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International Studies relates to the studying of economics, politics, culture, and other aspects of life on an international scale. International Studies allows you to develop an understanding of international relations and gives you an insight into global issues.

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International studies dissertation titles
Dissertation Titles
Introduction: International Studies Dissertation Titles. We have provided this selection of example international studies dissertation titles to help and inspire you: Does the rise of networks indicate a transformation of international order.... Last modified: 28th Jul 2021

Zambia’s Mining Boom and Bust: A Resource Curse
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: This paper explores a case study of Zambia’s mining boom and bust and analyses the negative linkage between abundance of natural resources and poor economic performance known as ‘resource curse’.... Last modified: 15th Jul 2021

Legalization of Marijuana in the United States
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Introduction: This study was focused on pros and cons of legalization and jurisdictions that are pondering a change in cannabis policy from a marketing point of view.... Last modified: 6th Jul 2021

Protection of the Human Rights of the Hawaiian People
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Introduction: This paper will examine the legal framework of courts in Aotearoa and how the courts there utilize specific portions of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.... Last modified: 7th Jun 2021

Healthcare Workforce Shortage in Disadvantaged Areas
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: Discussing the findings of a literature review of factors that influence health workers’ decision of job location in the context of different countries in general and Vietnam in particular.... Last modified: 3rd Jun 2021

The Collapse of the USSR
Dissertation Introductions
Introduction: In this paper, it is claimed that reforms introduced by Mikhail Gorbachev accelerated the process of collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.... Last modified: 28th May 2021

Dissertation on Cultural Conflict in Sino-Indian Employment
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Introduction: In today’s global economy, when any corporation expands abroad it usually brings with it the management practices that are deep-rooted in its national culture and management theory.... Last modified: 21st Apr 2021

Dissertation on Pharmaceutical Industry Patent Reforms
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: Based on a patent search and literature research, this study carefully analyses the impact of recent reforms in the patent applications from pharmaceutical industry in China... Last modified: 21st Apr 2021

Methodology for Dissertation on Social Constructivism
Dissertation Methodologies
Introduction: Research approach and methods adopted to answer the question of how young Somali descendants living in Copenhagen construct their identities and navigate their sense of belonging. ... Last modified: 19th Apr 2021

Dissertation on Net Neutrality
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Introduction: The purpose of this dissertation is to provide some advice for Chinese net neutrality development through researching and investigating the situation of other developed states.... Last modified: 8th Apr 2021

International Studies Dissertation Topics
Dissertation Topics
Introduction: We have provided a selection of example international studies dissertation topics including international politics, tourism, sociology and more to help and inspire you.... Last modified: 22nd Mar 2021

International Political Economy Dissertation Topics
Dissertation Topics
Introduction: We have provided a selection of example international political economy dissertation topics below to help and inspire you when choosing a dissertation topic.... Last modified: 11th Mar 2021

Analysis of China's Foreign Direct Investments
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: Through this thesis, I would like to focus on the analysis of the Foreign Direct Investments in general, talking about their characteristics and the different types of them that exist.... Last modified: 9th Mar 2021

Foreign Direct Investments Trend in Montenegro
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Introduction: The aim of this paper is to examine Montenegro’s path towards the EU membership and determine how this process affects the rise of foreign direct investments.... Last modified: 9th Mar 2021

Effects of Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria
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Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effects of foreign direct investment of a developing country of my choice in which I chose Nigeria which is where I am from.... Last modified: 9th Mar 2021

Comparison of Income and Subjective Well-Being in Vietnam
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: The comparison income and subjective well-being in the socialist transitional developing country of Vietnam – Panel data Abstract This study examines the relationship bet... Last modified: 18th May 2020

What Extent Is Chinese Rural Land Law Being Developed?
Dissertation Examples
Introduction: What extent is Chinese Rural land law being developed to follow the “legal aspect of the ongoing legal reform” (Zhu, 2011) ?   Introduction The purpose of this essay is to debate the legal aspec... Last modified: 17th Dec 2019