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Neurology is the specialist branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of disorders of the nervous system. This means that neurologists concern themselves with issues affecting the brain, the nerves, and the spinal cord.

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Improving Measurement and Understanding of Brain Activity
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Introduction: This project aims to provide a contribution to better understanding and interpretation of cerebral activity in humans via the improvement of recorded VEP signals.... Last modified: 17th Jun 2021

Peripersonal Space and the Link with Bodily Self-Consciousness
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Introduction: The construction of a coherent representation of our body and the mapping of the space immediately surrounding the body is really important to evolve and confront our environment as well as possible.... Last modified: 14th Jun 2021

Carboxypeptidase Effects on Early Brain Development
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Introduction: Higher brain function relies on proper development of the cerebral cortex, including correct positioning of neurons and dendrite morphology.... Last modified: 28th May 2021

Dissertation on Mitochondrial Trafficking in Parkinson's Disease
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Introduction: These studies confirm decreased mitochondrial complex I and IV activity in the high heteroplasmy IPSc in comparison to low heteroplasmy IPScs. This model is a useful tool that provides insight to Parkinson's patients.... Last modified: 19th May 2021

Dissertation on Concussions and Neurocognitive Deficits
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Introduction: This paper determined the effect of prior subconcussive and concussive impacts on neurocognitive performance in youth athletes by reviewing current literature.... Last modified: 13th Apr 2021

Neuroblastoma Risk Factors and Incidence
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Introduction: Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells in which cells divide and proliferate in an uncontrolled way (Figure 1‑1) caused by multiple mutations and changes in gene expression. These cancerous cells in... Last modified: 16th Dec 2019

Calcium & Chloride Channels Involved in Glioma Functions
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Introduction: There is tight interplay between Ca2+ and Cl– flux that can influence brain tumour proliferation, migration and invasion. Glioma is the predominant malignant primary brain tumour (accounts for ... Last modified: 16th Dec 2019

Calpain Inhibition as a Magic Bullet
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Introduction: Calpain Inhibition as a Magic Bullet Abstract: Proteases are involved in a variety of diseases including the majority of neurodegenerative and neuromuscular disorders. The role of protease inhibitors ... Last modified: 16th Dec 2019

Do Psychopaths Have Abnormal Brains?
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Introduction: The neurobiology concept behind psychopathy has not been fully understood as of yet. There are very few studies that examine the structural and function of the brain in psychopaths. The aim of this ar... Last modified: 16th Dec 2019

Neurological Aspects of Pain
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Introduction: 1.1. Functional Properties of Nerve Fibres 1.1.1. Properties of Peripheral Somatic Nerves Peripheral somatic nerves consists generally of somatic-motor, autonomic-motor and sensible fibres. S... Last modified: 12th Dec 2019

Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGFs) in Neural Induction
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Introduction: Abstract Neural induction represents the first stage in the formation of the vertebrate nervous system from embryonic ectoderm. Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGFs), initially identified for their mitogen... Last modified: 12th Dec 2019

Probiotics and Prebiotics Effect on Brain Development
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Introduction: Review Probiotic, prebiotic and brain development Abstract: During the last years, a number of studies have demonstrated that there are extensive bi-directional interactions between the central nervo... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Types of Stroke and Risk-Factors
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Introduction: Stroke is a leading cause of adult disability. Describe the pathological sub-types of stroke, including relevant risk factors, and differences in their outcomes. (50%) Based on their main pathologi... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Response and Alzheimer’s Disease
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Introduction: Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Response and Alzheimer’s Disease Abstract The endoplasmic reticulum is a vital organelle found in eukaryotic cells. It performs many functions from protein synthesis and... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

GAA Repeat Expansion in FRDA
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Introduction: Friedreich ataxia (FRDA, OMIM #229300), the most common inherited ataxia, is an autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disorder. The first symptoms, which are limb and gait ataxia and loss of tendon r... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Simulating Blood Flow in Vessels Affected by an Aneurysm
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Introduction: Simulating Blood Flow in Vessels which have been Affected to an Aneurysm for Different Case Studies Abstract—This report advises a computational technique for simulating the flow profiles of lamin... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Out of Hospital Management of Neurogenic Shock
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Introduction: 212 words INTRODUCTION In the following essay I will examine the evidence supporting the management of a critically injured patient in the out of hospital arena, specifically focusing on the out of h... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019

Neuro-ophthalmic Manifestations of Cerebrovascular Accidents
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Introduction: Purpose of review Ocular functions can be affected in almost any type of cerebrovascular accident (CVA) creating a burden on the patient and family and limiting functionality. The present review s... Last modified: 10th Dec 2019