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Information technology dissertation titles

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Information Technology Dissertation Titles

We have provided the selection of example information technology dissertation titles below to help and inspire you:

Between the major manufacturers which system would provide the best investment for the IT Infrastructure.

Critical evaluation on ipad and iphone.

Designing an interface for library management systems on Smart Phones.

EVALUATE and COMPARE Apple’s DRM system (FairPlay) with another current/modern DRM system/solution for an organisation or company (such as Armjisoft’s DRM system- OwnerGuard).

How has the Internet shifted power to consumers?

Increasing eGovernment Awareness in Malta.

Internet security firewall.

IT outsourcing business trends followed in India – an investigation and detailed analysis.

Sustainable Business Practice: Can Cloud Computing deliver sustainable business benefits as part of a Green ICT Strategy?

The Choice of mid-range Data storage system for an organisation.

The growth of Open Source software, and its impact on large organisations.

The preliminary topic is about Digital Rights Management and Modern Security Models for organizations.

The Topic is an Msc in Transport planning.

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