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E-marketing Plan for National Sport Campus Ireland

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Published: 2nd Mar 2022

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The National Sport Campus Ireland is a subsidiary of Sport Ireland and the main function of Sport Ireland is developing a strong sport idea in Ireland.  NSC is offering a modern and complete centre for the training of Irish professional athletes and for community.

The aim of this project is improving the marketing strategy – especially the e-marketing strategy – of the centre in order to reach more people who are interested into sports. With all our plan we are aiming to strength company’s relationship with existing and potential customer. Online marketing activities will be our guide to reach our aim. The summary of our idea is increasing the number of engaged people and the awareness of the brand which will bring the increase on the sales.

Table of Contents

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2.1. Company Description

2.2. Product & Service

2.3. Location

2.4. Competitors

2.5. Competitive Strategy

2.6. Critical Success Factors

2.7. Key Trends in the area

2.8. SWOT Analysis

2.9. PEST Analysis

2.10. Current Target Market

2.11. Positioning

2.12. Unique Selling Proposition

2.13. Summary



OVP (Online Value Proposition)

Summary of Strategies


1 – Web Site / Application

2 - Content marketing (SEO / Social Media Channels / email marketing)




In this group assignment, we will be describing our e-marketing plan for National Sport Campus Ireland.

In order to explain our plans in a proper way, we will use some specific marketing tools. The project is based on SOSTAC analysis which is briefly can be explained as;

  • Situation — Where are we now?
  • Objectives — Where do we want to get to?
  • Strategy — How are we going to get there?
  • Tactics — How are we going to get there? (in details)
  • Actions — Who is going to do what and when?
  • Control — How can we control, measure and develop the process?

After making an overall situational analysis, we will discuss about our objectives and how we can reach them. All our strategies are based on using online channels. Than with the tactics we will summarize how we will manage the budget and with the actions we will be defining the periods for each one. As a conclusion we will explain our control mechanism.


2.1. Company Description

The National Sport Campus Ireland is a subsidiary of Sport Ireland and the aim of Sport Ireland is planning, leading and co-ordinating the sustainable development of competitive and recreational sport in the country.

The National Sports Campus Ireland is a very complex sport centre which offers the best and the professional facilities to elite athletes and also pleasant and attractive sport programmes to all community.  The first facility of the campus is “The National Aquatic Centre” opened at 2003 and from that day the campus is getting wider and more complex. Today, total area is 500-acre site includes 14 different facilities.

  • National Aquatic Centre
  • National Indoor Arena
  • Indoor Athletics Training Centre
  • Indoor Training Centre
  • Gymnastic Training Centre
  • Diving Training Centre
  • Multi-Sport Pitches
  • Horse Sport Arena
  • Campus Conference Centre
  • Turf Pitches
  • Modern Pentathlon Centre
  • Morton Stadium
  • Cross-Country Track

The Campus is also hosting very important sport institutions and associations such as; Sport Ireland Institute of Sport, Football Association of Ireland, The Gaelic Athletic Association Development Centre, and Irish Sports Head Quarters, 23 sport National Governing Bodies (NGBs).

2.2. Product & Service

The main service of The National Sports Campus Ireland is providing the best facilities in the same area for all people including kids & parents, adults, clubs & athletes, schools & groups, disable people, +50 adults.  The main focusing point of the National Sports Campus Ireland is increasing the number of member from general public.

2.3. Location

The National Sport Campus Ireland is located in DUBLIN 15. Also, there is another part which belongs to Morton Stadium Santry – comes within the remit of the National Sports Campus Development Authority (NSCDA) – is located in Dublin 9, Morton Stadium Santry is established and managed as the Home of Irish Athletics, but the facilities inside of the main campus such as National Sport Arena (Fitness Classes) and National Aquatic Centre (includes ToneZone Gym and Aquazone) are open for everyone. Note that they promote this place as an “Fantastic Family Fun” experience. The management of the Campus have an objective to increase the awareness of the public-open areas.

The Campus is located to very close to the airport (15 minutes’ drive) and 30 minutes’ drive from Dublin’s city centre. This area is isolated from city centre traffic rush and as a fact that the target (adults / family) of the NSC do their transport by car (researches (2016) shows us that in Dublin the proportion of car-owning households is 74.4 %). With that point of view distance becomes kind of opportunity to attract the target market.

