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Law refers to a system or particular set of rules which residents of a country or region should abide by. Laws are enforceable by courts, with punishments set out for each law.

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Legal Aspects of Stalking and Cyberstalking in the Maltese Criminal Code

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This research starts with a thorough assessment of parliamentary debates in Malta which took place prior to the introduction of the relevant provisions in the Criminal Code criminalising the conduct of harassment and stalking respectively....

Last modified: 1st Mar 2022

History of Abortion Laws in the US

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Anti-abortion laws have been enforced in every state since at least 1900 (Abortion in the United States, 2017). For the most part, however, these anti-abortion laws were scarcely enforced until the late 1930s....

Last modified: 15th Feb 2022

A Case for a Multifactor Balancing Test as a Solution to Abuse of Nationwide Injunctions

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The very ability of courts to issue nationwide injunctions is due to the nature of equitable remedies themselves....

Last modified: 14th Feb 2022

Assessing the Regulation of Retail Development in Ireland

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This thesis aims to evaluate the implementation of the Retail Planning Guidelines in relation to their stated objectives to protect and enhance the viability of town centres in Ireland....

Last modified: 2nd Feb 2022

Analysis of R. v. Jordan of the Supreme Court of Canada

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Analysis of R. v. Jordan of the Supreme Court of Canada and its applicability to India....

Last modified: 2nd Feb 2022

Case Study of the Best Interests Principle in Child Protection Law

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The overarching principle in Australian child protection law is that the best interests of the child are to be regarded as paramount....

Last modified: 28th Jan 2022

An Investigation into the Legal Issues Relating to BIM in UK

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A research study has been carried out to examine the legal issues arisen from the UK Government mandating the use of fully collaborative 3 dimensional Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2, in all Government projects by 2016....

Last modified: 27th Jan 2022

Claims for Victims of Psychiatric Illness

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The English law of negligence in relation to nervous shock or psychiatric illness is often considered as unfair and unsatisfactory by the defendants, claimants and even by the judges....

Last modified: 21st Jan 2022

Boston Marathon Bombing: A Case Study of the Radicalization of the Tsarnaev Brothers

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A case study of the radicalization of the Tsarnaev Brothers who perpetrated the first successful improvised explosive device terrorist attack inside the United States....

Last modified: 17th Jan 2022

Respecting Next of Kin or Patient Wishes: Healthcare Ethics Case Study

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This paper presents a problematic case that poses a medical-ethical dilemma for patients, families, and healthcare professionals. ...

Last modified: 3rd Dec 2021

Sovereign Immunity in Patent Law

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This paper offers a solution that addresses the problem of sovereign immunity in patent law in a manner that is beneficial to patent law and the individuals participating in the patent system....

Last modified: 24th Nov 2021

Pre-incorporation Contracts and Company Liability in India

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Pre-Incorporation contracts thought to have no legal status and value, but are legally valued and enforceable....

Last modified: 1st Nov 2021

Literature Review on Intellectual Property Rights

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The way IPR is protected from one country to another differentiates to a large extent. From the economists view point, IPR protection represents a transaction between the profits of innovation and the costs of superiority....

Last modified: 27th Oct 2021

Understanding Arbitration

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The objectives for this study are to understand the meaning of the term ‘arbitration’ and the concepts and laws of arbitration....

Last modified: 27th Oct 2021

Police Response to Juvenile Crime

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The purpose of this proposal is to extend the current literature by examining law enforcement officer’s perceptions of retributive, restorative, and balanced justice to investigate the impact of these perceptions on formal or informal police response....

Last modified: 22nd Oct 2021

IPL Laser Legislation And Equipment

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The aim of this assignment is to review the current legislation applicable to clinics and management of laser/ IPL (intense pulse light) practise within the UK and to review and evaluate a range of equipment....

Last modified: 20th Oct 2021

Company Shareholder Liability

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Introduction to a project that will examine the past position as well as present position of the liability of the shareholders towards a company....

Last modified: 12th Oct 2021

Arguments for and Against Codification of the British Constitution

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An examination of the British constitution and a look at arguments for and against its codification and the impact of codifying....

Last modified: 1st Oct 2021

Public Interest Litigation and the Role of the Supreme Court in Pakistan

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Public interest litigation triggers law change when the refinement and improvement of our laws are at fluctuation with the modernity and advancement of our laws....

Last modified: 24th Sep 2021

UK Parliamentary Sovereignty in the UK in the Wake of Brexit

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This paper discusses the topic of parliamentary sovereignty in the UK, particularly in the wake of Brexit, and briefly touches on some social consequences had Parliamentary Sovereignty not been respected....

Last modified: 26th Aug 2021

Principles of Limited Liability and Corporate Personality: Issue of the Corporate Veil

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This paper will consider the limited liability principles, corporate personality and the unwillingness of the courts to ignore the corporate veil principle known as “piercing the Corporate Veil”....

Last modified: 26th Aug 2021

Assignment on Contract Law

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An assignment on essential elements of a valid contract and applying contracts in a business situation....

Last modified: 20th Aug 2021

Jurisprudence Dissertation Topics

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We have provided a selection of example jurisprudence dissertation topics below to help and inspire you in choosing your dissertation topic....

Last modified: 17th Aug 2021

Law Dissertation Titles

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Law Dissertation Titles. We have provided this selection of example law dissertation titles to help and inspire you....

Last modified: 16th Aug 2021

Reasonable Accommodation as Defined by the Civil Rights Act 1964

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This paper examines the evolution of reasonable accommodations under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and argues that the Title VII undue burden de minimis standard results in just outcomes evidenced by the relative similarity to outcomes seen in other Title VII claims....

Last modified: 26th Mar 2021