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Foodstuff Company Human Resource Management

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Published: 10th Dec 2019

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Manage Human Resource as a manager in an organisation



Business Objectives

Optimal organisation structure:

Skills required for three staff positions

Store Manager

Job responsibilities

Bakery Manager


 Development

 Peace Maker

 Productivity

Recommendation regarding organizational structure, staff Production and training and staff number.

Employer’s obligations and responsibilities



Work environment at Pak’nsave

Equal employment opportunity

Types of Employment Agreements

Collective Agreement

Individual employment Contracts:

An individual employment agreement must include:

Employer & Employee

Position –


Place of Work

Working Hours

How and what you will be paid for your work

Public Holidays

Resolving Employment Relationship Problems

Employee protection provision –

What are the minimum terms and conditions of employment?

Contracts and service at Pak’nsave

Short term contracts

Explain the obligations for the provision of information and advice to the employees in relation to the requirements of the employment Relations Act.

The Employment Relations Act covers a range of topics including:

Identify and explain the procedures for settling personal grievance and Employment disputes in terms of legal requirements and principles of natural justice.

Unjustifiable dismissal or action at Pak’nsave

Sexual harassment by a person in authority



Task 3

Evaluating of organisation staff training policies and processes

Assess procedures established for evaluating staff:

Potential sources of training at Pak’nsave

Self-management and professional development for Pak’nsave

Organization procedures followed by Pak’nsave

Personal goals of staff at Pak’nsave

Task 4

Identify the legal, equal employment and organisational requirements regarding recruitment.

A. Interviewing methods

C. Reference assessments and checks

D. Application or Pre-employment forms:

E. Barriers to selection at Pak’nsave

F. Pak’nsave feedback procedure

Minimize the negative effects on remaining staff and affected persons

Comply with the principles of natural justice

Comply with legal requirements


Negotiations and Information



Foodstuffs are the co-operative New World, PAK’nSAVE, Write Price and Four Square stores belong. Foodstuffs were founded in 1922 by members of the Auckland Master Grocers Association, who formed a co-operative buying group. Originally all the stores used the name Four Square, with New World established in 1963 and PAK’nSAVE in 1986.

Together the Foodstuffs companies have become New Zealand’s fourth largest business.

Two co-operative companies now exist, Foodstuffs North Island and Foodstuffs South Island Ltd, and each operates independently from the other, but communicates and co-operate nationally on some issues. They are New Zealand’s largest food retailers.

Each store within the group is proudly individually owned and operated.

Executive summary

The main purpose of the research report on Pak’nSave Group is that it is the demand of the subject. It will help us to gain vast knowledge about this particular organization. As well as we also come to know that what are the necessities and responsibilities to run a business. We will also get an Analysis of the Organization and Management in Pak’nSave Group. In this research report mainly we come to know the purpose of organization and roles of the management regarding that particular organization. We will understand the various management philosophies, management practices, influences of environment (internal and external) and application of change management theories.

Pak’nsave is a New Zealand discount supermarket chain owned by the Foodstuffs cooperative.

Business Objectives

As a part of community pak’nsave has the ability to help local organizations and groups achieve their goals and objectives by assisting with community support. Their goal is to have Customers put us first across all our brands.

To achieve this we have 5 priorities:

  1. Building a customer and store-led culture and team
  2. Generating sustainable sales momentum in Food
  3. Evolving our Drinks business to provide even more value and convenience to customers
  4. Empowering our portfolio businesses to pursue strategies to deliver shareholder value
  5. Becoming a lean retailer through end-to-end process and systems excellence

It all starts with building a great retail team that listens to customers, team members and suppliers. Through our Voice of the Customer programme across our brands, our store teams and Support Office team receive daily feedback from our customers. This means our team can focus every day on continuing to improve our offer and shopping experience for our customers (s.davis, 2001).

Optimal organisation structure:

A hierarchical structure characterizes how exercises, for example, errand assignment, coordination and supervision are coordinated toward the accomplishment of authoritative points. It can likewise be considered as the survey glass through which people see their association and its condition. As in Pak’nsave the authoritative structure is partitioned into various divisions like pastry shop, HR, account director, store and so on. There are directors, chief, and colleagues in this association.

Image result for optimal organization structure

Skills required for three staff positions

Bread kitchen directors have various obligations, which are all imperative to a well-working pastry shop. Bread kitchen chiefs manage pastry kitchen operations in an assortment of settings including grocery stores and autonomous bread kitchens. There are no particular affirmation prerequisites for pastry kitchen chiefs. In any case, candidates who have extensive experience with heating -, for example, preparing in baked good readiness and experience working in a bread shop – may have an edge over candidates who don’t.


