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Consumer Analysis of Advertising Preferences

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Published: 1st Feb 2022

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Aim and Objectives

The aim of this research project is to now and examine that the advertisement get success or failure to all companies and whether customer always likes the way of advertisement as leaf late ( junk mail) and is it improve the wealth of the companies in economic crisis.

In today’s globalized world, for each and every product which is going to sell whether it is small tiny or in large size it acquire advertisement. So advertisement is crucial role to play. As it is realize by most of people that the advertising services industry is now facing the biggest crisis it has ever faced. When the people get the advertising by post, in newspaper, magazines and even in the television what impact does it make on them.

The aim of this research is to:

By this research it is to determine at what extent advertisement achieve its target.

And also identify how advertisement scheme is successful or unsuccessful according to people.

Also to identify what changes advertising companies might make to improve their communication relation with costumers.

These objectives will be achieved by addressing the following research questions:

  • Which advertisement is most popular among most?
  • What makes advertisement so important for the companies?
  • Does advertisement help the companies in cries also?
  • Who is more benefited by the advertisement scheme?
  • Does costumer get what they expect from the advertisement?
  • What possible changes can be done to improve in the field of advertisement by companies?

Preliminary literature review

The main concentration of this proposal is how advertisement affective for the organization and what reaction consumer makes on advertisement.

The purpose of research project is to focus on basic advertising by the companies (like paper advertisement as flier or advertisement which are now day come daily in newspapers) as an example. But as when we talk about advertisement it’s simply a publication of something to draw attention of costumers. Advertising is most powerful tool to spread the message and for communication also. Individual go about it through communications way the newspaper, television channels, radio, banners, leaflets, wall paintings and most in now days internet and the endless list. The idea is to promote sales for market product and services. “In today’s time advertising has become a separate industry perhaps the fastest growing in the world.

But its history started in 550 BC about a painting for selling. Between 15th and 16th century it takes its true colours with the coming of the paintings mainly in the form of handbills. Near 1841 the first advertising agency begins by volney palmer was set up in Boston.”


However some time consumer is not happy with the advertisement, young children are easily attracted towards the bad ads made by the advertisement companies. People were also despondent with the increasing more and more advertisement of alcohol and cigarettes which easily catch the youngster. Sometime consumer suggests that advertise misleads the impression of the product. The presentation of advertise was very good quality which doesn’t match with the actual product. “While planning about advertisement management always listen view of the customer what they said about the product and services because as it required huge investment. Even then for a while it goes wrong then it becomes problem for the company itself to recover the loss.”

Wilmshurst & macky, 1999, “The fundamentals of advertising” pg – 145.

Methodology and sources of data

For complete investigation of the project should attempt to gather data from several alternative sources.

This research requires both the Inductive in the form of conducting interview and Deductive research by testing what has already been none or published on the report.

On the way to collect data majority of the research will be conduct by qualitative research e.g. interview. Also to collect companies’ data which can be classed as quantitative research. Mixture of both methods will used to get a variety of aspects in the way of advertising and its effect on consumers.

First it is important to get data from at least few companies which can be done by:

Conducting interview

Interviews with a number of companies will give a decent idea for the proposal. Interview is more valuable form of research as compare to questionnaires and therefore a more reliable source of data.

As companies do not allow any national coverage to collect information, so this can be conduct in selected region of the country. This could also limit the areas of data collection. Then the easy interviews will be placed by the customer, from them we can collect the views from them about the advertisement. This data were not so accurate but it makes a good background for the proposal and which is the main aim of proposal.


Some sample of questionnaire may be conducted to random people. While doing this research it is important that questions should be valid to maintain the research relevant. It is also important that questionnaires should be specific in what they are trying to achieve.

By doing this questionnaire it will give the research project a good outline of who advertisement make impact of the people and to the companies.

Secondary data: This can be performed by different way,

Collecting information’s from the advertising agenises:

Gathering information from the agenise will play a crucial role in the research project. It can be done from various sources and around local areas. This information also gives good overview about companies’ strategy for advertising.

This type of information can be collect by using internet or the easy way by phone calls or face to face meeting them. The suitable form of collecting data would be through internet because it is easy and quick. So can be gathered by table study by reading views and journals which are published already and easily available through market, library etc. But the information which is collected through appointment and roving to the advertising agencies to gain the more accurate information that wills more successful data.

Internet and newspapers

To make use of internet it will help to investigate all aspects of the advertisement. Also using of newspaper will help in examine and assess what literature has been already published. For doing this it may includes news reports, figures and various other form of information.

Anticipated Outcomes

To make report on advertisement it looks as a case study for what advertising achieve and perhaps what changes can be performed for the better.

http://www.scribd.com/doc/22006978/Effect-of-Advertisement-on-Consumers http://advertisingforbusiness.info/what-are-the-disadvantages-of-advertising.html

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