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Personal Development Portfolio for Business Information Systems

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Published: 26th Nov 2021

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Assignment Title: Personal Development Portfolio. 

Subject Title: Personal & Professional Development


A. Introduction

I’m Currently pursuing my Masters in business (Information Systems) from Dublin Business School. Ever since my childhood I always had the desire to become a successful entrepreneur, moreover, technology never failed to fascinate and inspire me every instance. As I always had a longstanding interest and passion in technology I decided to sculpt my career in the same stream.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Information Technology) from Anna University, Chennai, One of the famous and reputed university in the country. This program enabled me to undergo comprehensive training in computer programing and software development and transform myself as a software engineer.

During my undergraduate course, I was selected by Microsoft Inc. out of thirty thousand applicants as Microsoft student partner the road to this process was very tough as I had to go through various stages of online test, Skype call interview also, I was requested to host mock presentation on various software products for evaluation of my skills set. Microsoft student partner is an exclusive program for students by Microsoft, my responsibilities include conducting training programs on various Microsoft Technologies including Windows Phone, Windows OS for students in and around the State.

I was rewarded with Microsoft certification and free training along with free software and technological gadgets as result of my contribution. This platform gave me an enormous amount of learning and understanding of modern technology and market requirements.

I also participated in various hackathons and received a Nokia device reward through Nokia Premium Developer Program by developing a mobile application. Furthermore, l served as an active member of CNUG Students – a hub for Chennai for net student developers and Microsoft Technology enthusiasts.

Immediately after under graduation, I joined in Flatirons Solutions, a multinational software firm which develops software for aviation and aerospace domain. Being designated in a client facing role I worked along with various big giant aviation firms such as British Airways, Delta Airlines, Emirates, United Airlines which helped me a lot to understand and gain knowledge on both recent IT technologies and business strategies. I have always been appreciated by project managers and higher officials for being friendlier with clients and solving their issues.

After a couple of years working for Flatirons solution, I decided to pursue my MBA in Information Systems as this program allows me to use my extensive background in computers while obtaining additional business skills and techniques will be more beneficial to my future entrepreneurial career. I want to use my skills and educational background to learn how to effectively analyse and solve modern day business problems. Today’s businesses are heavily relying on information technology, and this is essential to the successful management of an organization. For this reason, I decided to build up my career by studying the master’s program in Information systems.

My goal is to secure a business-centric designation in a multinational software firm as their business strategist to construct, implement, and oversee information systems in order to enhance an organization’s productivity through simple planning methods and efficient transaction processing. This allows me to gain ample amount of knowledge in business and technology and will help me to start up my very own IT firm what tends to be my long-term vision.

I always found myself as multitalented and wanted to pursue two or more career for, I love to explore various aspect of life and keep learning new things every day as I believe continues learning is the only key for survival in this world. I always wanted to pursue and be engaged in new things rather than a repetitive task.

Since childhood I had the same level of passion for modeling and acting as much I had for technology. At my age of nineteen, I started my career in modeling by ramp walking for fashion designers in Chennai, I was very nervous and scared at initial stage as I had to undergo huge criticism from my friends and people around me for my looks as they strongly believed it is impossible for me to secure a spot for me in the field of media at that time. To be honest I had to work really hard to prove them wrong by preparing and train myself to get into the modeling industry and survive. I worked on my postures by spending hours and hours of time in front of the mirror for understanding the looks and styles also, I transformed my physique by hitting the gym hard daily to make sure I have exact ripped body required by the designers in the industry. Eventually, all these hard works paid off as I got featured in commercials ads and editorials for various brands.

An ambition to reach more heights in modeling industry by working with world top class fashion people was one my reason to move to Ireland and I recently got signed up with a modeling agency in Dublin called Assets Model Agency one of the leading modeling agency in Ireland. Also apart from this, I run my own fashion and lifestyle blog with more than 13 thousand followers on social media.

B. Goals and Personal Values

Long Term goals

My long-term goals for next few years are to become a Senior Business Analyst leading all the major business operations of the firm by working on top projects or to become a senior manager of the firm managing various business units in the big multinational firm in simple being face of the company representing them.

My next goal is to start my own start my own technology company, it is my long-term desire to become an entrepreneur by being a founder and starting a technology company, which delivers an advanced solution with next level of technological advancements.

