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Managing Communication, Knowledge, and Information (MCKI)

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Published: 9th Dec 2019

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Managing communication, Knowledge, and Information (MCKI)




The purpose of this research paper is to serve the relationship among communication, knowledge, and information within an organization. Communication plays a noteworthy role within an organization and management is solely responsible for managing errors in communication process with the help of different strategies. To maintain the locus of the association in the international economical market, it is required for the administration of the organization to take care of entire communication process. This process facilitates in keeping entire process smooth and it is quite vital to manage skills related to knowledge, information, and communication. This is helping in promoting the growth and development of the firm(Curtis, 2009). Change is considered as the integral part of the organization and in the era of technological development, constant changes in communication and technology have been found. Henceforth, it is beneficial for the organization to take care of entire communication process. To perform everyday matter, it is necessary for the managers to perform everyday action in more successful manner by managing communication. Therefore, communication and information skill is quite significant. Communication helps in maintaining good relationship among potential stakeholders. This report is helping in determining communication issues within Citi Post Organization. From the analysis of Sales and Profit Report, it has been understood that due to lack of communication, the organization is failing to meet demand of customers(Kramer and Harris, 2016). Customers are the key stakeholder of the organization and management is entire responsible for managing customers.Chairperson of board is concerned with the entire falling communication process and advantages taken by competitors. This report paper is trying to excavate how tactical information and system can be managed in an effective way to achieve organizational goals to survive from economic downturn. This report card provides for majority of the data on the tests that would confronted same time setting up another benefit of the business over service sector(Lloyd, 2002). It additionally provides for majority of the data on the choices taken in the recent past beginning another business. It likewise arrangements with the choices made same time contending for the opposite organizations in the service sector.


  1. Discuss the range of decisions to be taken for Citi Post

Discuss about how CitiPost has decisions at different levels – strategic, tactical and operational

Then discuss about the different aspects that involve decision making: sales, marketing, human resource

The aspects of the government concerning Human Organizations to inhabit on a better than average pronouncement issue, remarkable information along with unraveling the information productively is extraordinarily basic. In view of this various affiliations use professional to obtain alter decisions. Helps, in favor of instance, strategies to make apparentdata for good examination can be considered. Affiliations make effort for setting up association for proper fundamental administration and outfit them with steady condition for makingchoices without upbraiding the activities done by them. In such event the affiliation holds culture of feedback and dread innovativeness and risk is dangerous to an official. So, the edges won’t be to an extraordinary degree beneficial in reacting to promote changes. The supervisor in addition to furthermore at every single one levels concerning business central administration can be ensued. There are necessary and key choices in alliance. Vital business choices are the ones which affect the genericproduction targets and the essential choices are those that are used in normal procedure settling inconsequential issues. The choices inside an association can be many sorts as below. Balanced Choices spouting same routine and have wound up being standard. In this manner, the notification is given underneath by measuring the implication that take after these in fundamental authority as sourcing the activities of Citi Post. This is because that the decisions that are not altered are varied. Apart from this there are no such types of course which has followed the instances that are standardwith proper viability in these respective decisions. Decision making is therefore the most crucial activity in Citi Post as the performance of the company depends immensely on the type of decisions taken. Since these decisions can never be altered or varied hence the manager are on continuous pressure whether the decisions that were suggested it would be increasing the condition of the business organization.

Key verdict are the respective decisions that brunt the indispensable complete deal itinerary of concerning the relationship as Citi PostMeeting with an additional association.Medium term decisions in justifying the application of determining decisions taken at the same time as completing a framework as Advancing decisions of Citi PostOperational Decisions at this very moment decisions worn to perform the systems as what variety of equipment to be stockpile in respective stores are there.

1.2 Examine the information and knowledge needed to ensure certaineffective decision taking in Citi Post.

As per the aspects of Fisher (2010) respective Information along with learning expect an indispensable part in contemporary affiliations. Due to the unpredictability of industry systems people necessitate anomalous stipulation of information, aptitudes in addition to ability. As trade focus is altering quickly so aptitude to make an interpretation of and reaction upon the changes that have been measure through the proceeds of acquiring the data in an alliance have. Each stage of involvement has certain arrange of household tasks in addition to obtain choices they necessitate learning and data. Significant level concerning the data association has is amazingly worrying as it separation as per assembled and unequivocal erudition of all individual. Regardless of finding as well as picking which data is most raised an inspiration for the liaison for essential authority is in like way an unimaginable errand. As mentioned proper information becomes the reason of success or failure of an organization. Hasty decisions should not be taken at any conditions at all. For the smooth running of the operation, effective market audit becomes the source.

