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Banking can be defined as the business of a bank or someone employed in the banking industry. Used in a non-business sense, banking generally means carrying out activities related to the management of one’s bank accounts or finances.

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Standard Chartered Bank in India Analysis

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The competition in the banking sector is increasing at a tremendous rate. MNC banks in India are doing well in India and Standard Chartered Bank being one of them wants to increase the consumer base....

Last modified: 22nd Nov 2023

Typology of Money Laundering Schemes

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Money laundering is a process, as a result of which money obtained in an illegal way is transformed into legal income....

Last modified: 1st Mar 2022

A Study of the Australian Home Loan Market

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This study aims at considering the major issues that the Australian Home Loan market is facing and recommends certain strategies that would help the borrowers to overcome the issues and distress faced by the Australians....

Last modified: 3rd Feb 2022

Credit Risk Measurement in UK Banks Post Brexit Vote

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In this research paper, we try to focus on measuring the credit risk of the 5 major commercial banks in the UK....

Last modified: 28th Jan 2022

Analysing Leadership Styles and Performance of Nigerian Banks

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This study will consider the pattern of leadership and find out if there is a relationship between the style of leadership and the performance of the banks within the Nigerian economy....

Last modified: 28th Jan 2022

Competition Environment of the UK Banking Industry

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Using panel data captured from banks’ balance sheets with the bank-specific variables, this paper will inspect the trend in competition environment of UK banking market....

Last modified: 19th Jan 2022

Indian Banking Industry Competitiveness and Market Structure

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The objective of this dissertation is to understand the Indian banking industry, its composition (nationalised banks, private bank and foreign banks) and knowing the players of the industry....

Last modified: 18th Jan 2022

Decision Support System in the E-banking Sector

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The general objective of this study is to find out the impact of the Decision Support System in the E-Banking sector. The study will however take into consideration, the overall banking industry....

Last modified: 12th Jan 2022

Comparison of Money Laundering in Different Countries

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Money laundering in the United States is and has been a pressing issue. Money is primarily laundered via financial institutions whether that be through facilitation by such institutions or by exploitation of the financial system....

Last modified: 11th Jan 2022

Non-performing Loans and Bank Performance During Economic Crisis

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This study is focused on the effect of nonperforming loans of Public Bank toward macroeconomic variable. Viewing quarterly in 2005 to 2009 as a reference of investigation, it can be used for bankers as a benchmark for their future planning....

Last modified: 7th Jan 2022

Impact of Sub-prime Crises on Stock Brokers in India

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The type of research undertaken in this project is descriptive. The primary aim of this research project is to describe the factors that have impact on sub-prime crises on stock brokers in India....

Last modified: 6th Jan 2022

Risk Management in the Indian Banking Industry

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The purpose of this study is to highlight the importance of risk management in everyday changing business environments; the study emphasizes how the strategies of risk management work, and are implemented within the whole business world, especially in the Indian Banking industry....

Last modified: 6th Jan 2022

Factors That Determine Commercial Bank Profitability

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This study aims to explain the factors that determine the profitability of UK commercial banks, therefore, the first step required to perform regression analysis was the collection of data....

Last modified: 5th Jan 2022

Customer Relationship Management of Lloyds Banking Group

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The aim of the research is to study why CRMs are important in banks, how the CRM works in banks and also the effectiveness of Lloyds Banking Group in obtaining long term customer relationship, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction by the use of CRM....

Last modified: 6th Dec 2021

Financial Situation of Northen Rock Compared to HBOS

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The purpose of this project is to analyse the financial performance and position of Northern Rock which in terms would also explain certain factors of high street lender and financial institutions....

Last modified: 3rd Dec 2021

Business and Financial Performance of Bank Al Habib

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The foremost objective of this research is to analyse the direction and business performance of Bank AL Habib with respect to its competitors....

Last modified: 1st Dec 2021

Dissertation on The Effectiveness of Change Management Consultants

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This research aims to assess the effectiveness of change management consultants in the creation of value in the digital transformation of Banks within the U.K....

Last modified: 17th Nov 2021

Credit Risk Management in Banking

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In this study, a leading nationalized bank is taken to study the steps taken by the bank to implement the Basel-II Accord and the entire framework developed for credit risk management....

Last modified: 9th Nov 2021

Customer Satisfaction of HSBC Online Banking Services

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This study is concerned with the pattern of online banking services in HSBC, UK and the customer satisfaction towards these services. This proposed research is to study firstly the online banking situation in HSBC banking business....

Last modified: 26th Oct 2021

Customer Satisfaction in Banking

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The objective of this research is to identify the determinants of customer satisfaction in a centralized service delivery environment in the Aruban Banking Industry....

Last modified: 25th Oct 2021

Digitalization of Retail Branch Banking and its Impact on Customer Satisfaction

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The important dimensions for this study which directly or indirectly measure the impact of digitalization of retail banking on customer satisfaction have been summarized, viz., trust, service quality, ease of use, usefulness and commitment....

Last modified: 25th Oct 2021

Key Determinants of Customer Retention in the Banking Sector

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Introduction to research that aims to find the key determinants of customer retention in the banking sector of Vietnam and Singapore....

Last modified: 21st Oct 2021

Importance Of CRM For HDFC Bank

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The aim of this dissertation was to examine the importance of CRM for HDFC Bank. To achieve this aim, following objectives were set.......

Last modified: 19th Oct 2021

Comparison of Islamic and Conventional Banking

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This study examines Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) to evaluate the Islamic bank’s performance in comparison to Conventional banks....

Last modified: 6th Oct 2021

Financial Risk Management in Mauritius Banking Sector

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The aim of this project is to provide an overview of the management process of financial risks in the Mauritian banking sector....

Last modified: 6th Oct 2021