And my final long-term goal is to become a top model and actor in film and media industry, and this requires a lot of efforts and initiative as it is the hardest goal comparing other goals due to the level of competition and hard work required. There are a lot of efforts required for learning new skill set every day and showcase them by utilizing the right opportunity.

Short Term goals

There are various short terms goals to planned and executed as these are roadways in order to achieve the long-term goals, the short-term goals play a crucial role in accomplishing the long-term goals.

The various short-term goals planned for accomplishing the first long-term goal of becoming Senior Business Analyst or Manager are thus followed.

  • Apply for a various summer internship and graduate programs.
  • Secure more than 70% on all assignments and exam in future
  • Do courses in project management and people psychology.
  Item Short-term goals When I will do this
1. Get Placed in a big software company as Senior Business analyst or Manager.
  1. summer internship & graduation programs.
   January 2018
  1. Secure 70% in assignments and exam.
  December 2017
  1.  Pursue project management and people psychology.
  May 2018

The next set of short-term goals in order to achieve the long-term goal of becoming an entrepreneur by starting a technology company, which delivers an advanced solution with next level of technological advancements are.

  • Research on new upcoming business field and technologies
  • To start saving money to invest capital for business.
  • Take a course in leadership and finance management.

Source: Appendix (Activity: Long-term and short-term vision)

  Item Short-term goals When I will do this
To start my own firm. research Technologies   June 2018
Capital for investment   January 2018
Course on leadership and finance management.   November 2018

The final set of short-term goals in order that is to be executed to achieve the long-term goal of becoming Top Model & Actor in Film and media industry are stated below.

  • Enroll in the part-time acting course.
  • Start attending auditions for TV commercials.
  • Register with a casting agent.
  Item Short-term goals When I will do this
Become top model/actor. Enroll in the part-time acting course.   June 2018
Attending Auditions.   January 2018
Registration with a casting agent.   November 2018

Image result for goals png

Personal Values

There are set of personal values our various requirements and priority, with the help of personal value activity it was easy to identify a various set of values that hold high priority and order them accordingly. The Most important value that tops in the list is Family and home life. I consider family as a very important aspect as it is one of the value which can’t be regenerated or reversed and it is very important for a human as it completes the meaning of one’s life and my family helps me morally supporting my ventures. And the next value is health “when health is lost everything is lost” that’s why it is considered as one of the most important value, proper maintenance of health is very important for efficient functioning.

Independence is a very crucial aspect for me as I give me freedom and flexibility to work in my own zone and that helps me function more efficient. And friendship ranks next in my list it possesses values similar to that of family.

Good job and career are essential for better and happy living, I always wanted to pursue my passion as my career thus I never ever feel stressed at work. Creativity is a unique value it a tool that helps to create new idea’s and process which eventually makes one stand unique and outstanding in the crowd. And the list followed my honesty and helping others I consider both as one of the important aspects of one’s life as I believe both saves and helps as a result of their good deeds. Influence is a good value that helps to attract and address people around you, it eventually makes one leader and to hold an authority which is again on my personal value list.

C. Definition of Success

I have a clear objective of success, one’s success is not measured by people around him but by the person himself. It is an entity that deals with the satisfaction obtained from the completion of a task or objective rather than the accomplishment of same.

I consider myself to be successful even for doing small things in life and of course bigger task. According to me, it can be measured with a yardstick as it is a feeling of oneself about his desire and action towards it and the way he approaches the end result.

On having quick skimmed through on the long-term goal I can find two strong objective and desires that I possess and Spectrum of Success activity reflects me the same results marked field that is related to my long-term goal in one or another.

The example I marked “World fame” instead of recognition by colleagues and peers. Which is eventually a reflection of my desire to become a great actor as this profession makes a person world famous. Another one is being important on the world stage which is all reflection of my long-term goal.

I Choose “A Very High-profile Job” instead of having some work, paid or unpaid. This is a true reflection of my goal to become an entrepreneur by establishing my own company.  The key values of success according to me are nothing self-satisfaction on your actions towards your tough process. Success is nothing but an objective that we want to accomplish it is not necessary that it should be challenging it can be an easy task not something impossible in reality but the journey to success is something that is very important.

The things that are associated with my view of success are.

D. Expectation of degree

I have lots expectation in opting for MBA in Information systems program in Dublin Business School. As I decided to move out of my country to new country and lose my total comfort zone in order to pursue master’s degree. I strongly believe it will allow me to use my extensive background in computers in understand the subjects better and applying the concepts of business along with technology while obtaining additional skills on business and managerial techniques that will be more beneficial to my future career for its enhancement.