2.4. Competitors

As the main purpose of Sport Ireland is supporting the idea of Sport and “being active”, there are a lot of sport centres established and working actively in Ireland. The web sites such as

http://www.sportireland.ie/, http://www.getirelandactive.ie/ are supporting and informing people about the importance of healthy life and sport. People are encouraging to be active starting from early ages up to older adults.

With this point of view, you can see the numbers of the facilities which are promoted by Dublin City Council Sport & Recreation Centre;

  • 23 Sport, Community & Recreation Centres
  • 5 Sport & Fitness Centres
  • 3 Stand Alone Swimming Pools
  • 23 All Weather Pitches
  • 54 Playgrounds
  • 2 Water Sport Centres
  • 2 Running Tracks
  • 11 Tennis Facilities
  • 18 Outdoor Gyms

Concerning competitors, can be easily said that in Dublin, NSC is the leader in terms of being a complex, big and having such a wide range of facilities. Also, another advantageous point is the location of the Campus. Dublin 15 is an area where companies are also located. Which means there is a huge potential of memberships from the employers / employees who are working in that area. In that location, there are 2 more sport centres exist but the focus point for both are totally different than NSC Ireland. One of them is Orion Gymnastics ClubCoolmine Sports Centre which is very focused on gymnastic as it clearly spots in its name and the other one is Corduff Sports Centre which is more focused on indoor facilities such as team games handball, basketball and volleyball

In this part, 3 different sport centres will be examined as they can be named as competitors in terms of facilities and target market. All 3 have the targeting adults – families (with or without children), they all have gym facilities such as ToneZone and swimming pools as National Aquatic Centre. They all have different pricing strategy up to the demographics of their target (individual / couple / family) and also membership duration.

2.5. Competitive Strategy

The differentiation point of NCS from its competitors is being a very complex sport centre which offers you new, high tech equipment with different facilities for every age and proficiency level.  The aim is to be leader in the market and the focus group is public from whom they can generate revenue.

When we examine the situation with the competitors, NCS is located as High Price – High Quality area. In terms of pricing, for all memberships the prices are settled higher than competitors. But on the other hand, the facilities and the equipment are very new and all the trainers are very well educated.

High Price


Swan Leisure

Low Quality

High Quality


Lucan Leisure

Low Price

2.6. Critical Success Factors


  • Utilizable equipment
  • Chancing rooms
  • Offices / Support
  • Health and safety
  • Cafeteria
  • Location / Parking area
  • Certified and well-educated trainers
  • Good staff member
  • Affordable price
  • Online / personal / group training
  • Clean area
  • Bookings
  • Indoor or outdoor area
  • Application
  • Web Site

2.7. Key Trends in the area

According to the 2015 Irish Sports Monitor, a biannual survey conducted by IPSOS MRBI on behalf of Sport Ireland, 45% of the population participate regularly in sport. The most popular forms of sporting activity were found to be “personal exercise” (mainly gym based classes), which were undertaken by 13.7% of participants during the week prior to the Irish Sports Monitor survey; running (8.2%); swimming (8.0%); cycling (5.5%); soccer (4.8%); dancing (3.0%); golf (2.7%); weight training (2.3%); Gaelic football (2.0%); yoga (1.5%); Pilates (1.4%); hurling/camogie (1.2%) and rugby (1.1%) .

Irish government is very supportive in terms of encouraging people to be active and informing them about the importance of doing sport. As a summary, key trends are;

  • Health and wellbeing is very important, and these concepts are supporting with the idea of being Active
  • Healthy work place strategies
  • Sport and physical activities are very popular in community such as;

Local Walking Clubs

Swim for a Mile

Cycling Ireland”s Bike for life

Athletics Ireland’s “Fit4Life”


  • Creating partnerships
  • The impacts of Physical inactivity (World Health Organization research) are thought to be:

Heart disease (8.8% In Ireland)

Diabetes (10.9 % In Ireland)

Cancer ( ~ 15 % In Ireland)Share to App

  • Ireland is becoming the most obese country in Europe within a decade, according to a study published in The Lancet. (“Ireland’s obesity rate among world’s worst,” n.d.)
  • Clean food
  • Health and fitness festivals like Virgin Sport

