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Marketing Environment Analysis for Sports Bar

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Published: 8th Sep 2021

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Executive Summary

Business and Description and Mission

In the Zone! Sports Bar & Games is a restaurant who will serve unique dishes based on ethnical Indian and Mexican recipes that will differentiate us against the competition. Additionally, we will offer our customer all types of beverages, liquors and cocktails including craft beer and Mexican traditional and artisanal mezcal.

We will focus in friendly and professional service, providing our customers with different and distinctive ways of entertainment, including TV screens for watching live sports events and a recreation area where the clients can gather with friends and family to have a relaxing and fun time. All of these surrounding a sports theme atmosphere and comfortable environment that will make In the Zone Sports Bar & Games, a exceptional experience for our customers.

Business Location and Target Market

The business will be located in Kerrisdale, a neighborhood in the South-West side of Vancouver City in British Columbia, Canada. The neighborhood is considered a wealthy zone with different types of shopping business and schools.  

In the Zone! Sports & Bar will target their marketing efforts to men and women between 21 and 35 years old. According to the 2011 Census, Kerrisdale have a population of 14,735, in which 22% of them are between the ages of 20 to 39 years old. i

Business Analysis

As a new business we will approach a low price strategy for the introduction phase, calculating a $20 CAD per visit per client. Considering our assumptions in fixed and variable cost, the sales and other expenses, the business will have to sell approximately $42,900 CAD per month to cover total cost. Above that amount of sales the business will have profit. The investor considered this numbers a positive scenario and we are confident that will can deliver profit within the first 6 months.

Table of Contents

Chapter No.  Content  Page No.

  1. Marketing Environment  4-5
  2. Company Mission Statement  5
  3. Internal & External Analysis  5-7
  4. Competitive Analysis  7-8
  5. Target Market  8-9
  6. Marketing Objectives & Issues  9-10
  7. Marketing Research  11
  8. Product / Service Strategy  12-13
  9. Pricing Strategy  14-15
  10. Distribution Strategy  15-16
  11. Promotion Strategy  16-17
  12. Business Analysis  17-18
  13. Implementation Plan  19
  14. Appendix  20-21

Appendix A. Business Analysis  20-21

  1. End Notes  22-23
  2. Bibliography  23-24

1. Marketing Environment

‘In the Zone’ Micro environment:These are the certain factors close to the sports bar that affect the ability to its customers, employee development, supplier relationship competitors, and customers.

We will focus on maintaining the overall development of our employees through which we will continually innovate and advance our operations. In the Zone! sports bar will aim to develop a strong, long lasting relationship with our food and beverage suppliers. As it stands right now,

“Persia foods -ethnic market” is our ideal business partner to provide our food orders for a couple of reasons i.e. it is locally owned and operated at Marine Drive west of Vancouver which is nearby our location. It is a well-established company with a good history of providing top quality food at fair prices moreover, they are well known for their quick and convenient delivery service.ii

There are two competitors near our area that is Café Ca VA and Chez Michel Restaurant. To compete with these both competitors we will provide low price per visit to meet the requirements of our customers also we will provide facilities to our consumers up to late night which is an attractive point for age group 21-35 because most of them are working people.iii

  • Market Analysis

The total population of Greater Vancouver is 2.56 million out of which approximately 79.88% of the population are sports lover that means this great % of the population can be the potential customer of ‘In the Zone sports bar’.iv

According to the 2011 Census, Kerrisdale have a population of 14,735, in which 22% of them are between the ages of 20 to 39 years old. v

  • Market Conditions

There is a high demand for a sports bar in the Kerrisdale area and we want to gain advantage from this upcoming opportunity. There are no similar sports bars nearby this location. Majority of the population living in this area are passionate about sports, but no one provides them a level of services or entertainment which customers of this area expect we are hoping to meet for them through building up of strong connections with our customers not just as members but as individuals.vi

2. Company Mission Statement

“In the Zone! Sports Bar & Games provide such a fun and comfortable experience to our customers that they feel as they are in their own living room relaxing and enjoying a game with some friends.”

To uplift, In the zone! Sports Bar & Games to be the premier sports theme restaurant in the Kerrisdale area. Our goal is to be a step ahead of the competition. We want our customers to have more fun during their leisure time. We provide more televisions with more sporting events than anywhere else in the region. We provide state-of-the-art table-top audio control at each table, so the customer can experience their favourite games without any background interruption. We combine menu selection, atmosphere, complexion, and service to create a sense of “place” in order to reach our goal of over-all value in a dining and entertainment experience.