• Baking

Pastry shop administrators must have encounter getting ready heated merchandise, for example, baked goods, breads, cakes and treats. Besides, bread kitchen supervisors must have encounter preparing in extensive amounts. Contingent upon the pastry kitchen, a bread kitchen chief might be required to add new things to the rundown of the pastry shop’s offerings. Dough punchers must be thorough and have an eye for style, as heated products must look engaging. Pastry shop chiefs are in charge of promoting heated merchandise and quality control, which additionally requires an eye for feel.

• Inventory

Directing stock is a piece of a bread shop director’s obligation. Regulating stock includes requesting and turning fixings, for example, flour, sugar, and spread; it additionally includes accepting and emptying conveyances. Following stock requires figuring the best possible measure of fixings fundamental for creation of heated merchandise on a given day or week. Accordingly, math aptitudes are required. Moreover, a bread kitchen director must watch out for interest for every sort of baked good to know the amount to supply.

• Personnel Responsibilities

Bread shop administrators ordinarily administer heating staff to guarantee the pastry kitchen’s guidelines are upheld. That implies ensuring pastry shop staff follow client administration and security strategies. Normally, pastry shop administrators are responsible for contracting, creating and ending bread kitchen staff. Moreover, pastry kitchen directors are for the most part in charge of planning workers and guaranteeing finance remains inside the bread shop’s financial plan.

• Budgeting

Bread shop directors are in charge of guaranteeing the gainfulness of a pastry kitchen. This implies they should work inside the bounds of the bread kitchen’s financial plan keeping in mind the end goal to boost deals. Planning includes knowing how to cost prepared merchandise and following deals, work and stock expenses. Making and keeping up a financial plan requires fundamental bookkeeping aptitudes, which can be obtained through at work preparing or related knowledge.


Bosses guarantee that sets of expectations precisely record the essential obligations, capabilities and terms for each activity part in their gathering. They set execution measures for undertakings, occupations and parts of their representatives. They guarantee workers have fitting and reasonable occupation objectives.


Directors have an extensive variety of levels of obligation. They answer to association organization; in any case they in like manner are responsible for the headway and activities of their staff people. Understanding the step by step troubles of this part can empower you to be an effective chief and support respect for the undertakings of the managers in your association.


Chiefs are relied upon to keep up train inside their staff for a few reasons. Upholding discipline keeps workers concentrated on gainful occupation exercises and keeps up a level playing field for all representatives. It keeps any individual representatives from performing denied exercises while the others attempt to submit to the standards.

• Development

An executive is a speedy master figure to her staff. She is the level between the departmental administrator and the agents. The chairman has step by step contact with the specialists and is relied upon to help make agent aptitudes. The supervisor not simply contributes vitality making and improving step by step work commitment aptitudes, be that as it may she also makes sense of which delegates can be considered as potential chiefs later on and has an effect in working up that specialist’s scope of capacities.

• Peace Maker

Right when strife develops in a work assembling, the supervisor should first address the situation. The executive moves in quickly to overview the condition and help the sides to go to a comprehension. An administrator can help laborers by shielding conflicts from getting lifted to the organization or authority levels.

• Productivity

The supervisor’s obligation to the association is to ensure that the work accumulate works and most noteworthy efficiency. The chief is given age destinations for the social occasion, and after that she ought to choose the courses in which the get-together will meet those targets. It is up to the overseer to develop an appreciation of the skill levels of each specialist and properly apply those aptitudes to keeping up association effectiveness levels.
Bakery Manager

Recommendation regarding organizational structure, staff Production and training and staff number.

Staff Production and training: In that we have composed a software engineer in that consistently we will support two representatives’ families so they can go to silver screen or cookout to influence their work life to adjust and they will feel more like family sort of condition and they will work all the more hard towards the advantages of the organization. We have in house preparing plans where we give preparing to our representatives however we are planning software engineer and we have reached with different associations where we can send our workers for preparing (s.davis, 2001).

Staff numbers: currently we are focusing on permanent full time staff members which are costing more to the company. We have designed a programmer with which help we are going to hire part time and contract based staff to which we should be able to call when we need them in our busy time period. This will help to maintain the budget of the company.

Alternatives of staffing

Organisation should hire full time staff as it very busy store company should hire full time customer service representatives Full time staff for the Customer Service Representative to perform their duties. The skills that they need are:

  1. Good customer service skills
  2. Smart work
  3. Polite and fluently communication skills.
  4. Good decision making skills in difficult environment.
  5. Time management and control

Secondly the company must hire the casual staff as if any person is unable to come ate work and the casual member can cover his or her duty.