Data is extraordinarily basic to central authority in Human asset association, Progressing and courses of action, Conclusive frameworks, IT, in Citi Post(Wilson, Hoppe, and Sayles, 2006).

Qualitative and quantitative


When CitiPost make business decisions as an organization, it takes into account qualitative factors like reputations, brand strength and employee morale, as well as quantifiable data such as sales figures, profitability and return on investment. Both qualitative analysis and quantitative methods can be used to make decisions. The decisions that most often result in the desired outcomes use one method to check whether the predictions of the other method are reasonable. Combining their analysis of both qualitative and quantitative information helps them to make the appropriate decision. For example, they may have analyzed how many their customers like a service so they can decide whether to increase them. They may find from their customer interviews that their customers like the product and your quantitative analysis may indicate that certain percent of customers would purchase the service again or recommend it. They can use the quantitative result to justify increasing service, since it reinforces the qualitative result. Dransfield. (2004).

Tacit and explicit

Knowledge plays a key role in the information revolution in management decision making.CitiPost major challenges are to select the “right” information from numerous sources and transform it into useful knowledge. Tacit knowledge based on common sense, and explicit knowledge based on academic accomplishment is both underutilized. Ways knowledge‐enabled organizations acquire measure, teach, share and apply knowledge are discussed and illustrated. Methods to balance the use tacit and explicit knowledge at work and practical, proven ways to improve the understanding and use of knowledge are presented. Organizations like CitiPost must begin to create worker‐centered environments to encourage the open sharing and use of all forms of knowledge in order to make right decision. (Kim Et Al.Bobo,2009)

1.3 Assess internal and external sources of information and understanding for CitiPost

Internal information, which consists of data created for the sole use of the company that produces. Also, it’s mean that will be private and accurate. Also, it is only available to the business.  Internal resources of city post are such as financial, personnel, customer record, personal record, sales figure, profit and loss accounts, the balance sheet and marketing. Internally city post will get some information for financial. That financial controller or accountants for City Post basically control and manage the information related to the financial health of City Post, including the profit, business, costs, and profit margins. Furthermore, personal resources that Human Resources typically (HR) keeps the information on personal. Such as qualification, joining dates, performance history. It’s also kind of internal resource. Finally, the City Post keeps some information for marketing or sales. This particular team obtains the data related to sales promotion, like or dislike potential customers, any issues with City Post loyalty customers and annual reports. This data can be used to improve the customer service, promote the city post international service and go next level(Xu and Quaddus, 2013).

External information which documentation is made available to the public from a third party. Externally resources of city post are such as Government, financial business group, commercially provided, database and research. The Government obtains regulatory information about the business dealings, and tax liabilities. Furthermore, the Government is the most reliable source of data in city post.  Financial business group also, an external resource. That when the city post is going to open another branch in different area then they will seek the financial resource for taking the loan to build the new building. Finally, commercial provided that say consulting firms, external agencies, may be hired to provide important information on city post. It will help in preparing strategies for the business (Epstein and Buhovac, 2006).On the other hand, external factors are not dominated or governed by Citi Post.This information can be collected through various external sources like government agencies and private information contributor. External information is legislations, census figures, trade journals, national opinion polls, industry standards internet and professional publications. Among collected information, marketing manager has to collect information of competitors(Moor-Barak, 2011).

On the other hand, external factors are not dominated or governed by Citi Post.This information can be collected through various external sources like government agencies and private information contributor. External information is legislations, census figures, trade journals, national opinion polls, industry standards internet and professional publications. Among collected information, marketing manager has to collect information of competitors(Moor-Barak, 2011).

Primary sources are customers feed-back that they are giving some commence about the city post. It will bad and good commence. Therefore, if they want to improve this service then they will give some idea via the commence. It is important every organisation. Secondary sources are reported information about the services of city post from the news, journals, magazines and social media. Nowadays the social media is very easy to access everywhere. Therefore, It’s more opportunity to reach every people. For instance, such as a news regarding the city post that some new service type will execute end of this year. According this message city post will get more knowledge from the social. If it’s regarding the job opportunity, then more people will join with them.


