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Tourism is where people travel to visit places, typically as part of a holiday or trip. People will often travel to places of interest and beauty for leisure purposes, whilst travel for business can also be classed as tourism.

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Marketing Japan as a Travel Destination

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The main objective of this report is to to discover a new and attractive aspect of Japan for the Asian market, namely Singapore, South Korea and Philippines....

Last modified: 2nd Mar 2022

Tourism for Surf/Marsh Fishing in Coastal Louisiana, USA

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The purpose of this paper was to understand travellers' preference for surf/marsh fishing destinations....

Last modified: 14th Feb 2022

Effectiveness of Rational and Emotional Advertising in the Hotel Industry

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With the continuing growth in the MICE and 5 star resort hotel market, the purpose of this paper is to look at the effectiveness of rational and emotional advertising appeals with respect to the MICE and 5 star resort hotel sector....

Last modified: 12th Jan 2022

Impacts of Ecotourism: A Case study of Pulau Ubin Island, Singapore

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Objectives of this research are: To assess possible physical environmental, economic and socio-cultural impacts of ecotourism, and To investigate the potential of ecotourism as a strategy for local sustainable development....

Last modified: 5th Jan 2022

Experimental Study on Tourist Satisfaction Using Participatory Simulation in a Virtual Environment

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This study examined how the sequence of visiting tourist attractions influences tourist satisfaction at the expectation and experience levels. Participatory simulation with a virtual environment platform was employed in the experiments to assess their experience. ...

Last modified: 30th Dec 2021

Malaysia Tourism Industry Logistics: An Analysis

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In this research, there will be an examination of the issues and problems relating to the logistics practices by firms in various relevant industries that are related to the Malaysian tourism industry and the way that these firms carry out their logistics practices....

Last modified: 22nd Dec 2021

Does a Video Blog Positively Influence Consumers’ Travel Decision Planning?

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This study presents an investigation of user-generated content, focusing on video blogs and cognitive factors affecting travel consumers attitudes towards them for the purpose of travel planning....

Last modified: 28th Oct 2021

The Ritz Carlton Philadelphia: Situational Analysis

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The purpose of this report is to provide a situational analysis of the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia, and determine areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats....

Last modified: 22nd Oct 2021

Pandemic and Recession Impact on Airlines

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This research project will analyse how airlines are affected during a global crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic or a recession....

Last modified: 13th Oct 2021

Analysis of Customer Satisfaction at Beach Resort

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The purpose of this study is to analyse the level of customers’ satisfaction at Nora Beach Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand. ...

Last modified: 12th Oct 2021

Customer Satisfaction at The Plaza Crowne Hotel

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The measurement of service quality and customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry: a case study of the Plaza Crowne Hotel....

Last modified: 8th Oct 2021

Communications Strategy for Bihar Tourism

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This study aims to look at Bihar as a tourism destination, understand its potential, both cultural and political along with the way it is perceived by the outside world....

Last modified: 8th Oct 2021

Rural Tourism Motivation and Participation Factors

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The purpose of this dissertation is to examine the type of travel motivations affecting tourists' decision making behaviour in rural tourism....

Last modified: 8th Oct 2021

Threats to Tourism Industry in Mauritius

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The aim of this study is to assess whether the tourism industry in Mauritius could face a possible end....

Last modified: 7th Oct 2021

Ecommerce in Tourism Industry

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The introduction of the internet represented both, major opportunities as well as threats, for the tourism industry....

Last modified: 4th Oct 2021

Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Mauritius

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The main purpose of this study is to provide a theoretical basis and framework for assessing host attitudes on the environmental impacts of tourism in Mauritius....

Last modified: 4th Oct 2021

Tourism Market Development in Mozambique

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Introduction to a dissertation contributing to a greater understanding on the tourism market in Mozambique by analysing the tourism market development from 2004 to 2009....

Last modified: 25th Aug 2021

Attitude and Perception of Local Residents Towards Tourism Development

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An assessment of the attitude and perception of local residents towards tourism development in Tenby....

Last modified: 25th Aug 2021

Effect of Tourism on Asia's Economic Growth

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Tourism is one of key industry in the development of some countries in Asia. The development of tourism in Asia differs from other countries....

Last modified: 25th Aug 2021

Impact of the MICE Industry on Overseas Tourism Income: A Case of Korea

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This paper analyses whether the Korean MICE industry has a significant impact on overseas tourism income of Korea by correlation and ANCOVA (Analysis of covariance)....

Last modified: 24th Aug 2021

Tourism Dissertation Topics

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We have provided the selection of example tourism dissertation topics below to help and inspire you when choosing a topic for a dissertation on tourism....

Last modified: 18th Aug 2021

Literature Review on Employee Motivation in the Hotel Industry

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A literature review focusing on employee motivation and satisfaction in the hotel industry and how to effectively address employee turnover....

Last modified: 17th Aug 2021

Tourism Dissertation Titles

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Tourism Dissertation Titles. We have provided this selection of example tourism dissertation titles to help and inspire you....

Last modified: 16th Aug 2021

Network Hospitality as an Alternative to Traditional Lodging

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An assessment of the value of the network hospitality experience for guests and a better understanding of network hospitality as a unique alternative to traditional lodging....

Last modified: 9th Jun 2021

Effect of Terrorism on Tourist Destination Choices

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The effect of whether a location has suffered terrorism, an individual’s fear of terrorism, and their faith background, upon intention to travel to a tourist destination. Abstract The occurr...

Last modified: 13th Dec 2019