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Management Dissertation Titles

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We have provided the selection of example management dissertation titles below to help and inspire you:

Organisation and identification, data and information collection.

An investigation of the Military Training Instructor Development the ARTD model.

A comparison of working hours between the rich and the poor: Will these converge over time?

A critical appraisal of ownership changes on employee retention and performance in KFC.


An assessment on the service quality and service delivery in the hospitality industry.

An investigation on the impact of cultural comparability, diversity and ethical threats to a fast food restaurant in the UK such as subway in its strategy for global impact.

Are appraisals an effective tool for measuring performance within the NHS and do they improve individual performance?

Corporate governance and the effectiveness of the family firm.

Critical Analysis of Resistance to Change.

Critical evaluation of the impact of financial services adviser on consumer behaviour around investment products and services.


Demand-oriented innovation strategy in European energy production sector.

Effective Event Management: Individual portfolio.

How do Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children fair under the ‘Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need’ criteria and what are the implications for management of children’s services?

How has the change in the financial climate had an effect on the marketing strategies of the motor industry?

How much of a threat do eco warrior activists pose to the construction industry, and what effective security strategies can be deployed?

How to focus and align organisation strategy using “Balanced Scorecard”?

Implementation of TQM in Chinese industry.

Intrapreneurial Behaviour of Pharmacists in Community pharmacy service of UAE.

Managing within the global music market.

Marketing strategy of corporate hotel chains and their revenue management.

Organizational change, a case study of China Shipping Group.

Talent Retention in a Dynamic Workplace: Oracle Romania Sales and Presales Departments.

Termination and the disgruntled employee.

The Challenges and Benefits in the Construction of Learning Organisations.

The economic, strategic, cultural, and regulatory impact facing various stakeholders in light of deregulation of the legal profession, following The Legal Services Act 2007.

The effect of the global recession on the real estate market in Dubai.

The extent to which organizational culture is a barrier to change. A case study of Apple Inc. in relation to its reputation for innovation.

The factors influencing British Asian women to attain a senior management position.

The flood in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia.

The future of Photovoltaic Energy Production after the state subsidies.

The importance of Culture in the success of Joint ventures Project.

The key to successful global management and leadership as a result of globalization.

The role of leadership in motivating employees in Saudi Arabia.

Critical evaluation of the social impact of equal opportunities legislation on events venues.

To what extend effective management leads hospitals to success.

What is Competitive Advantage?

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Management involves being responsible for directing others and making decisions on behalf of a company or organisation. Managers will have a number of resources at their disposal, of which they can use where they feel necessary to help people or a company to achieve their goals.

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