I always wanted to use my skills and background in Computer technology to learn how to effectively analyze and solve current business problems. Today’s businesses are heavily relying on information technology, and this is essential to the successful management of an organization. For this reason, I decided to build up my career by studying the master’s program in Information systems.

With reference to my goal of securing a top business-centric designation in a multinational software firm as their business strategist to construct, implement, and oversee information systems in order to enhance an organization’s productivity through simple planning methods and efficient transaction processing. This degree allows me to pursue my goal by providing an opportunity to gain ample amount of knowledge in business and technology.

Also, this degree would help me to start up my very own IT firm what tends to be my long-term vision by teaching me current market status and business opportunities and grown available on various industries and sectors around the globe.

I choose Dublin, Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world and top entrepreneur city in Europe. The country is also providing astounding exposure to students around the globe. In addition to that lots of research and innovations are carried out in the field of Information Technology which eventually tops the country as leader of Technology in Europe.

I also decided to choose Dublin Business School as it has a tailor-made course of my requirement and subject that I really wanted to possess knowledge on. And on account reputation, it is Ireland’s leading independent college. Furthermore, the Information Systems department in Business school seems to be very promising. The institute is well known for its academic excellence, as well as good links in the industry, including its great postgraduate programs. The esteemed institution possesses a very good reputation for its practical knowledge and innovation for its students and promotes an excellent relationship between industry and institute.

My expectation of degree is to gain deeper knowledge on my specialized subjects in information systems and also interact and work along with people of different culture and race, which gives an international exposure. I strongly believe all these aspects would enhance my career growth to next level.

Source: Appendix (Activity: What do I want to gain from my time at University)

E. SWot Analysis

The SWOT analysis helps to Identify my various strength, opportunities, weakness, and threat for achieving my goals.

Goal: To Secure a top position in the big firm and start my own company in future.


Self-Motivated: I always find myself to be self-motivated. Example: I trusted myself and motivated me to pursue masters in first world country by lending huge education loan from my country back in India.

Creative: Creative is something incorporated with me all the time, Example: My creative ideas and insights made Microsoft to chose me as their student partner amoung 30,000 applications.

Determined: I’m always determined and focused on my actions, Example: When no one trusted me becoming model I was very determined and focused on becoming one which I accomplished.

Flexible: I’m very flexible and adjustive, Example: I moved to Ireland being very flexible coming out of my comfort zone for better future.


Distraction due to external influences: There are lots of external influences impacting and distracting in student life which affects the goal.

Lack of Business skills: As I’m from non-business education background it is hard for me to understand and perform in financial subjects well comparing others.

New Country and lifestyle: It hard to co-up with the flow of people and culture. As I have moved to the entirely different country it hard to find the right opportunity for learning.


High-pressure situation: I can handle high-pressure situations and deadlines, As I mentioned earlier in another segment I’m very good at multitasking which enables to face deadlines and high-pressure situations.

Complex task: As I’m more creative I can handle complex task well coming up with new solutions and creative ideas.

Problem-solving: Being determined person helps me to be more focus on the exact problem and address them as per its requirement and solve it.


Distraction on focus: As there is others external entertainment and fun related distractions influence on student life and distract from obtaining the goal.

Low marks in financial subjects: Having no basic knowledge of business education tends to be a serious threat in order to obtain good score In financial subjects.

Hard to find a new opportunity for learning and implementation:  Being from a different part of the world it is hard for me to understand and co-up with the new country lifestyle which affects the possibility of reaching the goal.

Source: Appendix (SWOT analysis resource sheet)

F. Learning and development

The various important learning objectives that I got to focus this semester in order to improve personality skills thus follow.

To develop negotiation skills:

It is a very important personality skill that I got to focus and develop as I am more of collaborating and avoiding type. It is a method used by people in order to settle differences that arise during the agreement. The main objective is to avoid arguments and disputes between either party.

Plans to develop the skill

  • To practice and understand how to develop negotiating skills.
  • Have a full understanding of other person’s point of view and limitation.
  • Analyze my leverage compared to another side.
  • Create pricing more for my service and value.
  • Evaluate my leverage and other person leverage.

To develop creative thinking skill:

I believe I’m already good at it but I got to enhance this skill to improve my value to compete with the current market requirement and employment opportunity.