Task 2

Employer’s obligations and responsibilities

As an employer of Pak’nsave, it is our responsibility to ensure all your employees receive certain basic employment rights, everyone in the organisation should be treated as same at all the times. Although some industries require employers to meet different requirements, the list below is the minimum entitlement all employees must receive.


The minimum wage rates are reviewed every year. As of 1 May 2016 the adult minimum wage rates (before tax) that apply for employees aged 16 or over are:

  • $15.25 an hour, which is
  • $122.00 for an 8-hour day or
  • $630.00 for 40 hours a week.

The rates that apply to new entrants and employees on the training minimum wage (before tax) are:

  • $13.00 an hour, which is
  • $104.00 for an 8-hour day or
  • $520.00 for 40-hour week.

Employeeshave to be paid at least the minimum hourly wage rate for any extra time worked over eight hours a day or 40 hours a week

From 1 May 2016 the starting-out wage replaced the new entrants’ minimum wage and training minimum wage for under-20s.

The new entrants’ wage will no longer be an option for new employees. However, those employers who were paying an employee the new entrants’ rate (or any rate greater than the new entrants’ rate but less than the adult minimum wage rate) on 30 April 2016 may continue to do so until that employee has completed 200 hours or 3 months of employment . After that point the employee must be paid the adult minimum wage rate.

16- to 19-year-old trainees who were entitled to be paid the training minimum wage before 1 May 2016 will now be entitled to be paid the starting-out wage, however these rates are the same and so in practice these employees will continue to be entitled to the same minimum wage rate.


The Holidays Act 2003 helps to promote balance between work and other aspects of employees’ lives. It was amended by the Holidays (Transfer of Public Holidays) Amendment Act 2008 and the Holidays Amendment Act 2010. This guide includes those changes.

The Holidays Act 2003 provides minimum legal entitlements to:

• Annual holidays

• Public holidays

• Sick leave

• Bereavement leaves.

Work environment at Pak’nsave

The protest of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 is to advance the aversion of mischief to all individuals at work, and others in, or in the region of, work environments. The Act applies to all New Zealand working environments and spots obligations on businesses, the independently employed, representatives, principals and other people who are in a position to oversee or control perils.

The accentuation of the law is on the precise administration of wellbeing and security at work. It requires managers and others to keep up safe workplaces, and actualize sound practice. It perceives that fruitful wellbeing and security administration is best accomplished through great confidence co-operation in the work environment and, specifically, through the contribution of those taking every necessary step.


Equal employment opportunity

At Pak’nsave all individuals, including those that fall under the protected classes, have an equal opportunity for employment and advancement within an organization. There is no space for any kind of discrimination in our organisation on any grounds like age, national origin, Colour, disability, sex, and in some cases family status. The employee must prove they were discriminated against when they were treated differently because of their status in one of those protected classes (scott, n.d.).






Preparing is basic for everybody in our association and that is they key of accomplishment and improvement of our association. It is productive to the two businesses and workers of an association. A worker at Pak’nsave will turn out to be more proficient and beneficial on the off chance that he is prepared well.

  • New candidates who join an organization are given training. This training familiarizes them with the organizational mission, vision, rules and regulations and the working conditions.
  • The existing employees are trained to refresh and enhance their knowledge.
  • If any updating and amendments take place in technology, training is given to cope up with those changes. For instance, purchasing new equipment, changes in technique of production and computer department.

Types of Employment Agreements

Collective Agreement

An aggregate business assertion is consulted with Pak’nsave by a union and covers every one of the representatives at that working environment who are individuals from the union. Just a union can arrange an aggregate understanding, yet there can be union individuals in a work environment without an aggregate assenting. In the event that you begin work at a work environment with an aggregate understanding, your manager is required to offer you the opportunity to join the union and be secured by that system. Regardless, for the initial 30 days at work you will in any event have an indistinguishable terms and conditions from the aggregate understanding. In that time you have the chance to join the union there (newzealand.govt.nz, 2013).


Individual employment Contracts:

An employment agreement is a legal document that contains the ‘terms and conditions’ of your employment.

An individual employment agreement must include:

Employer & Employee – your name and your employer’s name as you are both ‘parties’ to the employment agreement

Position – The position which you are employed in (e.g. shop assistant).

Duties what type of work you will be required to do as part of your job (e.g. customer service, point of sale, keeping the shop and items tidy)

Place of Work – where you will be required to work.

Working Hours what hours you will be required to work. If you change your working hours, you and your employer should update your employment agreement with the new hours.

