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Marketing Dissertation Titles

We have provided the selection of example marketing dissertation titles below to help and inspire you:

A content analysis of corporate websites as an employer branding tool.

Innovation and technological change and how it affects consumers.

Should Wm Morrisons supermarkets plc pursue online food retailing as part of a new marketing strategy?


An analysis of Air travellers’ price-amenities trade off behaviours in UK.

An investigation into the effectiveness of public relations as a marketing tool in the hospitality industry.

An investigation into the importance of branding in the airline industry, with a specific focus on British Airways and the importance of brand loyalty among British Airways’ customers.

Apple’s Invasion of The Global Market.

Critical analysis of the effect of the credit crunch upon the brand image of HSBC, along with exploration of various marketing strategies that can be adopted to improve consumer perception.

Display effectiveness in designer stores having a positive or negative effect on consumer behaviour.

Does the effect of ethincity on advertising effectiveness differ across generations – a survey on a sample of students?

Does the perception of body image influence the consumer buying behavior.

Effect on branded jeans recognition on retail stores image.

Effectiveness of Store Window Display in Designer Stores on Consumer Behaviour.

Evaluate and explore the marketing strategy of Malaysian Airlines.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of e-mail marketing.

FIFA World Cup – Past, Present and Future of World Cup Marketing.

How the consumer perceptions of Japanese products and Toyota in particular changed in Saudi Arabia after Toyota’s recent problem with their faulty cars.

Illustration as a marketing communications tool and its influence on printed food and drink advertisements within the UK.

International image analysis as a base for brand profiling. Illustrated by using the example of a luxury brand in the automotive sector.

International strategic marketing.

Is it possible to create an effective and profitable customer loyalty programme for an emerging coffee house in times of a market slowdown?

Negative effects of advertising on European young women.

Research the risk on the marketing strategy of fashion brand celebrity.

The Impact of Customer Loyalty and Customer satisfaction on achieving a competitive advantage in the Bottled Water Industry. A Case study on Nestle ltd.

To investigate the effectiveness of brand management strategy of Hilton.

What are the differentiating attributes available to online retail businesses?

What is causing the shift in advertising expenditure from traditional mass media methods to contemporary marketing communications methods.

What is the viability of opening a Juan Valdez Colombian coffee shop in London?

What marketing strategies should be used for a new restaurant to attract young customers?

Why is it important for an organisation such as McDonald’s to define their target market?

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