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Application for Medical Appointment Booking

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Published: 29th Sep 2021

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This application gives an online stage to the clients to book meeting with the specialists who are accessible in adjacent area, since the application is facilitated in an online workspace it makes it simple for the clients to see the entire specialist’s profile and audits about the specialist to book arrangements in earlier on their telephones or PCs from their home or some other favored media, wiping out the need to visit the specialist’s place.

In the existing system people manually visit and search for the best medical services offered by any doctors, ask for referrals to known people and it is difficult for them to schedule their work according to the timings of the particular doctor.     

To overcome the stated problems, We have designed and developed the proposed application in such as way that enables  user to manually search and visit for the best doctor nearby, ask for referrals to known people and schedule their appointment  date and time  according to patient’s availability.

The enrolled client will likewise have the capacity to have their records kept up alongside their therapeutic history and can have similar reports with the specialist and get counsel when in need so it makes it simple, both for specialists and clients.

With the features such as 3d Virtual tour users would be able to closely pay attention about the clinic and all the other features provided by doctor as well as the clinic. Google map’s service would help users to reach to the doctor with easy without having to worry about the location and locality of the doctor.

With features such as doctor at home, The elderly, person staying alone or the seriously person would be getting healed at home, rather than having to worry about how to reach to the doctor.


1.1 Project Description

Medictto is an online platform for booking appointments with Doctors. The proposed system aims at providing the heath related services at finger tips by allowing the users to book an appointment with the best Doctors around them. The proposed system can make huge impact on people’s lives as it enables solution for most critical thing i.e. health related problems in a easy and much convenient manner. It allows the users of the portals to select the best Doctors and helps them view the profile of the Doctors online. There are many features in the proposed system which are unique and are public friendly.

The proposed system is completely based on Technology as it has the web-based application along with Android and IOS application. The users can get benefit with this amazing services anytime and anywhere. The proposed system strengthens the bonding and relationship between Doctors and Patients as it enables the one-to-one care and gives the complete focus of Doctors individually.

The Proposed framework is the associating point for patients and their favored Doctors by enabling the patients to think about the Doctors by their counsel charge, their experience, their profile, their area, their accessibility, their aptitude, their center foundation and so forth. Consequently this proposed framework can be considered as the best for each person who might want to get the treatment from the best and fulfilled Doctors at their own helpful time. This can change the therapeutic business guidelines and can have the colossal effect on the current framework.

The proposed framework does associate the Doctors and Patients as well as interfaces the Hospitals, Labs and Clinics with Patients as it gives the choice of choosing or booking meeting with the greater part of the above. The framework likewise demonstrates the virtual voyage through the foundation of the centers and healing facility to every one of the clients with a specific end goal to refresh the patient about the cleanliness of the spots.

The proposed framework similarly helps its sellers i.e. Specialists to refresh the accompanying points of interest by means of the Doctor’s App or Doctor’s gateway:

  • Update Time Slots
  • Accept the appointments from the patients
  • Update the restorative reports in their electronic gateway
  • View the patient rundown

The proposed framework for its clients (patients) incorporate the accompanying components:

  • Medicine Reminder (reminds to take the critical prescriptions on time)
  • Upload their fundamental medicinal reports
  • Book meetings with Doctors, centers, Hospitals, labs and so forth.
  • Can see Doctors list by area and Specialization
  • Can analyze the meeting charges of the accessible Doctors
  • Can see the aptitude of the Doctors or the administrations of the Hospital
  • Can view Doctor’s profile
  • Registered clients can compose the surveys about the Doctors and non-enlisted clients can read the audits
  • Can see the 3D stroll through of the property
  • Can wipe out and reschedule the arrangements
  • Can get the updates and notices about their requests or appointments

The proposed framework for Hospitals and Labs incorporate the accompanying components:

  • Can deal with the timeslots of the Doctors
  • Can acknowledge the appointments
  • Can relegate the Doctors to the patients
  • Can check for the future appointments
  • Can track the request history
  • Can share the reports on the site about their Hospital or labs
  • Can exhibit the discussion expense and administration charge for lab administrations
  • Can get to the patients profile
  • Can oversee Hospital or lab’s profile

1.2 Company Profile

Nascor Technologies is fundamentally a Bangalore based programming improvement outsourcing organization which blossoms with conveying mind impacting answer for the client.Our Canvas incorporates E-business, social insurance and media.

The quality of Nascor Technologies lies in its outsourcing model of venture execution that makes it workable for on time conveyance of the most exceptional and convoluted programming framework and its answer for the customer. Upheld by a capable pool of most experienced and expert programming engineers frame the top most specialized and research establishment in the region. It offer you die hard faithfulness at all phase of the venture ideal from the underlying detail to the last conveyance and keeps up, with a series of the clock bolster.