How and what you will be paid for your work.  Your pay must be at least the minimum wage if you are 16 or older. Your wages must be paid in money (i.e. in cash, cheque, or transfer of funds into your bank account), not in goods or services provided.

Public Holidays – your employment agreement has to say that you will be paid at least time-and-a-half for any time worked on a public holiday. You still get all other public holiday rights covered by the law, even if they are not written into your employment agreement.

Resolving Employment Relationship Problems – your employment agreement has to contain an explanation of the steps that should be taken to deal with workplace problems if they happen. It is important that both you and your employer follow these steps if you have a problem at work.

Employee protection provision –

Your work assertion must state what process the business will follow in rebuilding circumstances, for example, occupations being redesigned or cut.

A few things (like rest and feast breaks, or a month yearly occasions) don’t should be in your work assertion however your boss should at present give them by law. On the off chance that you and your manager consent to better terms and conditions these ought to be recorded in your business understanding.

Your business assertion can likewise contain different terms and conditions that you and your manager have consented to.

What are the minimum terms and conditions of employment?

Your employment agreement will set out terms and conditions and your entitlements during your employment.  Some things are covered by law and an employment agreement can’t provide for any lesser conditions or trade-offs for other conditions (such as no sick leave in exchange for a higher pay rate).  There are many things however that are not covered by law, and instead are things which may appear in your employment agreement, e.g. how much notice you have to give when you want to leave your job, or whether your employer still pays you when you are away from work on jury service (Minimum rights of employees).




Contracts and service at Pak’nsave

An agreement of work typically characterized to mean the same as an “agreement of administration”. An agreement of administration has truly been recognized from an “agreement for administrations”, the articulation modified to suggest the separating line between a man who is “utilized” and somebody who is “independently employed”. The reason for the partitioning line is to ascribe rights to a few sorts of individuals who work for others. This could be the privilege to a lowest pay permitted by law, occasion pay, wiped out leave, reasonable rejection, a composed explanation of the agreement, the privilege to sort out in a union, et cetera. The suspicion is that truly independently employed individuals ought to have the capacity to take care of their own issues, and accordingly work they improve the situation others ought not convey with it a commitment to take care of these rights.

Short term contracts

At Pak’nsave a worker might be utilized under an agreement for a constrained span or here and now. A worker whose agreement is for a predefined settled term of two years or more may concur in writing to prohibit any privilege to an excess instalment or, for contracts of one year or more, to grumble of out of line rejection in spite of the fact that this will be powerful just where the term lapses without recharging, not if the agreement is ended at some before date. Here and now contract labourers are frequently known as brief specialists or easygoing specialists. See run of the mill specialists, settled term contract. Be that as it may, there are no such sorts of representatives in our association as on now (short term contracts , 2001).

Explain the obligations for the provision of information and advice to the employees in relation to the requirements of the employment Relations Act.

As a Pak’nsave Owner I will be employing staff therefore I have to meet certain obligations under the Employment Relations Act. These obligations stand regardless of whether we hire one employee part-time for two hours per day, or have multiple employees on full-time contracts. The Employment Relations Act is the legislative foundation of all relationships between employees and employers in New Zealand.



The Employment Relations Act covers a scope of points including:

• Recruiting, and choosing the correct contender for the activity.

• Written business assentions.

• Trial and probation periods.

• Union participation.

• Workplace preparing and improvement.

The target of the Act is to keep up reasonable and beneficial connections amongst businesses and their representatives.

As a proprietor of Pak’nsave I will accomplishes this by advancing the thought of ‘good confidence’ work environment relations in light of:

• Recognizing that work connections must be based on common trust and certainty and in addition certain administrative or legitimate securities

• Understanding that there is a level of imbalance of energy in business connections that should be commonly caught on

• Respecting the respectability of individual decision

• Promoting intercession as the essential critical thinking instrument – decreasing the requirement for legal mediation.

Distinguish and clarify the strategies for settling individual grievance and Employment question regarding lawful necessities and standards of characteristic equity.

Under The Employment Relations Act all representatives of Pak’nsave has appropriate to seek after an individual grievance on the off chance that they have any of the accompanying grumblings:

• Unjustifiable rejection

• Unjustifiable activity which burdens the representative

• Discrimination

• Sexual badgering (by somebody in expert or by collaborators)

• Racial badgering

• Duress over enrollment of a union or other representative association.

Ridiculous expulsion or activity at Pak’nsave

At Pak’nsave a worker has a privilege to raise an individual grievance case under the Employment Relations Act 2000. This must be done inside 90 days of when the grievance happened or became obvious. Nonetheless, the Pak’nsave may agree to an individual grievance being raised after that time. On the off chance that the doesn’t assent the representative may apply to the Employment Relations Authority to be permitted to raise the individual grievance after the 90 day time frame. As noted above, if the representative has been pulled out of rejection amid a time for testing, an individual grievance may not be raised for unjustified expulsion unless the individual grievance was about separation or badgering (newzealand.govt.nz, 2013).