3. Internal & External Analysis. SWOT analysis


  • Location. We are going to be located in South-West Vancouver area that, based on our research, has few options for the people who like sports and like to go for a drink with their friends.
  • Providing more facilities. Our Sports Bar is will provide different food, drinks, and entertainment options.
  • Focused on quality. Our food, drink, and service will adhere to the highest standards to fulfill the clients need and wants.
  • The loyalty of the customers. For our regular customer, we will provide special offers and strategies in order to keep them happy.
  • Variety of food products. The kitchen innovation is going to be our principal differentiator, with special dishes and recipes for the customers.


  • Little market reputation. As a new business, we will have to make our own and new positioning to the customer and it may take some time.
  • Lack of funds. We a new-starters, we might run off funds, that is why we will look for a sponsor to join our business.
  • Low brand awareness. The company has to start from zero to build up a positive brand awareness among the people.


  • Changes in legal rules. This can be related to decreasing in property tax and interests.
  • Local government encourage local businesses so that there will be less importing of goods and hence transportation expense can be reduced.
  • Competitors may not be able to adopt new technology like television of High definition modulation and so many new kinds of food products.
  • Economic situation can be better, for example, personal income and property value can be high.


  • Large competitors may destroy our achieved market position. As probably they have more money and can set up a better ambience and infrastructure
  • Political or legal actions. Rules and regulations of the country that influences paying bills, arranging credits and purchasing required materials.
  • Labour or supplier’s strikes as they may want increments in their wages, number of working hours.

As a result of the analysis, we probably decide to be expertise in fast response, good value service to local businesses and local authorities. We would be able to set up an advertising publication, promotions and can set up advertising budget.vii

4. Competitive Analysis

There are two competitors near our area, are Café Ca VA and Chez Michel Restaurant. These both places are famous at their point. But we will differentiate our sports bar with some additional services. We are going to offer more services to meet the requirements and expectations of the customers. viii

Our target is on the age group 21-35 and we are also providing low price to meet the wants and need of the clients.

Subject In the Zone! Café Ca VA Chez Michel
Services Drinks, snacks, unique food and recipes, sports


& indoor games

Food and dinning Lunch and dinner food items
Price (per customer) $20 $30 $30
Service hours 2pm-12am 11am-9pm 11:30am-10pm

To compete with these competitors, we are providing indoor games facility in addition to drinks food and snacks. We are also offering low price per customer visit to meet the requirements and budget of the target. Moreover, hours of operation are also different from these competitors because we are giving facilities to our consumers up to late night which is an attractive point for age group 21-35 because most of them are working people. So, they don’t have a lot of time to enjoy their life during the daytime. To make their lives cheerful we are offering them extra late hours of enjoyment to feel relax. Special discount codes are also differing our sports bar as compared to our competitors. We are offering more for less.












0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35

Market Share

In the Zone! shows a huge part of the consumers’ perception because it will provide additional services as compare to other competitors at a low price. It is our target to cover a huge part of consumers by providing more for less to cut off the competition price.ix

5. Target Market

Our target market customers are young people range from 21-35 years who love to watch and play sports. The people of this age group are more energetic and always like to go out and enjoy with their friends. Moreover, newly engaged couples also come under this age-group, so people can come with their partners for lunch, dinner, watching the big game and late-night carvings.

The market will cover almost all young people in the neighborhood of sports bar and people in about 5-10 Km radius of that.

We can estimate the dollar value of our target market by multiplying the number of customers who are interested in coming to our bar by the dollar amount they will each spend. Suppose that each person is going to spend $20 per visit and if he or she will come once in a week and there are 52 weeks in a year, so it accounts for $ 1,040 (20 multiply 52) that each person will spend in one year. Suppose there will be 2500 customers and each person spends $ 1040 each year then the total dollar value of our target market will be $ 2,600,000 per year.

Our target market is (21-35) age group because in Kerrisdale, there are many young people and there is no Sports Bar nearby, where they can play and hang out with their friends and well-wishers.

Besides this, almost all young people are working people, so they need something that gives them refreshed feeling from their hectic lives and make them stress free for some time. As they are doing jobs, so they will definitely like to spend money on games and sports.

Also, choosing the young people as a target market will help us in getting more lifetime value of the customers as once we will be able to build up the trust of the people by the beautiful ambience and providing good quality services in our bar, they like to come many times.

6. Marketing Objectives & Issues

Our main marketing objective is to build profitable and long relationships with consumers. We will provide them comfortable lives in our bar. Moreover, to attract the target segment of 21-35 we are offering them different services as compare to other age groups. We are going to provide a huge variety of live games along with different arcades and activities.

