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Business dissertation titles

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Business Dissertation Titles

We have provided the selection of example business dissertation titles below to help and inspire you:

A critical review of the Central Birmingham (UK) Office Market.

A decline in the Trade Unions as a result of the increase of HR practices.


An Empirical Study to Explore the Relationship Between Employee Training and Organisational Success at B and M Care.

An investigation into the growth of online banking and its impact on students as consumers.

An investigation into the risk assessment and management in business organisation. Please use any case study in, “social care industry”.

Assessing how patient safety and quality health care can be enhanced by the combined use of information technology and TQM performance measurements in a specialist cardiac centre.

Breaking the glass ceiling. Issues corporate women of (choose an African country) face.

Business start up in Bahrain.

Can small to medium size companies that focus on selling products to a specific communities or people of similar cultures replicate their successful business model when doing business abroad?

Compare and to do analysis of UK airline industry – examples chosen are Ryanair & British Airways.

Comparison of staff incentives and green issues affecting two organisations in Dubai, Emaar properties and Lloyds Bank.

Consumer and producer implications of the globalisation of markets.

Consumer attitudes to buying on brand label.

Control the cost of retention.

Corporate vs. Franchise hotel units; where is the line of performance drawn?.

Culture change/integration in M&A’s.

Employee relationships and employee motivation.

Examining motivation theories which would suit a retail manager to motivate employees.

Examining the Relationship Between Local Afghans and Foreign Contractors: How It Impacts Reconstruction in Afghanistan.

Explain how and why Lehman Brothers business model changed from 1997-2007. Use accounting, stock market and product market data to support your argument.

Fraud and countermeasures in ecommerce.

Helping UK Furniture manufacturers to compete with cheap European importers.

How can retention strategies impact employee turnover?

How can their supplies be utilised to promote domestic businesses and maintain international relationship?



How reinsurance companies manage their longevity risk and capital?

In what ways can the First Caribbean International Bank – British Virgin Islands improve customer focus?

International Trade and Development.

Islamic banking and finance around the world.

Issues and Controversies in Management Project.

Knowledge Management in construction organisations.

Manufacturing issues in China.

Maritime Business – shipping industry, not American as originally ordered.

McDonald’s new strategy on changing attitudes and lifestyle analysis of the situation nowadays.

Please, mention the relationship between social entrepreneurship & corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the proposal.

Price determination of a longevity derivate.

Rising obesity levels in school kids in the uk.

Risk Management a case study. Why specialised Investors (hedge funds), with a well developed financial due diligence process were fooled by Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme?

Role of municipal council in activating business in UK.

‘Stock options – an attempt to alleviate the principle agent problem arising from the separation of ownership from control’.

‘Structured Finance as an Instrument for Poverty Alleviation in Sub-Sahara Africa’.

The aim of this research has been to assess the levels of employee engagement at Company A.

The dissertation is about women in management positions within corporate organisations.

‘The economic downturn has left many British manufacturers struggling for survival. This report will discuss how employee engagement can add value to an organisation and prove a useful tool in securing a sustainable future for the industry’.

The Employment quotas in the private sector in Kuwait.

The FDI in Africa and political instability in relation to business: an analysis.

The fitness industry in the UK.

The Importance of the Automotive industry in the Economic Growth of Emerging Markets.

The influence of strategic thinking in the corporate culture of Qatar Electricity and Water Corporation.

The movement of oil prices in a recession – an investigation into the behaviour of OPEC and other producers in the recession of 2008 – 2010.

The Office Market in Central Birmingham.

The Positioning Strategy of Etihad Airways.

The relationship between Leadership behaviour and organisational performance: a cross-cultural perspective in UK/West and China.

The research will critically evaluate the effect of leadership style on employee performance in pharmaceutical business environment.

The role of celebrity in supermarket advertising.

The role of international business negotiations in cross border mergers and acquisitions.

The Role of Outsourcing in the management of Visa Applications.

To what extent can equal opportunities legislation improve the recruitment process with British Airways?

To what extent has the development of the internet influenced the UK’s consumer behaviour?

Training and Development – It’s impact on B and M Care and it’s Employees Performance.

Trust or contract in international supply chain?

West Midlands Labour Market Analysis.

What are the key challenges in establishing and running fully automated, centralised distribution centres and how would this differ for pharmaceutical products and hospital pharmacies.

What motivates consumers to engage in luxury counterfeiting purchases?

What traditional marketing techniques are employed by the metropolitan police to improve their public image.

What would be the key success factors of an African restaurant in Peterborough.

Why does Islamic banking not get effected by the credit crunch?

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