to pricing. The involvement of manufactured goods information carries a great deal of characteristic factor basis going on the particular customer. Within another word, it based on what the customer observes like significant concerning the data of manufactured goods that provides a primary desirability for shopping. After that, the value is one more feature to control or provide like a first choice, relatively bring about the customer to buy. Consistent with Morris and Paul (2000) within their study, they described about price, which is a factor of purchasing choice, which cannot be neglecting. They extended more describing with the purpose of a factor is positioned additional significant than price during creation buyings choice, afterwards it worth is measured to be a prerequisite used for buying, except if the factor is positioned not as much of significant than price, at that time suitable array be capable of observed like first choice relatively that conditions. Therefore, price is a common determinant mainly designed for customers, who are price responsive.

At present, the majority online corporations have observed the requirement to build prices like flexible as far as they are capable. Companies perform this, with planning plus pricing manufactured goods by means of modification, auctioning, advertisings etc., within a system that corresponds customers require/wish plus in consequence provide consumers prospect to create first choice. These really provide their trade a importance. If the data of goods retailed are extremely rotated to customers concentration, in that case, there is a great deal of pricing flexibility (Shapiro et al., 1999).

Behavioural plus Advantage Segmentation

At the same time as demographic, geographic and psychographic variables give corresponding depends used for the segmentation of the Internet clients, behavioural variables concentrates going on how to describe the client’s concentration plus mail the clients the right letter (Ruiz & Lassala, 2006). Hassan, Craft & Kortam (2003) deliberates behavioural characteristic segmentation like a non-usual segmentation method, because it categorizes customers depend ahead customers buying performance. Intended for the Internet segmentation these variables be able to present information taking place, such as, rate of recurrence of online entrance; shopping performance; stage of cooperativity; plus outline of data look for going on the website as well as another website (Ruiz & Lassala, 2006). Segmentation of buying performance is capable of moreover contain the scope of management of a manufactured goods, reliability performance with management circumstances (Solomon, Bamossy & Askegaard, 1999).

Advantage segmentation is directly associated by way of behavioural segmentation, giving constructive data taking place the advantages a consumer waits for to obtain from making use of the manufactured goods (Solomon, Bamossy & Askegaard, 1999; Vyncke, 2002). These advantages are observed to guide a client’s activities. Researchers have the same opinion with the purpose of advantage segmentation gives a precious view keen on the thoughts of the customer (Bhatnagar & Ghose, 2004). In the same way, Wu (2001) asserts that advantages required is a useful segmentation variable, while customer first choices intended for the advantages be capable of determined used for one or a few online

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