Plans to develop the skill

  • I have to process clear understanding of the links and ideas.
  • Prioritize the relevance of various arguments and ideas.
  • I have to identify the various constructed and appraise points.
  • Note the inconsistencies mistakes in reasoning.
  • Address the problems systematic approach.

To develop leadership skills:

My leadership skills are somewhere in between good and fair, I really got to improve my leadership skills by learning more about leadership and how to be effective on it.

Plans to develop leadership skill

  • To possess a clear vision on moto
  • Know the strength and weakness of team
  • Be more passionate about the work
  • Most important is to serve as role model.
  • Maintain positive attitude and outlook
  • Improve public speaking skills
  • Continues learning.

These are the various different learning objectives that I have planned to develop this semester which is very important to attain my near future goals.

Source: (appendix: Negotiating style Questionnaire)

2. Reflection on Learnings

In this section, I have discussed various scenarios I have encountered in last semester which gave me ample of learning on my mistakes and on how I am going to use them for my future benefit.

Scenario 1

After the first week of college, I started to feel really bad homesick, as this is the first time in into a European country and I had no clue about its lifestyle, food or climate. Every single thing was new to me and I got bit terrified and started to feel like being trapped somewhere I don’t belong to I initially had any friends, yet the college had more people from my country they consider me as part of them as I don’t speak in “Hindi” the language that they speak. I started feeling more isolated and nervous. I never face this kind of situation in my life and it was really bad that made me suffer. This even impacted on my studies that I decided not to turn up to the class as I get offended by feeling isolated and lonely.

Image result for home sick png


Later I gave a huge thought process on it and identified the basic reason behind my situation, it is because past 22 years I have never lived anywhere else outside my family or city. And moving to a new country all of sudden is a big leap. I started making friends by having a conversation with people in my same situation who are not Indians but students from another part of the world. It helped me to understand various cultures, lifestyle and now I’m feeling much better having few friends and understanding the country and its people. Nowadays I find Irish people more friendly and loving.

Future reference

I consider this as a huge learning which wants to carry with me for next few decades. Next time when I move to a new country for a job or any reason I won’t be panic anymore by overthink or feeling isolated because now I understand everything takes time to settle up and I have to wait till that before I react. Making new friends or knowing the country everything takes time and that is essential to learn a lot of things about each and every single place. Now I learned live without being dependent on anyone and feeling more mature.

Scenario 2

Last week was the extremely stressful in the whole semester, I got my Financial exam on 12th December as mentioned earlier in SWOT analysis test I’m scared for financial examination as I don’t have background study on business mathematics ever before. I was preparing for the examination and exactly a week before that we had a strict preponed deadline from my Information systems module to present the presentation on the same day of the financial examination.

And sadly, my name was last on the list for presentation. Which states I have to present the presentation of the Information system at 2 p.m. and write the financial exam by 4 p.m. on the same day, I was horrified by this pressure and stressful schedule and I had no clue how to manage it.

In reality, the presentation was even more delayed and I presented the presentation by 3.30 p.m and attended the exam by 4 p.m. running to the exam hall.

Related image


The one important lesson I learned from this tough situation is that I should be prepared for any stressful situation or deadline in future by learning time management even more efficiently. If I had prepared well for Financial analysis exam well prior I really didn’t have a worry or get stressed.

And also, I learned to push my limits and deliver my best during a tough situation and keep myself cool and pressure as getting tense just worsen the situation even more.

Future reference

How to handle pressure and be prepared for any tough situation anytime is the one good lesson I learned from this scenario. As I mentioned in my goals once I become senior manager of a firm I have to come across these types of unexpected situation, stress and deadlines often and I should handle them effectively without getting stressed or tensed.  That is a key skill set for any good person in the managerial position.

CV & Cover letter

Job Opening Advertisment

Image result for deloitte png

Role: Consultant- Analyst (Technology)

Location: Dublin, Ireland.

At Deloitte, success means using logical thinking, leading global methodologies and our knowledge of industries to help Ireland’s largest organization solve their most complex problems. Strategy, innovation, and a thorough knowledge of what makes an organization run effectively are increasingly valuable skills in an ever-changing business environment.

What is Consulting?

First, we gain a deep understanding of our client’s business – including their challenges and opportunities. Then, we serve our clients by addressing their particular need – whether by improving on existing services, transforming an organization’s leadership function, streamlining the way businesses function, or helping to implement a new product, service, or technology solution. Our projects range in length from a few weeks to months or years, and are often time-critical.

