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Quantity Surveying Dissertation Topics

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We have provided a selection of example quantity surveying dissertation topics below to help and inspire you.

Construction Organisation and Management

If you are interested in how the construction industry and organisation projects are managed, this is the topic for you. To help out, have a look at the examples listed below:

Example construction organisation and management dissertation topic 1:

Quantity surveyors, project management, power and leadership: Adopting an appropriate style

Given the role of the quantity surveying in making a reality of the dreams and desires of clients, there is a need for the quantity surveyor to be able to co-ordinate projects and people, whilst still often reporting the project manager. Using three case studies in Scotland, this dissertation uses questionnaires (with contractors, clients and quantity surveyors themselves), to assess the leadership styles adopted by quantity surveyors in the field. It is envisaged that this research will show that there exists a difference approach between those employed by contractors and those employed by consultants. This is a project that builds upon existing data with regard to the nature of power and leadership and applies it to the real-life work of quality surveyors.

Suggested initial topic reading:

  • Fellows, R., Liu, A. and Fong, C. M. (2003).Leadership style and power relations in quantity surveying in Hong Kong.Construction Management and Economics, 21(8), pp. 809-818.
  • Odusami, K. T. (2002). Perceptions of construction professionals concerning important skills of effective project leaders.Journal of Management in Engineering, 18(2), pp. 61-67.
  • Ofori, G. (2012). Role of leadership in transforming the profession of quantity surveying.Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and Building, 9(1), pp. 37-44.

Example construction organisation and management dissertation topic 2:

Representations of quantity surveying in the media: From Monty Python to Not the Nine O’Clock News

As a profession, quantity surveying has had a series of notable mentions in popular culture; featuring in two sketches of Monty Python, Not the Nine O’ClockNews, Keeping Up Appearances, and A Bit of Fry and Laurie. This dissertation has three primary aims. First, it evaluates the stereotype of quantity surveyors as portrayed in the above mentioned programmes. Secondly, it evaluates the public’s perception of the profession given those caricatures. Thirdly, it seeks the opinions of quantity surveyors already working within the field as to whether such portrayals help or hinder their working lives with regard to the respect that they receive from fellow professionals within the wider construction and project management sectors. This is a dissertation that accordingly uses a wide range of qualitative research techniques involving field interviews, face-to-face interviews and the construction, completion and evaluation of responses received via questionnaires.

Suggested initial topic reading:

  • Bonnar, I. D. (2007). Not as cool as fighter pilots: An exploration of identity and learning for full-time quantity surveying students.Master’s dissertation, University of Stirling.
  • Cacciatori, E. andJacobides, M. G. (2005). The dynamic limits of specialization: Vertical integration reconsidered. Organization Studies, 26(12), pp. 1851-1883.
  • Loosemore, M. and Tan, C. C. (2000).Occupational bias in construction management research.Construction Management & Economics, 18(7), pp. 757-766.

Example construction organisation and management dissertation topic 3:

Assessing the success of London 2012 from a quantity surveying viewpoint

Given the pivotal role of quantity surveyors in ensuring that projects are properly managed and costed, this dissertation looks at what has been, arguably, the largest series of public building commissions undertaken by central government since the Festival of Britain. Charting the development of London 2012, the issues of cost, concerns as to over-runs and the ultimate delivery of ‘the greatest show’ on earth – this dissertation evaluates the success of the building construction of the Olympic Games from a quantity surveying viewpoint. Interviewing those involved in the planning, construction and delivery of the various projects as well as evaluating press comments in the two year run-up to the games, this is a study that combines theory and practice and does so in a study context that celebrates London’s achievement.

Suggested initial topic reading:

  • Jennings, W. (2012). The average cost overrun for producing the Olympic Games has been more than 200% since 1976. LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP).
  • Jennings, W. (2012). Why costs overrun: Risk, optimism and uncertainty in budgeting for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Construction Management and Economics, 30(6), pp. 455-462.
  • Subbiah, A. (2012) An investigation of the factors influencing the success of construction planning for the 2012 Olympic stadium: An ethnographic study. Proceedings of the 28th Annual Association of Researchers in Construction Management Conference, 3-5 September 2012, Edinburgh.

Example construction organisation and management dissertation topic 4:

Destination Dubai: Unparalleled opportunities for the newly qualified quantity surveyor?