Established in the year 2015 the organization is as of now working in India, Japan and Oman.

Ability in Web based application, Android application, ios application, Digital showcasing and modified programming application.

Android Application Development

At Nascor Technologies we make a point to stay informed concerning all the most recent Android advancements and offers our administrations over all telephones and tab.

With around 75% of advanced mobile phone clients being android. It’s vital that your application is streamlined for the hundred of differing gadget and screen estimate. We Love the Android stage and are practical about using every one of its functionalities to make the most elevated quality specially crafted application to offer our administrations over all telephone watches and tablets.

Android is the generally picked stage for versatile application advancement. Which is been utilized for the most part by the advanced cells and tablets. Android is an impetus for business to dispatch a valuable and imaginative versatile application. Our versatile application group of Android designers is exceptionally learned as to their specialized topic and are extremely well skirt to keep up adjust with the prerequisite.

IOS Application Development

Being a main edge innovation, Nascor Technology is the correct asset for giving you the best and astounding iPhone application as a piece of our improvement benefit. Apple iPhone has made wakes with its inventive interface and mind blowing highlights.

WEB Development

Our organization has famous PHP group for savvy and responsive site advancement, Our involvement in PHP utilizes most recent advances allow us to make an exquisite, one of a kind, redid site.

Our Other Service

  • Website Maintenance
  • Fully Customized Software
  • Google Street View
  • Google advertisement Service
  • Social Media Marketing


It’s been said by such a variety of individuals that “Wellbeing is Wealth “, By wellbeing we just not mean the nonappearance of physical issues, but rather it’s a condition of finish mental, physical and social prosperity. The loss of wellbeing is sufficient to screw our bliss.

Specialist being a so essential piece of our everyday life , we require them usually , We are without a doubt so reliant to them that we talk, walk and move Doctor.

As per the review completed by AIMS “the way the number of inhabitants in India is expanding , the real issue we will be getting in close time is lack of Good Doctors”. Number of Doctors accessible in Karnataka as though now are 40000 , which is 1 Doctor for every 100 individuals , which is pertinently better contrasting with the circumstance in rest of India. In any case, these many Doctors won’t be sufficient to satisfy the requirements of patient which will be in front of them in a long time from now.

At the early phase of research we paid visit to such a variety of Doctor’s , center and their separate patients and client keeping in mind the end goal to cook the issues they confront in their everyday life alongside their recommendation what should be done , or the progressions they might want to have with regards to their expert life and arrangement booking et cetera. So we can think of something which can improve the life for the Doctor as well as of their patients .Ex The fundamental issue confronted by the greater part of the patients where deficiency of Good and Specialist Doctor’s. Furthermore, the fundamental reason being not very many no of value therapeutic schools ,enormous course span and on top of that course consumption which private universities requested to cook the restorative and additionally instrumental prerequisite of medicinal understudy. Indeed, even in the wake of completing off their medicinal they are not master to a specific kind and for completing their specialization they additionally need to spend lakh’s of cash together alongside it they will be losing their valuable time also.

Till day there is no relationship of Doctors accessible in Karnataka which can cook the necessity of Doctors and let the world think about the state of current Doctors in Karnataka. So investigating the state of current therapeutic circumstance we at Nascor came into the save and arranged out do to something which was never done or thought of.

2.1 Existing System

Holding up Time

The term holding up for the most part alludes to the time from booking till the patient is being served by the Doctor. In the current existing framework essentially missing behind in that . The time spam from booking of arrangement till the time the patient is being served is excessively. 

Inaccessibility Of Doctor On Time

In the present Doctor booking framework , however the client can book the arrangement yet it doesn’t guarantee any surety. The reason being the Doctor may not be keeping great on the given day or because of some individual issue he may tumbled to serve the patient on the given day and the patient may need to sit tight for further more day and take another arrangement and need to hold up till a day or two ago. Human wellbeing is so delicate it can hardly wait for so long and he may wind up getting some genuine medical problem. 

No Doctor Service At Home

Till time there is no application offering Doctor’s at your home stride. As per overview done by the AIMS patients recoup well when they are dealt with at home. So there is no compelling reason to go and visit a Doctor or clinic and get a vibe of home when you can to be sure be at home and get recuperated. 

Booking Of Hospital

Clinic is imperative and necessary piece of therapeutic care, any of us may require it at whatever time. so why not make it’s accessible whenever they require.

With regards to maternity cases a mother may require whenever. What’s more, a therapeutic help not gotten on time frequently prompts the demise of infant or at some point of mother also. What’s more, there is nothing more valuable than life so why not protected an existence and be a piece of such liberal cause. 

Solution Reminder

We individuals are particularly have a tendency to overlook things, we are so all around depleted in our everyday life that we now and again we may neglect to take our prescription, life being so valuable. It’s extremely huge to have it on time immediately or skip, so why not make something which can remind us about our solution or any stuff so far as that is concerned.

