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Energy regards the power derived from a fuel source such as electricity or gas that can do work such as provide light or heat. Energy sources can be non-renewable such as fossil fuels or nuclear, or renewable such as solar, wind, hydro or geothermal. Renewable energies are also known as green energy with reference to the environmental benefits they provide.

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Coal Beneficiation using an Air Dense Medium Fluidized Bed

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Beneficiate is considered as the most economical and effective method to effectively utilize high ash coals....

Last modified: 17th Feb 2022

Reducing the Energy Consumption in Cloud bursting During Horizontal Deployment

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The concept of cloud bursting basically provides a shift from private cloud to public to manage and maintain the huge amount of load....

Last modified: 3rd Feb 2022

Evaluation of the Wave Energy Resource

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This dissertation delves deeply into the current wave climate, exploring the existing technologies, and providing an analysis of the reasons why wave power generation is experiencing hindrances....

Last modified: 2nd Feb 2022

Introduction: Measurement Issues in State-Level Energy Performance Predictors

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To meet demand for state environmental performance, an accurate measurement tool needs to be created....

Last modified: 24th Jan 2022

Strategy to Reduce Glasgow Clyde College’s Carbon Footprint

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This project has been commissioned with an aim to reduce Glasgow Clyde College’s carbon footprint, whilst providing an educational engineering case study on renewable energy for engineering systems....

Last modified: 6th Jan 2022

Reliability Analysis of a Substation and How Faults Impact Reliability

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The key focus of this masters dissertation is to study the reliability analysis of a substation and how faults impact its reliability, security and stability....

Last modified: 23rd Dec 2021

Financial Risk Management in the Energy and Oil Sectors

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This dissertation will examine the issues of financial risk management in energy sector, also how they impact in the performance of companies in that sector....

Last modified: 20th Dec 2021

Terminator Wave Energy Devices

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This report discusses about Terminator wave energy devices which extend perpendicular to the direction of wave travel and capture or reflect the power of the wave....

Last modified: 14th Dec 2021

Is Passive Housing Viable in Ireland?

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The main scope of this dissertation is to investigate the passive house concept as a model for the sustainable construction of homes in Ireland and the benefits and limitations of applying the passive house standards to homes in Ireland....

Last modified: 25th Nov 2021

Dissertation on Energy Piles for Geothermal Energy

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This project aims to expand the current understanding of energy pile behaviour, specifically the effect of varied properties and temperature cycles on the mobilised bearing capacity and head displacements....

Last modified: 17th Nov 2021

Dissertation on Properties of an Energy Efficient House

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The aim of the project is to introduce the concept of the ‘intelligent house’ and highlight the use of oxide thin films in the modern house....

Last modified: 17th Nov 2021

Upgrading an Old Residential Building for Energy Performance and Sustainability

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The intent of this dissertation is to provide a homeowner with the breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of both a retrofit and a new build upgrade when considering the energy performance and sustainability of a residential property....

Last modified: 15th Nov 2021

Synthesis of Diiron Complexes with N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands As Hydrogenase Mimics

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The work contained in this dissertation involves the synthesis of imidazolium based NHC ligands and their iron(II) complexes, with the objective of creating complexes for the use and function of the active sites of hydrogenases....

Last modified: 15th Nov 2021

Dissertation on Sustainable Energy Sources

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The objective of this research is to investigate the possibilities of sustainable sources of energy in Africa....

Last modified: 12th Nov 2021

Renewable Electricity and Government’s Role in Driving CO2 Reductions

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This dissertation will mainly concentrate on UK’s efforts to increase renewables’ contribution to electricity generation in the UK, which are part of a broader range of government strategies to reduce CO2 to meet global concerns and international obligations....

Last modified: 10th Nov 2021

Renewable Energy Options to Replace Fossil Fuels

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The aim of this study is to establish the possible options for renewable energy available in the United Kingdom for future use....

Last modified: 5th Nov 2021

EV Charging from Solar Powered Home Inverter

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A proposal for controllers that modify conventional, low-cost home based inverters into solar grid connected inverters with the ability of EV battery utilization....

Last modified: 2nd Nov 2021

Customer Satisfaction in the Indian Petroleum Industry

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Determination of elements of customer satisfaction in delivering fuel through retail outlets on highways and in suburban areas....

Last modified: 7th Oct 2021

Biofuel Production from Sugarcane and Corn

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Production of biofuels comes from different feedstock’s such as sugarcane and corn and many other products however the main focus in this report is sugarcane and corn....

Last modified: 25th Jun 2021

Ability of Renewable Energy meeting Future Energy Demands

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An investigation in to the potential of renewable energy sources and an analysis of their long-term capability of meeting future energy needs....

Last modified: 16th Jun 2021

Students Role in Reducing University Energy Consumption

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This study concentrates on students role in reducing energy consumption of university buildings (heating, lighting, switching off appliances, water, ventilation). ...

Last modified: 15th Jun 2021

Hydrodynamic and Aerodynamic Forces on Floating Wind Turbine

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The aim of the study is to create a mathematical model of wind turbine tower floating on sea and conduct modal analysis specifically for spar buoy foundation. ...

Last modified: 10th Jun 2021

Energy Technology for Improved Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

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This project was undertaken to design a model and evaluate the interaction and performance of one cogeneration combination, a CHP-ORC configuration....

Last modified: 9th Jun 2021

Literature Review on Sustainability and Renewable Energy

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This research looks into the technological and social problems and assesses the merits and demerits of each for sustainable energy....

Last modified: 13th Apr 2021

The international merger of Imperial Energy Corporation

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This report examines the international merger/acquisition of Imperial Energy Corporation Plc (“Imperial Energy”) by Jarpeno Limited (“Bidco”) a wholly-owned subsidiary of ONGC Videsh Limited (“OVL”)....

Last modified: 19th Mar 2021