Lewd behavior by a man in specialist

At Pak’nsave a representative may have a grievance of inappropriate behavior against his or her manager if his or her boss or administrator or a man with specialist in the working environment:

• Directly or in a roundabout way approaches the worker for sex or some type of sexual action, either encouraging particular treatment in the activity or undermining more regrettable treatment or rejection

• Directly or in a roundabout way subjects the worker to unwelcome or hostile conduct through words, visual material or physical conduct of a sexual sort, and this conduct is of such a nature Sexual badgering by a man in expert

• An worker may have a grievance of lewd behavior against his or her boss if his or her boss or director or a man with expert in the working environment:

• Directly or by implication approaches the representative for sex or some type of sexual movement, either encouraging special treatment in the activity or debilitating more regrettable treatment or expulsion, or

• Directly or in a roundabout way subjects the worker to unwelcome or hostile conduct through words, visual material or physical conduct of a sexual sort, and this conduct is of such a nature, or is rehashed so frequently, that it negatively affects the representative’s business, work execution or occupation fulfillment.

• A individual grievance can be taken regardless of the possibility that the guarantees or dangers were proposed instead of expressed transparently. Additionally, the representative does not need to state that specific conduct is unwelcome or hostile when it occurs keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to seek after a grievance.


Segregation happens when a man is dealt with unjustifiably or less positively than someone else in the same or comparative conditions. Segregation can be immediate or roundabout, and for the most part appears as prohibition or dismissal from something. The pak’nsave take after Human Rights Act 1993 shields individuals in New Zealand from out of line segregation in various zones. It hopes to ensure human rights in accordance with United Nations traditions.


In a few circumstances at Pak’nsave, workers could be subjected to pressure by their boss due to their enrollment or non-participation of a union or a representatives’ association.

Coercion can happen when a business or a business’ illustrative

Says that a representative must have a place (or should not have a place) to a union or a workers’ association (e.g. a staff affiliation) in the event that they wish to keep their activity, or

utilizes undue impact, offers or does not offer some motivating force or favorable position, or undermines to inconvenience the representative, with a specific end goal to get a worker to leave or join a union or a representatives’ association or a proposed one, or

Utilizations undue impact, offers some motivating force or preferred standpoint or debilitates to burden a worker to attempt and prevent the representative from following up for different workers.

  Task 3

Evaluating of organisation staff training policies and processes


Assess Introduction programme in terms of timing and procedures to introduce new staff to organisation rules and procedures, organisation culture employee tasks and work environment and premises.

These are the lists of programs followed after anyone got successfully into our organization.

Assess procedures established for evaluating staff:

Potential sources of training at Pak’nsave

At Pak’nsave our Internal Human Resource Manager looks for training needs of new employees.

  • Regular management reports tell about sale or inventory problems about trends in turnover, or grievances about an array of things that cause Human Resource managers to ask whether human performance could be a cause. Special reports and requests reveal future plans, shifting priorities, problem areas, successes, failures—many of which either result from human. They reveal new strategies and programs that may require people to do things they have never done before. That means potential inadequate human inventories, and inadequate human inventories are symptoms of potential training needs.
  • New Machinery usually means new training for old staff sometimes new positions.
  • New products, which can result only if a new technology (or significant amendments to old technologies) are acquired by significant numbers of employees.
  • Changes in standards, as we have noted so many times, inevitably mean that large numbers of people must be informed—and sometimes trained. Frequently, incumbents need a chance to express their feelings about the change, to understand the reasons for the new standard so that they can accept it more easily—or at least respond effectively by “going along with it.”

Self-management and professional development for Pak’nsave

At Pak’nsave compelling self-administration comprehends possess qualities and advancement needs. They indicate moral duty, activity, innovativeness and venture with a guarantee to learning and self-change. They effectively grasp change, reacting decidedly to new needs, adapting to difficulties and searching for circumstances. Self-administration abilities don’t remain in detachment. They support alternate abilities that individuals require in their collection to wind up noticeably completely successful in taking in, the work environment and in life. The assets in Self-supervisors and Reflective students will enable you to see how influencing the figuring out how to process express in your educating can advance self-administration and improvement.

For proficient advancement we are having an approach to support entry level position conspire if any worker is quick to take in more new things they have to enlist with Human asset Department then the administrator will tell them when their turn goes ahead.