2.1.1 Propose System

Look For The Best Doctor Nearby

With Medictto you can look for the best Doctor’s accessible close-by to you. In this bustling world every one of us are so occupied in our everyday life that we scarcely gets an opportunity to know our neighbor leave about knowing our region well. That is were Medictto comes into picture it empowers you to know the Doctor’s of your encompassing alongside their profile with brief information about their instruction , specialization , encounter and the audits of their patients and rating so with all these data added to your repertoire would trivial much help you to discover the Doctor of your desire and mended by the best into your territory.

Not any more Waiting For Doctor

The proposed thought of our named application Medicitto is to plan an application such that enables you to be served by the Doctor on time. Which will help individuals to be served and mended at an early stage. Medicinal finding at an early stage diminishes the odds of being influenced by some genuine illness by 70 %.

Specialist At Home

Study done at an early stage propose that patient show signs of improvement when are given the simple sort of air that is what is been finished by a large portion of the doctor’s facilities nowadays , however there is such an extensive amount distinction among the term being at home and being given the unattractive air . so now prepare to be served at your home and have a speedier recuperation .

With Medictto you can approach your Doctor for a portion of the toolbox you may wish to have or may require amid or all through your course. 

3D Virtual Tour

3d virtual visit is most recent innovation executed by Google which highlights you with Full screen 360-degree scenes of notorious goals around the Clinic. The full screen 360-degree picture makes you for all intents and purposes go to the absolute most excellent elements of the healing center and facility you have thought of going by and the ability to observe from 360 degree use you the with sentiment standing directly after the place. Which was never felt.

Medication Reminder

All the dear mother’s and their dazzling youngsters’ currently require not to be stressed over the each other with regards to drug on the grounds that with Medictto you would be enlisting a right hand for that reason who might remind you about your solution on time alongside their individual pictures and everything will be finished taking less memory of your valuable versatile and no information charges . so prepare yourself for another time of the way we booked or have utilized a portable application for booking such administrations some time recently.

Google Maps

With a goggle outline Medictto now you can connect for your coveted Doctors effortlessly , The goggle guide would be helping you with the all the guide sort of things and would manage you through your whole adventure to another place without hardly lifting a finger which was never done.

Google Cloud Messaging

GCM is a most recent innovation created by goggle which fills in as a halfway between customer application and server which in term decrease the weight of client to look at for the refresh or any sort of change done to it . It won’t simply spare the clients exertion additionally understudy prompt the best possible use of customer gadget, for example, slam, battery and valuable information packs. So at whatever point any progressions are made to the application clients get told through a message.

2.2 Feasibility Study

The practicality contemplate has a noteworthy part to play with regards to investigation of framework. In early phases of Software improvement stage , It’s of especially essential to check whether the proposed framework is doable or not. There are 4 noteworthy viewpoints which we need to remember while checking for practicality.

In this innovation driven society, where individuals are so sincerely determined by innovation that privilege from awakening with versatile’s alert to setting up caution around evening time we as a whole are especially encased by cell phones. With less no of physical exercises and all the more no of unfortunate sustenance we are especially inclined of new and distinctive sort of restorative maladies .

The present atmosphere in human services innovation requests more proficiency and patients’ fulfillment in everyday restorative care. The quantities of missed and deferred arrangement brought on superfluous misuse of patient time as well as have created a noteworthy issue for human services organizations as of late to restorative foundation, for example, (AIMS),(KIMS) are such a large number of other. Subsequently, there is have to incorporated human services framework to mediate and give determined care to inpatients and outpatients. Subsequently, an effortlessly open arrangement booking application lies as the convergence of giving effective and opportune get to wellbeing division. Outpatient web based booking of arrangement is a subject of incredible enthusiasm of healing facilities and medicinal foundations.

The examination on online arrangement booking and planning of Doctor has a long history, which begun with the beginning of PDAs in India, The openness of advanced mobile phone to masses has made us think in that way. Beginning with the exploration completed by the understudy of the prestigious Manipal Hospital, Bangalore (2010). Their most popular outcome is the alleged Manipal Hospital arrangement plan, which expresses that patients ought to arranged their meeting with the Doctor at show one week earlier and ought to touch base on time else once the arrangement is missed he again need to take an arrangement which might be of a date later one week from the day he is taking arrangement .and the patients wasn’t empowered to have an arrangement time and date of his own desire, subsequently to that the patient lands toward the begin of the day, and spent entire his day sitting tight for his arrangement in light of the dread of not loosing up his meeting with the Doctor.