2.8. SWOT Analysis



  • Wide Variety of sports availability
  • Wide variety of fitness classes (Spin Zone, Cardio Strength, Stretch etc..
  • New facilities, new high-tech equipment
  • Professional team
  • Affordable service
  • Different membership opportunities
  • Pay as pay you go system
  • Open for everyday (Weekdays 06:00am – 10:00pm // Weekends 08:00 am – 08:00 pm)
  • Different activities for Parents & kids oriented
  • Products for the community – Cradle to Grave
  • Sports inclusion Disability Programmes
  • Partnerships with Sport Institutions for disability programmes
  • Events for Companies
  • Health Programmes
  • Turnover rate of customers
  • Lack of using Social Media   efficiently
  • Complicated website
  • Application software
  • There is no accommodation nearby the place for the audience / professional athletes in competition events
  •  Booking System
  • Lack of communication
  • Complicated website



  • Sport is today a social issue (democratisation of sport)
  • Ireland is very supportive country about sport and being healthy (http://www.getirelandactive.ie/) (i.e : Bicycle)
  • Possible opportunities to create partnerships with enterprises
  • Create some international events to improve the visibility of the campus
  • Possible health issues (Cancer, obesity etc. )
  • Economical/political crisis
  • Competition
  • Missing the potential customers because of distance and lack of transportation facilities
  • Bad reputation/comments/views from all social media
  • Too much information about the Sport trend
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on the 25th May 2018 
  • Possible accidents

2.9. PEST Analysis

Political Factors

  • National physical activity plan
  • Dublin City Council supports all sport events and activities
  • Bike to Work (Government initiative offering tax free bikes for cycling to work)
  • Consumer rights (Data protection / Consumer rights)
  • Medical Services
  • Safety and health regulations for Indoor / Outdoor areas and all facilities

Economic Factors

  • Possible economic crises – It may cause possible cut on governmental
    funding and also people do not want to subscribe for any sport activity since
    it will seem as unnecessary.

Social Factors

  • Gender – Man do more sports than women (2017, Irish Sport Monitor Mid-Year Report)

  • Age – Participation in sport is negatively correlated with age: 80.3% of those aged 16-19 years and 67.6% of those aged 20-24 years participated in sport during the week prior to survey, compared with 47.5% of those aged 35-44 years and 32.8% of those age 55-64 years.
  • Obesity is a significant health concern for this cohort with 27.5%
    of under-fives in Ireland are classed as either overweight or obese, according
    to a report presented to the European Congress on Obesity, which was held in
    Prague during 2015.

Technological Factors

  • Possible surgeries instead of having a sport oriented to the lifestyle
  • Mobile and online platforms are very powerful tools to increase brand awareness
  • Online Trainer / training
  • High tech equipment especially in gym
  • Possible of booking online for the classes

2.10. Current Target Market

The customer profile of National Sports Campus Ireland is mostly professional athletes. But now they are more focus on public who are interested in doing sports and this is the market where they can generate profit from that market.

2.11. Positioning

NSC is positioned itself as the best complex for sustainable competitive and recreational sport centre in Ireland for athletes and families, offering a safe place for all people that enjoy sports and well-being.

2.12. Unique Selling Proposition

The new and unique indoor and outdoor facilities that they built, they are offering the best services through the last technological equipment available in the market with very professional team to reach to public and professional athletes.

2.13. Summary

As a summary of all situational analysis, National Sports Campus Ireland is a very complex sport centre which offers the best and the professional facilities to elite athletes and attractive sport programmes to all community. In terms of competition, there is no other competitor in the scope of NCS which makes the situation very advantageous to attract the target market. The campus is a a very good area to spend your time with your family and friends. NCS should point out the idea that NCS is not only the place that you are only doing sport, it is a place that you will have quality time.


Increase brand awareness

  • Increase engagement on social media channels Facebook and Instagram in 20% in a period of one year (May 2018 to April 2019)
  • Increase website traffic in 20% in a period of one year (May 2018 to April 2019)
  • Create Sports competition among 10 companies in Dublin in a period of one year (May 2018 to April 2019)

Cost savings

  • Reduce costs with traditional marketing in 50% and investing more in digital marketing in a period of one year (May 2018 to April 2019)
  • Reduce 1 employee investing on an app for bookings and cancellations in June 2018

Customer loyalty

  • Increase 10% more events with families and communities in a period of a year (May 2018 to April 2019)
  • Retain 10% more customers than 2017 in a period of one year (from May 2018 to April 2019)

Increase revenue

  • Increase 5% revenue in a period of year (May 2018 to April 2019)
  • Increase 10% membership
  • Create Sports competition among 10 companies in Dublin in a period of one year (May 2018 to April 2019)


While building up our e-marketing strategy, we focus on the 5 broad reasons – named Chaffey’s 5Ss. From the 5Ss (Sell / Serve / Speak / Save / Sizzle), our objectives are created for 3 of them – Sell / Speak / Save.