Customers and other stakeholders- Every organization builds by stakeholders. Such as customers, suppliers, employees, employers etc. The city post will collect the information from the customers as a feed-back.Other stakeholders mean the employees are planning that how to improve their customer service in their organization. Also, in city post map updated person giving the new plan for addresses of customers. It’s easy to access to reach the particular customer.


1.4 Justify recommendations for improvement for Citi Post

There is no particular approach for improvement followed by Citi Post. In respect to decision-making, various improvementscan be brought. Improvement can be occurred in through several processes like capture, identification, sharing, organization and evaluation(Murphy, 2004).The management of Citi Post uses these. Another improvement process is bringing innovation in every department. Also,there need to be allowed the data protection that improve or increase the security system with customers data. It would be feeling safe for customers. A well-defined and structure approach is necessary within organization to identify quality sources of information.Therefore, the recruitment of team members is very important. Moreover, it is also necessary to keep the track of the qualities and weakness of the employees within the organization, so that effective resource utilization can be achieved at the time of need. Effective resourceutilization always results in increasing the revenue generation and keep an eye on the expenses that are associated with the operations of the organization.

There are lots of ways present by which communication could be improved. Communication is the process which can enhance the bonding among the stakeholders. As stakeholders are important for the business process, management of city post must have to focus on appropriate negotiation process by which a smooth understanding of the matter could be done easily. A structured communication pathway would be needed so that a smooth outcome could be obtained in this case.

Here are some recommendations of how the improvements should be made and what is expected from them:

The centre needs a capability to provide better and more efficient support to departments and more effective leadership on management information. This should include reporting on comparisons between departments, assisting with technology to automate data collection and exercising control over central requests to departments for information. Much of the reporting and requests for information from departments can and should be rationalised.

Senior and operation managers, both within departments and at the centre of dispatch, should systematically review management information and use it to challenge performance

A rigorous quality assurance regime should be put in place to validate the quality of management information reported by departments.

Departments should determine and report their own departmental specific management information, applying the same principles of reporting, data standards, ownership and quality assurance that are recommended here.



2.1Identification of stakeholders for decision making process (all points)

Sources: stakeholders and useful contacts, internal and external

According to Johnson, Scholes, and Whittington (2006), they define stakeholders as, money related aces, private affiliations, get-togethers, media, weight get-individuals or groups who depend on the organization to fulfil their own goals and on whom, in turn, the organization depends.Assistants of the affiliation are the individual or get-together which are intrigued and can manipulate the alliance. There are two sorts of stakeholders, for example, Inward associates as are Citi Post experts, troughs outside accessories like as CitiPost clients, customers, neighboring government, banks, NGO’stogethers.Affiliation ought to make association with assistants who request that beneficial talk make the alliance accomplishment by learning and listening each other’s. This assists to diminish clashes and help better key administration. Right when assistants are joined into early times of arranging approach and basic initiative issues can be compelled. By interfacing with assistants in central authority it maintains a strategic distance from fight, help pleasant learning, ‘Shared Vision’ can be conveyed and inventive courses of action can be made. Each affiliation has an arrangement of uncommon associates and their level of intrigue and influencing limit moreover separate. Business ought to first perceive and evaluate the giganticness of every associate. Therefore, when the assists that organizations stakeholders are going to make decision then they must consider about the organizations profitability and growth. This decision should come from effective and efficient communication (Hillebrand ,2009).





2.2 Make contact with those identified and develop business relationships (all points)

Methods: formal, informal

Innovative ideas are the backbone of the success of various operations.Along with initiation of the ideas it is also essential to implement them. The business development has formal informal relationship with their organization and stakeholders. Therefore,tolerable relationship(informal) skills and proper communication process becomes the prime reason for the success of every business organization.This proper communication is lead to a formal relationship with the organization. It is very important to identify the goals and set the targets accordingly. Therefore, the City Post also using the formal and informal relationship with their customers, employers, employees, and business dealers. For instance, an employee well known the customer and then he asks about the customers situation. In this case they build the relationship with the customer. These methods are using in many organizations.  Moreover, to work as per the targets mentioned is also highly essential.Development regarding the business relationship to maintain up an informal relationship with accomplishment and for acquiring the desired yields taking after is fundamental. Recognize the accomplices according to the numberof accomplices can be greater than any affiliation considers. Finally, theseprovide to professionalization the exchanges as to suit each person. Overall needs have determined the accomplices that require general unfaltering correspondence that could be altered as well as centered by their necessities. Recognizing what respective information is basic by the assistant is also imperative (Wilson, et al.,2006).

