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Environmental studies is a broad field of study that combines scientific principles, economics, humanities and social science in the study of human interactions with the environment with the aim of addressing complex environmental issues.

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Zambia’s Mining Boom and Bust: A Resource Curse
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Introduction: This paper explores a case study of Zambia’s mining boom and bust and analyses the negative linkage between abundance of natural resources and poor economic performance known as ‘resource curse’.... Last modified: 15th Jul 2021

Pressure on Development Land in the South East of England
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Introduction: The purpose of this dissertation is to discuss and evaluate the pressure on development land in the South- East of England, and how that pressure relates to the need for sustainable architecture.... Last modified: 15th Jul 2021

Reasons for Deforestation and Desertification
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Introduction: Desert encroachment, drought, erosion, high temperatures are few among many of the consequences of deforestation. This is an assessment of the extent of deforestation in Lafiya, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.... Last modified: 6th Jul 2021

Shipping Industry Emissions Reduction Impact on Climate Change
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Introduction: Exhaust emissions are considered to be a major contributor of GHGs emissions. This paper discusses exhaust emissions from burning of fossil fuels for main engines, boilers and incinerators of a ship.... Last modified: 29th Jun 2021

Wind Effect on High Rise Buildings
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Introduction: The aim of the project is to investigate the effect of wind design of high rise buildings, what are the type of wind design, and calculating the shear force, bending moments and the sway of the wind load on high rise buildings.... Last modified: 23rd Jun 2021

Literature Review on Dating Ancient Trees and Landscape Changes
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Introduction: This review of literature on dating the age of ancient willow trees in upland willow carr and investigating landscape change of the eastern Peak District revealed many articles published over many years in peer reviewed journals.... Last modified: 22nd Jun 2021

Impact of Pollution on Marine and Coastal Resources
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Introduction: The objective of this research is to specifically focus on understanding the socio-economic footprints on the marine environment, realized in terms of Marine Debris pollution.... Last modified: 15th Jun 2021

International Trade and Competitiveness of Indian Horticulture
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Introduction: This study was conducted to analyze the comparative advantage and competitiveness of pomegranate and gherkin which are the important foreign exchange earner among fruit and vegetable crops exported from India.... Last modified: 3rd Jun 2021

Reducing Stream Bank Erosion and Improving Water Quality
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Introduction: This project was developed as a response to the Bishop Creek Restoration Project. The main goals include the reduction of bank erosion and improvement of water quality while meeting the community’s needs.... Last modified: 22nd Apr 2021

Dissertation on Using Water to Cool the Urban Environment
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Introduction: Surface water within the urban environment is regarded as a nuisance and as such, cities have implemented strategies to remove it as quickly as possible. But is this a waste of potential resource?... Last modified: 22nd Apr 2021

Dissertation on Hydrological Models
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Introduction: The objective of this study is to compare two hydrological models that are different in terms of physics and discretization based on their ability to generate flows at the basin outlet.... Last modified: 13th Apr 2021

Dissertation Proposal on Biotech Wastewater System Control
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Introduction: The focus of the project is to monitor maximum information on the state of the system and to control dissolved oxygen, needed by microorganism in the ASP to grow.... Last modified: 13th Apr 2021

Dissertation Proposal on Dye Removal from Wastewater
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Introduction: Dye Removal from Wastewater Utilizing Stirred-Tank Impeller-Bed Adsorption System (STIBA). This research aims to study the ability of adsorbate to utilize STIBA to achieve higher adsorption.... Last modified: 12th Apr 2021

Literature Review on Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
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Introduction: This paper examines existing literature on Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), specifically on the topic of the many interrelated social and institutional barriers which impede the widespread implementation of alternative approaches within the urban water sector.... Last modified: 9th Apr 2021

Environmental studies dissertation titles
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Introduction: Environmental Studies Dissertation Titles. We have provided this selection of example environmental studies dissertation titles to help and inspire you.... Last modified: 17th Mar 2021

Environment Dissertation Topics
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Introduction: We have provided a selection of example environment dissertation topics to help and inspire you when deciding on a dissertation topic.... Last modified: 11th Mar 2021

Green Pharmacy in Australia: What Should We Be Doing?
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Introduction: Green Pharmacy is the study of the impacts of pharmaceuticals in the environment and devising methods to combat and reduce any possible consequences. Advancements in technology provide... Last modified: 6th Jan 2021