We will offer affordable special Indian and Mexican recipes, drinks, and snacks so that our target can fully enjoy the visit and experience. Our offering drinks and snacks are going to be aligned with the survey results that we get from our target segment. We also developing an integrated marketing mix from the customer point of view.

Seller View Buyer View Services
Product Customer satisfaction Drinks, snacks, and games
Price Customer cost $20 per customer
Place Convenience Kerrisdale  near  south  west



Promotion Communication WhatsApp, Facebook & twitter

We are arranging our bar in a way which would make positive and attractive views of customers on their visits. The look of our bar and the menu items are making the image of our business in the minds of the target segment. We are creating unique and superior customer value. Our main strategy is based on serving our concentrated marketing.


7. Marketing Research

The first step was recognizing the problem and need. As young adults and students, we first recognized that we have the need to spend time with friends to relax a little when we have time to spare. The team had in common, that back home Sports events were always a good reason to spend time with your friends and go to a restaurants or bars if you couldn’t afford to attend to the actual event.

The second phase of the market research began as a primary research by collecting information by looking through online and internet databases about sports bars near South Vancouver, Kerrisdale and West Side.

Finished that first part of the research plan, followed the observational research approach, by walking through the different zones mentioned above and try to find out a place were the young adults gathered and hung out. We attended a few bars – not a Sports Bars – and realized that the service, the value proposition, and differentiation of the currently available options were nothing close and good enough to the concept and business that we have in mind.

As the research continued, we selected a nonprobability, convenience sample by talking to some students at Langara about the places where they spend time with friends to have fun and relax. The answers were very diverse, but all coincided that the main location is in Downtown Vancouver and nowhere near Langara, South Vancouver or West Side, that would make a more convenient location.

Finally, we complemented the primary research with secondary research in a Bars and Cafés in Canada study, and we found out that the consumers in the bars and pub category are looking for more unique, differentiated and authentic proposals.x And we are prepared of delivering a customer oriented product and service in a location with very few options for this segment.

8. Product / Service Strategy

As a Sports Bar, we are a service business, that will offer some unique experiences to our customers and also, we will have products related to our business and culture.

We like to think that “In the Zone” Sports Bar & Games, will have improvements that will encourage our target segment to try something new and go with their friends and family to have a good time.

Inside “The Zone”

Our Sports Bar will be a different experience and look and fill from every aspect of the business, we will make the people fill as they are a part of a sports team. Our website will have many aspects that are used on a daily basis by the players, coaches, and staff of any sports team as helmets, uniforms, key boards with notes, training equipment, etc.

Our service staff will be uniformed as coaches, players, referees, to make you fill that you are inside a stadium and on the pitch. All our prop equipment will be sports related, the washrooms, tables, coasters, plates, etc.

The Sports Bar is going to be decorated with sports t-shirts, scarfs, flags of different local and international team, from different sports, like football, soccer, basketball, hockey, and more.

We are going to have a VIP booth for the people that want to come to their party and enjoy a game. To access the booth, you will have to reserve it in advance and to assist with minimum 5 persons.

The booth will have a special location with a TV just for them.

Food & Drinks

The recipes of the dishes are going to be unique, we are going to have the influence of the Mexican and Indian food, so the nachos will have the real Mexican touch, we will serve chipotle chicken wings, Mexican pizza, grilled avocado sandwiches, and so on…

At the center of each table, we will offer different gourmet Mexican sauces that would vary form very hot to sweet sauces, so everyone can enjoy them. In the Zone Sports Bar, you will find a lot of different and unique gastronomic offers.

We are going to partner with a local brewery company, so we can serve craft beer, and also commercial beer. Also, we are going to have a large variety of international spirits, including organic and artisanal tequila and mezcal.

Furthermore, the dishes on the menu are going to have special names related to sports, like the goal burger, touchdown chicken wings, penalty nachos, 1st and 10 pizzas, puck fries and more.

Games & Fun

You can also play in “In the Zone” room, where we are going to have different games, such as darts, foosballs tables, basketball arcade and air hockey game table, customer can play between the same table members or compete with other tables to win merchandising, discounts, 1 stein with beer, etc.


We are going to have “In the Zone” merchandising products that the customers could acquire by winning the different special games that we are going to arrange within other tables in the half times of the games, or buying them from our store located inside the Sports Bar.

The different merchandising would be products like caps, t-shirts, beer steins, bottle openers, mugs, coasters and more, that will help us to position the brand in the minds and hearts of our customer. We will have a modern and cool design, so the clients could wear the clothes and products in their regular, social activities hence in that way they will help us promoting the Sports Bar.