Pulling in alliance ought to discover imaginative and fruitful approaches to manage chat with the clients. Accommodating programming gathering can be effortlessly utilized along these lines if need to restore particular get-togethers about certain circumstance. Two-way exchanges are pressing as connection in addition need to get a handle on about their clients. Perception and dealing with the objectives of accessories are to a great degree indispensable screen engagement with assistants ought to be helpful all around the resistance might be spread over. Empowering the input of associates is uncommonly made to screen the eventfulness.

2.3 Involve those identified in the decision making as appropriate

It has been assessed that communication among the stakeholder’sassistants ought to be permitted to acknowledge basic administration of the relationship to fulfill an understanding choice through basic initiative handle. There are many variety of effective communication. For instance, face to face discussions, use of emails, telephones etc. Moreover, discuss with personal meeting that all management team will come to meeting point and discuss about the good and bad side of the business and how to improve the bad side in business. Also, managers and line managers are contact and shares valuable information via email. It is a kind of professional network.It would be as easy in contact with others and often know upcoming job opportunities and trends help stakeholders in decision making. Shared major administration between the connection and the assistants are essential to gathering meanders. This helps accessories to better handle the state of the connection and Responsibility of outside assistants, for example, societal relationship for central authority of the affiliation give positive commitment to convey healing choice with corporate social responsiveness. Broadened impact of local people, for example, through national contracts and neighborhood sheets as new sorts of cooperation develops the impact of social event on fundamental administration of the relationship as appeared by open strategies. By consolidating the associate gatherings in crucial administration can diminish the veto essentialness of societal performing skilled workers since they are joined into basic authority to overhauled choices. Nature of principal authority can be redesigned by wander of various assistants in fundamental initiative by navigate the impression of each collaborate with the general knowledge.According this information if City Post involving this personal networking, professional networking, community networking and individual networking then it would come as successful business in the organisation.

2.4 Design strategies for improvement (at least 3 points)

Considering the aspects of procedures of CitiPost in managing the collaborator in addition to a combine of proposals for improvement it has been entailed that the factors should be entailed in order to determine the factors. Customers strange were shopping information, sagaciously and genuinely, confidently, and direct,surveyaltering customer requirements by consumer Address Time is at present done by CitiPost.

Specialists are outfitted with Sensible terms and conditions, respect, openings, prosperity and security. Staff gives contribution to yearly determination of audit. They can encompass post work evaluation with agents.

Formal and informal

The formal communication method such as meeting, conference call, letters and mail are very common in CitiPost.Lunch meeting and sports events are informal method used by CitiPost.Through this formal and informal method stakeholders need to understand that they are accountable for ensuring that the training covers all areas in scope including process, system and behavioral change; meets the needs of their business areas and is accurate; and contains the appropriate key business messages and positioning The most important element in stakeholder communications is identifying the target audience. Be deliberate and seek out input from all known groups to find the unknown groups. It can be tough when too late in the project a critical person or group is identified that has not received any of the communication through course of project and has valuable links that need to be addressed. So make sure you avoid this scenario and take all the steps early to create a document with all stakeholders you need to manage communication with. Once you have that the ways below can help you to keep communication active, frequent and ongoing collaboration so there is strong support for your project. This is one of the successful method uses by CitiPost to their improvement. (Rob , 2010).

Trust and confidentiality- City post organization could improve their fundamental relationship with stakeholders through trust and confidentiality. Lots of confidential information is shared through this process and by the help of this way stakeholders could be able to familiar with the current system and process. It is quiet familiar to everyone that a trust factor always plays a crucial role in enhancing the business process.





3.1 Report on existing processes of communication in Citi Post (at least 3)

Communication can be of different types Verbal Communication process and Non-verbal communication process. With the help of different communication process, management of CitiPost is maintaining entire communication within organization.

Encoding (written): In order to take care of safety issues, encoding is known as the best process. In which, sender has to encode the message like translating the information into a meaningful symbol such as languages, words and gestures. Symbols are used to maintain authentication of data and also used to encode idea in a transferable thought. This transferable language can only be understood by the receivers(Smith and Mounter, 2008). The encoding sender will decide what is needed to be transmitting in accordance with the decision about the receiver’s knowledge. Receivers should be familiar with the used knowledge.