The achievability of a venture is again additionally characterized into couple of more part which incorporates 

Operational Feasibility 

The end clients of our application Medictto would Patient , Hospital staff and Doctors who might want to get them self selected with us to feel more connected with and occupied patient calendar at work . Access to our clients have been made considerably less demanding by empowering the social sign in alternative i.e. confront book sign in and Google sign in. clients will be likewise ready to scan for the Doctor close-by to him or to the Doctor of his own desire ,in view of specialization. The proposed framework would do the positioning of the Doctors in view of the audits and criticism of the patients for simple access to the best Doctors out of the rundown of Doctors. 

Specialized Feasibility 

An autonomous use of Medictto is especially devoted to the end clients, for example, patients , where he would be sign into pursuit the Doctor in view of his specialization, bring a meeting with the Doctor in view of his own time comfort. The Doctor’s App created would fundamentally enable the Doctors to oversee arrangements of their patients, to see the past therapeutic history in the event that they are rehashed patients and furthermore deal with their timeslots as needs be to their accessibility to make it less demanding for patients and empower them to book the arrangements at their helpful accessible timeslot.

The proposed framework utilizes a large portion of the accessible strategy and advancements to fabricate it henceforth making it all the more actually doable and furthermore by utilizing the basic rationales in the improvement of the venture it makes it specialized possible for the engineers who might be chipping away at the venture in future. 

Plan Feasibility 

The official due date to complete this venture is before the finish of six semester of MCA 2017 (May 23rd, 2017). Which is about three months from the time i have been given over this venture. To begin with, thing which we have done directly after given this venture is to purchase the space name particular to the venture since its take few times and a decent area name is not generally accessible. The second thing which adhered into my psyche was to locate the negligible arrangement of the issue keeping every one of the detriments of the current framework, and making a cool application which can help and preferred by the general population of any age. Prior to the begin of venture we have arranged Gantt Chart and separated the work stream as indicated by that. 

Financial Feasibility

I being a full stack designer of the proposed extend “Medictto” , have constantly attempted to constructed this application without any preparation utilizing the negligible cost for improvement , so have dependably picked or pursued programming’s which are either accessible for nothing or are accessible at the insignificant cost contrasting with other. When it desires the determination of IDE which is (Integrated Development Tool ) the conspicuous decision must be Android Studio not on the grounds that its free but rather additionally prescribed and upheld by goggle the IT Giant. Additionally with regards to utilizing the API and all we gets simple, quick and tremendous API bolster. With regards to the testing instrument which is fundamentally an android cell phone running the most recent google support and updates.

2.3 Tools And Technologies Used

Each venture is special in its own particular terms situated in the issue that emerges, the needs in which assets are doled out and the earth in which it works. So why we can expect the same summed up arrangement and advances for its answer. As a venture Developer we ought to dependably eye for a superior , exact and ideal arrangement of the issue and get a hands on involvement with the all the most recent advancements and devices coming up each passing day.

Given below are the tools used 


Meet The Android Studio 

Android Studio is an IDE for Android application advancement. Its created and declared by Google on May 16, 2013, Its kept up and prescribe by Google to all the android designer.

  • A quick element rich emulator for less repetitive work stack.
  • A disentangled and easy to understand condition where you can build up all Android gadgets.
  • Instant Run to reflect changes without being to manufacture an apk.
  • Easy import and combination of existing code from shroud ,Git-center point thus numerous other site.
  • Easy support to outsider library.


Meet The Notepad++

Scratch pad ++ is a content tool, It’s a program identified with word processor however it doesn’t perform unique enhance.

  • Special components of Notepad++ is, for example,
  • Creating basic content report.
  • Multi-entrusting/alter cluster records and so on.

The different advancements we have utilized amid the improvement and arrangement of this application are as per the following:


Meet The Java

This is a “protest arranged programming dialect and registering stage created by Sun Microsystems in the Year 1995”. With not having java introduced numerous apparatus, application and online interface won’t work, and more will be all the more such application and site’s are getting facilitated each step by step. It’s quick, straight forward, secured, and vigorous. From application to datacenters, gaming console to superfast PCs, Mobile telephones to web, Java is all over the place!


Meet The Volley Library

The Volley has a few points of interest over the conventional method for systems administration in android which is Asynctask.

Volley Library offers the accompanying advantages over the conventional AsyncTask few of them are as per the following:

  • Volley Automats booking of system demands and empowers us with various system association.
  • Volley oversees circle and memory reaction reserving with standard HTTP which causes   them stacking information speedier over conventional AsyncTask.
  • With Volley now we can organize our demand, and it required we can even drop them.
  • Volley empowers us with various demand sort , so now we can make distinctive sort of demand in light of the kind of information we need to recover over the web.

2.4 Hardware And  Software Requirement

Hardware Requirement

  • Processor:  Intel® Core™ i3 or above.
  • Hard Disk:  160 GB or above.
  • RAM:  2 GB Min , 8GB recommended.
  • Display:  Any TFT monitor or higher.
  • Keyboard:  Any with minimum required keys.