9. Pricing Strategy

Market penetration pricing strategy will be applied to set the price, that means the company will set low initial price because the company is new in the market. This strategy will help the company to attract more customers which ultimately boosts up our market share.

Moreover, the company will also use ‘Good-value pricing’where we’ll offer just the right combination of quality and good services at a fair price to compete strongly with our competitors along with that to establish the company’s unique position/image in the market.xi By using this strategy, the company will first:

The company’s menu will be divided into 7 sections:

  • Chips & snacks: Nachos will have a real Mexican touch and sauces, chicken lollipop bites, veg. cheese bites, beef spring roll, veg. spring roll, noodles spring roll, salted poutine, poutine with special Mexican sauce + extra mezzo cheese, combo meal pack $15.
  • Green Field: Spinach dip, salads- plain salad, creamy salad, a bunch of green with a Mexican flavor.
  • Grill + Sandwiches: Cheesy sandwich, grilled sandwich, beef sandwich, beef with extra cheese sandwich, Bread twist with Indo-Mexican flavor.
  • Pizza’s: Special Mexican pizza, hot buffalo chicken pizza, Indo-Mexican overloaded pizza with extra cheese, veggie pizza with a tangy twist, stuffed pizza- bell pepper (red, green & yellow), olives, mushroom, onions with special herbs and mixed sauces.
  • Burger’s: Fully loaded burger, beef burger, potato loaded burger, vegie burger, build your own burger: hamburger, cheese burger, varied vegies burger of one’s choice.
  • Lounge & bar: Draft beer, bottled beer, cocktail, liqueurs, raspberry lemon drop.
  • Calorie conscious food: Fruit bunch, seven-star fruits bucket, veggie sandwich toast with brown bread, boiled vegetable bowl with a spicy twist (homemade spices), whole-wheat healthy pizza with homemade dough with Indian homemade sauces, burger full of raw vegies diet conscious.
  • Calorie conscious smoothies: Non-fat yogurt smoothies, freshly mixed fruit smoothies without ice- cream, freshly frozen lemonade (non-flavored).xii  

10. Distribution Strategy

The distribution channels of our sports bar start from the raw materials that we will use in the manufacturing of different kinds of products that we will provide to our customers, for example, vegetables and meat will be purchased from a fixed vegetable vendor.

These raw materials are then washed, and cleaned up for cooking with the help of workers. The cook then works in the cooking sector and make delicious items of food. There is also a role of manager to look after all the cleaning processes like sweeping, mopping and using room fresheners in the bar. After that, the waiter brings the prepared food for serving. Once the dishes are eaten the place is cleaned by the sweepers and the bills are asked to pay from customers.xiii

As we are providing services, so our distribution channels will be:

  • We can distribute our services through our suppliers from we can get raw materials to use.
  • The method of live broadcasting and pro sports will be going to be more effective in attracting people and generating publicity for the company.
  • The infrastructure designing of our sports bar attracts our customers

We are going to use direct marketing channels as we are delivering products like; Chips and Nachos, green salads, Grill + Sandwiches, Pizza’s, Burgers, Lounge& Bar and Calorie conscious food in our bar.

We will purchase foosball tables, machines required for playing basketball arcade game, dart game etc. from fixed retailers who sell the sports material. Then, setting up all the infrastructure to create a beautiful ambience which helps in getting the attention of the customers.

The strategy of delivering values will fit well with the needs and wants of our customers, as our target market is the young people and they need of something like, that gives them all benefits together like watching, playing and taking good quality food products. Our distribution strategies are providing high product quality at reasonable prices with giving the opportunity to play sports free of cost along with enjoying their drinks.

11. Promotion Strategy

As a new business, in the introduction phase, we will implement different tools of the promotion mix so that we can persuasively and effectively communicate customer value with the target market and build strong customer relationships.

Following are the promotional strategy we will going to use in the business:

  • Advertisement – It is a great way to grab the attention of target audience for something new in the market, as we are new in the market we don’t have enough budget to use broadcasting in our strategy that’s why we are focusing on more convenient one. Therefore, the company will advertise In the Zone! through sports magazines, hoardings in stadiums and banners nearby our locations specially in bus stops, local newspapers, and pamphlets.
  • Social media – Social media is a most important promotional tool in today’s era. Almost everyone is on social media. ‘In the Zone’ will be promoted through various social media platforms. The sports bar will have its own Facebook page, so it will be promoted by pop up advertisements on social media platforms. The company will also have Twitter and Instagram accounts that could be followed by sports lovers.

Furthermore, we will create ‘In the Zone’ app where we will communicate about our special events. The company will use discount codes to boost its sales. We will invite and persuade our customers and target market to like the page, download. In the Zone app and follow us on social media through sharing their experiences on it.

