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Launching New Generation Hybrid Laptop in UK

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Published: 1st Feb 2022

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New Hybrid Laptop is introduced with latest Intel’s 2010 processor Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition and another AMD’s processor AMD Athlon X521 GIXA is also added for unbeatable performance and these processors are switchable. When a software which is more heavy and there is more load then these tow processor can work at a time with efficient. This laptop is as graphical based on NVidia and ATI Tech. Which tow graphics card working together at a time for games and supports full HD 1080 and with 2 GB memory size. While RAM is large and dual channels with Kingston Tech. 6 GB size. Hard Drive of Hitachi Tech. is installed with 500 GB for more storage with SATA tech. Its battery is more long term with rechargeable with short time. Its operating system is based on Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit. This Hybrid Laptop is designed with new slim and thick body which is more durable and reliable. Mostly people like such laptops which are more slim and light and long-time battery life with 10 hours. Similarly its weight is also light and integrated HD webcam with 12 mega pixel is installed. Its security system which is more effective with touch thumb based is added which can more secure data. This laptop is applicable for entertainment and for business class.

Area of Study

I will analyse internal and external factors (SWOT) . In the market this brand will more successful as strength because its unique features and customer interest and market share it will be more successful. With the help of sales channels will be use for sales in market while other mega store are also use for increase of sales. The future of this hybrid laptop will be more bright and people like this pro When analyse as weakness there will be more advertise to introduce this product. There are more opportunities to develop and promote product through different channels such laptops which are light and more features. While when analyse as threats there are large brands are available and people prefer. Some trend is now days is use iPod and Samsung Galaxy Tab. This new hybrid laptop compete and add new features that can people prefer it. In the market many opportunities to launch and marketing of this laptop in different stores. Some threats are also in market where other competitors are also sell same features product.

Literature Review

The slate can also be docked into the U1 base, becoming a Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium PC (with Intel® ULV processor) with a full keyboard for those times you need complete PC functionality A 10.1″ HD multi-touch screen and long battery life (8 hours on Wi-Fi) are optimized for the integrated Lenovo app store Features dual, front- and back-facing cameras allowing you to take pictures or video chat whenever—and whereever— you like Enjoy online media, email and news updates in real time with a Push engine and full support for Flash 10.1. But this new hybrid laptop contains many unique features that are more reliable and light weight concept and tow processors are added in this laptop.


Ho: Should I introduce new product “New Generation Laptop” in UK?

HI: Should I not introduce this product.

Research Method

There are Qualitative and Quantitative methods for research. In Qualitative method data is collect by interview of experts and take opinions of professionals. While in Quantitative method questioners are made and then distribute among people. They give answers of questions and then analyse data. I will use quantitative method for research by preparing of questioners which are distribute among the people by post and telephone call interviews. While qualitative method is also use to get opinions of people by interviews of experts people.

Research Population

I have conduct with students and laptop users with number of people will be 55 to 70. I will prepare questioners papers to distribute and collect within 3 weeks. While same time I will collect data by interviews and opinions of professional people

Time Scheduling of the project

Gantt chart

Title of the project 22nd JULY 2010 to 15th AUG 2010
Secondary Research 16th AUG 2010 to 15th SEPT 2010

Research Proposal

16th SEPT 2010 to 15th OCT 2010
Primary Research 16th OCT 2010 to 6th NOV 2010
D/v Question 7th NOV 2010 4th JAN 2011
Distribution & Collection 5th JAN 2011 to 16th FEB 2011
Compiling the data 17th FEB to 28th MARCH 2011
Analyzing the data 29th MARCH to 26th APRIL 2011
Writing a report 27th APRIL to 12th MAY 2011
Submit the data 13th MAY to 16th MAY 2011



Expenditure in (£)





Prepaid post



Processors 120

Ram 65

Graphical Cards 80

Other parts of Laptop 96


Calling charges


Post envelope




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