Software Requirement

  • Operation System:      Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10(32- or 64 bit)
  • Business Logic:      JDK 8,php,xml,json.
  • Database:      Sql Lite, MySql.
  • Environment:      Android Studio.


It is a point by point data of a product framework to be created. It includes finish depiction about the framework and the way it is relied upon to perform. It’s additionally grouped into two sorts

  1. Functional Requirements.
  2. Non Functional Requirement.

It additionally incorporates set of utilization cases and depicts client association with the product framework which must be given.

It builds up an understanding between application clients and head of the venture, It determines what the application must do and what it ought not. Programming prerequisites determination allows a clung to necessity about a venture before configuration can start which later enables client for later to overhaul. SRS should likewise give a commonsense thought of what can be accomplished, a premise thought regarding evaluating item, cost of advancement , dangers, and diverse calendars related with it.

Medictto is outlined and produced for arranged for wellbeing division .With the assistance of our application all the different office and parts of wellbeing segment, for example, specialists, healing center and Patients can be helped with the most valuable and ideal answer for all the present issue confronted by them. It can without much of a stretch help the client by oversee and keep up the report and record of every single related with it . This application is a decent method for organizing the arrangements, and dealing with the individual subtle elements in the most productive way.

How about we have a nearby take a gander at the different element related with programming necessity determination in points of interest in the precise next page.


In fact “clients ” are one of the fundamental contributions to see how the application is been utilized by them and how it can help individuals in their everyday life in water system of the issues they are confronting, and what sort of client experience they like the most , Users are essentially the one the application is being made for and the accomplishment of it is profoundly subject to them.

All the different  users closely associated with the projects Medictto are as follows


Admin will have all the openness in this application.

  • Can include the specialists with their profile points of interest.
  • Admin can include healing centers.
  • Can screen specialist and healing center exercises.
  • Can affirm benefits for specialists alongside healing facilities.
  • Monitoring and overseeing topographical points of interest.
  • Manage all the virtual voyages through facilities/clinics.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Can oversee session of specialists and timings.


  • Doctors can screen tolerant booking.
  • Maintain records of patient subtle elements.
  • Chat between specialists.
  • Transferring of proposals.
  • Approve arrangements.

Application USER

  • Can book scan for the specialist in light of their area.
  • Can book scan for the specialists in light of their specialization
  • Can get medicinal reports.
  • Will be helped with geological area of the specialist over goggle outline.
  • Will be getting all the most recent updates and happenings about the application with the assistance of goggle cloud informing.
  • Can be mended at home by deciding on a home restorative treatment.
  • Can utilize this application as a wellspring of medication update also.
  • User can decide on the specialist in light of the healing center of their own desire.
  • Can get updates messages about arrangement and all the related stuffs by means of sms and email.


  • Can include the specialists with their profile points of interest.
  • Can apportion availabilities for specialists.
  • Can include the status about specialist’s accessibility.
  • Can include the meeting charges or specialist expense.
  • Can keep up specialists profile.
  • Can keep up clients profile in view of the specialist’s visit.
  • Allocation of specialist’s to the patient as far as crisis.
  • Can furnish clients with the 3d Virtual voyage through their healing center.


It’s detail that states about application’s useful necessities. Practical prerequisite empowers us in satisfying the necessity indicated amid the framework prerequisite particular stage. The application engineer consents to give a similar usefulness indicated by the customer amid the necessity detail stage. The end-client in tern consents to acknowledge the created item on the off chance that it meets all the usefulness indicated amid the necessity determination stage.

Utilitarian prerequisites likewise manage what the framework ought to do or benefit which it ought to give to the end client. They additionally incorporate depiction about the required usefulness , traces about the related reports or online questions about it, alongside it likewise gives insights about the information to be held in the framework.

Utilitarian necessity is the place the application meets prerequisites. That is the motivation behind why Functional necessity is called as the focal report of utilization improvement stage.

Utilitarian Requirement is utilized for different reason some of them are as per the following:

  • It’s an extremely fundamental key for Design and advancement of the venture.
  • It encourages us in assessing the application all through the advancement the life cycle of the venture.
  • It’s an extremely basic instrument which manages the procedure of venture advancement and the accomplishment of any venture is exceptionally wards on it.

The Functional Requirement posses certain characteristics few of them are as given below:

  • It indicates that the specified application offers some incentive to the State regarding hierarchical and additionally operational destinations forms for no less than 3yrs.
  • It contains a total arrangement of prerequisites required for the application. Which waters the issue of anybody’s any longer presumption.

