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Media refers to large-scale communication, delivering content, entertainment and information to viewers. Media can include television, radio, the Internet, online and physical publications, billboards, and much more.

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Representation of Hope: Content Media Analysis of the Hope Solo Domestic Violence Case

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The purpose of this article is to explore how media content represents Hope Solo throughout her domestic violence case....

Last modified: 1st Mar 2022

Framing Intimate Partner Violence in Late Life: Public Reactions to Newspaper Reports

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The purpose of this study was to investigate public responses to newspaper articles about Intimate Partner Violence incidents among older women....

Last modified: 28th Feb 2022

Impacts of Misinterpreted Islamic Texts in Media Print on Attitudes Towards Muslims

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This study investigates whether misinterpretation of Islamic religious terms in print and online news media affects millennials’ and baby boomers’ attitudes towards Muslims....

Last modified: 16th Feb 2022

Framing News on Foreign Countries: Media Interests and Motivations

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This study would attempt to add that dimension to the numerous researches on the Media in international affairs. The aim is to find the likely motivating factors when it comes to framing news on foreign countries....

Last modified: 25th Jan 2022

Effect of Fashion Media on Female Body Dissatisfaction

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This dissertation was conducted, in order to ethically analyse the use of fashion media, identifying potential and current effects it has on female adolescents, further this dissertation shall evaluate whether fashion media decreases body dissatisfaction....

Last modified: 6th Jan 2022

Sport, the Media and National Identities

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Whilst some are seen as central elements of national cultures (e.g. baseball in the US, soccer in Brazil or England, and rugby union in New Zealand) other sports are marginal to senses of nations....

Last modified: 6th Jan 2022

Media Dependency During Terrorist Attacks: Comparison of Traditional and Social Media Use

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This study aims to understand the role of new communication technologies during terrorist attacks on a country in which the government dominates traditional media and thus new communication technologies are the only communication means available to the public to discuss freely public affairs....

Last modified: 23rd Dec 2021

Effect of Apps on the Newspaper Industry

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Proposal for a study to investigate the effect of app development technology on the newspaper publishing industry i.e. Financial Times and the Independent....

Last modified: 3rd Dec 2021

Dissertation on Intertextual Messages of Horror Movies

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This dissertation examines the tradition of horror, outlining the different intertextual messages that horror films convey, through several remarkable examples....

Last modified: 11th Nov 2021

Effects of Copyright on the Consumption of Music

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The aim of this dissertation is to understand the effects of copyright on the consumption and acquisition of music online....

Last modified: 3rd Nov 2021

Social Media for Promoting and Marketing Films

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This dissertation will help to analyse and evaluate the different ways in which social media as platform is being used as an alternative way to promote and market films by filmmakers in the media industry....

Last modified: 2nd Nov 2021

Effects of Social Media on Adolescent Females' Mental Health

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This dissertation investigates the relationship between adolescent females and frequent social media use to fathom the influence it may be having on their well-being and mental health....

Last modified: 29th Oct 2021

Impact of Web-Based Instruction (WBI) in Schools

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The purpose of the study is to build a model to predict the level of diffusion and utilization of Web-Based Instruction in school....

Last modified: 29th Oct 2021

Influence of Media on Eating Disorders

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The research question for this dissertation is:  What level of influence does the media have on eating disorders?...

Last modified: 28th Oct 2021

Trends in India's Film Industry

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How can Indian Corporate film production house gain dominance in Indian film market and increase its presence in International market?...

Last modified: 27th Oct 2021

Effectiveness and Growth of Radio Advertising in India

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Through this project I have made an effort to understand the advertising tool called radio advertising which is being increasingly recognized by marketers as a powerful tool that helps in finding new customers and retaining the existing ones at a much lesser cost....

Last modified: 18th Oct 2021

Media Violence and its Effect on Youths

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The research purpose is to analyse media violence on youths in contributing to a negative impact on society....

Last modified: 12th Oct 2021

Consumer Responses to Sex in Advertising

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This study analyses the Chinese and British consumer’s responses to sexual content in advertisements, the advertised brand and consumer’s buying intentions towards the brand....

Last modified: 4th Oct 2021

Motivations for Reading Online Blogs

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This research aims to study the various factors that motivate reading of blogs corresponding to the various types of blogs that exist....

Last modified: 4th Oct 2021

Perceptions of Anime in the West

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To evaluate how anime or Japanese animations were perceived by the west specifically America we look at the Anime Robotech which in 1984 was called Macross....

Last modified: 1st Oct 2021

Role of Social Media in Political Communication

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This paper argues that social media plays a supporting role in mediating political communication between members of the public, politicians and political parties. ...

Last modified: 29th Sep 2021

Personal Identity and Consequences of an Ironic Worldview

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This article suggests that 'The Simpsons' is a sophisticated media subject about media that forces educators who teach media literacy into an encounter with postmodern judgment....

Last modified: 24th Sep 2021

Media Convergence: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Introduction to a dissertation on media convergence and how it has led to the popularity and cult like fan following of Western sports in India....

Last modified: 8th Sep 2021

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Last modified: 16th Aug 2021

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