Noting the unparalleled growth in construction in Dubai over the last ten years and the favourable tax regime, this dissertation interviews recent graduates of quantity surveying who are presently working in Dubai. Interviewing twenty such graduates (along with 20 of their peers who are forging a career within Britain). Using qualitative research methods and open ended questions this dissertation assesses, through the answers given, the opportunities for graduates of 2013 in quantity surveying to work in Dubai and presents an ovulation of the positive and negatives associated with starting one’s professional care by working abroad.

Suggested initial topic reading:

  • Abdelsalam, H. M. and Gad, M. M. (2009). Cost of quality in Dubai: An analytical case study of residential construction projects. International Journal of Project Management, 27(5), pp. 501-511.
  • Kartam, N. A., Al-Daihani, T. G. and Al-Bahar, J. F. (2000). Professional project management practices in Kuwait: issues, difficulties and recommendations. International Journal of Project Management, 18(4), pp. 281-296.
  • Ren, Z., Atout, M. and Jones, J. (2008).Root causes of construction project delays in Dubai. Proceedings of the 24th Annual Association of Researchers in Construction Management Conference, 1-3 September 2008, Cardiff.

Building Pathology and Management

This area focuses on technology used in older buildings and repair techniques used when this technology had failed. If this sounds like your topic of interest, have a look at some useful examples below:

Example building pathology and management dissertation topic 1:

An overview of the life of Sir Arthur Hunt

Though public applause is often directed to Barry, Gilbert and Pugin with regard to their work in constructing the present day palace of Westminster, to students of quantity surveying, the name of Sir Arthur Hunt is also worthy of public gratitude. As one of the earliest professional quantity surveyors, Hunt estimated the cost of rebuilding the palace after the fire of 1834 and was heavily involved in the process of rebuilding thereafter. Using a variety of archive sources (notably from the Public Record Office at Kew as well as Parliament) this is a dissertation that seeks to build on existing secondary literature so as to raise the public profile of a man whom many within the industry, regard as a ‘founding father’ of the profession.

Suggested initial topic reading:

  • Institution of Civil Engineers (1890). Obituary of Sir Henry Arthur Hunt (1810-1889). Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 99(1890), pp. 398-400.
  • Port, M.H. (2004).Sir Henry Arthur Hunt (1810-1889). Oxford dictionary of national biography. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Construction Contracts

The knowledge gained from this area will help to distinguish the context of different English common laws and statutes as they may differ slightly. Hopefully the examples we have will help you with this somewhat:

Example construction contracts dissertation topic 1:

The increasing role of ethics in the profession of quantity surveying

Ethical practice is becoming increasingly relevant in all areas of business and professional behaviour. This is also true in quantity surveying, as the construction industry has long fought allegations of fraud, corruption, price manipulation and favouritism. Accordingly, both universities and professional bodies have elevated the role of ethics in the education and continuing professional development of quantity surveyors. This dissertation considers the form that such requirements (at university and elsewhere) have taken, the necessity of ethics contracts, and action against unethical, but not illegal, behaviour. This paper will reflect primary research, through interviews with leaders in the profession, professors, representatives of professional bodies, and figures in the construction world, as well as a comprehensive review of the literature and courses currently available.

Suggested initial topic reading:

  • Cartlidge, D. (2011). New aspects of quantity surveying practice. London: Routledge.
  • Christabel, H. M. F. and Vincent, N. C. W. (2003).Quantity surveyors’ background and training, and their ethical concepts, conceptions and interests considerations.Construction Management & Economics, 21(1), pp. 43-67.
  • Fan, L., Ho, C. and Ng, V. (2001).A study of quantity surveyors’ ethical behaviour.Construction Management & Economics, 19(1), pp. 19-36.

Example construction contracts dissertation topic 2:

‘The attainment of sustainable national development and goals’ – a critique of the work of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors

Now in its 44th year, the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors has a noble pedigree and, as the professional body representing quantity surveyors in Nigeria, the Institute has enjoyed some notable successes. Indeed, through its work and lobbying of government the profession of quantity surveying was established by the Professions (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1978 and formalised by Decree 31 (1986), which provided a legal framework for the profession as well as founded the Quantity Surveyors Registration Board of Nigeriato act as regulator. Noting the importance of the Institute as a means of providing further education for those who wish to apply to the Quantity Surveyors Registration Board of Nigeria for registration, the continuing professional development of those already registered, and the advancement of ethical conduct, this dissertation critiques both the development of the Institute over the last 44 years and its present role.