Medictto’s functionalities are as given underneath

  • Purposed framework gives client a chance to scan for the specialist in view of area.
  • It likewise gives client a chance to seek and select specialist in view of specialization.
  • 3d virtual visit which is an exceptional component of our application gives client a chance to encounter a remarkable view and look of the center and healing center which was never felt.
  • Login with social module, for example, goggle and facebook enables you to have a simpler, speedier, and more solid method for login into our application.
  • With highlights like One time Password(OTP) while reserving the arrangement verification of the client can be effortlessly done. Which will promote degree the odds of fake or mechanical dissension being book.
  • It additionally enables client to see the specialists profile, their charges , surveys of other about the specialist.
  • Our application is a goggle delineate one which guides clients with the land address of the specialist in the most actually progressed and less demanding way.
  • You can likewise make remarks about the specialist and he would hit you up at the earliest opportunity.
  • GCM gives you a chance to keep track about the most recent event about the venture and lessen your work of having a manual check about the application.
  • Medictto additionally empowers you to observe the different administrations offered by the specialist.
  • Medictto gives you a chance to book the meeting with the specialist in light of your time and day comfort.
  • With the exceptional component like mend at home , now you can likewise complete your treatment at home, Just fix a meeting with the specialist and he will be there at your entryway venture at no time.
  • Medicine update gives you a chance to have your prescription on time.
  • You can deal with your own information on the web.
  • You can likewise share your restorative subtle elements at different sharing stage and gives other’s a chance to be a piece of your satisfaction.
  • Now you can likewise have a meeting with the specialist in view of your preferred doctor’s facility.
  • You can see the accessibility of the specialist.
  • Having the online insights about every one of the patients , now the issue of missing arrangement and misuse of client’s valuable time can be lessen.

With all such cool, accommodating and easy to use usefulness Medictto is an unquestionable requirement have application for all your specialist related stuff.


It means about the characteristics, for example, execution levels, security, and also the different angles to be specific ease of use ,dependability, accessibility et cetera. constantly , necessity definition gets wrapped up in the way the application is required to work and different fields joined to it.

At the point when Non practical Requirements are not tended to appropriately in light of keeping all subtle elements, apparently application neglects to work the way it’s relied upon to and which assistant may prompt the insets of our end clients and we may need to begin the improvement once again from the scratch.

Few of the Non Functional Requirement of our application Medictto is as individual


The application Medictto enable end clients to book a meetings with their preferred specialist calm, at the time persuade of their own desire and a well oversee time plan helps client and in addition the specialist to deal with the arrangement exceptionally well and productively.


Dependability is a noteworthy concern with regards to the accomplishment of an application. The application must be a solid one with regards to get the client to our application and let them store and offer their own information put away with us . With the end goal of sending the information over the server we are taking utilization of HTTPS which is the most secure sort of Http convention. Any unwavering quality sort of issue won’t occur amid the lifecycle of our application . Each and every information can be gotten to and seen not long after subsequent to putting away the information. Our application Medictto would guarantee no less than 99% up facilitating amid Web facilitating destinations.


Simplicity of refreshing and inclined of changes are extremely key parts of any product advancement stage ,Making any progressions or up degree won’t take quite a bit of our time , due to our simple improvement arrange and inside and out information about the idea. With the simple of facilitating an application over goggle play store now you can without much of a stretch present your application and get the refreshed adaptation of the application accessible at goggle play in few time.


Named extend Medictto can be utilized by specialists, their patients and the healing center with which specialists are related with. With regards to the execution of the application being a web benefit empowered versatile application its particularly light in nature and with the end goal of a speedier and a less information utilization of portable information we have taken utilization of the volley library which utilizes the reserve with the end goal of putting away information for the quicker and less demanding information get to. This application is especially adaptable in nature and its inclined to any sort of versatile changes which is an aid for our application clients we would be including an ever increasing number of components, city and visit office with the specialists which will help clients to get minor issue settled by the specialist in a way which was never felt.



Life is brimming with issue, isn’t? Every one of us have attempted to equip certain issue just to discover the arrangement of it. Answer for an issue is never as simple as we thought at the lead position. This planet is exceptionally confounded and there is never a sole cause to any of the issue existing.

Framework viewpoint monitors all these muddled issue by blowback or by investigating all the conceivable elements which may add to the issue and vitally, Relationship between all these.

We can’t sum up framework segments and their relationship to be physically present articles. Each of us are a piece of a vast framework universe however things like connections, feeling, good and others similarly assumes an exceptionally key part as far as the conduct of the framework.

•Booking a specialist is dependably a monotonous thing to do , the reason being the inaccessibility of the specialist at patients persuade , alongside the achievability of the specialist from the customers put, Health being an exceptionally vital, critical, valuable and unrecoverable thing individuals need to give up or endure with their everyday exercises just to full fill one.

The increment no of miss meeting with the specialist is a major cerebral pain for the specialist and it’s additionally coming about into an issue for patients who are in genuine need of it , however are not ready to book a meeting with the specialist since effectively all the schedule vacancies are been reserved.