In order to reach our objectives, all of online strategies will based on generating new sales, in other words increasing revenue.


All the objectives are shaped to build on a good and healthy communication with the customers.  Especially using the social media, the aim is increasing the engagement and creating dialogs with them. In order to succeed this in every channel way of speaking will be changed.


Using social media channels more effectively rather than public advertisements (such as TV, radio, print ads which are more expensive) will help us to reduce offline marketing costs.

In order to reach out objectives, our strategies are focused on some components of marketing; STOP and SIT analysis.

STP Analysis

While studying on the STP analysis, the key trends and the facilities that we are trying to promote should be considered and both must be integrated. Our main key trends are the importance of health and wellbeing lifestyle, being active, health issued in the business life, obesity problem of Ireland, the increasing trend of open public activities and the main facilities that we are trying to promote is the AquaZone and ToneZone. Our main objective is to increase the sales and all our strategies are morely based on working online channels and reach our target market and explain them exactly how we are positioning.

Brand Persona

SIT Analysis

The other components that we have to analyse is the SIT, which refers sequences, integration and tools.


Our main strategy are based on improving the communication. In other words, increasing integration between customers and the company.  For instance, the web page is very complicated, not clear with its message. On the other hand, when we check the social media, even they have a very consistent content and it seems that they are very late to give responses to the clients.  So, in our strategy the first stage will be building the communication channels again. Using social media will come first and the next step will be creating the webpage.


All our strategies are connecting to each other. We are going to link all social media channels from our main page. They will all give the same and very simple message to everyone “More than doing sport”


In order to implement our strategies, our main tools will be social media channels and web page.

A successful e – marketing strategy is surely more than communication, we must engage with our target market and we must convert this engagement into new sales. This point of view will describe how we shaped our strategies.

After defining the important components of e – marketing. We can give some details about our strategy. Our strategy is formed in 7 important categories:

  1. Updating Website / Creating Application
  2. Creating powerful content marketing (SEO / Social Media Channels / email marketing)
  3. Google AdWords / Banners
  4. Influencers
  5. Sponsored Facebook / Instagram ads
  6. Corporate Games
  7. Corporate responsibility

Before explaining every element in details, we want to focus on web site which will help to explain it in terms of online mix strategy. NCS’s web site is very confusing and hard to understand. There are 6 different webpages and they are not clear if they have integrated each other or totally separated and this makes the situation more complicated.  Online components must be analysed in terms of Online mix (6Ps) – Product / Price / Place / Promotion / Physical Evidence / Process.

1- Product — providing very complex maintained sport area for all age group with the assistance certified trainers.

2- Price — pricing strategy is fit with the quality of the centre. Membership is not cheap compare to competitors. But in terms of quality and complexity, the pride difference can be acceptable. For the web page, online pricing system will be implemented with our strategy and 5% discount is available for paying online.

3- Place –  the engagement of our target market to internet is very high so our aim will be “findable” on every online platform

4- Promotion — for the promotion of the service, online and offline channels will be used.  Social Media, google ads, banners will be all supportive elements for the website.

5- Physical Evidence – services are intangible so even you do not serve any physical evidence through with our online marketing mix. We are aiming to serve very clear and powerful image of doing sport will make you feel good.

6- Process –  since our product is a “service” and while offering a service to your audience it is really important to make a balance of customization and standardization. In that point our strategy will be focusing on the “contact strategy”. In order to increase loyalty of customers, there will be a communication process will start. Welcome mails will be used, booking online / application will be applied. And we will try to contact with the customer more closely.

Here, we have a very good example for “contact strategy” in order increase loyalty of the existing customers.

OVP (Online Value Proposition)

Powerful online value proposition hooks the audience. The web site is the first stage to impact the audience and keep their attention to the service you are offering so the idea must be given very clearly.  The aim of the new webpage is creating a very clear communication with the audience and give them the image of “accessibility” from all channels.