Organization procedures followed by Pak’nsave

A technique is an unfortunate chore. Systems are well ordered guidelines, endorsing a correct arrangement of activity. A methodology discloses how to and who (which position) will execute the strategy. At Pak’nsave methodology are particular, real and concise. They may incorporate timetables, particular structures to be utilized and layout shapes. Methods help with killing normal false impressions which can bring about exorbitant slip-ups.

o Identify particular and option activities

o Explain when to take activities

o Describe crisis strategies

o Include notices and alerts

o Give illustrations

o Show how to finish a particular shape

o Prescribe how to bring out the activity through well ordered direction

o Less adaptable – succinct and correct succession of exercises

Personal goals of staff at Pak’nsave

At Pak’nsave its common knowledge that helping employees set and reach goals is a critical part of every manager’s job. Employees want to see how their work contributes to larger corporate objectives, and setting the right targets makes this connection explicit for them, and for you, as their manager. Goal-setting is particularly important as a mechanism for providing on-going and year-end feedback. By establishing and monitoring targets, you can give your employees real-time input on their performance while motivating them to achieve more.


 Task 4

Identify the legal, equal employment and organisational requirements regarding recruitment.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972 instituted the federal Equal Employment Opportunity program, which is designed to ensure fair treatment to all segments of society without regard to race, religion, colour, national origin, or sex. The goal of this law and program is to make discrimination in employment illegal. Equal Employment Opportunity programs include affirmative action for employment as well as processing of and remedies for discrimination complaints. All employees of Countdown including supervisors, managers, former employees, and applicants for employment, regardless of grade level or position, are covered under this legislation. The Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972, which amended the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include public employees, granted enforcement authority to the Civil Service Commission (now the Office of Personnel Management) to ensure non-discrimination in human resources actions and to establish affirmative employment measures.

Describe the recruitment procedures for advertising positions, screening, short listing and interviewing of candidates in terms of compliance with these requirements (newzealand.govt.nz, 2013).

A. Interviewing methods

 Informal, conversational meeting – no foreordained inquiries are asked, keeping in mind the end goal to stay as open and versatile as conceivable to the interviewee’s tendency and needs; amid the meeting the questioner “takes the path of least resistance”.

 General talk with manage approach – planned to guarantee that a similar general zones of data are gathered from every interviewee; this gives more concentration than the conversational approach, yet at the same time permits a level of opportunity and flexibility in getting the data from the interviewee

 Standardized, open-finished meeting – a similar open-finished inquiries are asked to all interviewees; this approach encourages speedier meetings that can be all the more effectively investigated and thought about.

 Closed, settled reaction meet – all interviewees are asked similar inquiries and made a request to pick answers from among a similar arrangement of options. This organization is valuable for those not rehearsed in meeting.


C. Reference assessments and checks

For Reference check: we always as candidate to provide 2 contacts preferably previous job manager or owner if no work experience then from community this is must for everyone prior to signing contract.

D. Application or Pre-employment forms:


6 Cavendish drive, MANUKAU, AUCKLAND

EMAIL: admin@countdown.co.nz


Dear Applicant

Manukau pak’nsave wishes to thank you for your noted interest in joining our busy team.

Please understand that the work on offer is casual and event based.

This Letter of Interest is a primary process of an interview relating to details and work experience/history.  All details forwarded will be kept strictly confidential.

Please complete enclosed forms and return to our office at your earliest convenience.  You may also wish to attach a copy of your CV and/or certificates.

As of 1st December 2013 all Liquor Managers should have Liquor Manager License. You can contact with your driver license or current passport.

If you would like to bring the forms in personally, please give us a call to make an appointment.

Otherwise please mail it to the above give address by the 26th November 2013

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to call our office on 08000000

Yours faithfully

Jaspreet kaur dhaliwal

Human Resource Manager

Application or Pre-employment forms


Note: The completion of this form does not indicate that there is any obligation on the company to engage the applicant.


NAME OF APPLICANT: (Please Print Clearly)

Family Name:

Given or First Names:

Preferred name/Know As:

CONTACT DETAILS: (Please Print Clearly)


Phone Number: Home   Mobile:



What is your Nationality?

Are you legally entitled to work in New Zealand?       YES/NO

Do you hold permanent Residency in New Zealand?    YES/NO

If not, do you hold a current Work permit?   YES/NO

If so, Please enclose copy

Are you here on a student visa?                                                                       YES/NO

If so, Please enclose copy


Do you hold a current Driver’s License?    YES/NO

If so, please give license number  Expiry Date

What class of license do you hold?