With number of specialist expanding step by step it’s difficult to settle on a decision about the specialist to run with. Absence of essential about the specialist we wind up loaning a meeting with somebody who is sufficiently bad for that which make us endure all the more in reality.

The dreary work of keeping up a record physically at some point prompts an inadvertent lose of information which can’t be recouped and all the individual and arrangement subtle elements of a long run is regularly lost. The manual work likewise prompt its everyday computation and keeps up of the record on day by day fundamental on a few documents. As we individuals are inclined of error, We may wind up committing an error which may prompt lost life.

With absence of individual insights about the patient and specialist regularly prompts a correspondence crevice among them which at some point prompts a slower recuperation because of some dithering issue.

With the humongous increment of advanced mobile phone and simple availability of web to masses has made us think and outline an application which can inundates the current issues and let individuals be honored with the most ideal restorative medicinal services. 


The term Context Diagram is otherwise called “Setting Level Data-Flow Diagram”. Which as a rule portray about the application under development as an individual abnormal state handle and later shows the relationship framework has with various outside substances, for example, operational, authoritative. 















Fig 4.1: Context Diagram of Medictto



Use case diagram helps us in identifying  various types of users who are going to use the  system and the use cases will be often  accompanied with various other kind of diagrams as well.

Let’s have a closer look at various use case diagram associated with our project to know it better:


Fig 5.1.1 This is an Use Case diagram for  User



Fig 5.1.2 This is an Use Case diagram for  Doctor



Fig 5.1.3 This Use Case diagram is about clinic


Fig 5.1.4 This Use Case  Diagram is for  Admin


The arrangement outline can be named as a collaboration chart which demonstrates the different ways how the articles will be working with each another alongside the request in which they would be. The succession graph portrays the question included and masterminded consistently.

The grouping chart spoken to as a parallel vertical line. Different procedures or the items that live one after the another, The flat bolts, indicates the messages exchanged between them. in light of their event.

Taking after are the Sequence charts utilized as a part of our venture:


Fig 5.2.1 This sequence diagram is for  User Registration



Fig 5.2.2 This sequence diagram is for  User Login



Fig 5.2.3 This sequence diagram is for Online Doctor’s Appointment Booking




Fig 5.2.4 This sequence diagram for  Clinic


The joint effort outline is a visual portrayal that characterizes how distinctive programming objects connect among each other inside it’s engineering. It additionally educates us regarding how clients can be profited from this. The coordinated effort graph as a rule comes regarding a visual outline which is like stream diagram. It gives a look at how singular programming supplements prompts a significantly greater framework.

Given beneath are few of the coordinated effort outlines utilized as a part of the proposed extend:

login collabration.PNG

Fig 5.3.1 This Collaboration diagram is for  UserLogin

clinic collabration.PNG

Fig 5.3.2 This Collaboration diagram is for  Clinic


The action chart is a graphical portrayal of work process and different stride to step activity with bolster, for example, decision, accentuation and appropriateness. The UML outline are proposed demonstrate for both authoritative and computational operation.

Taking after are a portion of the movement charts introduced in proposed extend:


Fig 5.4.1 Above activity diagram is about User



Fig 5.4.2 The above Activity diagram is about Doctor



Fig 5.4.3 The Activity Diagram for Clinic



Fig 5.4.4 Activity diagram about Admin


The database configuration is a progression of activity which creates a short data about information show about database. This holds all the coherent and physical needs about the outline decisions and about physical stockpiling particular to bring forth a plan in database outline. which at that point can be thought about while making database. A consummately qualified credited information demonstrate holds point by point property about every single substance.

Few of the database graph utilized as a part of the predetermined tasks are as per the following:


Fig 5.5.1 E-R Diagram For Admin


Fig 5.5.2 E-R  Diagram for  Clinic

CHAPTER 6: Implementation

6.1 Screen Shots



Fig 6.1.1 Snapshot of Splash Screen


Fig 6.1.2 Snapshot of Registration Activity



Fig 6.1.3 Snapshot of Registration Using Google+



Fig 6.1.4 Snapshot of Main Activity



Fig 6.1.5 Snapshot of Doctor’s List


Fig 6.1.6 Snapshot of Doctor’s Details


Fig 6.1.7 Snapshot about Clinic’s Virtual Tour


Fig 6.1.8 Snapshot of User’s Appointment


Fig 6.1.9 Snapshot of Doctor’s  Review


Fig 6.1.10 Snapshot of User’s Setting About Appointment


Fig 6.1.11 Snapshot of About Medictto Activity


Fig 6.1.12 Snapshot of Navigational Drawer


Fig 6.1.13 Snapshot of  Setting Medicine Reminder


Fig 6.1.14 Snapshot of  Setting Up Reminder Alarm


Fig 6.1.15 Snapshot of Medicine Reminder Alarm


This is a game-plan which execute and assess a product with goal of discovering blunder and bugs it an application. It’s likewise a procedure of approving, verifying and affirmation about a product:

It prompts the authoritative and in addition operational prerequisites that was guided, amid its plan and advancement stage.

