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History is a topic that covers humanity and past events, allowing us to study and understand human society and how it has changed over thousands of years. By looking back at previous events in history, we can begin to understand how humanity developed over time and formed life as we know it today.

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How Successful Were Playwrights of the 1970s in Accurately Highlighting Social and Political Issues in Scotland?

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There was a lot of political unrest in Scotland from the 1960s and through to the 1970s and many playwrights used this as a focal point of their plays....

Last modified: 2nd Mar 2022

History and Current Practices of US Police Recruit Training

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It is my hope this report will assist SLEA in enhancing the quality of police recruit training they have provided over the last 21 years here at College of DuPage....

Last modified: 17th Feb 2022

Multi-Causal Model Analysis of the Syrian Conflict

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The multi-causal model is an appropriate analytic tool for the Syria conflict because it allows for a more comprehensive integration of the 'syndrome of factors'  that cause violence....

Last modified: 17th Jan 2022

Thalidomide Disaster: Have Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries Learnt from Past Mistakes?

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Following the thalidomide disaster: Have the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries learnt from factors that contributed to past mistakes? Abstract A report exploring and evaluating how the pharmace...

Last modified: 30th Dec 2021

Robin Hood: A Study of the Evolution of the Legend in Britain 1400-2018

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This project explains the evolution and the character of Robin Hood as a vehicle who embodies social, gender, political and narrative developments reflecting different social preoccupations over time....

Last modified: 22nd Dec 2021

Impact of the Maoist Insurgency on the Nepalese Society

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This research analyses the impact of the Maoist insurgency on the Nepalese society in terms of political, social, economic and security aspect which they were forced to undergo during the period....

Last modified: 30th Nov 2021

Socio-Historical Analysis of Poverty: Causes and Effects

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This thesis explores poverty within a socio-historical context – research crucial to furthering discussions of what poverty is, its root causes, its affect on individuals and society....

Last modified: 25th Nov 2021

Intangible Cultural Heritage around Jebel Elbarkal Archaeological Site

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The goal of this research is to study the intangible cultural heritage of the local communities of the Merowe region associated with the Jebel Elbarkal World Cultural Heritage Site (WHC)....

Last modified: 19th Nov 2021

The Evolution of Popular Music in the UK: 1960s to 2010s

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This project focuses on the evolution of popular musical styles and to some extent of the ideas and fashions associated with certain bands or periods....

Last modified: 19th Nov 2021

How Influential Was Medical Understanding in the Implementation of the Contagious Diseases Act 1864

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This dissertation’s leading research question is: how influential was medical understanding in the implementation of the Contagious Diseases Act 1864?...

Last modified: 12th Nov 2021

To What Extent is Almodóvar’s Representation of Post-Franco Spain Accurate?

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The aim of this dissertation is to examine the cinematography of Pedro Almodóvar, to outline which aspects of his films represent Post-Franco Spain accurately....

Last modified: 11th Nov 2021

Contribution of Women to the Economy in the Middle Ages

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This dissertation will focus on the contribution of women to the economy in the Middle Ages. It will explore how and to what extent women contributed to the economy of Medieval England, asking the question of ‘Is the role of women in the medieval economy undervalued by history?’....

Last modified: 10th Nov 2021

Promised Land, Crusader State: The Rise, Fall and Return of the Covenant Nation

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This paper will primarily argue that in order to understand Israel as an inherently violent and conflict-laden nation-state it is necessary to move away from the established contextually-derived theories of nationalism and move to one that is more cognitively based....

Last modified: 5th Nov 2021

Effect of British Post-War Immigration Policy on Racism

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This dissertation will examine in detail the extent to which British post-war immigration policy was used to pacify or appease racism in British society....

Last modified: 5th Nov 2021

Domesticity and Motherhood in Britain: 1919-1939

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This dissertation analyses the extent of women’s return to domesticity and motherhood in Britain in the years 1919-1939....

Last modified: 3rd Nov 2021

Symbolic Importance of Geometrical Shapes in Roman Thermae

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The symbolic importance of geometrical shapes and the use of symmetry in the Imperial Thermae of Ancient Rome. Spaces of the Roman baths were designed to be appealing to the eye and to the mind to fulfil their functions both functionally and symbolically, and the use of symmetry together with elemental geometrical forms is essential in these spaces to aid the fulfilment of these functions....

Last modified: 13th Oct 2021

Revolution in Military Affairs

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A dissertation on the impact of IT on Revolution in Military Affairs and the changes required in view of the variance in views regarding RMA....

Last modified: 6th Oct 2021

Kautilya's Arthasastra: Military Aspects

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This study concentrates on the relevance of Kautilya’s teachings with regard to military aspects in general and organisational and administrational aspects in detail including the aspects of tactics, strategy. ...

Last modified: 6th Oct 2021

History of The Congo and An Examination of The Congo Wars

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The paper will begin with a brief history of the Congo with particular attention to the decline under Mobutu and then examines the Congo wars....

Last modified: 8th Sep 2021

The Development of Pop Music from 1950 to the Current Day

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From the 1950s to the current day, pop music has seen changes in the production in different genres, the way we listen to music and recording techniques used....

Last modified: 1st Sep 2021

Comparative Constitutional Law: Women’s Rights in India

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This paper presents an analysis of the treatment of women in India including how the status of women has been affected by various cultural and religious influences throughout different time periods....

Last modified: 26th Aug 2021

Impact of the Industrial Revolution on British Architecture

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An investigation into the origins and impact of the industrial revolution on British architecture....

Last modified: 20th Aug 2021

History Dissertation Topics

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A selection of example history dissertation topics below to help and inspire you when choosing a topic for your dissertation. See all of our example history topics here....

Last modified: 17th Aug 2021

History Dissertation Titles

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History Dissertation Titles. We have provided this selection of example history dissertation titles to help and inspire you....

Last modified: 16th Aug 2021

A Discourse of the Cross-Cultural Diffusion of Anglicanism in Ikwerre Land, 1895-2009

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The Translation Principle in Christian History: A Discourse of the Cross-Cultural Diffusion of Anglicanism in Ikwerre land, 1895-2009 Abstract Undoubtedly, the demography of Christianity as a globa...

Last modified: 16th Dec 2019