Joining Deloitte’s consulting department will provide you with the opportunity to become a member of one of Ireland’s largest multi-functional consultancy practices. As part of a global firm, we are always pushing ourselves to innovate and improve the services we provide to our clients, drawing on and contributing to cutting edge thought leadership around the world.


Technology Consulting is as much about project management, strategy, and problem solving as it is about the design, build, and delivery of technical solutions. We have experts across both areas and encourage our graduates to gain hands on experience across the board. You will have access to an extensive program of training including consultant development skills and specific technical training. You’ll be encouraged and expected to think for yourself, use your initiative and work collaboratively to deliver pioneering solutions for our clients.

Within Technology we offer a variety of career options where you’ll learn how to create innovative business, technology and operational solutions and develop the expertise to implement them.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience requirement:

Applications are encouraged from Technology: Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Management Information Systems

  • Achieved or are currently on target for a 2.1 honors degree or higher
  • A high level of self-motivation and commitment
  • The ability to analyze and work through complex problems
  • Flexibility, resilience and intellectual curiosity
  • A proactive approach to work
  • Ability to collaborate and work well within a team environment
  • The ability to learn quickly
  • Demonstrated leadership, creative problem solving and strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, work on multiple assignments, and manage change
  • Some relevant work experience (e.g. internships, summer positions, school jobs)


We offer competitive reward packages and a variety of benefits. The firm also offers a number of well-being programs to reflect the balance of priorities in our people’s lives.

  • 21 days annual leave rising with service plus 1 additional “Deloitte Day” (22 days total)
  • Option to avail of up to 5 extra holiday days annually
  • Compressed working week. The 2pm finish on Friday’s during June, July, and August
  • Bonus scheme
  • Discounted health insurance
  • Life assurance
  • Pension plan
  • Paid professional subscription
  • Graduation leave
  • Advanced learning and development programs
  • Further education support options
  • Employee assistance program



A self-motivated IT Specialist with ​1 year of work experience in Production Support. Currently pursuing ​MBA Information Systems from Dublin Business School, Dublin​. I aspire to seek an opportunity to employ skills and knowledge that I have gained, in a professional environment to assist in growth, enhance my career and experience.

Work experience

Support specialist (Production Support) (Jun’16 – Aug’17) at FLATIRONS JOUVE.

  • Responding to product application support questions from customers or fellow peers regarding Cornea (Aviation Software). Serves as product SME
  • Responsible​ ​to​ ​understand​ ​on-shore​ ​​business​​ ​requirements​ ​and​ ​translate​ ​to​ ​​functional offshore​ ​deliverables​ ​to​ ​ensure​ ​seamless​ ​data​ ​migration​ ​for​ ​the​ ​client​ ​and​ ​develop​ ​a​ ​project plan​ ​to​ ​use​ ​during​ ​data​ ​migration​ ​projects
  • Engaged with cross-functional partners (including Engineering and Product teams) to identify and resolve product bugs/issues
  • Applying deep product expertise in carrying out strategic projects and solving complex technical customer issues and escalations
  • Working with development and technical teams to ensure course materials reflect current product features
  • Responsible for product delivery and server maintenance.


Pursuing Master of Business Administration in Information Systems at Dublin Business School, Dublin, Ireland.

MBA     Information Systems DBS, Dublin, Ireland. 2017-present
B.Tech   Information Technology ANNA University, Chennai, India. 2012-2016


  • Created more than 3 applications for Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and have apps for Windows Phone, Windows 8 app market.
  • Mini project on Voter id management system for Tamil Nadu Election.
  • Created multiple applications on Cloud using Microsoft Azure


  • Languages                  :  C, C++, HTML, Java, XML, C#, SQL
  • Operating System               :   Windows, Linux
  • Others                    :   MS Office, Visual Studio 2010 & 2012, Eclipse, Apache Tomcat and Windows servers.


  • Got selected as Microsoft Student Partner – an exclusive program by Microsoft for students.
  • Conducting training programs on various Microsoft Technologies including Windows Phone, Windows 8 for students in and around Chennai.
  • Received a Nokia device reward through Nokia Premium Developer Program.
  • 1000+ downloads an app(Pocket trainer) hosted on Phone Store

trainingS / events / contests

  • Microsoft Virtual Academy certification on Software Testing
  • Implant training at UNIQ TECHNOLOGY on web development

area of intErest

  • Software Testing
  • Software development
  • Business Intelligence


  • Fashion and Fitness Blogging
  • Basketball player
  • Acting, Dance & the performing arts
  • To practice philanthropy

I honestly declare that all the above details are true to my knowledge.