Suggested initial topic reading:

  • Ameh, O. J. and Odusami, K. T. (2009).Professionals’ ambivalence toward ethics in the Nigerian construction industry.Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice, 136(1), pp. 9-16.
  • Oke, A. E., Timothy, I. O. and Olaniyi, A. I. (2010).Perception of construction professionals to the performance of Nigerian quantity surveyors.Journal of Building Performance, 1(1), pp. 64-72.
  • Oyediran, O. S. andOdusami, K. T. (2005). Whither the Nigerian quantity surveyors in the information technology age?Information Technologist, 1(1), pp. 1-16.

Example construction contracts dissertation topic 3:

Procurements and contracts in BBC building programmes: A review of the development of present best practice

In the process of procurement and contract the role of the quantity surveyor is well-established. With BBC Television Centre about to be abandoned by the Corporation and with the magnitude of investment that the Corporation has directed towards Salford in recent years, this dissertation reviews the procurement and contract processes deployed by quantity surveyors who advised and worked with the BBC on these two inter-linked projects, requiring a sound understanding of the importance of business confidentiality issues, this is a dissertation that will benefit from the conducting of first-hand primary interviews with a range of key actors

Suggested initial topic reading:

  • Akintoye, A. and Fitzgerald, E. (2000). A survey of current cost estimating practices in the UK. Construction Management & Economics, 18(2), pp. 161-172.
  • Eadie, R., Perera, S. and Heaney, G. (2010).Identification of e-procurement drivers and barriers for UK construction organisations and ranking of these from the perspective of quantity surveyors.Journal of Information Technology in Construction.
  • Murray, P. E., Donohoe, S. andGoodhew, S. (2004). Flexible learning in construction education: a building pathology case study. Structural Survey, 22(5), pp. 242-250.

Contractors’ Planning and Estimating

Contractors must provide accurate estimations for the cost of a specific project. These ideas listed below will delve into the current research and help you to create a title for your own dissertation:

Example contractors’ planning and estimating dissertation topic 1:

A case study of quality surveying, renovation and restoration: York Minster

Noting the central roles of quantity surveyors with regards to issues such as conducting feasibility studies to estimate materials, time and labour costs, preparing, negotiating and analysing costs for tenders and contracts, and the co-ordination of work efforts, this dissertation explores and evaluates the multi-faceted roles of the job at a national monument: York Minster. Beyond the immediate repairs and restoration that followed the devastation wrought to the south transept in the fire of 1984, the Minster (the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of St Peter in York) has undergone almost 30 years of continual repair and maintenance and thus it provides a rich and diverse tapestry from which to measure the continuity and changes in the professional lives of quantity surveyors involved in its upkeep over a sustained period.

Suggested initial topic reading:

  • Ashworth, A. (2004). Cost studies of buildings. Harlow: Pearson/Prentice Hall.
  • Brown, C. (1989). York Minster after the fire. Structural Survey, 7(3), pp. 328-333.
  • Feilden, B. (2012). Conservation of historic buildings.London: Routledge.

Construction Economics

This topic will help you find value for money in buildings. Take a look at our examples to find out more:

Example construction economics dissertation topic 1:

Demolishing to build a better environment

Though a majority of quantity surveying work is focused towards the construction of building, a sizeable proportion of work is focused towards demolition. This dissertation charts the ‘progression’ of a demolition from concept to full site clearance of two former warehouse/factory blocks in Oldham, Manchester. In looking at this particular topic and case study, the dissertation seeks to evaluate whether demolition and rebuilding was the best option for the site or whether it would have been better value for money to have renovated the factories involved. In taking such an approach this dissertation enables a full discussion of planning and legal factors to be entered into and is, consequently, despite being site-specific a quantity surveying dissertation topic that is very broad in its thematic scope.

Suggested initial topic reading:

  • Cole, R. J. (2000). Building environmental assessment methods: assessing construction practices. Construction Management & Economics, 18(8), pp. 949-957.
  • Lu, M., Lau, S. C. and Poon, C. S. (2009). Simulation approach to evaluating cost efficiency of selective demolition practices: Case of Hong Kong’s Kai Tak airport demolition. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 135(6), pp. 448-457.
  • Pun, S. K., Liu, C. and Langston, C. (2006). Case study of demolition costs of residential buildings. Construction Management and Economics, 24(9), pp. 967-976.

See our sample construction dissertation "Construction Project Delay: Causes and Effects" as an example of a full dissertation related to construction economics.

If these example topics have given you some inspiration and you now feel ready to choose a dissertation topic, see our guide to choosing a dissertation topic to help you get started.

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