  • Public Relations – The Company will partner with different organizations like colleges, recreation clubs, and sports organizations to bring more and more customers to the business. In our opening night, we will invite the local press, opinion leaders and influencers to provide them free meals and drinks, so they can experience the new concept of our business.  Special events are great opportunities to bring in more customers. The sports bar will create different themed menus for some special events like sports tournaments and local festivals
  • Sales Promotion – ‘In the Zone’ will provide certain incentives such as taster sessions for our special Indo-Mexican dipping sauces and chipotle chicken wings. Moreover, we will distribute among them the discount coupons that will be a part of our promotion strategy. This will help us to attract consumer attention.

We are going to print flyers with some basic information about our sports bar along with some special offers of foods and drinks to create a long-lasting impression on customers mind.

‘In the Zone’ room, we are going to have different games and activities, so the people can have fun, and will free giveaways will also be distributed in the form of promotional products to make loyal customers.

12. Business Analysis

For the presented business analysis, we are going to make some assumptions that will help us with the different scenarios and projections.

First, we are going to assume that on average a customer will spend $20 CAD per visit. Including drinks, snacks, and food.

We will also assume that we will lease the local spot located in Kerrisdale West, 41st avenue, for $8,000 CAD a month.

We will have 13 people working at the bar, including 1 manager, 1 chef, 2 cooks, 4 servers, 1 dishwasher, 1 host, 1 bartender, 2 buspersons. The salaries of these 13 people will be approximately $18,417 CAD monthly.

We are considering the cost of the liquor license in $5,000 annually.

In sum, we are considering $30,000 CAD of fixed costs.

In the appendix section, it will describe in more detail these calculations.

Break Even

In order to cover our fixed and variable costs, the company will have to sell $42,857 CAD monthly which means $1,420 CAD daily, an amount that seems very achievable. Let’s take a look at the following graph:

In The Zone Sports Bar

  Fixed Cost  Total Cost  Sales (dollars)

If the company wants a $5,000 CAD operating income, we will have the BE in dollars will be $50,000 CAD a month. If the company is looking for $10,000 CAD operating income, our sales revenue most be $57,143 CAD.

13. Implementation Plan

We want to implement our business through different communication channels such as social media and networking. Our focus is on our niche to meet their needs and requirements. If we get a specific profit with our target niche, then we will expand our business in broader geographic areas. People of 21-35 who are a sports enthusiast or the local night crowd gain more experience in our sports bar. We are tailored our bar to the needs of our local and target consumers that will the needs in a similar market near south-west area of Vancouver.

By offering some extra dishes we are trying to attract our target segment. Our strategy is to offer some unique experiences to our customers and products related to our business and culture. Our business is also using direct market channels to sale some packaged foods such as Chips, Nacho’s etc. Our distribution strategy is to provide high product quality at reasonable prices with giving the opportunity to play sports free of cost along with enjoying their drinks. To attract customers, we are also offering some discount coupons.

14. Appendix

A. Business Analysis

Break Even Analysis and Target Profit Margin

fized cost unit   month total  
leasing   1 $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00
salaries   13 $1,416.67 $ 18,416.67
utilities       $
liquor license   12 $ 5,000.00 $ 416.67
other expenses   1 $ 3,166.67 $ 3,166.67

$ 30,000.00


1 manager 1 chef 2 cooks 4 servers 1 dishwasher 1 host 1 bartender 2 buspersons total
$40,000 33000 28000 24000 22000 24000 28000 22000 $221,000.00
$3,333.33 $2,750.00 $2,333.33 $2,000.00 $1,833.33 $2,000.00 $2,333.33 $1,833.33 $18,416.67

anual monthly


sales price (unit)  $20 variable cost (unit)  $6 contribution margin  $14 contribution margin ratio               0.70

Operating Income  $0

BE units  2143

BE dollars   $42,857

In The Zone Sports Bar

  Fixed Cost  Total Cost  Sales (dollars)

BE Analysis

sales revenue $42,857 variable cost $12,857 contribution margin $30,000 fixed cost $30,000 operating income              $0

Operating Income $5,000 Target Profit Margin 1

BE units 2500 sales revenue $50,000

BE dollars $ 50,000 variable cost $15,000 contribution margin              $35,000 fixed cost              $30,000

operating income $5,000

Operating Income $10,000 Target Profit Margin 2

BE units 2857 sales revenue $57,142.86

BE dollars $ 57,143 variable cost $17,143 contribution margin $40,000 fixed cost              $30,000 operating income $10,000

15. End Notes

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