Cover letter:


Dear Sir/Mam,

I’m writing this letter with reference to your opening for the role of Consultant – Analyst (Technology) in your Dublin office. I strongly believe Consultant- Technology seems to be right kind of business area for me as I hold a technical undergrad degree in Information technology Engineering, which helped me to obtain the huge skill set in technology.

Also, I possess two-years work experience in Product based software company producing software for aviation and aerospace domain. Currently, I’m pursuing my masters in MBA Information systems which allows me to sharpen my skill set in project management, strategy, and problem-solving.

Thus, I strongly believe this would be a right business area for me and I kindly request you to consider me for this role.

Looking forward to hearing from you at your convenience.



Activity: Personal Values 1

What I value most is…Important to me (√)

1. A good car       

2. Challenge       

3. Contributing to society      

4. Feeling I am in control of my life     

5. Creativity       

6. Fairness       

7. Fame and celebrity      

8. Family and home life      

9. Friendship       

10. Having a good time      

11. Health       

12. Help received from others     

13. Helping others      

14. Honesty       

15. Big house       

16. Independence      

17. Influence       

18. Integrity       

19. Intellectual abilities      

20. A good job or career      

21. Justice       

22. Leadership and authority     

23. Leaving something for posterity     

24. Making a difference to the world    

25. Money       

26. New experiences      

27. Personal qualities such as kindness    

28. Physical appearance      

29. Popularity       

30. Good-quality possessions     

31. Power       

32. Being needed       

33. Security       

34. A feeling of self-worth      

35. Social life       

36. Solitude       

37. Spiritual life       

38. Sporting ability      

39. Being wanted       

40. Other things: (state what)

Activity: Personal values 2  
Select the ten items you value most and list these in order of importance,


where 1 is the most important, 2 for the next in importance and so on.

  1. Family and home life
6. Creativity.
  1. Health
7. Honesty
  1. Independence
8. Helping others
  1. Friendship
9. Influence
  1. Good Job and career.
10. Leadership and Authority.
Activity: The Long-Term Vision  
Ten years from now, I see myself…  
Aspect Write your own vision of this aspect below How important is this aspect to me?  
Living in which part of the world? India. This is really important as I find my homeland is right place for me to start my own business and live happy with family and friends.  
Living in what kind of place (city, town, village, countryside, by the sea, etc.)? City. It is highly important to me as city is main hub for all aspects and needs.  
Considering the most important things in my life to be … Family and social status. Both are highly important as because one has to manage his personal and professional life for happy living.  
Solitary? Or surrounded by people? Surrounded by people. This is not that important to me as I’m comfortable in either way.  
Working with colleagues who are artistic? intellectual? practical? caring? down-to-earth? active? thoughtful? kind? Thoughtful and artistic. These two are key factor for innovation and success in work.  
Working to stress levels which are … Pressurised? Reasonable? Very low level? Reasonable. It is good to take pressure at time for reasonable cause.  
Enjoying privacy? Public attention? Celebrity? Celebrity. I always wanted to be that extra special for my works and skill set.  
Working 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 hours a week? 20 Depends on your productivity. If you can do 100 hours task in 20 hours.  
Based mostly in an office? On the road? In the field? Infield Gives me a clear idea of requirement and needs.  
Working for myself? Working for a large company? Working for a small company? Working for myself I always wanted be founder of big firm.  
Doing work which is varied? Very routine? Predictable? Varied I cant stick to repetitive task every day.  
Likely to stay in the same job for years?  Changing job occasionally? Changing job occasionally This allows me to learn new environment and business.  
Living with a large/small/minimal family? With strong/weak/some family connections? Minimal family with strong connections. Family is bond of affection and love thus it is very important.  
Considering my work to be central/important/not very important in my life? Central If your passion is your work then you live for it.  
My contribution to my community or society will be through … Sharing my knowledge. Sharing and contribution of learning is very important duty of every human.  
My time outside work will be spent doing … Spending time with family. It is important to give equal priority to family.  
My friends will be the kinds of people who … Ambitious. It’s important to hang out with like-minded people.  
I will be the kind of person who … Love to help the poor It is important for everyone to have social responsibility.  
My main achievements in life are likely to be … Become rich and practice philanthropy. It is an important practice to be followed.  
Other important aspects of my vision of the future are … To be a good citizen and serve the country. It is important to give back to country which made you who you are today.  
The main influences, inspirations and values on this vision of my future derive from … My mother. She is the one ambitious and strong woman I have ever come across in mylife.  