Summary of Strategies

Our strategy is based on improving the NSC communication skills, that’s why website and social media channels are very important parts of our plan. The message that we are trying to give to the customers is NSC is more than doing sport. Our market segment is adults who likes doing sport and healthy life followers and the positioning of the company is serving our segment what they are demanding with a tagline “more than sport”.


After explaining all our strategy with the important components of we can go in details with our strategies. Our starting point is creating a new website.

1 – Web Site / Application

Web site is the most important element which help you to contact with the audience with the right message.

NSC website should be updated in terms of design and content. Also, in order to make a successful SEO project (will be part of Content Marketing), URLs should be also updated.

Also to have a better interaction with the clients, “Contact” page should be also renewed. Online chat programme can be useful to give the image that we are listening and trying to help you.

Updating the website will definitely help us to reach all our goals. With an easy and simpler web site, and with a well worked SEO project, it will be easier to reach your target market and increase the brand awareness. And increasing brand awareness will affect the sales adversely. Also creating an application software will be complementary aspect to an updated/ fresh website. This application will be used only by the members in order to see the membership information, training details, and to make online reservation etc. So that will make the clients feel more part of NCS.

For the budget – € 8000 – for the web site creation includes;

  • 20 pages of content
  • Mobile responsive website design, logo and branding services
  • Custom graphic design and build
  • Professional email set up
  • Content writing
  • Contact form
  • Full digital strategy plan
  • Inbound marketing software set up
  • Email marketing series created
  • Spam protection using Captcha
  • Website security hardening features
  • Social media integration
  • YouTube integration
  • Advanced SEO
  • Google Analytics installation
  • Facebook advertising configuration
  • Google AdWords configuration
  • Conversion tracking
  • Up to 30 stock images

The budget for application is the most expensive – € 50.000 –  but in terms of increasing brand loyalty, it will totally worth.

2 - Content marketing (SEO / Social Media Channels / email marketing)

Content marketing is very important to increase the loyalty of the existing customer and also increase the brand awareness.  In order to apply this concept in our strategy, we will work on 3 channels.

  • Social Media Channels
  • SEO
  • Email marketing

Social Media

Using social media channels effectively will be the second leg of our strategy. Using the SM channels Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in a proper way will increase the interaction, brand awareness and also engagement of the customers. For each channel, proper communication techniques should be used to catch the target.  On the other ads for the Facebook and Instagram will be very successful tool to be applied to the correct target market at the correct time. LinkedIn will be the channel that we are aiming to reach the companies that we are willing to organise “Corporate Games”. For this organisation, the strategy will be using more than one channel to reach our targets in terms of companies, but our starting point will be LinkedIN. With all SM channels we are aiming to increase brand awareness, sales and also saving the advertisement and marketing costs (rather than using media channels).

SEO Project

SEO project should be based on the company’s unique selling project. So briefly the service / product. The right on-page optimization makes it easier for for search engines to rank you more accurately, so your audience can find you organically.

E-mail marketing

The idea will be delivering targeted messages directly to the audience with relevant content that will affect or may be inspires them to get action in any point of their buying journey. E-mail marketing for each month for 10.000 contacts will be cost ~ 4.000 Euro per year.

3 – Google AdWords / Banners

With using the Google AdWords and Banner projects, the aim is increasing the brand awareness and direct proportion sales.

4 - Influencer

Using influencers is the one of the biggest trend of social media. A lot of professional athletes are member of NSC so this should turn as an advantage in order to promote NSC especially in Instagram.  “Brand Content Option” is very easy and useful process inside of Instagram.  With this element, the influencers you work with can reveal when a post they share is a part of brand partnership.

Brian Gregan — 400m athlete

Noelle Francisco — 23.1K followers on Instagram

Brendan Doyle — Irish Skeleton Racer

Paul Mannion — Football player

Conor Whelan — Hurler

5 - Sponsored Instagram ads

Sponsored ads will help to contact directly with our target market.  Pricing is done up to different indicators.  For example, there’s a difference in Instagram CPC prices for various age groups. The highest CPC age groups are 18-24, 25-34, and 35-44-year olds – the most valuable age groups when it comes to Instagram marketing. According to researches, Instagram ads have the highest engagement rate of all digital ad placements. Means that Instagram ads have high ROI.  Another way of saying that you could pay a little more for a click and you will get much more return in terms of awareness or real customer.

