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Advertising is a way of promoting products or services, and communicating a message to potential customers. There are many different forms of advertisements, including posters, billboards, leaflets, newspaper ads, online ads, radio and television ads, and many more.

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Effectiveness of Rational and Emotional Advertising in the Hotel Industry

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With the continuing growth in the MICE and 5 star resort hotel market, the purpose of this paper is to look at the effectiveness of rational and emotional advertising appeals with respect to the MICE and 5 star resort hotel sector....

Last modified: 12th Jan 2022

A Study on Internet Advertising and Marketing

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The present research will investigate from the point of view of customers and also examined how both consumer related factors such as internet motives and also advertised controlled factors such as the format of advertising have influence the belief of the customers, which in turn affected the avoidance intention and attitude with reference to advertising through internet....

Last modified: 6th Jan 2022

An Analysis of the Space Selling Concept

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The aim of this study is to gain an understanding of the concept of space selling, including how it is evaluated, what it represents in different media contexts and why it is often restricted....

Last modified: 17th Dec 2021

Strategic Marketing and Brand Management of Amazon

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This report was written in order to understand Amazon’s corporate brand, in terms of its identity and image, and how these reflect on its brand’s reputation....

Last modified: 6th Dec 2021

Social Media for Promoting and Marketing Films

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This dissertation will help to analyse and evaluate the different ways in which social media as platform is being used as an alternative way to promote and market films by filmmakers in the media industry....

Last modified: 2nd Nov 2021

Effects of Trailers in Film Marketing Campaigns

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Films trailers are the topic for this dissertation which focuses on the principle features of film trailers, and analyses case studies to highlight the use of classic American film techniques....

Last modified: 29th Oct 2021

Effect of Branding on the Consumer Purchase Decision

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The primary goal of this research is to display branding value, functions and most important thing, its part in the consumer buying decision....

Last modified: 25th Oct 2021

Management of Advertising Program

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Advertising is any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. Five major decisions involve the mission, money, message, media and measurement....

Last modified: 20th Oct 2021

Effectiveness and Growth of Radio Advertising in India

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Through this project I have made an effort to understand the advertising tool called radio advertising which is being increasingly recognized by marketers as a powerful tool that helps in finding new customers and retaining the existing ones at a much lesser cost....

Last modified: 18th Oct 2021

Factors Affecting Global Advertising Strategies

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This project will analyse how global advertising is affected by numerous problems and what global advertising strategies can be undertaken by multi-national companies....

Last modified: 12th Oct 2021

Re-branding and Repositioning of the Republic Bank Group

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This study seeks to reposition and re-brand the Republic Bank Group, as the Bank moves closer to its vision of being the “Bank of Choice in the Caribbean”....

Last modified: 7th Oct 2021

How Social Media Promotions on Clothing Impact Customer’s Buying Behaviour in the UK

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This study significantly contributes in identifying the motivational factors or strategies that Zara used to promote their clothing brands on social media networks....

Last modified: 4th Oct 2021

Consumer Responses to Sex in Advertising

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This study analyses the Chinese and British consumer’s responses to sexual content in advertisements, the advertised brand and consumer’s buying intentions towards the brand....

Last modified: 4th Oct 2021

Brand Placement in the Indian Film Industry

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This research paper looks at the rationality of brand placement, the possible congruity that can be built in the story, as indicators of success of effective brand placement in films....

Last modified: 27th Sep 2021

Advertising Strategies for Indian Market

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Introduction to research aiming to develop effective advertising strategies for foreign firms when entering the India market....

Last modified: 6th Sep 2021

Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Luxury Goods Purchases

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A study on how celebrity endorsement influences consumer buying behaviour when purchasing luxury goods and how negative publicity effects the relationship....

Last modified: 1st Sep 2021

Celebrity Endorsements in Advertising

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Celebrity endorsements Abstract The use of celebrity endorsements is becoming increasing popular amongst organisations to aid in advertising their brand in order to gain a competitive advantage. The ...

Last modified: 13th Dec 2019

Influence of Advertising on Children

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CHAPTER 1 Introduction This chapter provides general information on the influence of advertising to children by looking at different researches and surveys on media influence and implications on the b...

Last modified: 12th Dec 2019

Fragrance Advertising and Brand Study

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INTRODUCTION TO THE PROJECT What is Brand? “Brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or company (name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or combination of them) and how it relates t...

Last modified: 12th Dec 2019

Internet Advertising: Comparison of Nigeria and Hungary

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Abstract Despite the marginal difference between Nigeria and Hungary, the internet develops a relationship that can be exploited. Internet users of both countries are dominated by youths, and thus are...

Last modified: 12th Dec 2019

A Study of 18-24 Year Old Males’ Engagement and Interactions with Sports Betting Advertising

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Last modified: 11th Dec 2019

How Are Consumers Reacting to the Brand Fuzzification by Luxury Brands?

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ABSTRACT Many luxury fashion brands have been blurring gender lines among their products since the 1990s by designing menswear and womenswear that traverses the gender elements. The study explored h...

Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Deception in Weight Loss Product Advertising: Impact on Consumers

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Introduction As of 2014, more than 35% of American men are obese and 40% of the obese population is women (Flegal, Kruszon-Moran, Carroll, Fryar & Ogden, 2016). The desire of controlling body wei...

Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Use of Metaphors in Advertising

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A lot of people believe that there is too much advertising, that it makes us a herd of capitalistic robots, that it consolidates on stereotypes, that it plays on our fears of not being socially toler...

Last modified: 9th Dec 2019

Power Distance Belief and the Asymmetrical Effects of Vertical Brand Extension

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Moving Up or Moving Down: Power Distance Belief and the Asymmetrical Effects of Vertical Brand Extension ABSTRACT Vertical brand extension naturally evokes thoughts of status due to changes in price ...

Last modified: 9th Dec 2019