Activity: Short-term goals

  Select the three items to which you gave the highest rating in the previous activity (p.38).  Consider what short-term goals you can set in order to give yourself an initial taste of success.  You may need several short-term goals for each item you select.  These goals are ‘milestones’ along the road to success.  Copy this table and keep it where it will remind you to complete the goal.  An alternative action plan can be found on p. 176.
  Item Short-term goals When I will do this How I will know I have achieved this?
  1. Get Placed in big software company as Senior Business analyst or Manager.
  1. Apply for various summer internship and graduation programs.
   January 2018  I get offer letter from firm.
  1. Secure more than 70% on all assignments and exam in future.
  December 2017      Final Mark sheet.
  1.  Do courses on project management and people psychology.
  May 2018  Course certification.
  1. research on new upcoming business field and technologies
  June 2018  Obtain business Idea
  To start my own firm.
  1. To start saving money to invest capital for business.
  January 2018  Meet the required money value.
  1. Take course for leadership and finance management.
  November 2018  Course certification.


Become top model/actor.

  1. Enrol in part time acting course.
  April 2018  Course completion   certificate.
  1. Start giving auditions for TV commercials
  June 2018  Being featured in TV ads.
  1. Register with casting agent.
  June 2018  Being casted in movie roles.

SWOT ANALYIS resource sheet:

Goal: To obtain First class honors in MBA Degree.

Spectrum Of success:

I really wanted to be successful in becoming a great actor, ever since childhood I always had been passion and love towards cinema I grown up watching every detail of it and self-learning. If I had chance I would have pursued full time course on Acting. I’m still finding my way to realize my dream by working hard and exploring ways to reach the desire.

There are lot of possibilities that I don’t become one as it is very huge industry with very high level of competition and entry is not so easy and available for everyone. If I don’t become one I still be considered myself to be successful for trying hard to live my dream.

According to me success is not defined by people around you but the person inside you. You know your story better than anyone else because you faced the situation and it is your dream or passion or even a small wish.

Success is not measured by achievements it is measured by ones satisfaction for his actions.

Activity: Successful people:

Top 10 successful people:

  1. Tom cruise
  2. Ratan Tata
  3. Steve Jobs
  4. Marilyn Monroe
  5. APJ Abdul Kalam
  6. Mark Zuckerberg
  7. Leonardo Dicaprio
  8. Walk Disney
  9. Michel Jordon
  10. Sundar Pichai

Do they have anything in common?

  • Yes, most of them are inter connected in one or another way as. Few are connected by industry as they are from cinema. And rest of few are from technology and business being a leader of their own firm.

What makes you think of them as “successful”?

  • They all have one thing in common they never backed down when failure hit them hard and very initial stage of their persuasion. The dream or desire they wanted to achieve wasn’t easily accessible to them yet they gave a very tough fight in defeating the defeat and becoming one what they wanted to be and inspiring millions of people around them. I consider that will power and being ambitious is a success.

How do you think your list might differ from other?

  • I strongly believe my list would differ from others because I don’t find inspiration from people who are famous or achieved something overnight. My inspiration doesn’t not come from their achievement but their journey to success the will power that they possessed and gave a fight back is what that inspires me. Thus I strongly believe my list differs from rest.

Activity: Symbol of Success:

Ten things associated with success:

  1. Self-satisfaction.
  2. Being famous
  3. Having a good family and friends
  4. Material wealth
  5. Healthy mind and body
  6. Financial freedom
  7. Inspiration to others
  8. Giving back to the society
  9. Respect and trust from people around you
  10. Will be remembered for good deeds after death.

 How important is each of those symbols to you personally?

  • These values are very important for me and this gives the feel of happiness and completion of life. Yes, these are the things that I really want from life.

How do you think your list differs from somebody else?

  • These values may be similar to that of other but the perspective of viewing would be different as I still consider myself to be successful for trying to achieve these even If I never achieve them.

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