Feedback in work shop and training events:In case of communication process, Feedback is known as a message, in which receiver can continue. After receiving the information, receiver can inform whether he approve or disapprove the plan. Feedback may be a necessary and only those effective interpersonal communication, it may be those recipient light of sender message could be purposely alternately unintentional(Wilson,et al.,2006). Reaction need aid permit the communicator to alter those messages could be, more successful In any case without input might make no possibility to get to realizing those implying needed being imparted.

Internet: In the era of technological advancement, internet is one of the supportive mediums for communication. Shareholders and stakeholders can able to collect information online. With the help of internet, internet can able to maintain both internal and external communication. Along with that, both conventional and non-conventional mediums are considered as communication methods(Curtis, 2009). Non-conventional way of communication involves internet, implementation of ERP system and social networking platform. On the other hand, conventional ways of communication is advertisement through newspaper, TV, Radio Etc.

Meeting and conferences- CitiPost effectively used meeting and conferences in order to develop their business.- Meeting and seminars also have huge benefits in the organizational premises. In this case management of city post could be able to convey some important issues towards them. In this situation more opportunity to giving all of the participants feed-back and getting new plane, experience of different persons. It will help to improve the service of city post. On the other hand management can negotiate with them regarding different matters like financial outcome, investment or promotions.


One-to-one meetings- City post’s meeting with the customer service team or stakeholders involved a wide range of communication methods. On to one meeting is involves two persons. These city post work in the last two years there were all sports of other methods used keep in touch. That e-mails, mobile phones, text (SMS), face to face, paper based and teleconference. For instance, an employee wanted to do the extra hours work in his shift. So, he will call or SMS as personally the management employee and tell about the overtime.


Workshops and training events- Work shop and trainings are effective to judge the organizational procedures. City post is evaluating every single employee during the workshop time and more chance for clarify about theirs doubt. Furthermore, this workshops and training are associate network is a close community of trainers who share best practice in learning and development. For every contract with suppliers or limit work with different branch they work on, they build a dedicated team of trainers who are happy to share knowledge about the client and workshop content. This event ensures that they able to deliver workshops that are of a consistent quality across a range of geographical locations, at minimal cost to city post.


3.2 Design ways to improve appropriateness in the communication process in CitiPost

There are several ways to improve communication within CitiPost; it is one of the largest main delivery company in UK and aim of the company is to spread its business globally. Only with the help of improved communication process, the business can be improved. Above-mentioned all the processes are associated with some difficulties and this can lead to misconception. Management is trying to bring in entire communication process by using multiple methods.

Use of multiple channels: Communication can be enhanced significantly with the help of using multiple channels. Management should not rely on one communication channel only in order to reach the intending. Most effective ways of communication are e-mails, faxes, memos, telephone and meetings (Kramer and Harris, 2016).

Repeat important messages: Often it is seen that employees are not trained enough to understand important messages after just one repeat; therefore, it is needful to repeat the message many time for mitigating communication error.

Active listening: Active listening method is applied for verbal communication in which listener has to listen attentively. Maintaining eye contact is the best medium of active listening. On the other hand, employees should be trained enough that they listen to messages for ensuring maximum understanding of the message. In case of non-verbal communication body posture is an aid to better understanding of messages(Lloyd, 2002).

Messages Get Across: Getting message from other parties should be cross-wise and planned. Entire message delivery process should be planned effectively Openness, genuineness, direct, comprehended and regarded by people will get a comprehend whether message got precisely.

Handle communication problems: Aroused communication problems in entire communication process have to be resolved effectively in order to avoid any further error.Communication errors like misunderstanding, conflict arising, cultural differences and dealing with other problems can be arisen ought to be managed perfectly(Markel, 2010).

Vertical correspondencecomprises rivulet of data between countless levels in an organization. Even communication contains stream of data between the general population at a similar level(Martin and Tulgan, 2002).