Do you have any Demerit Point?    YES/NO                           Do you have any cases pending YES/NO

If so please give details

Do you have a certificate of Approval (COA)    YES/NO

If so, please provide a copy

If so, Please give SGE Number  Expiry Date

Do you hold a current First Aid Certificate?  YES/NO   Expiry Date

If so, please provide a copy

Do you have a NZQA Number YES/NO NUMBER?

Do you have level 1                   YES/No                  Do you have Level 2             YES/NO

Would you be prepared to take on training for NZQA YES/NO?


Qualification (School Cert/ university Entrance/ NCEA)

Other Qualifications or Training Courses Attended/Other Achievements

Details of membership of any business, Professional or Service organizations


Is English your first Language?     YES/NO

Do you speak any other language?                  YES/NO If Yes, Please give Detail


Are you able to work: Shifts  Casual  Overtime?

Part-Time   Temporary Weekends


Do you have any medical condition which might affect your ability to perform the job for which you are applying for?                                                        YES/NO

If yes please give detail

Are you currently receiving medical treatment or medication?                                           YES/NO

If yes please give detail

Are you allergic to, or have any sensitivity to any chemicals or substances?                    YES/NO

If yes please give detail


Position Held:  From:   To:

Name and Address of Employer:

Reason for Leaving…

Nature of Duties/ Responsibilities:

Position Held:  From:   To:

Name and Address of Employer:

Reason for Leaving…

Nature of Duties/ Responsibilities:

Position Held:  From:   To:

Name and Address of Employer:

Reason for Leaving…

Nature of Duties/ Responsibilities:

REFEREES- Please give details of at least (2) work-related referees

Name:   Occupation:

Address:  Phone Number:

Name:   Occupation:

Address:  Phone Number:

Name:   Occupation:

Address:  Phone Number:


I consent to pak’nsave that they can seek verbal or written information about me from my previous employers and/ or referees and authorize the information sought to be released.

Signature:  Date:


If your application is accepted, when could you commence employment?

I, (Please print your full name) certify that all of the statements made by me in this application are true to the best of my knowledge and understand that Pak’nsave can check certain details.

I understand that Pak’nsave may employ me upon the basis of this application and if any information is found by Pak’nsave subsequently to be substantially incorrect, misleading or suppressed, pak’nsave will be entitled to terminate my employment forthwith.

I acknowledge that my appointment will be subject to my agreement with the terms and conditions of the employment.

Signature:   Date:

Information to Applicant

In the event you are not employed by Pak’nsave this application will be destroyed, unless advises us to hold on to it for any reason.

In the event you are employed by us this application will form part of your personal File. You may request access and a Correction of personal information held on your Personnel File at any time by making a written request to:

Print Name:  Job Title:

For pak’nsave

Work Interest










Do you hold a current driver license? YES/NO

If so what is your license Number

What class or license do you hold?

If so, please give details

Do you have a NZQA Number? YES/ NO Number:

Work Hours:

Are you able to work:  Shift YES/NO            Casual YES/NO           Overnight YES/NO

Part time YES/NO    Temporary YES/NO    Weekends YES/NO

Curriculum vitae for Pak’nsave

Curriculum vitae (CV), also spelled curriculum vitae, provide an overview of a person’s experience and other qualifications. In some countries, a CV is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview, when seeking employment.

Please don’t forgot to attach your CV

E. Barriers to selection at Pak’nsave


The primary goal of Pak’nsave choice is to procure individuals having fitness and duty. This goal is frequently crushed on account of specific hindrances. The hindrances which check viability of determination are:






F. Pak’nsave criticism system

The criticism ought to be unequivocally identified with the capabilities of the activity, i.e. the abilities, information and traits required as illustrated in the individual determination. The point ought to be to:

 Make clear the degree to which the candidate exhibited a capacity to coordinate every competency

 Suggest courses, in which the candidate could learn new aptitudes, create specific information or figure out how to receive distinctive practices and demeanors (where proper)

Input for Pak’nsave ought to be:

 Descriptive instead of evaluative – portray what the candidate said or did and the effect that had on you or others, yet don’t make judgements

 Specific as opposed to general – give solid illustrations

 Focus on conduct which the candidate can take care of – the reason for criticism is to learn, so propose useful approaches to correct any inadequacies

 Well planned – criticism ought to be given as quickly as time permits in the wake of accepting a demand from a candidate.

2. Describe the staff release, dismissal and termination process

Maintain the respect and dignity of all parties

  • To raise awareness on the prevention of bullying and harassment
  • To support good communications amongst colleagues, staff and students and to set standards of behaviour which are acceptable
  • To set out everyone’s individual responsibility in both making themselves aware of the policy and their responsibility to resolve matters as quickly and as confidentially as possible
  • To provide methods of resolution for staff and students in which they have a number of opportunities, both formal and informal, to resolve their individual situations.
  • To promote an environment in which diversity is respected.

