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Communications cover an array of systems and technologies used to send information, including radio, TV, phone, and computer systems. Communications studies also provide an understanding of effective conveyance of information in various sectors such as the press, broadcasting, film, advertising and digital media.

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A New Security Method for 4G LTE Networks

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The purpose of the study is to secure the 4G LTE networks with a new method/approach. This project is related to network security....

Last modified: 23rd Feb 2022

Impact of Globalisation on the Telecommunication Industry

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My aim is to find out what are benefits or losses the Pakistan gaining from the globalisation. Globalisation has most probably positive effects on the developing countries and Pakistan comes under developed country....

Last modified: 28th Jan 2022

Transitions in Integrated Marketing Communications

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An overview of traditional and digital marketing methods and the move to integrated marketing communications with examples....

Last modified: 21st Jan 2022

Secure Wireless Communication over RF

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This project is about the secure wireless communication over RF. The main advantage of this project is that the data cannot be received until and unless you don’t have receiver code that is compatible to transmitter....

Last modified: 21st Jan 2022

Audio Steganography Technique for Communication Security

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The main aim of this steganography technique is to communicate with full security with a completely undetectable manner and thus avoiding drawing suspicion to any intermediaries present transmission for a hidden data....

Last modified: 30th Nov 2021

Implant Communication and MAC Protocols for a Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN)

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This article consists of two parts: body implant communication, which is concerned with the communication to and from a human body using RF technology, and WBAN MAC protocols, which presents several low-power MAC protocols for a WBAN with useful guidelines....

Last modified: 29th Nov 2021

Discrete Multitone (DMT) in Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Communications

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The research focuses on the use of filtered DMT (FDMT) based technology that can achieve a superior data rate transmission over DSL lines....

Last modified: 26th Nov 2021

Dissertation on the Capacity of Fiber Optic Network Connections

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The starting report describes the network traffic and capacity growth and extrapolations for the future. Then later studies the technological challenges of growing the capacity of single-mode fibers by presenting a capacity limit survivable optical fibers....

Last modified: 23rd Nov 2021

Communications Strategy for Bihar Tourism

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This study aims to look at Bihar as a tourism destination, understand its potential, both cultural and political along with the way it is perceived by the outside world....

Last modified: 8th Oct 2021

Re-branding and Repositioning of the Republic Bank Group

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This study seeks to reposition and re-brand the Republic Bank Group, as the Bank moves closer to its vision of being the “Bank of Choice in the Caribbean”....

Last modified: 7th Oct 2021

Communications Dissertation Topics

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Example communications dissertation topics below to help and inspire your topic choice for a dissertation in communications....

Last modified: 17th Aug 2021

Communications Dissertation Titles

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Communications Dissertation Titles. We have provided this selection of example communications dissertation titles to help and inspire you....

Last modified: 16th Aug 2021

Critical Analysis of Coca Cola's Corporate Communication Strategy

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This report critically reviews the corporate communication strategies being utilized within the Coca-Cola Company....

Last modified: 30th Jul 2021

Literature review on Dynamic Firewall Policy for VoIP Security

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In this paper, we propose a new firewall deign that is able to dynamically update firewall policy based on Neural Network and achieve packet examinations under rising traffic loads, higher traffic speeds, and stringent QoS necessities....

Last modified: 3rd Jun 2021

Improved Cryptographic Algorithm Using Mix Column Function

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ABSTRACT Cryptography is the science of securing data using mathematical techniques, and these are computationally intensive. Computer information Security is a challenging issue of data communication...

Last modified: 13th Dec 2019

Principles of Business Communication and Information

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Learning Outcome 1 – Understand negotiation in a business environment  In this report I have outlined the standard process of negotiation and the different approaches that could be taken, along wit...

Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Wireless Data Transfer Using Light Fidelity 

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Abstract Usage of light emitting diode (LED) is rapidly growing due to its reliability, low power consumption and high efficiency. In Visible Light Communication (VLC) system, LED is used for illumi...

Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

Managing Communication, Knowledge, and Information (MCKI)

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Managing communication, Knowledge, and Information (MCKI)   Introduction   The purpose of this research paper is to serve the relationship among communication, knowledge, and information within an...

Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

Argos System: Radar, Radio Navigation and Location Systems

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ARGOS SYSTEM: TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATIONS RADAR, RADIO NAVIGATION AND LOCATION SYSTEMS Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Overview of Argos Technology 2.1 Argos’ main characteristics 2....

Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

Next Generation Telecommunication Network

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Table of Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 1.1 Objectives 1.2 Background 1.3 Geographic and Demographic 1.3.1 Past & Current Population 1.3.2 Population Forecast 1.3.3 Population by State 1.3.4 Aus...

Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

Communication Methods for People with Learning Disabilities

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IDENTIFYING HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITY                                                      CHAPTER ONE 1.1 AIM The a...

Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC) Analysis

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Albanian Mobile Communications Market segments characteristics. (Demands type) Business and Residential are the main customer segments for Data and Internet services. According to ERG Report on regula...

Last modified: 6th Dec 2019