3.3 Implement improvements to ensure greater integration of systems of communication in CitiPost

Communication strategies should be implemented as early as possible in order to persuade a person. To become a successful organization, it is necessary that organization must have systematic communication plan(Mor-Barak, 2011). Communication is known as base of decision making, where organization wants to focus on, opportunities can be found, and challenges can be optimized and monitored.Understand the current situation; marketing manager of CitiPost will analyze the current position of market both internally and externally. Internal understanding helps in identifying strengths and weaknesses of the company and external understanding facilitates in determining competitors’ position in market.Communication strategy should define goals and objectives of the organization. Determining target audience for the communication like with whom they want to communicate(Murphy, 2004).Different ways tocommunicate are endless. That telephone, email, mobile phone, skype and social media. In order to face to face communication is also greater integration of system s of communication. At star, we interview all our candidates face to face. It’s what our clients expect and its invaluable when it comes to differentiating between candidates. You can learn more about a person meeting them physically than you ever could simply communicating over telephone or email. Furthermore, an authority on body language, James Borg says that human communication consists of 93%body language and paralinguistic cues, while only 7% consists of words. These are the advantages of the face to face communication. However, we have some disadvantages of face to face communication. That companies find hard to get around, especially it it’s a large company. In a bigger organization finding time to meet people physically can be tricky, particularly if the company has multiple offices across a city or country, and inevitably things like an intermittent internet signal can make communicating via computer screens a little frustrating.

Before implementing communication strategy, management should identify the main idea with which it is necessary to be communicated. Along with that, target audience’s ideas should be related to the messages and messages should not be rigid to understand(Smith and Mounter, 2008).

Develop communication strategy for maintaining coordination between potential stakeholders. CitiPost is a large organization; therefore, the company has hierarchical structure rather than flat one. Maintaining communication in hierarchical structured organization is the most difficult job.It needs well-established communication process.

Time saving communication system should be developed and supervised within CitiPost as management will get more time to communicate the project with volunteers.

3.4 Create a personal plan to improve own communication skills.

Before developing personal communication skills, it is necessary to understand my strengths and weaknesses. Strengths are good at written communication, I have good verbal communication skills, and Regular follow-up. Weaknesses areI am weak at non-verbal communication skills like body language and posture, Cot cooperative in group communication skills, bit nervous so my communication while meeting is not sufficient, due to lack of group communication skills, I have not taken decision accurately and my time management skill is also suffering.

Different approaches are going to be adopted in order turn my weaknesses into positivity. Weaknessescan be removed with the help of maximum possible group meetings and communications. Communication should be clear, concise and crisp. A communication plan is kind of roadmap, which helps me in communicating information to the staffs.

Staffs are coming from different and they are different from each other race wise, class wise, religion and ethnicity wise.Everyoneshould be treated equally.I have to keep positive attitude, encourage others, minimize stress, lodge complain whenever it is necessary, empathize with other, concerns of other’s emotion and improve my active listening skills.






4.1 Report on existing approaches to the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge for CitiPost.

In any case estimation of information will be surveyed in comparison to the various leveled goals and using social and social establishments. Issues that are pertinence to are comprehended and data identified with that will be amassed. Data sorts, for example, referenced data, accommodating data, Referral data, exact data and Demonstrative data will be considered. By then this data will to be sorted out by the honest to goodness necessities. Prior to the communication a person must understand what information they need to communicate. First usefulness of a particular information should have evaluated against the organizational objectives and using social and cultural backgrounds.Problems and Issues and which are relevance to the receiver must be understood and information related to that should be collected. Information types such as Bibliographic information, Referral information, Practical information, Statistical data and Analytical information can be considered. Then this information should be formatted according to the organizational requirement(Commonwealth of Australia, 2009).

Data storage is also an essential aspect which must have to be focused appropriately and respective management of the organization needs to concentrate on hard and soft ways to collect and gather data. According to the researchers; data could be recorded and put in floppy disk or hard drive in the computers. On the other hand, Citi Post could use cloud base database for storing all kinds of information. On the other hand, stakeholders could be communicated through email and chats. Electronic mailing system would be the official and corporate way to acknowledge people for any activity. In this 21st century data spoofing has been a major threat and respective organization Citi Post also needs to concentrate on this matter so that effective outcome could be obtained.




4.2 Carry out appropriate changes to improve the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge for CitiPost

To improve the collection storage, formatting, and dissemination of information and knowledge all the process should be very systematic. To recover the communal affair, arranging, stockpiling, and spread of information and adapting all the strategy should be extraordinarily think.Proper capturing of information using both content-oriented and problem-oriented approaches are important. Both traditional and innovative methods should be used to the above process. In collection of content oriented information resources such as library catalogues Suitable getting of information using both substances masterminded and issue arranged approaches are essential. Both standard and innovative methodologies should be used to the above methodology. In social occasion of substance masterminded information resources, for instance, library inventories, specific databases, propelled libraries; web resources et cetera can be used. Gotten information can be secured in database which is definitely not hard to recoup as shown by the required reason. Information bases, for instance, electronic databases, automated libraries and web resources can be used. Exactly when the affiliation requires the issue centered information scrutinizing wellsprings of information or checking the present information to check whether getting and set away information can be useful for this specific reason. To interface the gathering people to accumulate information and moreover disseminate information open stages can be made. This help to make correspondence joins with the gathering to convey issues material to the gathering, for instance, thing exhibiting, proper to information, openings for work, prosperity, et cetera. The inspiration driving disseminating and this kind of information preface basic to repeated spread of information (Smith and Mounter, 2008).

