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Mental Health relates to the emotional and psychological state that an individual is in. Mental Health can have a positive or negative impact on our behaviour, decision-making, and actions, as well as our general health and well-being.

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Mental Health

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The Stigma Behind BME Groups And Mental Health
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Introduction: This study sets out to understand BME’s experiences in mental health, and how developed stigma contributes to a large number of the BME population with mental illness not accessing mental health services.... Last modified: 13th Oct 2021

A Study of Job Stress in Call Centre Employees
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Introduction: A study of job stress, focusing on one group of workers in the utility industry – call centre representatives in Bangalore.... Last modified: 6th Oct 2021

How Individuals Perceive Stress and Coping Responses
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Introduction: The aim of this study is to investigate the relationships between individual’s personalities and how an individual perceives stress and their coping responses.... Last modified: 5th Oct 2021

Impact of Job Stress on Employee Performance
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Introduction: No one can work to their optimum level when they are under stress. This study aims to find the impact of job stress on employee performance.... Last modified: 30th Sep 2021

Social Anxiety Disorder Case Study
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Introduction: To better illustrate a typical presentation of SAD, a case example from Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders: A Step-by-Step Treatment Manual is presented.... Last modified: 23rd Aug 2021

Mental Health Dissertation Topics
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Introduction: We have provided a selection of example mental health dissertation topics to help and inspire you when choosing a topic for your mental health dissertation.... Last modified: 18th Aug 2021

Patient Case Study: Depression and Anxiety
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Introduction: A case study of a patient suffering from depression and anxiety including diagnosis and a treatment plan.... Last modified: 30th Jul 2021

The Link Between PTSD and Interpersonal Violence
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Introduction: This review concentrated on providing evidence to prove that there was a significant link between PTSD and interpersonal violence.... Last modified: 15th Jul 2021

Correlation between Mental Health and Obesity
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Introduction: This study seeks to find a connection between mental health and obesity in West Virginia by examining confounding social and economic factors.... Last modified: 8th Jun 2021

Literature Review on Chronic Back Pain and Depression
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Introduction: This review aims to address the following primary research question: what is the association between CLBP and depression in young females aged 16-25yrs old?... Last modified: 19th Apr 2021

Literature Review on Postnatal Depressive Disorder (PDD)
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Introduction: This literature review discusses mental health in Aboriginal people, the EPDS screening tool, how appropriate it is for Aboriginals and novel screening tools such as the Kimberly Mum’s Mood Scale (KMMS). ... Last modified: 19th Apr 2021

Literature Review on Major Depressive Disorder Research
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Introduction: Despite many decades of comprehensive research into uncovering underlying biological mechanisms, no specific and reliable biomarkers have been identified for MDD.... Last modified: 8th Apr 2021

Psychiatric Disorders in the Prison Population
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Introduction: In addition to the higher psychiatric morbidity among prisoners than the general population, it has also been identified that prisoners have higher rates of comorbidity.... Last modified: 9th Mar 2021

The Pathophysiology of Schizophrenia
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Introduction: Schizophrenia is a life changing disease that is distinguished as a severe psychotic disorder. It has a diagnosis impacting about 1% of the worldwide population, changing the way these individuals li... Last modified: 16th Dec 2019

Effectiveness of Antidepressants on Mental Health
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Introduction: Introduction: The question within this project brings an insight to how drugs could affect the mental health of an individual positively as well as negatively. It also draws attention to whether the ... Last modified: 16th Dec 2019

Attitudes Towards Mental Health Conditions
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Introduction: Abstract The stigmatisations attached to mental illnesses can have a catastrophic effect on the lives of these people who are given a psychiatric diagnosis. Many theorists have endeavoured to reduce ... Last modified: 16th Dec 2019