The application is working the way it was required to carry on.

Programming application Can be do and put into impact.

To lessen the multifaceted nature of a testing procedure we can additionally separate into them into taking after classification:

Prepare: Testing is a well ordered method than individual activity.

Life Cycle: This is a consistent activity that shows up amid the improvement stage and every single module’s created must be tried in view of its usefulness and client acknowledgment.

Static Testing: Static Testing is especially critical piece of our testing life cycle as it test ,discover bugs and deformities without executing the code. This is done at the same time amid validation and acknowledgment. It include judgment about archives, for example, code and also static breakdown. It is exceptionally productive and enhanced method for testing and reducing the bugs. For example, checking on, assessment, walkthrough, and so forth.


Incorporation testing is an extremely basic period of programming testing it is a procedure of uniting independently created parts of the application into single application. Separately created and tried modules are presently incorporated and tried as a full framework. In this stage as a rule we run over various sort of issues, for example, extraordinary bundle name and machine similarity which is a result of various machine will have diverse sha1 key and we have to create them once again with the incorporated framework for the last time. The diverse sorts of programming interface key produced by and by while incorporating are google programming interface for guide, google programming interface for gcm ,goggle programming interface for goggle+ login and facebook programming interface key for empowering facebook module for information exchange.


Functional testing is a routine with regards to testing the application to ensure that it is deal withthe predefined usefulness .Its prime spotlights is on the yield of the application. Yield is constantly reliant on the info and we set up a rundown of information and yield related with it and operation.

In this stage our committed testing group had tried to test all the usefulness of it remembering each points of interest of it.









With the effective culmination and improvement of the venture Medictto we could meet the necessity particular lead amid the very begin of the venture. With our android application Medictto our end-clients are effectively ready to pursuit, discover, book an arrangement and reach to them in the most proper and simpler path than any time in recent memory. They are getting reminded about their calendar meeting with the specialist alongside arrangement number , specialist name, schedule vacancy picked alongside the discussion expense just before their arrangement date.

With our exceptional elements solution update now individuals are taking as much time as is needed independent of their bustling feverish work routine individuals with memory issue or lesser learning are getting reminded about their pharmaceutical alongside its photo so they can take as much time as is needed and get recuperated soon.

With the update message and a speedy view is decreasing the quantity of missed arrangement or arrangement delays.

With the component, for example, OTP while booking and meeting with the specialist the quantity of no-appear for arrangement is helping the facility and healing center which is in fact making great utilization of specialists valuable time getting utilized as a part of going by patients which are in genuine need of it.

Our application is empowering therapeutic facility and patients to modernizing their work which assistant waters the manual exertion and mistakes. Which is an extraordinary change over the customary manual process.

By automating all the manual work there is an incredible change the extent that the handling time is concern.

Our application deals with the greater part of the prerequisites of a normal client and center and it gives simple and compelling stockpiling of information.

With such a large number of authority and experienced specialists getting related with us. Which demonstrates the achievement of our application, which is a demonstrate that we have adhere to our prerequisites and could address the issues which clients were searching for since so long.

Medictto gives you A chance to get the Best world class specialist and medicinal care administrations from most talented and guaranteed experts of the city at your home.


Proposed framework Medictto is been outline and created in, for example, way that nullify all the present issue confronted by the patient and specialist with the assistance of most recent apparatus and innovations , But there are sure territories which are inclined of specific changes which will be making lately to come.

Few without bounds upgrade which clients will be profiting lately are as per the following

Now Medictto is accessible either in a type of a site or an android application , In not so distant future we will make an iOS use of it, with the goal that we can reach to the most extreme no of individual. what’s more, most number of individuals can be profited from it.

Medictto for the initial couple of beginning month would be in operation in Bangalore , which would later be extended to dish India.

In not so distant future Medictto clients would be look for rescue vehicle and can book it in light of their own accommodation.

E-consultancy with the specialists is something the clients would be profiting in days to come.

In future our Medictto client would have the capacity to buy prescription just with few ticks and can get it conveyed at their entryway venture with uncommon offers as markdown or coupon .

Now Medictto is accessible in a solitary dialect which is English, In late time we would be making it a multilingual one, So individuals from all district and diverse dialect can get profited from it.

Customized family bundle would deal with all your relatives at an exceptionally reasonable rate. Which would make human services simple and helpful .

We are attempting to get tied up with insurance agency so our application clients would be getting protection benefits which would a piece of our future improvement .



Text Books

Android Application Development (O’Reilly)

Software Engineering by Ian Sommerville

Java by Herbert Schildt




(Technical Talk)














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