Current and valid- what changes should CitiPost make in order to improve and ensure current and valid collection and storage of information?

Appropriate distribution channel would be needed for the benefits of the overall matter. Through this process smooth and efficient outcome could be needed. At this present moment communication in Citi Post organization could be smooth so that all the staffs and employees will have the chance to negotiate with each other

Legal and confidential- what changes should CitiPost make in order to improve and ensure legal and confidential collection and storage of information?

A specific legal advisor should be there who could suggest all types of legal issues for executing work activities in an appropriate and efficient manner. If you going to open the account regarding city post then you must firstly agree to the term and conditions. You may not use the services if you don’t accept the terms. Also, the city post payments services must be made within the agreed payment period. They may use contact details to send these recommendations and other relevant information about our job opportunities or other relevant services. It’s confidential so, they will keep it secure. The return parcels have to be collected before that particular period. Otherwise according to terms and conditions they will return the items to back to place. Therefore, this legal and confidential is impact in city post service.

4.3 Implement a strategy to improve access to systems of information and knowledge in CitiPost.

Please use the points on the slides. Please make sure to link to CitiPost.

For any affiliation data and framework is fundamental for the conventional operations. It is significant to essential access of data. For this better use of the data and data structure is focal. This ought to solidify data about each branch of the alliance, ought to take a gander at advance and any issues, surveyed and empower, co-course of action and can revive the structure utilizing information and proposition of others. Propelling sponsorship of Senior Manager is fundamental for any data and learning association framework. Data and Learning Association system ought to be stayed up with the latest by constantly enhancing levels and procedures for social event data and data. Affiliation ought to channel down Data progress, total criticism notwithstanding confirmation objectives are met. Clients are the key partner of the association and administration is whole in charge of overseeing customers. Chairperson of board is worried with the whole falling correspondence process and points of interest taken by contenders. This report paper is attempting to uncover how strategic data and framework can be overseen in a viable route with a specific end goal to accomplish authoritative objectives to get by from financial downturn. This report card accommodates greater part of the information on the tests that would stood up to same time setting up another advantage of the business over administration sector(Lloyd, 2002). It moreover accommodates greater part of the information on the decisions taken in the current past starting another business.

In the section below I will discuss about some strategies that we use in order to improve access to systems of information and knowledge in CitiPost.

In order to improve access to systems of information and knowledge in CitiPost we are using just one technology and purchased a wide range of applications from a single vendor.This helps us in ensuring the the system is coping well with the storage of information and everybody in our organization is able to access it effectively. Furthermore by using a single vendor, we can always refer back to them when we experience issues.

We have also in place the use of passwords in accessing information by management and employees. Thus we ensure that only the right person have access to the relevant information.

We have also in place the use of ID Cards given to members of the organisation to enhance the access to the systems of information and also helps to protect information from leaking to outsiders without this form of ID Cards within the organisation,



From the overall discussion of the paper, it has been understood that communication plays a noteworthy role within organization.Activities within organization need to be managed properly with the respect to information, communication and knowledge. In the changing scenario of workplace, communication plays a significant role(Wilson, Hoppe and Sayles, 2006). Henceforth, proper techniques are needful for facilitating decision making and stimulating cultural changes. Because of unpredictability of business procedures, individuals need abnormal state of learning, abilities, and aptitude. Prior to the communication, it is necessary that staffs should have knowledge what information they need to communicate(Curtis, 2009).To improve formatting, storage, collection and dissemination entire process should be systematic.


Curtis, J. (2009). Managing sticky situations at work.Santa Barbara, Calif.: Praeger/ABC-CLIO.

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Management involves being responsible for directing others and making decisions on behalf of a company or organisation. Managers will have a number of resources at their disposal, of which they can use where they feel necessary to help people or a company to achieve their goals.

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