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Accounting Dissertation Titles

We have provided the selection of example accounting dissertation titles below to help and inspire you:

An Organisations Budgetary control system and its links with performance management and decision making.

Intellectual capital: A literature review of human capital accounting.

An exploratory study into audit independence issues in small audit firms in the UK.

Critically assess important issues surrounding the development of PPP’s in order to determine whether they can be successfully implemented.

Did fair value accounting contribute or not to the crush of companies during the financial crisis?

Differences in Regulation on Financial Reporting of banks in Anglo-Saxon and post soviet countries.

How does the IT market affect Auditing.

Is globalization always beneficial for (transnational) companies? Is it beneficial for Universal Studios to open in Hainan, China? (Case study).

Is it fair to blame fair value accounting for the financial crisis?

Reinventing “Auditing Expertise” for improved “Government Performance” – A Focus On Nigeria.

Skills and Learning Statement. A demonstration that you have developed the key ‘graduate’ skills of self-reflection and communication.

The impact of corporate governance on earnings management for periods pre and post financial crises.

The impact of NAS on perceived auditor independence: perception of UK investors.

The possible effects of a proposed accounting standard (IFRS 9) on the financial statements and business activities of an organisation (a bank).

The usefulness of financial statement.

To discuss the disclosure and recognition of brand and goodwill.

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