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Business strategy is a set of guidelines that sets out how a business should operate and how decisions should be made with regards to achieving its goals. A business strategy should help to guide management and employees in their decision making.

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Strategic Plan for Molson Coors Brewing
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: Technological and innovative ideas, as well as investments internationally form a formidable strategic base for Molson Coors.... Last modified: 20th Oct 2021

Strategic Management - Tata Consultancy Services
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This paper presents a detailed analysis of Tata Consultancy Services Limited, its strategies in past 10 years and rationale of choosing these strategies.... Last modified: 12th Oct 2021

Burger Fuel Business Strategy for US market
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: The aim of the report is to analyse the environment in which Burger Fuel operates with the help of a case study.... Last modified: 12th Oct 2021

Toyota Business Management Practices
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: My aim for this case study is to show my understanding of the various business management practices and philosophies of Toyota.... Last modified: 12th Oct 2021

Relationship between Business Strategy and IT Strategy
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: The relationship between business strategy and IT strategy and the influence of organisational culture in Saudi firms forms the basis of this research.... Last modified: 6th Oct 2021

Canada Goose Export Plan to China
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: In the short-term, the objective is to promote the brand and get Chinese consumers to know about the Canada Goose brand.... Last modified: 5th Oct 2021

Frederick W. Smith and FedEx: Standards and Performance
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This work is focused on the analysis of Federal Express, usually known by FedEx. For 38 years FedEx has remained as the market leader in an industry that as a company, helped create it.... Last modified: 4th Oct 2021

How to Make a Brand Desirable
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This dissertation aims to explore methods that businesses or brands use to make their brand desirable to consumers. Includes three UK brands as case studies.... Last modified: 1st Oct 2021

Factors Influencing Strategy Implementation
Dissertation Proposals
Introduction: A research proposal on factors influencing strategy implementation to support the preparation of a Master’s dissertation.... Last modified: 29th Sep 2021

Strategic Analysis of Amazon
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: Internal and external business analysis of Amazon using Porter's Five Forces, SWOT and Value Chain analysis.... Last modified: 27th Sep 2021

Business Strategies of Ford Motor Company
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: In this case study, the characteristics of the automotive industry will be presented from the beginning of the 20th century to the present, going through the different strategies used throughout history.... Last modified: 24th Sep 2021

Market Analysis for Ice Cream Company in India
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This report is on the Tiptop ice cream company which is going to the Indian market and targeting customers in the family and young people market sector.... Last modified: 24th Sep 2021

Impact of Capital Restructuring on Business Performance
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: The scope of our study is to understand capital restructuring, analyse and present past successes and failures in enhancing shareholder value, and explain the common pitfalls.... Last modified: 6th Sep 2021

Business Plan for Online Cake Business
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: Based on theoretical analysis I will summarize the business feasibility of an online bakery and the direction that OFU Bakery should pursue.... Last modified: 6th Sep 2021

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: Investigation in to the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing. Outsourcing is a typical routine with regards to contracting out business capacities and procedures to outsider suppliers.... Last modified: 3rd Sep 2021

Role of Franchising in Business Growth
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: Introduction to research that critically examines how franchising plays a vital role in retail business growth and expansion in the food industry.... Last modified: 3rd Sep 2021

Business Plan for Franchising Dunkin Donuts in Bangladesh
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This business plan is for franchising “Dunkin Donuts” in Bangladesh, analysing the country’s current business scenario along with an action plan to make the idea feasible.... Last modified: 3rd Sep 2021

Business Continuity Planning: Cyber Security Management
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This paper describes business continuity planning strategies and processes and elaborates on how to develop, write and execute an effective business continuity plan.... Last modified: 2nd Sep 2021

Qantas Airlines: Financial Evaluation, Business Model and Strategies
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This paper will explore Qantas's history, financial performance, business model and strategies, route structures, fleet make-up and scheduling, marketing model, and the international air carrier and cargo operations.... Last modified: 1st Sep 2021