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Construction Dissertation Titles

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We have provided the selection of example construction dissertation titles below to help and inspire you:

The over supply of buy-to-let city centre apartments in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Alcohol and substance misuse within the construction industry.

Analysis of the micro and macro benefits of Edinburgh council introducing legislation regarding renewable energy requirements for new homes.

Assessing the use and efficiency of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods within the UK construction industry.

Co2 emissions and the UK construction industry. Realism, Practicality and opportunity in meeting 2050 sustainability guidelines.

Comparing the planned NET PHASE 2 LINE 3 route from the city centre (Nottingham city centre) to Bardills Roundabout on the A52 with a guided busway on the same (general) routing.

Egan Report (Rethinking Construction) Ten Years On, Has the introduction of partnering influencing the small construction companies as well as the large?

Energy Efficiency in Existing Dwelling & Sustainable Refurbishment.

e-Tendering in Construction in the current economic climate.

Evaluating the factors which affect communication within construction projects between principal contractors and the design teams.

How Construction Design and Management Regulations affects a construction project.

How the existing relationships in the traditional construction supply chain affect innovation.

Investigation into environmental benefits of retrofitting green roofs and barriers to their more prevalent use in London.

Is it sustainable to build new homes and towns on flood plains?

Is Risk Management a value adding process on UK construction projects?

Managing Safety in a Multinational Workforce from Developing Global Regions.

Modern Prefabricated Homes: Comparison between Prefabricated Housing and Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF).

Surveying households for energy savings.

Sustainability in Construction: wastage on construction sites.

Sustainable development and how it has revolutionised the way the construction industry operates and is managed.

The behaviour of an Architectural Professional working in a project team environment and its effects in the professional’s development.

The development and use of off-site construction and its role in design quality in the United Kingdom.

The effect of the increasing UK housing market has on the supply and demand of water in the UK and its environmental impact.

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