Minimize the negative effects on remaining staff and affected persons

Slows down Productivity

Certain types of negative representative conduct can slow down creation inside the business. A business capacities productively when every segment and worker is enough playing out her obligations. A worker who routinely appears late or generally neglects to convey her heap of the work trouble winds up influencing the whole association. In the event that the worker’s activity is particularly basic to the operation of the business, the impacts can be not kidding.

Spreads a Culture of Dissent

Negative representative conduct can be infectious. On the off chance that a representative is scrutinizing the authority in deconstructive ways or generally belittling and displaying a poor mentality or hard working attitude, different representatives near that negative worker may likewise begin showing similar side effects. After a short time, a culture of contradiction can invade the association, conceivably with discrete groups and reliability lines. Freeing the organization of an inescapable negative state of mind can be exorbitant and tedious, which additionally harms organization assets.

Agree to the standards of characteristic equity

Opportunity from predisposition with respect to the individual settling on the choice/judgment; and

Straightforwardness and reasonableness of the technique:

 Take a protest genuinely and follow up on it instantly;

 Maintain classification;

 Give the issue determination technique need and react in a convenient way;

 Inform a respondent of the affirmations against them;

 Give a respondent the chance to react to the affirmation;

 Do not make insignificant inquiries;

 Keep the two gatherings educated about advance of an examination;

 Ensure the gatherings’ security is ensured amid an examination, including assurance from striking back or exploitation;

 Give the two gatherings a full chance to peruse/see and react to all confirmation gathered in an examination before a choice is made;

 Consider all the proof and measure it precisely before choosing whether there is substance to the dissension;

 Provide the two gatherings with a duplicate of the choice and the purposes behind the choice, and their alternatives as far as settlement, survey, and so forth.

 Ensure any disciplinary activity is proportionate to the level of conduct gripped of and

  • Offer rights of appeal or review (shivashki, 2013).

Comply with legal requirements

  • Legally, when you employ staff you must meet certain requirements.
  • You must select the right person for your business in line with the job description and selection criteria you have specified. Read how to recruit and interview staff.
  • You should make offers of employment in writing, including conditions of awards, agreements and the employment contract.
  • All employees should attend induction training to become familiar with the workplace and any workplace health and safety issues. A carefully developed induction training process can protect your business from risks including health, safety and environmental (HSE) issues, discrimination and unfair dismissal claims. Read about keeping your workplace safe and your legal obligations when training staff.

Professional advice on human resources, labour relations or arbitration

Employee and labour relations are the bread and butter of human resources. While the visible, external face of HR for most employees is in the area of recruitment, compensation and benefits, HR is at the core of employee and labour relations, working with unions, representing management in labour relations forums and underpinning the disciplinary process throughout the organization (Comply with legal requirements, 2003).


HR is responsible for discipline throughout the pak’nsave. Typically, the HR department writes or reviews disciplinary actions, ensuring the documentation meets legal standards and does not pose liability issues for the company. HR monitors discipline across the company, so that an employee in one division can be reasonably assured of receiving the same level of discipline as a similarly situated employee working for a different manager in another division of the organization. HR stores disciplinary documentation in the employee’s personnel file for future reference and sometimes maintains statistical information on the disciplinary measures issued for analysis purposes.


Negotiations and Information

Pak’nsave HR typically is heavily involved with the labour negotiations process. Often, the chief negotiator representing management at the table is an employee from the company’s HR department, and that person typically also is responsible for keeping the CEO, board and top executives informed about bargaining activity. In Countdown HR must find out the priorities of each division to assess management’s goals for collective bargaining, then gather and analyse relevant information. HR typically responds to the union’s information requests and could run various reports from the HR information system as needed (s.davis, 2001).



Comply with legal requirements. (2003). Retrieved from legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com: https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/comply

Minimum rights of employees. (n.d.). Retrieved from www.employment.govt.nz: https://www.employment.govt.nz/starting-employment/rights-and-responsibilities/minimum-rights-of-employees/

newzealand.govt.nz. (2013). newzealand.govt.nz. Retrieved from .newzealand.govt.nz: http://www.newzealand.govt.nz/

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shivashki. (2013, june 01). principle of nature justice. Retrieved from http://www.legalservicesindia.com: http://www.legalservicesindia.com/article/article/exceptions-to-the-principles-of-natural-justice-1529-1.html

short term contracts . (2001). Retrieved from http://dictionary.reverso.net: http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-definition/short-term%20contract








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