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The term Business relates to commercial or industrial activities undertaken to realise a profit including producing or trading in products (goods or services). A general business studies degree could cover subjects such as accounting, finance, management and increasingly, entrepreneurship.

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Personal Development Portfolio for Business Information Systems
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Introduction: My goal is to secure a business-centric designation in a multinational software firm as their business strategist to construct, implement, and oversee information systems in order to enhance an organization’s productivity through simple planning methods and efficient transaction processing.... Last modified: 26th Nov 2021

Development of Kindergarten Business
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Introduction: The investigation of the thesis proposal was set up in order to create a business plan with the help of clear and well-thought decisions based on the professional marketing research. ... Last modified: 24th Nov 2021

H&M Marketing Analysis
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Introduction: The H&M cluster is one of the world’s top fashion companies, with brands being H&M, Weekday, Monki amongst others. H&M hopes to inspire fashion globally to dress their individual style.... Last modified: 22nd Nov 2021

Dissertation on ERP Success Factors
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Introduction: The purpose of this paper will be to investigate the relationship between organization culture and the successful factors of ERP via an OCB mediator.... Last modified: 12th Nov 2021

Dissertation on Business Process Modeling
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Introduction: The purpose of this work was to gather statistical evidence that could validate the assertion that, irrespective of the technical profile of people involved in producing BPMN models, they have the same level of correctness.... Last modified: 11th Nov 2021

Impact of Recession on Movie Industry
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This dissertation analyses the current status of the movie industry and shows the likely economic impact in times of recession on the worldwide market.... Last modified: 9th Nov 2021

Reputation and Identity Building of Small Social Businesses in Germany
Dissertation Proposals
Introduction: The proposed research will examine the reputation and identity building of small, social businesses in Germany with an inductive unfolding research using semi-structured interviews and grounded theory to collect and analyse data.... Last modified: 3rd Nov 2021

Selecting Business Intelligence Solutions
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This dissertation focuses on selection criteria for different BI solutions as a way to help business managers and IT leaders select tools which fit with their specific requirements.... Last modified: 2nd Nov 2021

Impacts of Technology on Productivity of Small Businesses
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Introduction: The overall objective of our study was to know the impact of technology on the production of small scale businesses at Kapsabet town and thereby their influence to the society.... Last modified: 28th Oct 2021

Environmental Issues Facing the Future of the European Car Industry
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Introduction: This paper looks at the issues facing the European car industry with regard to environmental issues. This is done by looking at past and present published material that revolves around the subject matter under specified themes.... Last modified: 28th Oct 2021

Impact Of Social Networking In Small Enterprises
Dissertation Methodologies
Introduction: This research aims to enhance the understanding of SMEs acquiring social networking technologies and utilise them as a basis for improved business competitiveness.... Last modified: 27th Oct 2021

Influence of Ethnic Minorities in the Cosmetics Industry
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: The purpose of this project is to provide an analysis of the consumer behaviour that represent minorities and the impact this creates on the cosmetics industry.... Last modified: 27th Oct 2021

Sentimental Analysis on Products Reviews
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Introduction: In this paper, our ultimate goal is to tackle the problem of sentiment polarity categorization, which is one of the fundamental problems of sentiment analysis.... Last modified: 26th Oct 2021

Impact of Web 2.0 Technologies on Businesses
Example Literature Reviews
Introduction: This report provides research involving web 2.0 applications and their impact on different business operations. The paper also mentions in detail some of the limitations or obstacles that web 2.0 technologies induce when deploying these applications in their businesses.... Last modified: 22nd Oct 2021

The Ritz Carlton Philadelphia: Situational Analysis
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: The purpose of this report is to provide a situational analysis of the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia, and determine areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.... Last modified: 22nd Oct 2021

Employee Motivation and Happiness for Organisational Performance
Dissertation Proposals
Introduction: The purpose of this research is to examine the effect of the 2016 working conditions and practices on the motivation and happiness of Sports Direct employees and the company’s performance. ... Last modified: 22nd Oct 2021

Structure and Organisation of the Retail Sector
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Introduction: In this task I have been asked to describe the structure and organisation of the Retail Sector. The changes in retail and how it has developed over time will be looked at.... Last modified: 21st Oct 2021

Financial Performance of Morrisons PLC
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Introduction: Analysis of the business and financial performance of Morrison PLC, and reflective analysis of the year on year performance with critical analysis of the effectiveness of current business strategies.... Last modified: 21st Oct 2021

CSR in Sustainable Development
Dissertation Proposals
Introduction: The main aim of the study is to recognize the corporate social responsibility towards the organization’s sustainable development and environmental protection.... Last modified: 20th Oct 2021