Thesis Examples

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Mergers and acquisitions in franchising

Franchising is a form of cooperation between entrepreneurs that originates from the United States and now is also growing rapidly in the Netherlands. Franchising provides the opportunity for rapid expansion with many advantages: the franchise organization can grow with a minimum equity investment, while the self-employed franchisee directly has a famous name, a proven formula and the related know-how.

Evaluating Capital Structure Across Developed And Developing Countries

The following paper investigates how capital structure differs across countries, specifically the difference or lack thereof between leverage and capital structure determinants between developed and developing countries.

Innovative Strategies in response to Financial Crisis

The world is fast becoming a complicated place to life. Ages ago we were working on the field and exchanging goods for other goods to survive. Lords, kings and other high class people had the opportunity to get luxury goods due to their position. Industrial revolutions made an end to this way of life.

Motives of the Portfolio Based Entrepreneur

The research method used in this bachelor thesis will be a literature review of the world's leading journals in the field of entrepreneurship, small business management and others.

Use Of Collocations By Iranian Postgraduate Students

Identifying what people learn while learning a language has long been an important issue in language teaching. The major units of language learning have often been assumed to be similar to the traditional levels and units of language description, namely, the sounds, words, and rules of grammar and discourse (Kennedy, 2003).