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Criminology is a social science that applies elements of sociology, psychology and law in the study of crime, criminal behaviour and law enforcement.

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Effects of Criminalising Forced Marriage
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Introduction: This dissertation will discuss and evaluate the effect and likely outcome of criminalising forced marriages. Forced marriage can be defined as a marriage which occurs when one or both parties to the marriage have been pressurised into marriage.... Last modified: 11th Nov 2021

Money Laundering Controls in Nigeria
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Introduction: The main focus of this dissertation is to find out the effectiveness of money-laundering regulations in regards to banks in Nigeria, and compare it with the international standard... Last modified: 10th Nov 2021

Alternatives to Custodial Sentences for Female Offenders
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Introduction: This dissertation questions the increase in the female prison population in recent years. It then goes on to outline some reasons against imprisoning women, looking at the alternatives to custodial sentences.... Last modified: 5th Nov 2021

Domestic Violence toward Asian Women
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Introduction: Based on research and statistics, it is known that domestic violence toward Asian women is pervasive. Unfortunately, documented reports of abuse most likely under-represent the number of abused women due to the secretive and victimizing nature of domestic violence.... Last modified: 5th Nov 2021

Psychological Effects of Imprisonment on Young Offenders
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Introduction: The aim of this dissertation is to examine the claim of authors such as Harrington and Bailey (2005) that a substantial proportion of young offenders in the UK suffer from severe mental illness.... Last modified: 4th Nov 2021

Incarceration Boom: The Rise in Penal Populism
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Introduction: This paper examines the extent to which the ‘incarceration boom’ of many modern societies can be attributed to the phenomenon of penal populism.... Last modified: 4th Nov 2021

Effect of Policy on Youth Offending Rates
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Introduction: The purpose of this dissertation is to see if the government policy for youth offending has reduced the amount of youth offenders and also if government’s strategies are affective in tackling youth offending.... Last modified: 3rd Nov 2021

Criminology Dissertation Topics
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Introduction: Choosing to write about prison and society could make for a very interesting dissertation topic. You could take a look at prisoner rights, rehabilitation or their integration back into society. These example topics could help you decide.... Last modified: 1st Nov 2021

Challenges for Combating Money Laundering
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Introduction: This dissertation aims to investigate the fundamental issues and complexities in controlling money laundering (ML) globally by analyzing international anti-money laundering laws (AML) and getting to the root of the problem by highlighting the loopholes and exploring the status of the crime internationally.... Last modified: 29th Oct 2021

Impact of Police Community Support Officers
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Introduction: This report shows how powers vested in PCSOs have evolved to address issues of public confusion around their capabilities. Then the report argues that PCSOs patrols have made an impact upon crime levels and analyses criticism made about the PCSOs.... Last modified: 27th Oct 2021

Effect of Domestic Violence on Children and Young People
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Introduction: The focus of this dissertation is on the impact of domestic violence on the lives of children and young people. Research took place in the Hammersmith and Fulham area of London.... Last modified: 22nd Oct 2021

Arguments For and Against Prison Privatisation
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Introduction: This literature review is to analyse and clarify points of agreement and opposition of the argument on prison privatization warehousing prisoners for servitude or rehabilitation.... Last modified: 21st Oct 2021

The Relationship between Drugs and Crime
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Introduction: In this dissertation I would like to argue that the study of crime and drug use is complex. There are a number of diverse factors that lead people to misuse drugs.... Last modified: 21st Oct 2021

Media Violence and its Effect on Youths
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Introduction: The research purpose is to analyse media violence on youths in contributing to a negative impact on society.... Last modified: 12th Oct 2021

The Problem of Money Laundering
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Introduction: A literature review for a study aiming to analyse harmful effects of money laundering on the economic growth of a developing country.... Last modified: 5th Oct 2021

Study on the Problem of Money Laundering
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Introduction: An introduction to a study aiming to analyse harmful effects of money laundering on the economic growth of a developing country.... Last modified: 5th Oct 2021

History of Police Stop and Search Powers in the UK
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Introduction: This dissertation charts the history of the stop and search powers of the British police from the notorious Brixton riots up to the modern day.... Last modified: 5th Oct 2021

Literature Review on Rape in Prisons
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Introduction: Rape and other sexual crimes are recorded publicly in the USA largely due to trials and news reports.  However, there is another area where sexual crimes are not as publicly reported: prisons.... Last modified: 1st Oct 2021

Internet Evolution and Effects of Cybercrime
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Introduction: This paper will talk about the internet evolution and how its use has changed the world and the way people live and function and the cause and effect of cybercrime.... Last modified: 20th Aug 2021

Criminology Dissertation Titles
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Introduction: Criminology Dissertation Titles. We have provided this selection of example criminology dissertation titles to help and inspire you.... Last modified: 16th Aug 2021

Psychological Evaluation of an Offender Case Study
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Introduction: There are numerous assessments may be used to evaluate Ryan. The most commonly used assessments to assess the client’s general health and mental status are the Mental Status Exam (MSE).... Last modified: 9th Mar 2021

Management of Criminal Activities from Prisons in the US
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Introduction: This research study focuses on prison crimes in the USA. In order to evaluate these crimes, newspaper reports and press release of court cases will be utilized to understand the nature of these crimes.... Last modified: 9th Mar 2021