Sponsored Posts:

CPC (cost per click): $0.44 —- € 0.36

CPM (cost per mille): $6.58 — € 5.35

CTR (click through rate): 1.47%

Sponsored Video:

CPV: $0.01 — € 0.008

CPM: $2.48 – € 2.02

CTR: 2.08%

6 - Corporate Event

We are planning to create a corporate event for companies.

Tagline of this event : Work together”

Sport Campus Ireland will be planning and organise during one year an event who will reach enterprises to create a sportive competition between them. The target audience is enterprise’s employees, so men and women between 25 and 60 years old. The objective of this event is to promote teamwork through the sport. Most of the people known that having a group spirit is always better to reach your objectives than to be alone.

During this competition, the idea is that each enterprise will play at the same time on different activities (for example foot, volleyball, Tennis, etc.). In order to involve future participants in this event, a non-exhaustive list of activities will be proposed to companies. Sport Campus Ireland will then decide on the number of activities to be organised according to the number of participants and the wishes expressed by the companies. The selected activities will all give different points to the winners based on the criterion of collective play. For example, a very collective sport such as football will give more points rather than an individual sport such as tennis. The first three places in each activity will give points to the teams to win the championship. At the end of the day, the team who has the most points wins.

In order to promote and meet enterprises, we will use LinkedIn as a way to create a contact with them. Because the audience of this social network is only professional, it’s obvious that it’s the best way to attract some companies. We will mainly have to target human resources or managers. By organizing this event on Dublin, it allows us to target large companies such as Google, Indeed, Dropbox, Intel, Accenture, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Being aware that this social network will help us to create a contact with the companies, it seems necessary that the organizer of this event visits the companies in order to convince them to participate in this event. He will have to emphasize the group work, the advantage of sport over health, but also the fact that after this event, their employees will be able to benefit from reductions offered by NSC.

To organise this event properly and to offer the best conditions to the participants (as well as good rewards for the winners), it would be interesting to create some sponsorships with companies. The benefits that we can get from those partnerships can be in money, goods, or other material supports. For example, we can create a partnership with a bus company to bring participants to the campus. We can create a sponsorship with banks to get a financial support (for the awards). We can also create some partnerships with companies such as Red Bull to offer refreshments during the event. It would be interesting to create partnership with brand such as GoPro to film the event and obtain some contents to share them on social networks. For all these companies, the main advantage they will benefit from will be the visibility of their brand in front of a professional audience and on social networks.

The rewards depend on the partnership created with enterprises. It can be a travel offer to all group members, a material gift, one year of free subscription, a financial reward, etc. It’s important to specify that the reward must be really attractive in order to reach the maximum number of companies.

  • The main objectives of such an event is to promote the campus by allowing the families of participants who wish to test different sports for free during a day.
  • The secondary objective is to create a sports competition between companies each year. The idea is to increase the scope of this competition each year to reach as many company as possible. Note that this vision is in line with the government, which is to promote sports in general. The long-term goal may be to turn this ephemeral event into a national annual challenge for which companies are gearing up.
  • The ultimate goal, and the most important, is to convert participants and families during this day to become our new customers. To do this, it will be necessary to set up different stands on the campus with a staff presence. These will be available to answer any questions or to create new commitments.

7 - Corporate responsibility

Creating water bottles which can be used inside of the campus rather than plastic bottles. Around € 12.000 budget will be separated for that strategy and the goal of the strategy increasing brand loyalty.




Sales growth measure the progress of generating new sales Comparing it with footfalls of 2017.
New customers measure how many new customers are being acquired  
Customer retention measure the lifetime of a customer  
Cost of customer acquisition measure the cost of each step to convince potential customer to sale  
Marketing roi measure revenue generated by marketing campaign  
Cost per lead measure the cost-effectiveness of marketing campaigns (social ads/ad words)  
Website traffic measure traffic sources are driving customers to the website (direct, referral or search) Comparing it with the datas of January 2018
Social media reach and engagement measure likes, and shares also new followers and their engagement on the social pages  
Email marketing performance measure how much clicks return over email  
Landing page converstion rates measure how much landing page converts new customers  


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